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Backyard Pool Ch. 09

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All characters are 18 years or older



Anne adjusted the radio. Smiling, she turned up the volume as a tune came on that she especially liked. She was in a good mood as she drove home, having been released from work after only a couple of hours when there had been a building-wide power failure at her office with no expectation of it being fixed any time soon. She was excited to have some unexpected time off that she could spend any way she wanted since the time spent had already been allotted to being at work.

Bobbing her head in time with the music as she drove, she decided what she wanted to do. The power failure couldn’t have happened on a better day, she thought. It was clear and warm, but not too warm, perfect for lying by the pool and soaking up some rays. It would be a guilt-free self-indulgence

She wondered if the kids would be home. She loved having them around, but it would be nice to have the pool to herself, so she could relax in peace and quiet. Now that both Ron and Amy were out of school for the summer, one or the other was usually there. She knew she would sorely miss them in the fall, but she kind of looked forward to the time when both her kids would be away at college and she could have their beautifully secluded back yard all to herself, anytime she wanted.

“Well, not today, I guess…” she murmured aloud, sighing dejectedly as she turned into her driveway and saw that both her kids’ cars were there, as well as another unknown vehicle.

She went inside and, not seeing anyone, glanced out the patio door to the back yard. She saw her kids and another boy and girl playing in the pool. ‘I hope they don’t mind me crashing their pool party!’ she thought. ‘That’s just too bad for them, though, because I’m not going let my free day go to waste!’

Anne went into her bedroom and undressed. She held up her dowdy, old-mom, one-piece swimsuit, thought about it for a moment, then tossed it aside and dug deeper in her drawer to find her bikini. She slipped it on, then stood in front of her full-length mirror. Turning from side to side, she smiled as she perused her reflection. ‘Ahhh, yes…’ she thought, ‘I can still pull off the bikini thing!”

Anne had had her two kids when she was still quite young, and, while they were both over eighteen now, Anne still had not yet seen the big “4-oh.” Blessed with good genes and determination, she had maintained her figure and she now appeared to be a more mature and slightly more voluptuous version of her daughter, Amy. She threw on a terrycloth robe, leaving it open, and headed outside.

Reaching for the sliding glass door to the patio, Anne gasped and paused for a moment as she caught sight of the unknown girl jumping up out of the water to catch a ball. As she rose above the surface of the water, Anne saw that the young woman’s breasts were bare. A moment later, her daughter jumper up for the ball and she saw that her daughter’s breasts were bare as well. After the initial shock, she chuckled and shook her head, thinking that the two girls must be teasing the boys with little a risqué topless playfulness.

Anne continued watching for a few moments, and at one point the ball flew high over the unknown boy’s head, landing outside the pool on the far side. As the boy hauled himself out of the pool, Anne gasped as she caught sight of his pale, white, naked ass. He retrieved the ball and turned around, throwing the ball back into the pool as he returned. She saw his flaccid penis, raised up on his tight, water-cooled ball-sack, bouncing up and down with each step,

Anne’s heart jumped as she realized this wasn’t just the girls teasing the boys by flashing their breasts.

The ball flew out of the pool again and this time her son, Ron, climbed out of the pool to retrieve the ball. She noticed, however, that his naked butt was not pale and white like the other boy’s was. Ron’s butt was as smoothly tanned as the rest of him. Her son returned to the edge of the pool and stood there, holding the ball over his head and making feints as to where he would throw it while the other three in the pool waved their arms and yelled at him.

Anne stared at her naked son, her eyes irresistibly drawn to his penis. It looked so different now, compared to when she had last seen it, years ago, when he was a young boy. Then, it was just a tiny, purple-headed nubbin. Now, raised up atop his tight, water-cooled scrotum, it looked plump and heavy compared to the other boy’s smaller organ. It, as well as the rest of him, was nut-brown, and she realized that he must have been spending a fair amount of time, naked, by the pool.

Ron finally threw the ball and dove back in.

