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Bam bam shiga wang!

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Bam bam shiga wang! – Digimon lemon for Iceflame 88’s contest

YES. I do not know anything about digimons. Oh and…. This is NOT that serious lemon as you will see after reading it a little. Some people use excuses that their lemon is messed up and even paronoid. Well, I don’t have any excuses, I’m just messed up myself. HAR HAR! Oh well, if an excuse is a must… I drew a picture of an angry monster penis saying gruu, while I wrote this, so I got kinda was distracted.

“Hello everyone.” TK said, raising a cup filled with coke. “It’s nice that we are here back again. Back at home.” he continued.
“Don’t you miss our digi friends TK?” Yolei asked, in a somewhat angered state.
TK was kinda embarassed and he said “Sure I do, but they belong to their world. We belong to this world.”

Yolei however did stay quiet. At night, when all the others had fallen asleep, she turned on the computer and entered digi world. She found herself near some woods.

“Hmmm… Now where is he?” she thought to herself, while going inside the forrest.

There, she saw bunch of digimons, including Patamon, Veemon and Gatomon playing together. Suddenly Veemon froze.

“What’s the matter?” Patamon asked, coming nearer to him.
“It’s her…. Yolei…” Veemon sighed.
“What? You must be kidding me, why would they return?” Patamon questioned him.

Just then Patamon too saw her.

“Veemon…” Yolei said.
“Yolei…” Veemon said.

The two hugged each other and kissed. Patamon gazed at Gatomon.

“What the hell IS going around?” she questioned.
“I think… They have becomed lovers in somepoint…” he answered.

The beatiful couple were too busy kissing and hugging each other to pay any attention to the two Digimon who walked away, talking about something. Anyway, back to the Veemon and Yolei… The beatiful woman moved her hand lower over the chest of Veemon, going lower and lower. She noticed how the tip of his penis was coming to the sight, from behind the stealth. She gently took hold of it and began rubbing around it. Soon the penis became so big, that it was big enough for Yolei to wrap two of her arms around it. She lowered her head and gave it a passionate kiss. Seeing how some pre-cum splurted into sight, she took the tip of his penis inside her mouth.

“Ohhh Yolei..” Veemon moaned, guiding her head to take in more of the humongous dick.

She choked in it, so he had to let her back away little. Despite this, she didn’t stop as she began licking the dick with her tongue, making it all wet from her saliva.

“It’s my turn…” she said, opening her zipper and buttons in her red jeans.

Veemon suddenly came forward and helpt taking off the jeans, by ripping them apart.

“Those were new!” she exclaimed, only half angry.

Veemon understood this and carried on by removing her panties, that already had a wet mark in them. Veemon went down and licked her sweet cunt. Inserting his tongue inside her, he licked all over there with mad passion. She let out a moan and she bit on her own finger. He was giving her sensation, no human could give. It was a digimon’s tongue, which was thicker and better than most guy’s penises. Soon her pussy was all wet from both his saliva and her pussy juice.

“You are ready…” Veemon said, raising up to his feets.

His all erect penis was tapping against her waist, looking for a place to be put in. Finally, he found the spot and inserted his dick into her cunt. Despite the fact how wet she was and how much lubricant they used (I mean saliva, not some salve, duh!) it was still kinda painful for her.

Veemon noted this and asked “Do you want me to quit?”.
She quickly shook her head saying: “No… It feels too good… Go on…”

After this permission to carry on, Veemon began fucking her, while squeezing her tits through her shirt. He pumped in and out of her, while tongue kissing her. Soon, he blasted his load inside her making them both cum.


Gatomon yawned and stretched her back. She had slept very badly with Veemon and Yolei making so much noise, when they had sex during night.

“Damn those noisy little bunnies” she cursed.

Maybe a small bath would make her feel better? She went to a waterfall, which was conventionally close by and began washing her beatiful furry body.

Suddenly, she felt pain in her butt cheeks, but when she was going to turn around to see what it was, everything went black.

“I’m sorry Gatomon…” was the last thing she heard and then she became uncouncious.

“She is waking up.” was the first thing she heard.

She looked around and saw Ken, the boy who was also known as DIGI EMPEROR.

“Ken? Diyarbakır Escort What are you doing?” Gatomon exclaimed, raising to her feet.
“Ah Gatomon. You were once oposing the chosen ones aswell as I do now. Why did you join them?” he asked.
“It’s because they really care for me… They are my friends and treat me like a living being unlike anyone before did.” Gatomon explained.

Ken took off his glaces.

“Well you want me to treat you like a woman?” he questioned, coming closer to her.

