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Bad Night at the Club…

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Charley stared at her ass in this new dress. Her best friend had convinced her to get it for their girls’ night out that evening and she slightly regretted it. The tight white fabric stretched tight across her curvy ass, tucking underneath her tight cheeks and enhancing her butt more than she would have liked. The dress had thin straps that clung to her collarbone and dragged your eyes down to her cleavage; which was plenty with her 34 C tits. Though the dress looked stunning on the rack, it was just short enough on her to make her feel self-conscious. Even when she slipped her feet into tall black patent leather stilettos to complete the outfit, drawing her already long legs to amazing new heights she wasn’t sure. It wasn’t the message she was trying to send, and if she had her way she would wear jeans and a simple top. She brushed her long dark hair, applied a little lipstick and headed out the door to her friends awaiting car. No turning back now.
As her and Fiona drove towards downtown, Charley couldn’t help notice how lovely her friend looked behind the wheel. Her short blonde hair was spiked in a cute pixie cut, blue eyes sparkling with white eye shadow, her tight leopard print dress that zipped from top to bottom was slightly unzipped, her breasts struggling to escape the tight confines. She oozed confidence and sexuality. Charley felt another pang of self-consciousness and averted her eyes.
The club was packed with a line that went easily for two blocks. Not wanting to wait in line Fiona stormed up to the bouncer, Charley in tow, batting her eyelashes. Working her feminine charm and bouncing tits she convinced the tall, muscular bouncer to let them in. Within moments they had drinks in hand and were swaying to the music. The heat of the club pumped with the music and the dance floor pulsed with teasing dances and hidden touches. Fiona dragged Charley deep into the grinding throng of dancers and began slowly rotating her hips to the music entrancing any man within twenty feet. Charley blushed and simply said she was going to get another drink.
Her friends motive was always to attract men, make them want her while Charley preferred not being noticed by men. She would rather be on the sidelines while her friend flirted up a storm and not have to deal with the pushy, biased actions of men. She especially hated the clubs past midnight when all the males were drunk and grabbing any piece of her they could, whispering dirty things in her ear as she walked by. She shuddered at the thought and hoped she could convince her friend to go home to a cool bottle of wine and chick flicks before the evening got that far.
As she approached the bar she began to feel a pair of eyes on her. A man sat three stools over three empty glasses of melting ice in front of him and another full glass of thick amber liquid in his hand. Charley ordered her usual Jack and Coke, ignoring this man who stared blatantly at her. His dark hair was tousled, his green eyes sharp and mean looking, while his lips were soft and pink – glistening with spit as he licked them while staring at Charley’s ass.
“What’s your problem?” She asked, sneering. She hated being stared at like a piece of meat.
“Your ass is my problem. I’m going to bite that fucking thing.” He growled in response.
Charley gagged at his sleaziness. She shook her head and ignored him, waiting for her drink. She grew upset when the man beckoned the bartender over and muttered in his ear while staring at her. The bartender recoiled and gave the man a look of disgust as deep as Charley was feeling. He swept over to her quickly, poured her drink and two extra shots of Jack Daniels.
“In apology for that creep.” He said as he handed her one and downed the other himself. Charley smiled as she knocked back the shot, savoring the burning sensation trickling down her throat into her belly. She thanked the bartender who refused any payment for the drinks and headed back to Fiona.
She pushed her way through the crowd, stumbling slightly in her high heels, and was less than surprised to see Fiona, arms around a tall man who had his face buried in her neck. She had a leg wrapped around his waist, giving anyone who wanted a view of her lacy black thong and shaved pussy. Charley was appalled at the sight and turned around quickly, ready to simply leave the club and taxi home. Her friend obviously wasn’t concerned about her and the creeps in the club. As she whirled around and started to the door she felt lightheaded. Her vision blurred and the room seemed to tilt. Worried she was going to either throw up or faint she grabbed onto the side of the bar and the last thing she saw was the creep who wanted to bite her ass smile as she fell to the ground in darkness.
Charley groaned as she awoke, disoriented and confused. Her mouth was dry, and though her skin was cool inside she felt like she was burning up. Her face felt flushed and her pussy ached. When she began to come around she realized her wrists were tied high above her head, elbows bound together with a rough rope, she was stretched so high the tips of her toes barely touched the ground. She thrashed against her restraints but it was no use, she just wobbled in the air and turned slightly. She tried to thrash again, her tits bobbing with the force and she realized she was naked which furthered the burning sensation as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and her cunt quivered. The room she was in was dark and cool without windows. She couldn’t make much out in the darkness save a small chair a few feet away from her. She tried etiler escort to scream but her dry throat cracked and all that escaped was a pitiful little squeal.
