Bad Work Day – The Jewellery Store

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Bad Work Day – The Jewellery Store

Hector Brown hated working on Sundays. As the store manager for a downtown jewellery branch, Sundays were almost dreadful. Not a soul would be found on the streets; the religious would be in church and the rest would be anywhere but here, enjoying all the benefits a warm summer day could deliver. And today just happened to be a warm summer day.

He liked his job, he really did. He enjoyed that look of sheer pleasure on the faces of his customers when he found them that perfect ring or a stunning necklace. That would make his day. That was probably the only thing that he had left in his life that he could draw pleasure from. His soon to be ex-wife had found a younger richer man and still had the cheek to wring him dry to the tune of half a million pounds. The conniving bitch! Hector caught himself before he spat his disgust on the spotless carpet. What would his co-workers think?

Even though Sundays were slow days in the morning, they usually picked up in the afternoons when people returned to the downtown core to shop away their hard-earned paycheques. So he had a full complement of staff. On his roster he had Kelly, Michelle and Sasha idling away their Sunday with him. He couldn’t have asked for a better crew; they were all hard workers and fantastic salespeople.

Kelly was in her early thirties, and the mother of a two-year-old girl. Hector smiled, remembering the time when Kelly had brought her in. Such a happy child. The smile faded as he remembered the myriad of fingerprints she left everywhere. You couldn’t fault her for it, all kids that age were inquisitive, and she was so adorable you wouldn’t have the heart to hold it against her. Her mother was a fitness freak and had worked herself back into a size 6 within 6 months of delivery. She was feisty and tenacious and brought all that positive energy to work everyday, bless her.

Michelle just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday the previous week and was just back from a holiday in France. Her French boyfriend had pulled out all the stops during the trip and had pulled out a beautiful diamond ring at the end of it. Hector had had a hand in the choosing of the ring. Pierre had swung by one day about a month before and let him in on his plan to sweep Michelle off her feet. And it seemed to work. Michelle still had that glow on her, and it wasn’t from the Parisian sun. She was in love, and it would take a lot of rain to bring her down from cloud nine.

Sasha was the baby of the group. She had only just joined the company a year ago after dropping out of law school. Hector always wondered what had brought her to sales from a possible life stuck behind a desk. Perhaps it was just that. Hector would not have enjoyed a desk-bound job either. Sasha was probably twenty, or perhaps twenty-one now, but you wouldn’t tell from her sales manner. She was a seasoned pro, strong and calm, and seemed to know how to read people. She knew when to strike and when to pull back. Maybe that was the common link between law and sales…

Moving around the glass cases, he continued his mental checklist of items to be done. All cases were cleaned, display pieces neatly lined up, and his staff looked impeccable. It was required of the gentlemen to be sharply dressed in a dark suit with a tie. He had his Calvin Klein suit on today, and it made him look younger than his forty years. He worked out often, preferring a run in the park to the same on a treadmill, and had kept his beer gut in. He considered himself fortunate, considering his love for a stiff gin. He had been drinking more of that stuff since his marriage started fraying.

The requirement for the ladies was similar. Skirt suits or pant suits were the common trend, and today the skirts were winning two-to-one. Kelly was the only one in pants. Her clothes always fit her so well. She wasn’t top heavy, but breastfeeding had given her an extra cup size to balance out her amazing ass. It sat perfectly on her body, and her two-inch heels helped to push them up and out. She had a short blazer on today, and it stopped just above her luscious behind. You wouldn’t want to cover that with anything but hands. Hector imagined her husband to be most proud.

Michelle’s dark green blouse was cut a little low today, and it gave a subtle hint of her biggest assets. She worked best with male customers because the defence mechanisms wired in female circuitry always seemed to go on high alert with her. It’s like they were innately jealous of how great she looked. Her blouse matched her eyes beautifully and the sharp V neckline made sure that you were looking where you ought to be looking. She was the shortest of the three ladies at 5’2, giving most guys a height advantage and a good eyeful of her cleavage.