As Anne watched them play, her mind went back to the times when her family went to visit her grand-parents farm for their summer vacation. She and her cousins Beylikdüzü Escort would go skinny-dipping out at the ‘ole swimmin’ hole’. They all had been much younger than Amy and Ron, though. In her mind, she pictured the young, flat-chested girls, with their hairless crotches, and the boys with their tiny, little-boy penises. They had thought themselves to be quite daring and naughty as they cavorted together in the nude, but they were really just having some innocent fun. Looking at her own kids through the eyes of that flat-chested little girl, she was thrilled, and a bit envious, to see them doing the same, but with their grown-up bodies.

Her full attention returned to the pool outside as she saw Ron and the two girls wrestling closely over the ball. After a moment the ball squirted free, landing on the deck. Ron climbed out to retrieve it.

Anne gasped, her jaw dropping and her eyes opening wide in shock as Ron turned around and she saw that his penis was now standing at full attention.

Ron returned to the edge of the pool and again stood there with the ball raised above his head, feinting moves, apparently unconcerned that his huge, sun-bronzed erection was prominently displayed for all to see as the girls yelled and waved their arms below him.

Anne stood there, trembling, feeling like her legs had turned to jello, as she looked out at her son, awed by the sight of his unexpectedly large erection, and vicariously thrilled by the thought that the two young girls were there looking up at it from just a few feet away as they clamored for the ball. He finally threw it and dove back into the water.

Anne let out the breath she had been holding in a great ‘whooosh.’ “Ohhhmygod…” she gasped. Her legs were trembling and she felt like she was going to collapse. She knew she had to sit down but she really wanted to continue watching. She caught sight of a group of lawn chairs in the deep shadows under the shade tree at the side of the yard, and thought if she were able to get out there, she might remain undetected while the kids were preoccupied in the pool.

Not wanting to chance crossing the wide-open patio, Anne went to the garage and exited through the side door. Sneaking along the tree line to the lawn chairs, she sat down, hoping to be inconspicuous in the deep shade, amongst the jumble of the lawn furniture and intervening bushes. She was also closer to the pool now and had a better view.

As the kids continued to play, Anne saw her son, Ron, swim over to the steps in the shallow area and lay back on the top step, as if to relax in the sun. After a few moments, however, Anne caught her breath as she saw his penis slowly rise, until it stood fully erect, pointed straight up at the sky,

Ron seemed unconcerned by it. In fact, he appeared quite relaxed, lying there in the sun, his hands clasped behind his head, his penis thrust proudly erect for all to see. After a short while, one of the girls saw him there and they both swam closer and sat on the lower step on either side of him, evidently getting a good eyeful of his massive member while making inaudible (to Anne) comments about it.

The girls dragged the other boy up out of the pool and had him lie down next to Ron in the same manner. He looked uncomfortable, totally exposed, like that, flanked by the two girls, his flaccid penis looking puny in comparison to her son’s towering erection just a few inches away.

Anne heard some muffled conversation, then she gasped as she saw the unknown girl raise her hand and wrap it around her son’s thick, hard shaft and begin tenderly stroking it. After a few moments, the girl leaned down and licked her son’s swollen cock-head, then took it between her lips and slid several inches of his massive erection in and out of her mouth.

Anne saw the other boy’s penis begin to rise as he watched the girl suck on her son’s cock. She was surprised to see the other boy’s penis rise to nearly the same height as Ron’s, then heel over in a smooth arc above his abdomen.

The girls seemed equally awed by the transformation as they looked back and forth between the two boy’s organs. Anne gasped and felt a thrill run up her spine as she now saw her daughter reach out to grasp the unknown boy’s curved shaft, pull it back toward her, and take its head into her mouth. Then, for an added shock, Anne saw her daughter reach out with her other hand and grasp her brother’s erect penis along with the other girl. The other girl then reached out and grasped the other boy’s penis along with Amy so that both girls were now sucking on one boy’s cock while both girls held both boy’s cocks in each of their hands.

Anne’s heart beat wildly as she watched the amazing scene before her. She certainly wasn’t a prude; sucking on her husband’s penis was an enjoyable part of their love-making, but the thought of doing it full view of other people was unthinkable. Actually seeing Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan it, herself, was mind-blowing.

