Bath Night Revisited Ch. 07

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It was your typical Saturday afternoon at the comfortable loft where Donna Travers called home, with the successful young businesswoman enjoying her weekend by donning the khaki capri-pants and white artists’s smock that she liked wearing while sketching her favorite young female model.

That beautiful model, her blonde hair today in a stylish ponytail, was lying not a dozen feet away, completely nude, and stretched out on her stomach along Donna’s large, comfortable couch… the girl’s wrists handcuffed to one of the armrests while a ballgag secured her mouth. The backs of her gorgeous long legs & curvy derriere were posed seductively at the artist’s pleasure, as the woman concentrated contentedly on her work… hardly a difficult thing to do, considering the subject.

“I do so love capturing sensual beauty in pen & ink in the peace and quiet of my own home,” the older woman remarked wistfully, to no one in particular, “and without having to listen to the whiny complaints of a pampered, spoiled slave girl!”

“Mmmmmmfff,” Brooke attempted to respond though the ballgag in her mouth.

“Patience, pretty one… it’ll just be a few more minutes,” the older woman airily explained. “Quality erotic-art takes time… at least when it’s done properly!”

At this point she slowly got up and walked into her kitchen to pour herself another cup of tea. Upon returning to her living-room-turned-art-studio, she set the cup down onto the table and paused to sit alongside the beautiful nude blonde girl lying there. Donna gently ran her fingertips up the girl’s bare leg up to her gorgeous curvy behind, which she squeezed affectionately.

“I can never get enough of this beautiful butt,” she smiled, before then leaning down to give it a warm kiss. Her pretty blonde model purred in response before then wiggling that same lovely behind, as if begging for more. Donna kissed the curvy butt again… and then again.


“I’m almost done, my pretty girl” Donna whispered in her ear, nibbling it before then getting back up to complete her drawing, patting the girl’s butt a temporary good-bye. “I’ll be playing with this gorgeous young body in just another minute or so… right now I need you to hold still and let me finish!”

30-year old Donna and 18-year old Brooke had a very loving relationship dating back over a dozen years, all the way back to when Donna was still in high school and she’d babysit for the pretty blonde on Friday nights.

The two had gotten back together just a few months earlier, with Brooke, now a college freshman attending San Francisco State, unexpectedly re-uniting with the older woman here in the golden city by the bay!

Only now there was one major difference in their relationship. The two women, still very loving & affectionate with one another, had added a highly erotic sexual component to their encounters, with Donna discovering that she thoroughly enjoyed her newfound-role as Brooke’s dominant lesbian-mistress… and with the younger girl now playing the role of her willing & (usually) obedient submissive-little-slave!

No, I suppose it wasn’t the slightest bit politically correct, but that’s what it was. Donna did whatever pleased her when it came to enjoying the luscious body of the pretty girl, with Brooke happily begging for more!

“There… all done,” the older woman triumphantly announced. “Do you want to see?”

“Mmmmf,” the girl nodded, as Donna then carried her sketch pad over to where the bound pony-tailed-blonde-girl could get a better look.

“I guess I should free you now…” the older woman murmured to herself as she ogled Brooke’s beautiful nude body. “Or maybe not… at least, not just yet… stay there!”

Donna then set aside her sketch pad and swiftly walked into her bedroom, returning seconds later with the strap-on dildo she kept in her dresser drawer. Brooke immediately noticed this and rolled her eyes with a muffled giggle… before then obediently positioning herself up onto her elbows & knees to await what she knew her dominant female lover desired next.

“Very good, my beautiful angel,” Donna said, patting the comely blonde on her behind as she then adjusted the straps around her lower abdomen, holding the dildo tightly in place. “I like how you assume my favorite position without even being asked!”

She rewarded the pretty girl with a kiss on her round rump before then kneeling down on the couch behind her… and then running her fingertips gently all along the silky-smooth-skin of the girls thighs and hips.

“Come on… arch your back a little bit more… yeah, just like that,” she coaxed before then slowly easing the strap-on dildo into Brooke’s already wet pussy as her hands then tightly gripped the girl firmly by her hips.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” the girl loudly purred, as Donna’s dildo entered her, with the older woman then gently pumping her back & forth, doggy-style. This was actually the favorite position for both of these women… as Donna loved fucking her beautiful blonde girlfriend head-down trabzon escort & ass-up, while the gorgeous 18-year old found herself enraptured by the complete & total surrender of her luscious body to the older woman’s insatiable lust.