Gatomon tried to back away, but then she felt that she hit a wall. She had nowhere to go. She panicked and revealed her claws. Ken laughed straight at her face.

“You think you can harm me with those pitiful butter knife blades?” he mocked her.

She sweated heavily and there was fear in her eyes. She leapt into the air and hoped to be able to strike Ken down. Unfortunately, out of nowhere a huge Were Garumon came and kicked her, while in air two times and punched her, making her fall to ground.

Ken laughed hysterically and went over to uncouncious Gatomon.

“Ummmm, she is so… So….CUTE! ” he said, hugging her madly all over.

He felt around her small tities and her soft butt. Without warning, he inserted a finger inside her pussy. (Pussy’s pussy! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh god, I kill myself!)

She moved her head a little and whimpered out “Kari…”

Ken let out a devilish grin. This was a odd turn. It seems Gatomon and Kari were even more closer than you could think. He continued rubbing her pussy, making her pant. However, she was still out of cold and was seeing dreams of lesbo sex with Kari. Ken suddenly took away his hand and saw Gatomon stretch towards the arm, begging for the fingers to be putten inside again.

“Mmm, please don’t tease me mistress…” Gatomon purred.
“I won’t, I’ll just give you more than just a finger.” Ken laughed, removing his jeans and exposing his already erect dick.

He inserted it inside her waiting cunt. It was actually a miracle it did even fit inside her virgin pussy.

“Oh.. Oh…. Kari.. Kariiiiiii…” Gatomon moaned, while taking hold of Ken’s back.
“Call me DIGI EMPEROR!” he told her.
“Oooh, roleplaying again? Ok…. Digi emperor…..” she moaned.
“No, DIGI EMPEROR.” Ken told her.
“DIGI EMPEROR!!!!!!! Ummmmmm….” Gatomon murmured.

Hearing the lustful moans, made Ken even more hot and he fucked Gatomon with all his strength.

“Aaah… It feels GOOOOOD…” she gasped.

He felt his balls tightening, so he began slowing down, but fucking her still. However, soon Ken groaned and pulled his penis out, spreading cum over face and body of the cat digimon.

“Sleep… From now on, you are my sex slave.” he thought to himself.



“Patamon? Have you seen Gatomon?” Veemon asked from Patamon.
“I…I’m sorry! I gave her up to Ken!” Patamon confessed.
“What?! WHY??” Veemon exclaimed.
“I changed her for some rare pokemon cards and nude wallpaper of Misty.” Patamon said.
“….. WHAT?” Veemon yelled.
“Uhh, I mean they FORCED me to give her in by threatening to kill her if I wouldn’t.” Patamon quickly said.
“Grrrr, that Ken pisses me off.” Veemon growled.
“You do realize… He also has Kari as a sex slave too.” Patamon told him.
“What? How?” Veemon questioned him.
“I seriously have no idea. My guess is PLOT DEVICE. You know, PLOT DEVICE. But… I do know where their base is!” Patamon said.
“How?” Veemon pondered.
“They were dumb enough to let me in wihout covering my eyes, while I brought her there… I did it all to reveal their base. YES! I did it to reveal the base… Ahahahah…” Patamon laughed.

“YEEES my minnion, take care of her while I scratch my unholy balls!” Ken laughed.
“Yes lord Ken” Were Garumon replied.
“Call me DIGI EMPEROR!” Ken yelled.
“Sorry, DIGI EMPEROR.” Were Garumon apologized.

The Were Garumon bended over the naked body of Kari, who tried to struggle away. The digimon however, stopped her and inserted it’s penis inside her anus. At the sametime, Ken lived up to his word and was busy scratching his balls. The digimon began fucking her ass, making her whimper in lust. A few seconds ago she would have denied this with all her strength, but now she would have been ready to gang bang tons of Were Garumon’s at sametime. So many erect digi members inside her every hole… Her pussy became wet from the thought.

“Please… More… I want more…” she moaned, biting her finger.

The digimon grinned and pushed deep inside her, going all the way to bottom. At sametime, Ken was masturbating with RAGE!

“Play with her pussy too!” he commanded.
“Yes Master!” Were Garumon replied.
“SAY Diyarbakır Escort Bayan DIGI EMPEROR ,BITCH!” Ken yelled.
“DIGI EMPEROR, BITCH!” Were Garumon yelled.
“NO! Just DIGI EMPEROR!” Ken yelled.
“Just DIGI EMPEROR!” Were Garumon yelled.
“…Forget it. Just get on with it.” Ken told him.

So Were Garumon inserted a finger inside her pussy, rubbing all around inside it.

