Bathhouse Afternoon Satisfaction

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My schedule over the last couple of weeks has been complicated by cutting wood in the local forest. Not that this is a complaint, as the weather has been ideal for doing such work, not to mention motorcycle riding. This meant that last Friday, after spending a couple of hours with a saw and unloading the results at home, when I entered the house, the clock said it was 2pm, providing a perfect opportunity to go riding, relaxing in my favorite sauna after enjoying some organic smoke.

About 1/3 of the way there, I realized my black bag was still at home. Considering that condoms were available for the asking at the bathhouse, though when I first started visiting, the bucket was kept openly at one end of the bar, and that my little bottle is not at all necessary for fantastically wild male to male sex, it made sense to keep going. Particularly if I wanted to get a second load of firewood out of the woods that day.

Parking with a motorcycle is always simple, nicely matching the simplicity of sex at the bathhouse. Being used to my habits at the counter, it didn’t take long to deal with my helmet, which doesn’t fit into the somewhat narrow and short lockers. Taking off my jacket and boots doesn’t take long after decades of riding, though they go a long way to filling the locker. (When I am not able to balance on one leg while taking off a boot and a sock at a time will be an indicator that it is time to give up riding.)

Finishing my beer at the free Internet terminal, I caught up on various local gay forums/message boards – after all, if there is one place to expect people to cruise the net with a distinctly homosexual direction, it would certainly be here, a veritable Turkish bath of sin and unspeakable acts. Ones that all more than one time visitors are definitely interested in repeating.

A fact that took very little time to confirm upon entering the steam room. A couple of men seemed to standing apart in the front area as I moved towards the wall, before turning right to enter the dimness at the back. Moving slowly, I sensed the presence of a man nearby. Keeping my hands outstretched, fully realizing what could result, mutual contact being one reason to walk this path through the steambath. though trying not to be clumsy about it.

At least, that has been my experience, both when positioned against the wall there, or passing it by. It is also a bit variable – the further away one is from the narrowest point, the lower the illumination level. He was at the beginning of the deeper section, while I was still in a more lit section, though far enough along that someone could pass by without touching – assuming a modicum of skill and the desire to remain untouched, something so often lacking in the proximity of horny naked strangers so close at hand – or mouth.

His gentle touch along my wrist was a bit surprising, as my eyes were still focussed into the deeper reaches of the darkness, and not on his presence. When his hand quickly found my thigh, then my now swelling cock, it was obvious that he had been standing there long enough, and was looking the better direction, for his eyes to help him start playing with another man.

My moans were inevitable, as were his after my fingers found his nipple, tracing back from his hand along his arm to his shoulder, stroking the hairs underneath, then down, over his chest. My right hand reached out underneath the belt line, quickly finding his equally expanding cock. My left hand still held the condoms and lube, but it was possible to reach out and use my left arm to sweep us closer, a hint that he enthusiastically responded to, pressing our bodies together, then virtually cock to cock.

The temptation was almost irresistible, but with my hand on his now 3/4 hard cock, it was possible to guide his turned on cock towards the outside of my thigh, my fingers wrapped just underneath his cockhead, pumping it rhythm to his panting. My own stiffening cock was against his hip, and when his tongue found my neck, it was clear that the only way a condom would be used was if I took the lead, even though by now, my resolve was dwindling under a tide of seductive sensation.

Cock to cock is wonderful, and it was obvious that he wanted to enjoy it with my cock against çanakkale escort his, an idea that certainly tempted me. Luckily, I knew a way to create a perfect short term distraction while taking care of my basic conditions for enjoying it in a place where sex is so utterly casual.

Bending to my knees, I put a condom package between my teeth, opened it, took the condom out, determined the direction it would need to roll, then let my lips follow it down his cockhead. His hands reached for my head, but weakened as my mouth engulfed his cock, my right hand unrolling the latex down to the base of his shaft. It felt as if he had shaved recently, a bit unfortunately, since his silky armpit hair had been so sexy to feel.

My right hand went to my cock as soon as the condom covered his jutting rod, pre-cum making the sensation of jacking off perfect, knowing that anyone nearby could see me sucking a hard cock while playing with myself, almost unbearably fantastic. Knowing that this was just the start of my visit, it was possible to restrain my own desires, at least to the extent of not cumming when rubbing his cock against mine.

Which occurred as soon as I stood up, letting my shaft rise until it met his, letting me pressing my palm down against both rods, gripping them before beginning to move back and forth. His arm curled out to press my body along his, his tongue going from my neck to my ear as I willingly bent my head to let him reach his goal. My other hand was playing with his erect nipple, and when I let my fingers splay, my pinkie actually touched his other nipple, making him gasp as both his nipples were touched.