A small laugh came from out of the darkness at her sad attempt at a scream and Charley stilled in terror. She could hear movement but couldn’t tell where it was coming from and try as she might to spin around to see every corner she couldn’t gain enough momentum to do so. All of a sudden there was a loud crack and a blinding flash of pain against her ass as something hard spanked her. She gasped in pain and let out another small squeal. The blow landed again and again, long enough to cover both cheeks at the same time and sting like hell. The harder the spanking continued the more her tits bounced and her pussy responded against her will, sending small droplets of moisture running down her bare legs. After what felt like an eternity of pain the abuse stopped and Charley breathed a sigh of relief. Her ass burned and felt swollen. When a cool hand came up gently to her bare ass she pushed herself against it enjoying the soothing, soft touch. Another hand cupped the other cheek and squeezed the two together before spreading them painfully apart. Charley felt exposed and vulnerable. Terror ripped through her veins as she was at the mercy of the mysterious hands that gripped her. When the hands let her ass go she thanked god and prayed it was over, that someone was just playing a joke on her. Part of her even wished it was Fiona, in that tight dress, drunk and just playing a dirty trick on her friend.
When she felt a strange pressure on one of her ass cheeks she knew it wasn’t her trusted friend. She let out a strangled cry as a set of teeth bit hard into her soft flesh, already tender from the beating. Her dry throat crackled as she sobbed at the burning pain that was being inflicted on her swollen butt.
She felt the person behind her remove their mouth from her ass and stand up fully behind her, a hard cock rubbed against the small of her back and she sensed his hot breath on her neck. His hands reached around and tweaked her nipples hard, sending another cry of pain to her lips and inexplicably a throb of arousal in her pussy.
“I told you I was going to bite that fucking ass.” He whispered in her ear with whiskey-scented breath. Charley thrashed against him in anger and terror, how dare that creep debase her like this! As she tugged against her restraints he pulled harder at her nipples, steadying her against him.
“You’re not going anywhere, slut. You’re mine, you understand? No one can hear you scream except me and I’m going to enjoy making you scream.”
Charley stilled in fear. His fingers roughly rolled her hard nipples between them, pinching and pulling. She groaned as her pussy burned in response.
“Like that, slut?”
She felt sick that this man was touching her; the thought that her body was betraying her and responding to his touch was even worse. A hard slap landed on her sensitive pussy lips making Charley see stars.
“You will answer me, slut! You like your filthy nipples being pulled?”
Charley hesitated a moment and three more forceful slaps landed on her wet cunt.
“Ah! Yes, yes. I like my nipples being pulled.” She stammered out.
As if enjoying his little victory over her he tugged hard at her inflamed nipples, pulling them far out from her breasts. He held them there as Charley struggled against his grasp, trying to push her breasts against his hands to relieve the pain of her stretched nipples.
Out of the darkness came a second figure, even in the dim light Charley recognized him as the bartender from the bar. She sneered and began to curse him as she realized he was the one who spiked her drink, pretending to be her friend. As she spewed curse words from her mouth he closed the distance between them quickly and forcefully pushed his mouth over hers, pushing his moist tongue deep in Charley’s dry mouth. She balked at the invasion and tried to pull away from his probing tongue but was essentially caught between the creep behind her tugging at her nipples and the bartender in front of her licking the inside of her mouth. He stopped abruptly and focused on her extended nipples. She cried in shame as he began touching them as well, pinching the sensitive skin while the man behind her pulled out the tips.
Catching her eye, the bartender smiled evilly at her, distracting her from the movement of his hands. She glared into his light blue eyes which dissipated from her view into a haze of colours when she felt a clip being placed on both her tender nipples. She screamed hoarsely in pain as the clamps sent a mixture of pleasure and pain through her entire body. Her hips bucked wildly and she threw her body against the two men both in an effort to shake off the clips and to dull the pain. A gentle tinkling sound filled the room as two small bells attached to the clips jingled with her movements. The sound was oddly arousing, as she knew every jingle meant her tits were bouncing in the cool air; this mental image sent more warmth to her dripping pussy, no matter how much she denied it.
Once the clips were in place, the hands were gone. Charley felt scared, alone and couldn’t see straight from the mixture of pain and pleasure. She could hear the men shuffling and worried what fate awaited her. Her cunt betrayed her, tingling as it opened, begging to be filled. She whimpered in the darkness.
There was a loud thud as Charley felt herself fall to the ground, her wrists released from above her head çapa escort but still tightly bound together. Within moments the men pounced on her, tying her wrists to a hook in the cold concrete floor and securing her on her hands and knees. The bells attached to her nipples rang out, just barely brushing the ground as her huge tits hung below her, swaying from the sudden movement. Feeling even more exposed than ever, cool air caressed her ass and pussy, both holes open for inspection with her legs spread fairly wide. She coughed as the dust and dirt from the floor blew into her already dry mouth.