“Ah…. I’m gonna…. CUUUUUM!” she gasped as a strong orgasm shook her body.
“Master do you want me to continue?” Were Garumon asked, stopping for a second.
“What are you babling about? She still hasn’t sucked you!” Ken exclaimed.
“Oh that’s right.” Were Garumon said, as he turned her around and pushed her head straight towards his all wet cock. “Suck it bitch.” he said, tapping her cheek with it.

She gently licked the dick, enjoying how it tasted. (Wait…It just had been in her ASS……..Eww.) She licked around the tip and played with it, with her tongue. Suddenly, Were Garumon forcefully pushed inside her mouth and began deepthroating her.

“Here it CUUUMS!” Were Garumon yelled out as he came into the mouth of Kari.

On another side, there was a more deep moan as Ken finally came splurting some sperm around floor.

“That was pleasant sight Garumon.” Ken told him.
“Thank you master.” Were Garumon said.
“I told you cal-” Ken, started, when…

Just then, Kari let out a loud burb.

“Yum… I drank too much cum.” She said, with dreamy eyes.
“I already begin to like her.” Ken laughed, rubbing his hands together.



“DIGI EMPEROR!” Veemon yelled out loud.
“Were Garumon, go and kill those assholes.” Ken said.
“Yes sir, with a pleasure sir.” Were Garumon replied. “
I already told you, call me DIGI EMPEROR!” Ken shouted.
“Yes, boss.” Were Garumon replied.

The big digimon began running towards the heroic trio. (I was able to use the word heroic trio in this lemon! I’m a genious!) However, Patamon raised up in the sky and spitted some wind. (Ok, I’m from Finland and seriously have no idea how the attack is called in English, so SORRY.) The attack hit Were Garumon straight through it’s chest, killing the dumb (but powerful) digimon.

“Enough with the ball scratching! Time for me to personally defeat you all!” Ken said, putting his jeans back on.

Kari crawled up to Gatomon.

“My beatiful pussy…” she said.
“Uhhh… Mistress?” Gatomon asked, opening her eyes.
“Hello.” Kari said.
“Hello.” Gatomon said.
“Want to digivolve?” Kari asked.
“Yay!” Gatomon yelled.
“Oh wait. I forgot. You CAN’T.” Kari said, slapping her forehead.
“Awww…” Gatomon sighed.

At the sametime, Ken raised to his feets and put his cape aside.

“I am the DIGI EMPEROR! Aaaaah, I get erect everytime I hear it. DIGI EMPEROR! Mmmm… You won’t be able to win me!” he told them.
“DIGI EMPEROR, you are SICK!” Patamon screamed.
“UHHH….. Say it bitches! Say my name again!” Ken moaned.
“NEVER!” Veemon yelled.
“Then you shall DIE!” Ken said, as he took a giant LAZER from his sleeve.
“Oh no! It’s the death ray™ ! A small lazer gun, which is powerful enough to even destroy planets and which is way too powerful to be kept and should have been destroyed ages ago, but was instead locked away in space capsule near saturn!” Patamon yelled.
“……HUH?” was all Veemon could say.
“Forget it. Let’s just say he shouldn’t have it.” Patamon replied.
“Shut up! Shut up all of you! You are MINE now!” Ken screamed.


At the sametime on the World….

“Fried pubic hair, boiled pubic hair! YUMMY PUBIC HAIR!” the SUPER ZOMBIE said, while…..

Whoops, wrong channel. Ok, let’s try it again.

At the sametime on the World….

“Alice? Are you awake?” Guilmon asked carefully.
“Huh? Who th… Guilmon? What ARE you doing here?” Alice questioned.
“There’s a huge problem! Most of the digimon and some of the chosen have been taken as sex slave of Ken!” Guilmon explained.
“What? How can this be?” Alice exclaimed, getting up.
“Well, it’s a long story really. And please, don’t ask how I know all this…. You seriously don’t want to know…” Guilmon told her.
“But I do.” she said.
“Uhh, ok… You see, I was ordered to spy the DIGI EMPERORS moves, in hoping to warn everyone before he could do anything bad. I decided, good hiding place was inside toilets…. Well, uhhh… Let’s just say, scat fan would have been in heaven.” he explained.
“Ewwwww… You were right. I didn’t wanna know.” Alice said.
“Please come and help Alice!” Guilmon begged her.
“Ok, but I want something in a return” she said.
“And what is that?” Guilmon asked.

Alice licked her lips. Escort Diyarbakır

“Long I have wondered, how a digi dick feels like… ” she told him, as she came closer to the digimon who was more affraid than suprised.
“P-please… I…I’m not good at this.” he tried refusing.

