Backyard Pool Ch. 03

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Amy was gradually aroused from her sleep by a pleasant tingling between her thighs as well as the gentle throbbing of the warm, solid shaft of flesh that was pressed against the side of her cheek. She smiled as images of her activities from the previous night flitted through her still sleep-fogged mind.

Turning her head, she slowly ran her lips back and forth along the side of that long, solid shaft, then her tongue. Slowly drawing her tongue out to the tip, she gently swirled it around and around its engorged head, marveling at how its smooth, rubbery texture felt on her tongue.

After a few moments, she touched her lips to that rubbery knob and pushed it into her mouth. She just held it there, inside her mouth, gently sucking on it as she caressed its satiny-smooth surface with her tongue.

Ron awoke to a sweet, arousing fragrance wafting through his nostrils, accompanied by the incredibly pleasant sensation of having the engorged head of his cock being gently sucked upon while being caressed by a tongue at the same time. He cracked his eyes open to find himself gazing directly into his sister’s lovely pussy, just a few inches away, as his head lay pillowed on her inner thigh. Drawn by that fragrant, pink flower, Ron extended his tongue and touched it to her soft outer labia, running it slowly back and forth along that slightly parted crevice.

Amy groaned and her ass squirmed. She drew her upper leg toward her butt and let her knee splay outward, opening the outer lips of her vagina slightly more. Ron smiled and delved deeper between those fleshy outer labia to explore the moist, inner folds of his sister’s sweet, aromatic little cunt.

For a time, they lay there on their sides, their heads resting on each other’s thigh, as dream-like images of previous day’s never before experienced activities drifted through their gradually awakening brains. Amy quietly sucked on the engorged head of her brother’s penis while lightly stroking her fingertips back and forth along the sides of his solidly tumescent shaft, while Ron’s tongue delightfully caressed the moist, tender folds of his sister’s vulva.

After several long minutes of this delightful, unhurried mutual stimulation, Amy groaned and a shiver ran through her body. Fully awake now, Amy, without dislodging her brother’s cock-head from her mouth, gently pushed him onto his back while at the same time swinging her leg across him to straddle his head.

“Oh, yeah…” she heard Ron murmur as she felt him grasp her buttocks with both hands and pushed them apart. He pressed his face between her thighs and wide-spread butt-cheeks and thrust his tongue into her vagina.

Amy, from above, with her brother’s cock-head still in her mouth, gazed down along the underside of his long, thick shaft to his wrinkled scrotum laying between his parted thighs. Slipping her hand under his leg, she scooped up his balls. She heard the boy groan and felt his ass squirm as she began to fondle his balls while she continued to gently suck on the head of his cock.

Amy slowly pushed downward and felt the smooth, broad head of her brother’s penis slide up her tongue as her encircling lips descended along his thick shaft. The young girl began to gag as that big, swollen knob pushed into her throat while nearly half of his cock still remained outside her lips. Now knowing her limit, Amy began to slowly bob her head up down, sliding just the acceptable portion of his long, hard prick in and out of her mouth.

Amy was thrilled by the feel of her brother’s hot, hard cock coursing in and out of her mouth, while at the same time the boy’s tongue delightfully probed at her own vagina, stoking the rising flames of passion deep in her belly that had been set smoldering when she had awakened to find her brother’s erect penis poking at her cheek.

Now, as her head bobbed up and down, her eyes gazed down along the boy’s thick shaft which emerged from between her lips and she saw the residue of crusty, dried semen matting the hair around the base of her brother’s erect penis. She thought back to the moment, the night before, when that load of cum had been delivered; how her brother’s cock had exploded inside her mouth; how she had pulled it out and held it in her hands as it continued to jerk and pulse, spurting its thick, hot sperm all over her breasts and hands.

As she pictured that event in her mind, the fire in her belly suddenly erupted and she was overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. Driven by her brother’s probing tongue and her own erotic thoughts, waves of exquisite spasms raced through her writhing body. Involuntarily, Amy began thrusting her head up and down on the boy’s rigid cock at a higher and higher rate as those ecstatic waves of pleasure washed over her.