“You look so hot like this, my lovely slave,” Donna murmured to the girl, her fingernails digging deeply into the sides of Brooke’s silky-soft-but-firm hips. “I want to make you squirm!”

Here, she sharply slapped Brooke’s gorgeous ass, and was rewarded with the muffled moans of the pretty girl’s unbridled pleasure.

“Give yourself to me, my gorgeous girl… this beautiful body is mine… all mine!”

After several minutes of this, Donna paused just long enough to unlock the girl’s hand-cuffs and remove her ballgag so that she could then turn the captive girl over and passionately kiss her… the mouths of the two women immediately coming together as their tongues entwined!

“I love you, Donna… my mistress… I love you,” the girl cried, as the older woman’s kisses then traveled down to Brooke’s neck & shoulders. “Please… keep me as your slave forever!”

“Yes, I will… you’re all mine, Brooke… you’ll always be mine,” the older woman rasped as she then gave her full attention to the lovely girl’s lush, upturned breasts, sucking, squeezing, & kissing them all at the same time. The beautiful 18-year old closed her eyes as her body was slowly devoured… Donna’s mouth soon reaching Brooke’s wet pussy as the girl’s entire body soon bucked in rapturous orgasms.

“Turn over,” Donna ordered, while licking the girl’s juices off of her lips.

“Don’t you want me to do you now?”

“Maybe later… but right now, what I want is your ass!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Brooke said, flipping back onto her stomach. “Like this?”

“Lift your ass just a little bit higher, sweet girl… yeah, like that…” and with a throaty laugh, the older woman proceeded to press her mouth to the beautiful blonde’s anus & pussy from behind, running her tongue up and down… again making the flushed younger girl go literally wild with pleasure. At one point Donna had to hold the girl’s ass down with both hands, even sharply slapping that same gorgeous butt just to keep Brooke under her control.

“Oh, Donna… yes… spank me… take me… use me… make me yours… make me your slave!”

The older woman laughed again, and raising her mouth, she softly bit at the girl’s gorgeous right ass cheek, alternately biting, licking, & kissing that same curvy butt… first the right cheek and then the left… at one point sucking down hard on Brooke’s gorgeous left-behind until her mouth popped, leaving a red hickey on the very middle of the girl’s pretty butt.

“Why do you always have to do that,” Brooke giggled in mock-protest. “You know that it leaves a bright red mark that doesn’t go away anytime soon!”

“I’m aware,” Donna replied, slapping the girl’s butt before then kissing it again. “I do it because I own you… I can do anything I want to with this gorgeous ass… isn’t that right?”

“Yes, mistress… you own me… my butt belongs to you, and I love you for it!”

“And what do you say to anyone at your school who asks you who put that hickey there?”

“You mean the other girls in my sorority?” Brooke replied, with a giggle. “I’m pretty sure that most of them already know!”

The older woman laughed and continued planting warm, wet kisses all over the pretty blonde’s curvy derriere, while her beautiful prize continued to giggle & squirm.



“Hello… to whom am I speaking?”

“This is Donna… Donna Travers… can I help you?”

“Donna, darling… this is Martha Thorne… remember me? I’m Brooke’s mother… your neighbor!”

It was now nearly three weeks later, only two days before Christmas, and Donna had returned to her hometown just yesterday to drop in unexpectedly on her parents and spend some quality-holiday-time with them, taking a break from both her work and also (unfortunately) from her gorgeous young girlfriend.

Of course, Brooke had done the very same thing, departing San Francisco a full week earlier following the last of her exams… meaning that the beautiful blonde was now just two doors away. But Donna respected family time and had strongly resolved not to intrude upon Brooke’s Christmas with her parents.

“Donna, dear… Bill & I are flying out on the 26th to visit my parents in New Jersey… but Brooke doesn’t care to join us…”

“Oh, really?”

“No… while she loves visiting her Mee-ma & Paw-pa… she says she doesn’t feel up to the long plane flight there and back… and so I told her she could stay here alone until we return if that’s what she wants.”

“How long will you be away?”

“Oh, we’ll only be out there for two days… we’ll fly-back here on the 29th, weather-permitting… but I have a huge favor to ask you!”

“You want me to look in on Brooke?”

“Oh, would you please? trabzon escort bayan We know she’s eighteen now and old enough to be by herself… but this is the first time we’ve left her alone like this and I’d feel so much better if you could be around to look in on her!”