“Thirsty slut?” said the bartender.
Charley nodded her head violently, causing the bells to tinkle in the silence. The bartender slapped her hard across the face; if she hadn’t been secured down she would have slid across the room from the force of the blow. Tears sprung to her eyes immediately.
“I asked you a question, whore. I expect a fucking answer.” He spat violently.
Charley felt dehydrated to the very core and didn’t want to risk another slap.
“Yes, sir. I’m so thirsty. Could I have some water please?” She begged, ashamed.
The men looked at each other and laughed. The man with the whiskey breath leaned forward, an inch from Charley’s face.
“You think a nasty ass bitch like you gets fucking water? Fuck well isn’t that something.” He mumbled, amused. “Open your mouth slut.”
Charley hesitated, the cruelness in his voice scaring her. With a swift movement he roughly grabbed her jaw and yanked her mouth wide open and held it there. She groaned as her jaw began to ache immediately.
The bartender stepped close to her and stepped out of his faded jeans revealing a thick, semi-erect cock with a huge set of dangling balls. The man holding Charley’s face grabbed her hair and tugged her head back at an awkward angle, while the bartender stuck his flaccid cock between her open lips.
Charley struggled to get away but couldn’t escape the hot stream of rank piss that poured into her open mouth, splashing against the back of her throat. It tasted salty, filthy, slightly bitter and though she was disgusted at her mouth being used in such a way she was even more horrified when she was told to swallow it and her body greedily replied by guzzling every drop of his hot piss until he shook his empty cock against her lips.
The man holding her mouth open, released his grip, glad to see she was willingly licking the last drops of piss from his friends cock and returned to her tender breasts and smooth ass. Running his hands over her back and stomach he reached under her and felt her pussy, it’s juices running down her legs. Charley bucked wildly at the sensations of his fingers gently touching her swollen clit.
“Little slut gets turned on being a toilet, eh?” he chuckled. Charley blushed that what he said wasn’t far from the truth, having the bartenders cock in her mouth sent waves of desperation to her cunt. Before she could deny it the bartender stuffed his semi-erect cock deep in her mouth, effectively shutting her up. He pumped in and out of her mouth, his cock rapidly growing thick and hard. Charley gagged as he grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock to the back of her throat, blocking her air and thrusting madly as he throat fucked her.
“Ohh fuck yeah. Take that cock you nasty slut…” he growled as pre cum coated Charley’s throat.
From behind her the other man continued to flick her engorged clit; sending waves of pleasure through her body while he slipped two fingers deep in her sopping cunt. Her tight pussy sucked at his fingers, which pounded hard deep inside her, punishing her pussy lips. She felt an orgasm hovering at the edge of her vision, her body tightening and vibrating. She felt nauseous that these men were making her cum, that her body should be repulsed by their actions but she couldn’t help but want release, she wanted to cum badly. As she struggled to breathe around the thick cock humping her mouth she felt the man behind her stand up and slick his cock in the wet folds of her pussy. She couldn’t let him fuck her, her mind screamed but her body pressed back on the broad cock head that tickled her awaiting cunt. With a swift movement he slammed his cock deep in her wet pussy and she cried out best she could around the member in her mouth. He swirled it around her cunt, which was spewing juices as she neared orgasm before pulling out as fast as he had pummeled it in.
No, she thought. She actually wanted that disgusting cock deep in her, pounding her to the brink – she groaned again as she felt her orgasm ebb and simmer.
The man spat on her protruding ass, letting a slick glob of spit creep down her crack to her pussy. He positioned himself at her back entrance and she struggled against him, nipple bells clanging together loudly as she writhed uselessly. She had never had anything in her ass and was terrified of the pain. She shook her ass best she could to ruin his aim but only succeeded in making him laugh roughly at her crude attempts to avoid impalement on his cock.
The bartender began thrusting even harder, his hips pushing against her face painfully and she momentarily forgot about which end to protect when she felt a huge member force its way roughly into her tight, barely lubricated ass. It tore in deeply in one hard thrust that made Charley see stars and wish she could have blacked out. She felt like she was splitting in two, his cock pushing deep into her bowels. She wobbled against her restraints, mouth swollen from the forceful throat fucking merter escort and ass being torn as the other man pushed his cock to the hilt against her behind. Once he stretched her ass he began pounding it roughly, spitting on her as he humped her ass like a wild animal.