Just as Amy’s orgasm reached its peak, Ron grunted and his loins exploded as well. Deep in his sister’s mouth at that moment, the boy’s organ pulsed mightily between her lips, bathing her tonsils with his searing-hot cum. Lost in the fevered passion tokat escort of her own orgasm, Amy hardly noticed as another pulse of her brother’s throbbing organ filled her mouth with the boy’s semen. Amy involuntarily gulped down her mouthful of sperm and pulled her head back, popping the boy’s cock out of her mouth.

Staring down at the bloated purple glans of her brother’s penis, Amy felt the boy’s organ pulse again in her hand. She saw the tiny slit at the tip of its head open up and a long stream of thick, white jism spewed across her face. The young girl squealed with delight as a second peak of her orgasm exploded in her belly.

Her loins spasming with pleasure, Amy gripped her brother’s throbbing, pulsing organ and began furiously pumping it up and down with both hands as it continued to spew its hot cream across her face and breasts.

Breathing heavily, her pert little breasts heaving, Amy stared down at her brother’s penis as both their orgasms gradually subsided. She continued sliding both her hands up and down his still gently pulsing erection, gliding along on a thick layer of sticky-slick cum.

Amy suddenly jerked her head up and she cried out, “Ohmygod! I just screamed like a banshee!”

She jumped off the bed and quickly ran to the door. Cracking it, she peeked out, then looked up and down the hall, listening. She stepped out and tip-toed down to her parents’ bedroom and looked inside, finding the room empty and the bed neatly made. With eyes and ears on full alert, Amy crept out into the living areas, feeling better as she saw and heard nothing. To be completely safe, she looked through the front window at the driveway and opened the garage door to determine for sure that both her parents’ cars were gone. Heaving a sigh of relief, she returned to her brother’s bedroom.

Ron had fallen back asleep while she was gone. Amy put her hand on his shoulder and gently shook him. “Wake up, Ronnie,” she said.

Ron’s eyelids fluttered, then opened. He looked confused for a moment, then his eyes focused on his sister standing beside the bed. He smiled as his eyes took in her lovely, young, naked body.

“Wow…you sure look beautiful, sis!” he said.

She smiled back. “I’ll look even better after I get cleaned up. Look what you did to me.” Amy leaned over him and showed him the cum matting her long, blond hair and splotching her face and breasts.

“And you, too,” she added, pointing at his crotch, which was covered with cum, as well. “Com’on, Ronnie,” she said, “let’s go!”

She pulled him off the bed and led him to the bathroom where she turned on the shower and stepped in, pulling him after her.

Standing behind his sister, Ron squirted shampoo on her head, then gently and carefully washed her long golden tresses. After rinsing her hair with a detachable hose and showerhead, Ron ran the bar of soap all around her backside, and used his hands to work up a nice lather on her back, her sleek, smooth flanks, flaring hips, and firm, round buttocks.

Amy allowed her brother to wash her backside for a few moments, then she turned around and handed him the soap again. Ron ran the bar all around her chest and belly and back and forth across her neat little, blond bush. Amy relieved him of the soap bar and as he worked up a lather on her breasts, she began running the soap over his chest and belly. When she began lathering his cock and balls, Ron’s already semi-tumescent penis quickly responded. He groaned as his prick rose to full attention and Amy slid her hand back and forth along his soap-slickened shaft.

“Ooooooh…ooooooh…” Amy cooed, her petite body writhing sinuously as her brother’s hands spread the soapy lather over and around her breasts and belly, and back and forth along the smooth, hairless slit of her vagina, while she stroked his soapy hard-on and fondled his balls.

After a little while, Amy turned Ron around and soaped up his back and buttocks. Sliding her soapy hand up and down through the crack of his ass, rimmed his ass-hole with her fingertip, then pushed her hand between his thighs and grasped his scrotum. Amy fondled her brother’s balls for a moment, then slid her soapy hand out along the underside of his erect penis.

Ron groaned and arched his back, thrusting his prick forward and upward as his sister slid her hand out and back along his slippery shaft from behind and below.

After stroking Ron’s hard, soapy cock for a while, Amy pulled her hand back and again took his testicles in her fingers for a soapy caress. Then she pulled back more and slid her hand up and down through his well-lathered ass-crack several times, before using both hands to massage the soap into his tight, firm buttocks.

