Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 11

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Only slowly did I become aware of my cock deliciously hardening in a stranger’s mouth, the pleasure drowning awareness of its source. When I first began visiting the bathhouse, I always tried to use a condom, but over time, eager cocksuckers had turned me into a devotee of letting my bare cock be sucked off by strangers. The turning point in my caution occurred the first time it occurred to me that after my cock had already been in a man’s willing mouth, a condom did not really matter. Particularly in comparison to the sheer ecstasy of being sucked.

A reality clearly known to just about everyone in the bathhouse, where condom use involving oral sex is almost non-existent. For reasons that any man who has felt the difference between naked and covered sucking understands, particularly when the person giving the blow job wants an uncovered cock – and hot cum.

Fingers had begun touching now stiff nipples, making me moan and sink deeper into the sensations coming from a wetly surrounded cock. My left hand was stroking a stiff cock, arm stretched over the head of the man on his knees that had so easily managed to make me his willing slut. I was bent to the right, licking a man’s nipple as my hand slid over and around his armpit.

This Sunday mid-afternoon, the steambath was the most crowded I had ever seen, with easily 15 men in the darkened back all having sex, a feast for those with eyes and ears interested in male group sex. To be honest, pretty much all the people that come to this particular orgy room are the sort that cannot resist getting off together with other men. The steambath at a male only sauna has a certain universal appeal, regardless of whether a man is married, single, ‘straight’ or bi – to call all visitors gay is not quite accurate, though. Regardless of how one defines oneself, this means that having enjoyed such a steambath’s charms once, any bathhouse offers the opportunity to repeat the experience. And as has turned out to be true, there are always bathhouses around, because getting off with other men is irresistible once indulged.

However, this local bathhouse remains at the top of my personal list, with its stonework, mixed crowd of ages and types, and surprisingly relaxed atmosphere considering how many men hook up to have sex each day. Over the last year or so, it has felt as if more men are visiting, particularly on weekends. Generally, more crowded times seem to offer less promising opportunities in my opinion, as there comes a point where a larger number of men is inhibiting, not erotic. Not that one cannot have a lot of fun at such times, it is just simply somehow a less free and turned on mood in general. This is the primary reason to generally avoid visiting on a Saturday, for example.

Today was different, this most definitely not being the case now. Much the same had been true in the darkroom beforehand, filled with a dozen men having sex. Including myself, getting sucked by two men while watching and hearing the other men fucking and sucking, all of us sluts for such easily enjoyed sex. Along with going down on one man, sharing his cock with another, sliding my fingers over his balls and ass cleft, stroking myself the entire time, then kneeling and twisting to offer my rigid cock for him to worship. A promptly accepted offer, taking my guided cock ever deeper into his softly welcoming mouth. By this point, my now free right hand found the hard length of the other cocksucker, creating a hot threesome, intense but never dangerously close to orgasm.

When we finally broke up, I wandered around a bit more, passing several booths with men standing outside. This remains impossible to understand, even after almost a decade of getting off with other men at bookstores, theaters, and at the baths. Mainly because in all that time have I ever seen one of those men enter a booth with another man, though it must happen.

The men in at least canlı bahis three other cabins, one on his stomach, the other two leaning back with legs spread, were much easier to understand – and if the mood had struck, to satisfy. However, men just standing around who avoid all contact tend to be offputting, to be honest. The whirlpool tends to have this aspect as well – men who simply refuse all invitations, from subtle to overt.

The whirlpool had actually been this visit’s first stop, after finishing my usual glass of beer. Entering the water led to the sorts of pleasures I remember as being common in the past, the whirlpool also possessing its own delightful charms. Especially when stroking a hard cock, enjoying sex in public, having my nipple played with by the man to the left, while on the right, a man was massaging my foot as he rubbed it against his hard cock. Remembering just how good such mutual play is, sinking into a sensual paradise, shared by two other men, all of us indulging in uninhibited male touching.

It became impossible not to moan when the man to be left raised my foot, starting to bathe the sole with this tongue, before kissing and sucking my delighted toes, soon quivering on the edge of orgasm, a nipple being tweaked as I jacked off. Mind floating away in the pleasure of giving a stranger the opportunity to indulge his own sexual interests, looking at his sexy hard cock as he stroked it, my left hand on another hard cock, moving in the same motion as my jerking off. Group sex like this is irresistible, just letting the sensations flow, completely turned on in a place where men have sex.