Sasha’s black skirt suit looked gorgeous on her. Hector had never seen her in anything but skirt suits, and every one of them looked that good. She must have stocked her wardrobe with the assumption casino ┼čirketleri she’d need them in her career in law. Today’s ensemble was a dark pinstriped suit with a pencil skirt that ended at the knee. It made for an amazing silhouette. Her long dirty blonde hair was up in a French twist rather than a bun, but it still looked very well put together. Hector nodded in approval.

It was going to be another uneventful, almost boring Sunday morning.

Until their first guests arrived. Hector had been looking away from the door at the time, talking casually with Kelly about the latest cute thing her daughter had been up to, when Michelle’s gasp grabbed his attention.

“Arms in the air where I can see them, now! Don’t make any funny moves.” The voice was laced with an Eastern European accent. Russian perhaps? Hector wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

Hector turned around slowly to see two men in black ski masks (in the middle of summer!) waving pistols. Everyone is led to believe that people commit crimes with these huge submachine guns with Kevlar vests and what not, when in reality, any 9mm Beretta would look just as scary. Michelle gave him a look as if to say she was sorry. Damn, she mustn’t have hit the silent alarm button in time!

“Move away from behind the counter and stand over here.” Hector, Kelly and Michelle moved away from their corners to stand in front of the glass counters. The alarm button was now too far away. Sasha wasn’t in the front when the men came in; perhaps she was at the back and could call the police directly?

“Is this everyone?” The taller masked man asked, watching their faces for answers. Hector prayed that neither lady would give away Sasha’s absence. The gunman looked at them again and motioned to his partner to check the inside. He kept his gun on them and continued to watch them like a hawk.

From inside, they heard Sasha scream. The sounds of a struggle ensued with more screaming before a fierce burst of words cut it off. Whatever the threat had been or meant made no difference, all dissent had been quelled. The shorter gunman emerged, dragging Sasha by the arm. She was shuffling awkwardly and when she was brought to stand next to Hector, he could see why. Her pink panties were down at her ankles. Fuck, she must have been in the washroom. So no word had been sent out.

Sasha’s usually fair complexion was a bright pink now to match her exposed panties. She had just flushed and had stood to pull her panties up when the man with the gun burst into the washroom. Trapped in the stall, she wasn’t going to be able to run or anything, but he had refused to let her dress herself, and had forced her out to the front as she was. Fucking psycho! She wanted so much to bend down and pull them up, but the gun trained on her and the owner’s shaking head told her that she wasn’t going to.

The shorter gunman whispered into the ear of his accomplice, who nodded in response. He dropped the black cloth bag he had on his shoulder.

“You will follow what we say, and no one will get hurt,” the taller one spoke, waving his gun for dramatic effect.

“No sudden moves,” the shorter one pointed to Sasha and directed her to the nearest case. “Put everything in the bag. If you touch anything but the jewels and the bag, I will shoot you. Your mother will see you in the news, with your panties down.”

Sasha’s embarrassment was peaking as she waddled to the nearest case and opened it. She wouldn’t be able to press the alarm with him watching her every move. She complied, filling the bag with thousands of pounds worth of jewellery. She was halfway through her second case when she felt the cold metal of the gun pressed against her knee. She flinched and froze as she felt it stroke her inner thigh.

“Keep filling the bag!” came the command from behind her.

She bit down on her lip and returned to filling the bag as the gunman replaced his gun with his hand. She felt it travel up inside her skirt and stop briefly mid thigh behind retreating. She let out a breath before her heart leapt up into her throat as he grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it upward. Her reflex was to shriek and squat, but a firm ‘nyet’ and the gun in her lower back encouraged her to remain standing. She trembled as he continued to pull the skirt higher and higher until it barely covered her crotch. He stopped it there and then waved his gun to signal her to continue filling the bag.

Could her co-workers see her? She was behind the case and they weren’t looking in her direction. Her pencil skirt was a perfect fit and stayed in the position the gunman had left it instead of riding up her thighs. Why afford her any modesty at all when her panties were still around her ankles, getting dirty from all the shuffling about. She considered kicking them off as they were going to hinder her escape. She could not move very quickly with them there.

Kelly had seen Sasha’s skirt being lifted casino firmalar─▒ and almost cried out. She watched in horror as the masked man behind Sasha continued to stroke her thighs as she emptied her third case. She shivered uncontrollably, imagining what must be going through the head of the twenty-year-old.