Knowing that cumming so quickly would just end this afternoon’s fun, after spending a delightful interval thrusting cock against cock, he slowed, pressing me tight again, before standing back, and leaving. I followed after a couple of minutes of enjoying the steam sitting on the bench, letting my body relax, hand along my softening cock in the now empty space.

Going to the shower, getting clean before entering the hot tub, I stood back quickly when the water stream turned out to be quite cold. Pressing the shower button again, the water had warmed enough to starting soaping myself, starting with my hands and feet. The four rain style shower heads are arranged in a ‘L’ pattern, 3 in a row, the 4th offset a bit. A man was showering at the other corner, and seemed to be paying attention. That anybody is particularly interested in my body’s appearance at this point is not something I consider, but after having already been on my knees sucking a stranger’s cock, and then going cock to cock, being public appealed to me.

The water runs for a minute or so before needing to be started again by pressing a fairly large silver plate. My cock was still horny, and when I turned my head to look around, it was obvious that the other man was focussing his attention on it. Filling my palm with soap from the wall dispenser, I slowly spread it along my shaft, my left hand playing with my balls, facing the wall, making my cock appear in profile. I love looking at cock, and the idea that another man was enjoying the same thrill was a turn-on.

Stroking my hardening cock, I knew he could see me, and when briefly turning to check, it seemed as if the sight of my now stiff cock was making him horny, his expression starting to betray just how horny he was getting looking at a naked stranger in his late 40s soaping his thickening and swelling cock in public. One thing that has definitely struck me at the bathhouse is just how sexy cocks are, without necessarily finding men sexy at all.

From the sounds, the whirlpool was clearly in its manic bubbling phase, and with my cock quite rigid, I left the shower after using my hands to brush the water off my skin. Really, the single towel is utterly inadequate for anything but a final drying off before leaving, and this brushing is about as good as possible – though doing it around other people requires a certain space..

Walking naked to the still bubbling whirlpool, I noted that two men were in it. The one at the center was floating with his elbows on the edge, head facing towards the wall, legs somewhat spread, çanakkale escort bayan while the other sat on the bench to the left of the entry steps. Putting my toe in, the water was pleasantly warm, an invitation to let my body relax in its heat.

Getting in, the incessant bubbling was somehow less irritating than usual, possibly because the center man’s legs were reducing its action. After a moment to get settled in the currents, I let my right leg drift over to the nearer leg of the floating man. Touching it, I let my foot slowly slide along its warmth, until my toes were reaching his crotch.

The man across from me was bending, his hand apparently playing with the third man’s nipple. My toes began to massage his fairly massive feeling balls, then slid further, along his cock, guided mainly by the water currents. Water provides an opportunity for not completely random motion due to the weightlessness of the bodies floating in it, an incredibly light touch, though solid compared to the wetness we were surrounded by.

Another man entered the water, settling to my left. His leg touched mine after a short pause, promptly followed by his hand reaching for and finding my cock. Keeping my right leg stretched without floating off the bench became more difficult as he began to play with my cock, and my left hand left the tiled surface to play with his cock. The sensations were fantastic, and only interrupted when I began to slip of the bench entirely, forcing my left hand to reposition my body.

The central fountain stopped, prompting the man across from me to leave. In the clear water, it was easy to look at the cock I was stroking, and the currents were gentle. My foot began to concentrate on the floating man’s cock, feeling it stiffen as my big toe rubbed around its head, pressing it upwards against his skin.

I was reaching the point of cumming, something to definitely avoid doing in the whirlpool, a fact the man causing the pleasure seemed to understand, in part by me making him rigid as he slowed his motions on my shaft. My right hand reached over to play with his nipple, making his first obvious gasps join the soft rhythmic moaning of the man my foot was manipulating.

By now, our legs were entwined, and when he began to play with his cock, my hand moved down to play with his sack. Another man appeared at the top of the steps into the water, with a tight gray and black beard, looking at what was going on. With my legs splayed, and cock hard, as much on display as he was, my eyes focussing on his erect, and very sexy looking, cock. Clearly, he had gotten hard before coming to the whirlpool, a thought that just added to my enjoyment of the sight, as he gazed at what was going on.

Stepping into the water, he sat where the other man had, and I watched as his hand began to touch his cock, his legs spreading as one touched the man stroking my cock. It moved on, and I knew precisely when it reached his cock, the sounds, the sight, and the change in rhythm on my cock all occurring in the same time span.