Anne heard Ron’s voice, then saw Amy stand up next to the other boy. She knew Amy had a lovely figure, but, until now, she never realized how beautiful her daughter really was, standing naked over that young boy, sunlight glinting on water droplets dripping down her smooth, lightly tanned skin. Her breasts were small, but perfectly shaped, pert and high-up on her chest, her nipples tautly erect and pointing slightly upward. Her torso was long and slender, swelling to a nice, little round butt atop slender, shapely legs. She had a neat little muff of golden curls at the juncture of her lovely thighs, water droplets glinting like diamonds in the damp curls.

Raising her arms above her head, Amy’s slim, young body began to slowly writhe, sinuously and sensually, above the young man. Continuing to slowly wriggle her butt, she lowered her arms and cupped her pert little titties in her hands for a moment, then slid them down her smooth, flat belly to her crotch. With her fingers on either side of her slit, Amy pulled back her outer labia, opening up her vulva to allow the boy lying at her feet to gaze into it as her slim, shapely body tantalizingly squirmed above him. Continuing to slowly wag her butt, she spread her knees outward, further opening up her vulva to his view as she bobbed her ass up and down.

Now the other girl stood up, giving Anne her first good look at her. A slim brunet, the girl had a nice, curvy figure with breasts slightly larger than Amy’s. Blessed by youth, those firm, round globes were perkily high on her chest, seemingly unaffected by gravity. A neat little nest of curls adorned her pubic area, but her vagina was hairless and clearly visible below that golden chestnut muff. Her outer lips were less evident than Amy’s, leaving a hint of her pink, inner labia exposed.

The girl stepped between the two boys, turning her back to Anne’s view, and her body began to wriggle and writhe in imitation of Amy. She assumed that the girl was holding her pussy open for the boy to see, as well.

Anne’s eyes went to her son’s erect penis, untouched now, standing tall in the bright sun, unbelievably large for someone she still looked upon as her “little boy.” Beyond that, she could see the other boy’s penis, long and slender, less massive looking than Ron’s, its shaft curving upward over his pubic patch. She groaned softly and her hand went to her crotch as her eyes went back and forth between the two boys’ erections. Unaccustomed to the sight of an erect penis, other than her husband’s, she was finding the sight of two erections, on full display before her, to be incredibly stimulating, despite, or perhaps even amplified, by the fact that one of them belonged to her own son.

Amy had stepped one foot up onto the pool coping and swung her knee back, opening up her crotch even more for the boy below. Opposite her, the other girl did the same.

The boy at her daughter’s feet was evidently getting a serious eyeful of the two girls’ open vaginas, because Anne saw his butt arch upward, thrusting the head of his upcurved penis toward the girls above him.

Anne saw her son stroking the back of the unknown girl’s smooth, shapely calf and thigh as he lay behind her, looking up at her open crotch beneath her other, upraised leg. He sat up and began kissing his way up her leg and over the lovely curve of her buttocks. As he continued up her sleek, smooth back, he rose to his knees, then his feet. She saw her son’s long, stiff penis slide upward along the girl’s inner thigh as he rose to his feet. Ron raised his leg, placing his foot on the coping next to the girl’s foot, affording Anne a view between his thighs. She gasped as she saw the top side of her son’s organ pressed along the open furrow of the girl’s vulva as he nuzzled her neck. His arms went around the girl’s body and he grasped the firm globes of her breasts in his hands. Anne saw his butt begin to slowly thrust, sliding the top side of his hard cock back and forth between the open lips of the girl’s vulva.

Anne saw Amy kneel down and thrust her face into the other girl’s crotch. Between Ron’s and the other girl’s upraised legs, she could see her daughter’s pretty face as she licked at the girl’s vagina. Anne groaned softly and a shiver ran though her body. She wriggled her ass against the lawn chair’s seat, feeling moisture trickling between the lips of her pussy

After a short time, Amy pulled the other boy up and sat back to watch as he now licked the other girl’s vagina.

Amy didn’t allow the boy much time at the other girl’s crotch, however. Anne saw her daughter pull him away and push him back down on the step again. Amy threw her leg across him, straddling his head with her knees. Scooting forward, she pressed her open crotch against Escort Beylikdüzü his face. Soon, she heard her daughter moaning with delight, her head thrown back and her body writhing with pleasure.

Anne, too, moaned, sliding her hand into her bikini briefs and fingering her moist vulva as she watched in envy, for she truly enjoyed a good tongue-lashing herself.