“You look like you like what you see.” The gunman in front of them had noticed the focus of her attention. “Piotr, what are you doing? It’s going to take longer.”

“Da, but it’s more enjoyable.” Piotr replied. Sasha let out a whimper as his fingers made contact with her labia for the first time.

“You. Kelly.” The taller gunman read off her tag. “Come here beside me.”

Kelly looked nervously at Hector before moving to her assigned place.

“Are you the boss?” He spoke aloud by her ear, his breath reeking of cheap cigarettes.

“I am the manager,” Hector spoke up. He felt he had a duty to his staff and had to step in.

“So you’re the boss? Must be a shitty Sunday for you.”

Hector didn’t flinch. It was turning out to be rather bad, but it didn’t look like their assailants intended to kill them, so if only they could ride it out, they’d be safe. Everything was covered by insurance anyhow.

“Well I have a treat for you.” The gunman seemed to have a wicked smile that could be felt from under his mask.

“You. Michelle,” he ordered as he watched her tag dance on her breasts. “You’re going to give your boss a blowjob.”

There was a moment of silence as his command sunk in. “You heard me,” he repeated. “Take his pants off, get down on your knees and suck his penis! Or…” he cocked his pistol and pointed it at Hector. “My finger might slip.”

“You bastard!” Hector snarled.

“I didn’t say you could refuse the gift. Consider it a bonus for your cooperation. So Michelle, I’m waiting.”

Michelle was beginning to cry as she sat herself down in front of Hector. Her joy from her wedding proposal was all but gone in the light of this situation. With trembling fingers she undid Hector’s belt and trousers and pulled them down to the floor. She turned to look at the gunman who looked at her impatiently. Reluctantly, she returned to face Hector’s crotch. Hooking her fingers into the waistband of his briefs, she pulled them down to reveal his flaccid member.

“Awww, come now. Surely you can be a little more enthusiastic than that!” The robber chided him. “Well Michelle, we don’t have all day. You’re going to suck it off or you’re going to have his blood splattered all over you.”

Michelle looked up at Hector with tears streaming down her pretty face as she moved closer towards his limp cock. She nervously opened her mouth and put it in. It was her first blowjob and she had been thinking of surprising Pierre with it at his birthday next month. Well it wouldn’t be her first now. She was worried that a cock would taste funny, but it didn’t. She thought it felt strange, a little squishy but not in a cake sort of way. Maybe a little like chocolate mousse? She licked at it cautiously, deciding that it wasn’t that harmful in its current state.

Hector gasped when Michelle’s mouth closed around his cock. It felt good. He tried to think back to the last time he had a blowjob, but couldn’t focus on very much else but Michelle’s warm lips and nervous tongue. He could feel the stirring in loins as his cock responded to the tender ministrations.

Michelle felt him twitch in her mouth and her eyes widened as he began to grow. What could earlier have been chocolate mousse now like a German sausage, thick and hard. Pierre wasn’t this wide around she thought as she gagged on Hector’s new increased size. She released him as she fought to catch her breath. Now that she was away from it she could see that her boss was quite a ways thicker than Pierre, though probably three inches shorter. That would make it easier wouldn’t it? Without requiring any further urging, she inhaled him again.

Hector stood stock still as Michelle continued to suck on his cock. It felt incredibly good, and he fought the urge to grab her head and pound his frustration into her mouth. Kelly tried to avert her eyes, but the gunman brought the gun to her temple, whispering that she ought to be respectful to her boss and give him his due attention. “You liked watching Piotr and your blonde friend didn’t you? So you have to watch Michelle suck your boss.”

Sasha had finished four cases and had four to go. She saw Michelle whip Hector’s penis out and suck on it, but she had other things to worry about. Piotr had been getting bolder with each case. As she bent over to reach for the jewels in the case, he would rub the gun between her legs. It felt dirty and degrading, but she felt a powerful buzz whenever the cold steel met her clit. And it was happening more often now, like clockwork. She would bend to retrieve some items from the case and the gun would be there at the right spot for her rub up against g├╝venilir casino as she stood to fill the bag. She tried to deny it, but she could feel herself getting a little wet.