Alice however, laid on her back and spreaded her legs a little.

“I’m all yours…” she told him.
“Oooooh.… O…Ok…” he said, trying to insert his penis inside her.

He had a lot of trouble and she needed to bent forward to guide it to the right hole.(If you’d ask me though, both are right ones, though.) However, when he was in, it’s size suprised everyone, even himself.
“Oooooh! You are SOOOOO big!” Alice moaned.

Guilmon blushed.

“Please… I’m embarassed already.” he said.

Just then, he felt Alice insert her finger inside his anus.

“AH??” he yelled in suprise.
“You like it? That area is very sensitive with both females AND males…” she explained.
“Ungh…. It feels like I could come already!” he confessed.
“Don’t… Fuck me even a little more first…” Alice begged.
“O-ok…” he said, as he tried to focus thinking something else.

Something as unerotic as he could think, while still pumping her dick inside her. However, she didn’t stop playing with his ass.

“A-alice! S-stop! I… I can’t!” he cried out in pure pleasure as Alice squeezed her cunt around his cock.
“Don’t cum yet…” she told, as she rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples. “Umm… Ah…” she moaned, as she was getting so wet and tight,(I once knew a woman who was able to tighten her cunt to level, where she could break the bone in man’s penis. (Yes, theres a bone in penis. Search for it next time you jack off) However, she didn’t do that to the poor penises very often.) that Guilmon had hard time moving inside.

“Damn, that Alice must be experienced to be able to control that part of body that well… Guilmon thought, going closer as he was going to kiss her.

However, she rejected the kiss.

“What?” he asked in amazment.
“It’s only sex, nothing more.” she said.

That kinda depressed Guilmon. He was not the kind of person to make one night stands, but if it would be with her… He would enjoy even short moments of passion shared with her. She also was turned on, mainly because he was so clumsy and cute in his try to please her. It was like having sex with a virgin. Guilmon searched down to her pussy and was able to find her clitoris. He gently rubbed it, being as caring and gentle as possible. Alice arched her back as she was closing in to her orgasm.

O-ok. Give it to me. GIVE ME ALL YOU HAVE!” Alice screamed, as she felt her orgasm closing in.
“H-here I COME!” Guilmon moaned, splurting his cum all over Alice’s stomach.


“Fuck her more slave!” Ken said, masturbating while watching Patamon fucking Kari from behind. “Fuck her untill her eyeballs will explode! Then I can SKULL FUCK her eyesocket!” he continued.
“DIGI EMPEROR, I have said it once, but I will say it again. YOU ARE SICK.” Patamon screamed.
“YES! UUNGH….Say my name again!” Ken yelled.
“Ungh… Digi… No, can I just continue?” Patamon worriedly asked.
“Yeah, yeah…” Ken kinda sighed.

He now had tons of sex slaves. And they were his only. Patamon kept pumping Kari’s pussy. They liked each other and all, but… Doing it in front of guy who gets erect, when his name gets mentioned MAKES you somewhat uncomfortable. (Naah… You think?) Kari purred like a kitten, as Patamon was floating and fucking her with deep thrusts. He may not have been expert in this field, but she liked it still. Oh did I mention that Ken was scracthing his unholy balls? Well, he was. Anyway, Kari turned around allowing more of Patamon’s cock go inside her. He enjoyed the feeling, which came, when she turned around with her cock still inside her. Patamon’s wings began flapping faster and faster, making small humming sound as he began fucking her faster. Ken was also scratching his unholy balls, but I think we have already mentioned that enough times in this lemon. Kari closed her eyes and gasped. Patamon wasn’t as big as Were Garumon had been, but his technique made up for that. Patamon increased his tempo to as fast as he could and with her cheeks glowing all red, he was going to cum anytime soon. Sensing this Kari removed it from inside her and took it closer to her mouth, jerking it with RAGE. Soon Patamon gave out a roar as he came filling Kari’s mouth with his cum. He actually came twice in a row, the other load hitting her face. Ken smiled as he had already came earlier, but like I said, we have talked way too much of him already, so we didn’t lose much. Right? Right!

“We are both sex slaves…” Kari said.
“INDEED! You are all my little sex slaves. MY little sex slaves….” Ken laughed.
“Don’t touch me.” Patamon stated.

Just then,(Ok, now the drawing really DID distract me) a vampire apeared, raped and ate everyone.

“Hahaha! Now I am the new DIGI EMPEROR!” the Vampire said, while dressing into Ken’s pants.


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