The boy was obviously enjoying her daughter’s pussy, as well, because Anne could see him clenching his ass, thrusting his straining hard-on up and down, untouched by anyone.

The other girl evidently was aware of the highly aroused, but unoccupied, state of other boy’s penis as she stood above him, looking down at it. She dropped to her knees, bent forward, and began running her tongue back and forth along its curved underside.

As the girl went to her knees, Anne saw her son’s penis pull from between her thighs and spring upward, quivering stiffly above her back. Ron reached down and grasped the girl’s hips, pulling her butt upward. He laid his long, fat hard-on along the valley between her upthrust buttocks. He pressed her cheeks together around his cock and thrust it back and forth several times.

Releasing the pressure on her ass-cheeks, Ron pulled back, dragging the head of his prick down along the valley between her buttocks, across her ass-hole, and then down through the moist furrow of her vulva. He stroked his engorged cock-head up and down through her juicy labia several times, then inserted that big knob into her vaginal opening.

“Ohmygod!” Anne gasped involuntarily as she saw her son’s cock-head enter the girl’s vagina, thrills of excitement shooting through her as the remainder of his massive organ slowly followed. Groaning softly, Anne’s fingertip strummed the taut little bud of her clitoris, her butt squirming in the lawn chair as she watched her son’s penis slide in and out of the girl’s cunt

Anne began thrusting her finger in and out of her joy-hole as she watched the group before her. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so sexually aroused. Having married so young, she’d never seen or been involved in anything like this before. The taboo aspect of watching her own son and daughter doing these things made it especially thrilling.

Amy, her beautiful, slender body arched back, her head rolling from side as she sat atop the boy’s face, looked at her brother over her shoulder and saw that he was fucking her friend from the rear. She reached out to him and pulled him to her, their lips meeting for a long, passionate kiss.

When their kiss broke and Ron straightened back up, Anne saw Amy’s eyes open, looking straight at her. The girl looked confused for a few moments, then her eyes opened wide in shock.

Anne heard her cry out, “Mom? MOM!!!

Anne bolted upright in her seat, jerking her hand out of her bikini panties, realizing she had been discovered. She slowly stood up and threaded her way through the intervening lawn furniture, making her way over to the pool.

The kids were all frozen in place, staring up at her in shocked uncertainty.

She stood there, surveying the group, a stern look on her face. Her son, unmoving, stared at her, his mouth gaping, his loins pressed against the young girl’s upthrust butt, his prick evidently still buried in her pussy. The girl, no longer sucking on the other boy’s cock, was holding his long, curved shaft in her hand next to her face as she turned her head to look up at Anne.

Amy, looking stricken, stared up at her mother, still straddling the other boy’s head. Anne’s eye’s travelled down the curve of her daughter’s slender body and thighs to the neat little patch of blond fur at their juncture. Below that tiny muff, she saw the slightly parted outer lips of her vagina and a hint of the glistening pink folds between them. Immediately below that pretty pink flower, the boy’s mouth gaped, his lips and chin shiny with her juices, her sweet nectar still dripping into his open maw even as he stared up at Anne, his eyes wide in shock.

The silence was long and uncomfortable, as Anne’s eyes went from one to the next around the group. Finally, she murmured, “Well…I guess this isn’t quite the innocent little, skinny-dipping party I assumed it was when I first got here!”

Ron groaned and slowly withdrew his cock from the girl’s cunt. As its bulbous head popped free of her tight little joy-hole, it sprang stiffly upward, quivering, glistening with the girl’s juices in the bright sunlight. As Ron’s cock pulled from her cunt, the girl gasped and her butt dropped down to rest on her ankles, while she continued to hold onto the other boy’s prick. Ron saw his mother’s eyes staring directly at his own erect penis and, despite the embarrassment, he felt a thrill of excitement shoot through him as he saw the tip of her tongue emerge from her slightly parted lips and slowly circle them.

Amy slowly rose, then reached down to pull Ryan to his feet, while Ron helped the other girl up. Standing there, side by side, in ankle-deep water on the first step, Anne looked them over, a critical expression on her face. The two boys, highly aroused by their activities just a few moments before, remained solidly erect as she looked at them.

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