I felt this new stranger’s foot against mine, and looking at him more directly, he had the same sexy expression the first man I ever jacked off with did when the sensations became so good, and looking at another turned on man just added to the turn-on. He shifted position, and we all moved forward to make it easier to stroke and caress each other while enjoying the warm water.

except for the floating man, whose cock and balls I was still stroking, enjoying its girth, easily double mine. By now, being slow, I had figured out he was waiting for someone to fuck him in the ass, but I wasn’t, at least not here, and without a condom. And none of the other 3 men gad been interested either, apparently – either they were as slow or as uninterested as I, or both.

Not that anybody had grounds for complaint – two men were playing with my cock, my hands were playing with their cocks, my foot was on a third man’s. We were all essentially floating, sharing the delights of skilled men enjoying themselves in a group, everything obvious in the clear water, just like a lake in the summer.

Predictably, this didn’t last, as the pumps started to cycle on, escort çanakkale creating a deep sound as they began their mighty – and unnecessary – work. The first man to leave was the one that had been floating on his elbows, followed by myself, cock quite hard.

I grabbed the condoms from upstairs out of the cubbyhole, and re-entered the steam room, definitely wanting to cum. Being so horny was irresistible, after the last half hour had been filled with pure sexual sensation. I knew that it would be easy to find a cock sucker in here, and that is exactly what I wanted.

Passing four or five men before reaching the bench, I knew that opportunities could arise swiftly, as turned out to be true as a man entered the dimness, following my path, then slowly locating where I was sitting before moving closer. Legs already spread as I stroked myself, I just needed to move slightly to touch his foot when he stopped in front of me, his cock backlit from the light entering the glass door.

This made it simple for me to grasp it, making him respond by turning closer, his own hand questing down my body until finding my rod. When he touched my cock, I moved my hand upwards, sliding along his chest until finding a nipple, making it harder by rubbing with two fingers, the swelling point between them. That we were both horny became increasing obvious, and by now, there was no way for me to resist another man’s interest.

He squatted down, and it was obvious that he wanted to suck cock. Murmuring ‘condom,’ he paused, his hand keeping me stiff while dealing with a condom’s practicalities – just about the first man I had ever encountered as skilled as the majority of women I have ever fucked. This remains one of the surprises of bathhouse practices here – condom use is rare, even in a setting where condoms make total sense. Though admittedly, the first time I was rimmed, the man I got off in my mouth used a condom, and the men I have fucked in the ass having always been willing to wait until a condom is in place before continuing.

As I unrolled the condom on, his mouth followed, my cock being slowly swallowed in his mouth. The door opened, and a pair stepped in, a pair that quickly stopped, one kneeling in front of the other. Clearly, this Friday was one where public displays were the norm, a norm I had been participating in the entire visit. A hand began to play with my nipple as he sucked me deeper into his willing mouth, while watching the cock sucking just a couple of yards in front of me.

The man sucking me off paused when my hand found his nipple, then stood, his hands around my head pulling me up. I instinctively knew that we would be cock to cock, the very idea was arousing. As his cock moved against mine, his hand on my nipple brought me to he very brink of cumming, though I was able to restrain myself after the first wave of blissful satisfaction.

But as his hand began to play with my cock, I knew that it would be impossible to escape his skill before cumming, an arrangement that perfectly suited my mood. The bathhouse’s condoms had a different fit than the ones I normally use, their tightness and his fingers leading me on to a wonderful orgasm.

He stood, his hand pulling me up as my cock followed his body, turning and placing my cock at the entrance of his ass. I slid forward, my cockhead feeling his balls as his hand pressed against it, his tight ring being opened by my cock head.

He then shifted, his hand still at my cock as it shifted between his sack, feeling much like my toes had felt in the whirlpool, splitting another man’s sack into two halves. Though I was able to say’ slower,’ I knew that my orgasm was unstoppable as he kept playing with my cock, now under his complete control, his hand guiding it against his bells.

As is often true in the baths, my orgasm started before I realized it consciously, my body satisfying itself without restraint, thrusting against his sack as he held my covered cock in his grasp. Orgasming against his balls was fantastic, especially when I felt his own orgasm begin as I pumped cum against his yielding skin.

After cumming, he left, and I followed a moment later, pulling off the cum filled condom off my now shrunken cock, placing it in the small white trash container just outside of the steamroom. I showered quickly, then went upstairs to get dressed before leaving, paying for my beer with the number of the locker key.

After riding home, I changed back into work clothes, and spent another hour and half cutting firewood in the warm early spring sunshine.

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