Just four more cases and they would leave. Just four more.

Michelle was now sucking away with reckless abandon and Hector almost wanted to tell her to stop in fear that she’d wrench it off. She was enjoying it quite a bit now, her large Wiener. She licked the length of it and flicked the tip with her tongue before enveloping it completely. Since Hector wasn’t long, she could fit most of the length in her mouth, though she knew she would need to learn some other tricks before she would be able to take Pierre. The fact that she was practising on her boss she pushed as far back into her recesses of her mind as she could.

Hector was reaching his limit. Michelle had stepped up her game about a minute ago, and he could not keep it in for much longer. He tried to get her attention to slow down or stop, but she wouldn’t. He was too close to the edge now. He grabbed her head and pulled her away just before he came, and instead sprayed long sticky threads of cum around her mouth and nose, across her jacket and down onto her lap. He stood there gasping, holding on her head for support.

“Now look what a mess you’ve made!” The gunman shook his head in mock disgust. “You’ve dirtied her clothes! Stand up Michelle.”

Michelle complied as he continued, “As her boss, you cannot condone such messy attire. To make it worse, you’re responsible for this mess! So you must clean it up – with your tongue.”

Hector gaped as the gun waved in the direction of Kelly. “Clean her up with your tongue, or else. Michelle, don’t you clean anything or move away. Make sure he is the one doing the cleaning.”

Their roles reversed, Hector knelt down in front of her, eye level to a single gob on her skirt, its whiteness stark against the dark material. He licked at it, scrunching up his face at the salty taste before sucking it up altogether. “Good boy,” the gunman mocked, “keep going.”

There were two long strings of cum running down the length of her jacket and Hector opted to lick it up at one shot, so as to only have to swallow once. He started down below and ran his tongue up the length of the suit, catching the cum as it fell away from the jacket into his mouth. His tongue had to follow the contours of her body, and up close, he could tell that she was truly fine. He completed the second line of cum and stepped back to swallow. Disgusting! Where next?

His eyes followed the white threads to the most exposed part of her. A good amount of cum had missed her face and dribbled right down her neck pool in her breasts. Maybe the gunman didn’t notice? “You know that I can see where all your cum is, right? Don’t try to skip anything. Kelly, get on your knees!”

Kelly sank to the floor as her assailant moved behind her. Her tears of fear fell openly as the barrel of the gun touched the back of her head. “Hector please,” was all she could say.

Hector looked at Michelle who just looked away. He helped her out of her jacket and threw it on the glass counter behind them. He leaned in to lick at her chest, and moved up towards her neck. Michelle trembled under the soft touch of his tongue. If he needed to clean it all, wouldn’t she need to take her blouse off? She shivered again his breath at her neck made her stomach do flip-flops.

Hector was enjoying his punishment. Michelle’s skin tasted sweet, and she smelt really beautiful. After cleaning her upper chest and neck, he moved down towards the pool at her cleavage. He sucked at it a while, before deciding that he would not be able to get it all. He unbuttoned each button on her blouse slowly, waiting for resistance or protest but none came. Slowly her impressive breasts came more and more into view. All buttons undone now, he pulled her blouse open to display her black lacy bra. She reached between her breasts and undid the clasp, opening the channel and letting the trapped cum flow freely down in the valley between her mountains.

At her cue, Hector dived in, sucking and slurping at his cum. Now immune to the taste, he focused only on her 38DD breasts, only covered by the open bra. His hands moved on their own accord to support them as he continued to kiss the area between her breasts. Michelle felt really hot and bothered now, and her heavy breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall with a jiggle at the end. His fingers moved to her nipples and he found that they were hard and sensitive. She started at his touch, but did not move away. His tongue found an engorged nipple even though there was no cum on it. She didn’t care. His breath was hot against her poor sore nipples and it felt so good.

Piotr and Sasha had just finished the sixth case now and his gloved fingers had replaced the gun between her thighs. She recognised the sloshing sound as her juices as he teased her clit and stroked along the length of her pussy. Why wouldn’t he just put it in? Her head was spinning from all the arousal and watching the action between Michelle and Hector and the other gunman and Kelly was getting her all riled up. If he didn’t put it in, she’d make him!

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