“Are you saying that you’d like me to ‘babysit’ Brooke for you, Mrs. Thorne?”

“Oh lord, no,” laughed Mrs. Thorne. “Of course not. Just come over once or twice… maybe spend the night? You’d be doing us such a huge favor… please say yes!”

“Absolutely… I’d love to!”

“Thank you so much, Donna… Brooke is always talking about you, everytime she calls home… I’m so happy to hear that you both reconnected in San Francisco… and I just know you two will have so much fun together… it’ll be just like old times!”

“I’m sure it will!”

“And I’ve told her that if you do come over, then you’re the one in charge and that she has to listen to you!”

“Just like old times?”

“Exactly like old times!”

“And you think she’ll be fine with that?”

“Absolutely… in fact, when I told her that she has to do whatever you say, she started giggling and nodding her head… I don’t think she’ll be any problem whatsoever!”

“No, ma’am… if she acts up the slightest bit, just warn her that big bad Donna isn’t afraid to give her a spanking just like she was still ten-years-old!”

“Yes, I’ll pass that on, dear,” Mrs. Thorne laughed. “Thank you so much, Donna… and a very Merry Christmas to you and to your folks!”


It was late afternoon on the 26th when Donna walked over to Brooke’s house, a small bag of ‘incidentals’ packed in her carrying case… a change of clothes… along with a few other things.

Brooke was waiting for her dressed in a school sweatshirt and tight gray yoga-pants. Immediately after opening the front door she leaped into Donna’s arms and hugged her tightly!

“I’m so happy you could come,” the girl exclaimed, embracing the older woman as they went inside and closed the door behind them! “This is going to be the best Christmas season ever!”

“Yes, I think so, too,” Donna replied. “Of course, remember what your mother said… I’m in charge here… just like old times!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Brooke giggled. “She told me to do whatever you say… anything and everything!” She leaned in once again and passionately kissed the older woman, purring contentedly as Donna’s hands found their way down to her gorgeous buns, squeezing them possessively through the tight-fitting yoga-pants.

“As beautiful as you look in this sexy attire,” Donna began, “I think I might enjoy a sensual, seductive strip-tease… right now… followed perhaps by a slow lap dance…”

“Yes, ma’am,” the beautiful girl giggled. “You want it right now?”

“Why put it off?”

Again the girl giggled before then taking Donna’s hand and leading her into her parent’s luxurious living room. “Does the lady have anywhere in particular she’d like to sit to enjoy the show?”

“No… right here is fine,” Donna replied, setting herself comfortably down onto the middle portion of the expensive, plush sofa occupying much of the room. She continued holding Brooke’s hands as she gazed up into the pretty blonde’s beautiful eyes, and then found herself pulling the startled girl down onto her lap and kissing her passionately. “I’ve really missed you, Brooke!”

“Oh Donna, I’ve missed you, too!” The girl cried, her eyes turning red as the two continued to snuggle close like this for another minute or so. The older woman could easily have held onto her beautiful young girlfriend for another hour, at least, while Brooke later admitted that she’d never felt happier, safer, or more loved than she had at that very moment.

“OK,” Donna announced at length, “it’s not like we haven’t seen one another for two years… more like two weeks… in any case, it’s time for you to get naked, my proud beauty!” Brooke smiled & hopped up as Donna slapped at her ass… the younger girl then slowly sauntering towards the stereo, her butt doing a very seductive little wiggle as she looked back coyly over her shoulder to make sure that Donna was watching.

Donna was. She was also licking her lips.

“Oh no…”

“What’s the problem, sweet girl?”

“I don’t have any of the music here that you like me dancing to.”

“Come again?”

“You hate my music, Donna… and all I’ve got here is Carly Rae Jepsen, t.A.T.u., and ‘you-know-who’… also, a lot of really old stuff from my parents’ collection… Rolling Stones, Doors, Eagles… never heard of any of ’em!”

“Are you saying that I’m going to be treated to one of your ‘girlie’ songs during your upcoming lap-dance?” Donna feigned anger. “Because that’s not acceptable!”

“PLEASE let me dance to Taylor, Donna… PLEASE?”

The older woman looked exasperated, but one glance into the beautiful blonde’s pleading gorgeous-green-eyes and she gave in.

“Fine… escort trabzon if that’s all you’ve got,” Donna sighed, but then added a stern warning-look. “But you’d better be really hot or somebody I know is going to be turned over my knee and getting her gorgeous ass spanked after it’s over!”