Such an introduction, along with the encounters in the darkroom and steamroom, had left me in a truly aroused state when going downstairs for the second time, entering the steamroom, easily slipping into its erotic atmosphere, reaching out to play with cocks and nipples, feeling other men do the same to me. Quickly leading to a man bending down to take my waiting cock in his mouth. The tempting aroma of poppers was in the air, but I was much too turned on to open my own bottle at this point. After enjoying myself thoroughly, the heat had started to become a factor.

Pushing through the crowd, I was near the back wall, moving towards the front section to leave, when a hand brushed my cock, causing me to pause. Then turning towards him, reaching out to guide his cock against mine. The sheer sexiness of turned on cock is hard to explain to a man who hasn’t enjoyed it. A truth that remains probably the single most surprising aspect of having sex with other men. By this point, though they are obviously different, a hard cock or a wet cunt are equally appealing when turned on.

Soon, back against the smooth tiled wall, I started helplessly sinking into the sea of perfectly addictive sexual sensations. The heat no longer seemed so enveloping, the pressing of naked sweaty bodies against mine growing ever more entrancing. I was jerking off a cock, sharing the motion with another’s hand, as at least two hands played with my cock and balls, while another hand played with my nipples. Women do not seem to generally realize just how sensitive a man’s nipples are, especially when already aroused. On the other hand, most bathhouse visitors know very well from repeated experience, and are more than willing to share that knowledge in practice.

As time stretched, we formed a threesome within the larger group of horny men getting each other off, apparently everyone participating in an unrestrained orgy, all of us having completely surrendered ourselves to the sensations of slutty male group sex. It was rare to be surrounded by such uninhibited lust, even as we kept our attention a bit more focused.

We began kissing, first as a pair, but soon, we moved into a position where our cocks and tongues were touching and sliding. The pleasure kept increasing, my mind feeling like it was bahis siteleri sliding into a honeyed paradise, only slowly realizing, again, that my cock was being sucked by a kneeling stranger. Of course I let him continue taking my cock into paradise. knowing that my partner could sense what was going on, as another man joined us.

A stranger that soon easily took two cocks into his mouth, leading me to wantonly kiss the other man being sucked. Kissing when so horny has its own special sloppiness, a loss of fine concentration on both sides demonstrating just how turned on each man is, tongues probing and swirling and darting, lips sliding and pressing. Such wet and open mouthed kissing is fairly easy to enjoy at the baths, if one has the least bit of luck and is open to group sex in a crowd, like today.

However, what had been a threesome shifted and reformed, as the man next to the kneeling cock sucker left, slowly pushing his way through the crowding bodies. Watching him open a path let me see more of the steamy action, including a man just starting to be fucked, his expression completely aroused as a cock entered his ass. My left hand slid between two pressed men to reach his jutting rod, playing with his horny dick as he began to be fucked deeper.

My palm slid down, extended fingers gliding over his balls before making a delicate approach to the cock that was fucking him. Anal sex is an area where I have been personally very consistent with condom use. Yet in a way that almost but not quite feels hypocritical, I make no judgment concerning other men having sex bareback, doing my best to turn them on before and during their fucking, too aroused by their having sex to restrain myself.

With my cock having been thoroughly coated in saliva, and probably pre-cum considering the delightful slipperiness, it was unsurprising how addictively seductive it felt when the cock sucker stood up, his cock touching mine as he turned to kiss me. We soon became utterly involved, to the extent that all of the other men in the steamroom became irrelevant, including the man to my right, who was still playing with my nipples and kissing my neck as my tongue entered another cock sucker’s willing mouth. By this point, everyone in steamroom was fantastically and thoroughly turned on, engaging in free male sex, beyond any ability to control themselves as temptation and satisfaction swept through the space.

Today the steamy space was darker than normal, the sheer number of bodies reducing the amount of available light, adding to the sensual attraction, sight becoming less prominent as the sensations of intimate contact increased in intensity. Darkness adds its own less than subtle attraction to sex, as was distinctly occurring to all of us. By this point, men could no longer move past, and none wanted to, as hands and mouths worked their magic, rigid cocks unable to resist whatever opportunities arose.