“Oh fuck, your ass is tight slut. Gonna milk my cock in you tight shitter you filthy whore. Oh fuck fuuucckkkk…” he groaned loudly as his cock pulsed deep in her ass, close to orgasm. He reached below as he rutted in her and began flicking her clit. As waves of pain and pleasure surged through Charley from the sensations on her clit the bartender let out a loud moan and came hard down her throat, pouring a huge load of sticky cum down into her belly. The sensation caused Charley to tighten her muscles, cunt contracting around nothing and ass clamping around the cock invading it. With that slight movement the man began thrusting wildly in her torn ass, groaning and swearing as he shot a load of hot sperm deep in her bowels. Charley could feel it filling her as his cock twitched inside her tender hole.
The bartender kept slowly lolling his cock around in Charley’s mouth.
“Suck it whore, make it hard again like the slut you are.” He growled. Hoping this terrible ordeal would soon be over she began to lick and suck his deflating cock. It didn’t take more than a few minutes before his cock sprang back to life and he resumed fucking her face. He squatted down to better thrust his cock and balls against her chin while simultaneously tugging on the bells attached to her nipples. She screamed as he pulled the clamps and stuffed his whole cock and balls as deep as they could possibly go.
The man in her ass stayed there, cock growing soft in her ravaged hole. The pain began to subside as his cock shrunk, no longer stretching her virgin hole and Charley grew slightly relieved that maybe the torture would reach its end. Her eyes flew wide when she felt a warm sensation trickle up her ass, spreading and filling her to the brim. This man was pissing in her ass! She groaned loudly as he filled her with hot piss, his cock locking it inside of her and mixing it with his sperm.
The bartender pulled out of her mouth roughly and slid beneath Charley’s body, positioning his fat, erect cock at the entrance to her neglected, drenched cunt. His face just below hers he leaned up and whispered in her ear;
“I’m going to fuck you raw, slut. I’m going to cum so hard in your fucking pussy you’ll be pissing my cum for a month. My friend is going to take his cock out of your disgusting ass and you’re going to hold his cum and piss in there, you understand? If you spill a drop on me I’m going to fucking kill you. Get it?”
Charley swallowed in fear and nodded.
“Yes sir” she whispered quietly. With those words the man ripped his soft cock out of her ass and she clenched tightly, deathly afraid of what the bartender might do to her. Within seconds the bartender gripped her hips tightly and slammed his cock deep inside her awaiting pussy, smashing against her back wall and making her cry out in pain. Every thrust sloshed the filthy cum concoction in her ass and she feared losing a drop. As the bartender stayed true to his word, fucking her hard and raw, Charley moaned as her simmering orgasm returned, growing stronger. She screamed when the same hard paddle that had assaulted her ass the first time came down hard on her tender ass cheeks yet again. The other man was standing over them raining hard spanks on her ass, one after the other not stopping as she felt her cheeks redden and swell. The pain made it hard to focus on keeping this mans liquids in her ass and as the bartender pummeled her dripping cunt she began to feel the wave of orgasm.
First it wracked her pussy, the walls tightening and clenching around the bartenders cock which was swelling with his own building orgasm, then her body began to shake. As she hovered on the edge, her body completely betraying her and succumbing to the pleasure the bartender reached up, gathered the strings to her nipple clamps in one hand and wrenched them forcefully as he moaned thrusting an even bigger load of hot spunk deep into her pussy. His orgasm seemed to last ages as he pumped strings of sperm into her swollen cunt.
The sharp pain of the nipple clamps and the feel of his hot seed filling her sent Charley over the edge. With one more forceful spank she lost all control. The orgasm tore through her breasts, her pussy squirted lakes of sweet liquidy cum all around the ebbing cock in her and her ass released spraying the load of piss and cum all over herself, the bartender and the floor.
The bartender was up in an instant, slapping Charley hard across the face.
“I told you to hold that fucking shit you stupid slut. Can’t even follow one fucking order. Lick me clean.” He scolded. Charley, still vibrating from her orgasm eagerly reached her tongue out and licked his legs clean of piss and cum, working her way up until she was bathing his cock and balls with her tongue, tasting her own juices mingled with his. When she was satisfied she had gotten every drop she collapsed best she could against her restraints in sheer exhaustion.
The man with the whisky breath lifted her by her hair until she was back on all fours. Rolling a thick butt plug in the puddle of juices on the floor he slammed it hard into her destroyed ass as she screamed in protest.
“You will like up this mess slut” he said as he pointed to the floor “every drop clean. When we come back you better be happy to fucking see us and beg for our hard cocks.”
With that the two men left, Charley tied to the floor in a puddle of sex juices and piss. Upset and alone Charley was both confused and pleased when her pussy throbbed at the thought of how she would be used when they returned…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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