“Thank you, Donna, I love you,” the pretty girl squealed, running over to give her a quick kiss before then racing back to slide a certain CD of hers into her father’s expensive stereo system. “You’re really going to love this… I know it,” she promised, “and anyway, as you always end up spanking me for some made-up reason in any case, I’m going to enjoy this, as well!”

Donna laughed at that, and the song that started playing was… surprise, surprise… ‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift.

The 18-year old beauty stood before her with a radiant, joyous smile as the music began… it was clear right from the beginning that she’d be preparing for this… as if she’d been practicing this entire number well in advance of this particular performance.

Taylor’s voice came through the speakers… ‘I stay up too late… got nothing in my brain…’ Brooke stared into Donna’s eyes as she began moving her body to the music and immediately tugged off the sweatshirt she’d been wearing, revealing only a skimpy tank-top on underneath. ‘… but I keep cruising… can’t stop… won’t stop moving… it’s like I got this music in my body…’ Here, the girl began moving her hips, abruptly turning away from the older woman, bending over, and then tugging down the tight yoga-pants to reveal tiny thong panties underneath it all, exposing that always-incredibly-delectable-gorgeous ass!

The girl was now close enough for Donna to reach out and caress her bare behind with the back of her hand… which she did as Brooke finished removing her yoga-pants. The girl then giggled and jumped out of the older woman’s reach! ‘… Baby, I’m just going to shake shake shake shake shake…’ Brooke had such a delicious little wiggle to her gorgeous ass as she provocatively moved that same cute butt to the song’s rapid-rhythm!

“I can’t believe this,” Donna thought to herself! “She’s actually turning a Taylor Swift tune into quality-stripper-music!” The older woman licked her lips and continued to watch mesmerized as the girl sensually moved her body to the catchy tune.

‘I’m dancing on my own… I’ll make the moves up as I go…’ Again, Brooke approached the older woman, and again Donna’s hands reached to freely roam over the beautiful blonde’s gorgeous skin… only this time the girl remained within her reach… for the remainder of the song. ‘I shake it off… I shake it off!’

As it finally ended, Donna pulled the beautiful blonde close and lovingly kissed her taut-tummy, right at eye level.

“That… was… incredible!”

Brooke beamed with happiness! “I actually choreographed it all myself,” she proudly announced, as the older woman’s hands came up to rest on her curvy rear. “I knew I could make even you appreciate Taylor Swift!”

“Well, let’s not get carried away,” Donna said. “But you’re absolutely right… I doubt I’ll ever be able to hear that song again without getting incredibly turned on!”

She continued hugging the beautiful girl, her hands possessively squeezing Brooke’s butt as she held her tight, breathing in the scent of the girl’s perfumed body. Their eyes met. Slowly she then began pulling down the girl’s tiny thong-panties.

“I’ve noticed that you’re not entirely nude yet, Brooke.”

“Oops… I apologize, mistress,” the girl softly said, pulling the small tank-top over her head to reveal her pert, perfectly-formed breasts. “Better?”

“Much,” the older woman responded, holding the now-totally-nude girl in her arms. “Turn around… I want your ass.”

Brooke giggled and performed a slow about-face until her gorgeous behind was right up close to Donna’s face.

“Lovely,” the older woman sighed, as her lips then began covering the curvy tush with wet kisses, her hands grabbing at the front of Brooke’s thighs to hold the girl steady as she pressed her face up tightly against the beautiful younger woman’s incredibly gorgeous derriere! Brooke bent over, arching her back slightly, thus giving Donna even better access at smooching the silky-smooth & soft curves of her round rump!

“Sit on my lap, Brooke,” the older woman ordered, with her obedient young girlfriend immediately complying. “I love it when you’re totally nude like this and lying in my arms,” she whispered, as they began a long & passionate kiss.


It had to have been at least twenty minutes or so before either woman felt any inclination to halt this increasingly heated lovemaking session.

Both women were still hungry for one another, but as it was dinner time and time to think about food.

“I don’t know about you, but I’d love Chinese… how’s that for you?” Donna asked the girl after gently kissing her eyelids. “Could you handle that?”

“I’m dying for Chinese,” the girl whispered, raising her neck so that Donna could resume kissing her there. “I could eat anything right now… correction… I could eat anything but turkey & dressing… that’s the only food I’ve had WAY too much of these past few days!”

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