My newly discovered cock sucker went down on me again, and I had almost decided to open the popper’s bottle when his fingers touched my nipples, causing me to sigh in contentment, unable to concentrate on the effort to do a hit. Which turned out to be fortunate, as he slowly increased the pressure of his tweaking, the pleasure from his mouth keeping the intensity from his squeezing becoming painful, while becoming increasingly erotic.

As this continued his exquisite nipple pinching, it approached what S&M involves, to be honest, pain being irrelevant in the ongoing waves of sexual bliss arising from my cock being enhanced by his perfect control of my willing nipples. For the first time, this truly felt like what my bi S&M loving friend has described, letting him treat my nipples as toys under his complete control. He almost made me cum several times before I finally had to stop him, nipples on fire, desire no longer outweighing the pain.

He rose, kissing me passionately full on bahis şirketleri the mouth, my hand reaching down to join our cocks as we melted into each other, making out cock to cock. As our kissing swirled and danced, our cocks pressing without needing a hand, my hands reached down to his ass, pulling him tighter, as we started humping. He began to play with my nipples again, slowly increasing the tension as heavenly sensation continued to overflow from the increasingly intense pinching, starting to feel like fire burning my nipples.

A fire that filled my mind with a desire to let it keep going, loving what we was doing to me, almost cumming at the thought of being such a S&M slut. Naked in so many ways, surrounded by equally naked potential or former partners, moaning, brought to the edge of orgasm by addictive pain. I stopped him, finally, wanting to concentrate on something less challenging.

Now, really going cock to cock, grinding each other with male strength, no gentleness needed, being turned on by matched masculine solidness, mouths tight. He bent down to blow my rod at least twice, adding to the lubrication of mixed spit and sweat and pre-cum before returning to kissing and sliding our shafts together. At some point, my finger found his quivering hole, making him groan as he slumped in bliss, finger sliding past his ass ring while thrusting against his cock. Finally, we broke apart, and he staggered off as I patted his ass, then following in his wake through the fully filled steamroom. surrounded by men having sex with other men.

After showering off, I went upstairs to the darkroom, discovering it to be fairly crowded- Going past the gloryholes, I laid out on platform, finding the nearest man’s cock in short order, He left after a bit, to be quickly replaced by another man, whose mouth find my cock before my questing fingers found his. Soon, we filled the space to our mutual satisfaction, his mouth alternating with my hand on my slippery shaft as I stroked his erect rod. Finally, our shifting positions brought his cock in reach of my tongue, prompting me to start to lick his shaft and balls.

He sighed in pleasure, head sinking between my legs, starting to teabag me, tongue bathing my balls. Soon, his finger began to slide along my now quite slippery crack, spreading his spit over my ass, teasing me as I started sucking his stiff cock. We continued like this for a while, a couple of men briefly adding to the pleasure before withdrawing again as we remain focused on each other.

He settled above me, extended cock becoming available as he continued to lightly finger my slick asshole in circles, the motion irresistible. I began to teabag him, bathing his balls. The ongoing pleasure and its temptations had settled into a stable balance, causing me to get the poppers ready. He had begun to settle down, making it a bit challenging to take a good hit. Though since he paused, I was able to close the bottle and keep it in hand before letting the rush carry me away, as my tongue began bathing my cocksucker’s hot ass.

At some point, he started teabagging me. Spreading my legs wider in invitation, I did another hit, feeling his tongue slide into my crack. We were soon totally lost in a dirty hot anal 69, both of us pulling the other closer, using upper body strength to pull against hips, pressing tongues pleasuring a will slut’s ass. When his mouth returned to my cock, I did another hit, still in control of orgasm, if not really anything else, tonguing a stranger’s sexy soft ass in the darkroom.

I was not the only one using rush in the extreme dimness, the sounds of group sex clear around me as I began to wetly lap his now pulsing hole. His legs spread wider, lowering him against my face, his hard cock rubbing along my chest. Now getting truly poppered up while rimming his yielding soft ring, swollen cock surrounded by his slippery wet lips at its base, being deepthroated, experiencing the bliss of being sucked off as orgasm rose and filled his mouth with hot cum, rimming him in time with each pumping jet, giving in yet another of the heavenly dirty temptations found at the baths.

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