Ron reached behind him with both hands and grasped his sister’s ass, pulling her against his backside. As they both wriggled and squirmed, rubbing their slippery, soapy bodies against each other, Ron felt the hard points of Amy’s erect nipples poking into tokat escort bayan his back and her foamy muff brushing across his buttocks. Amy’s arms slipped around her brother’s body and grasped his testicles in one hand and his rigid hard-on in the other. As their soapy bodies slithered against each other, Amy stroked the boy’s well-lathered penis and fondled his soapy balls while his hands massaged the girl’s firm, soapy buttocks.

Amy murmured in her brother’s ear, “Oooooh, Ronnie…I love the way your big, hard cock feels like this…”

“Fuck, Amy,” Ron groaned, “If you think it feels good to you, I just wish you could see how good it feels for me!”

After a few more moments, Ron pulled away from Amy, gasping, “Whew!” He turned around to face her and she smiled as she looked down at his soapy hard-on.

“So you liked that, Ronnie?” she asked, reaching out and grasping his cock and slowly sliding her hand up and down his soapy, upward angled erection.

“Oh, yeah…” Ron groaned. “But it’s your turn now. Turn around.

Amy turned and faced away from him. Ron soaped up her backside some more, then slipped his arms around her body and began lathering up her perky little breasts. As he gently scrubbed her titties from behind, he pulled her closer until the head of his upward-angled cock entered the crack of her ass. He rocked his hips, sliding his slippery cock-head up and down along the crevice between her ass-cheeks.

Pulling her closer still, his prick bent upward, the head of his cock sliding up along her crack until his balls pressed against her firm, round buttocks and the shaft of his penis was squeezed between her soapy cheeks.

Amy reached behind her with both hands and grasped his ass, pulling him up tight and grinding her soapy butt against his groin. She felt the hot, solid shaft of the boy’s penis pressed between her buttocks as she wriggled her ass against his thighs.

Ron, meanwhile, ran his soapy hands up and down the front of his sister’s body, lathering up her breasts and belly and down to her slender thighs and her cunt.

After a few moments, Amy slipped her hand between their bodies and wrapped her fingers around her brother’s soapy prick. She pulled it downward, sliding its big, smooth head down through her soapy ass-crack, then pulled it between her thighs. The boy’s soap-slickened penis slid smoothly through that slight gap, its bloated head emerging from her crotch as her ass pressed tight against his belly.

“Ooooooh…” Amy moaned, grinding her butt against Ron’s groin, feeling his hot, solid shaft between her thighs and along the lips of her pussy. As the top side of the boy’s cock rubbed along the closed outer lips of her vulva, thrills of forbidden delight shot through her as she realized that her brother’s penis was actually touching her vagina.

Ron groaned, feeling his sister’s writhing ass working his throbbing cock. He, too, was feeling those same emotions as he thought about how his cock was touching his own sister’s vagina. Turning his head to the side, he kissed Amy’s neck, slowly ran his tongue up the side of her throat to her earlobe, then all around her ear. His hands slid up and down the front of her body, massaging her soapy little breasts and taut, smooth belly. Cupping his hands around the firm little mounds of her breasts, he rolled her taut nipples between his fingertips.

“Ohmygod…Ronnie!” Amy moaned, her shapely little ass squirming, “Your cock is touching my pussy!”

“Ohhh, yeah…it sure is!” the boy growled, nuzzling her neck.

“God! It feels so good there…so hot and solid…”

“Ohhh, fuck, yeah!” he whispered in her ear. He pulled back a bit, withdrawing his penis from between his sister’s soapy thighs, then slid it back through.

“Ooooooooh…” Amy moaned as her brother slowly thrust his hard, soapy cock in and out of the slight gap between her slender thighs, feeling its smooth, rubbery head gliding along the lips of her pussy.

“Holy shit! This is incredible!” Rom gasped. “How will I ever be able to take a shower alone again?”

Amy turned her head and smiled at him. “From what you told me yesterday, you’ve been having plenty of fun in the shower, all by yourself, for years!”

Ron smiled. “Yeah, that’s true…” he sighed, “but that was nothing compared to this!”

Amy leaned her head farther back and pressed her lips to his. As their tongues danced, she ran her hands down her sudsy belly to her crotch, where she ran her fingertips up and down along her soapy cunt-lips and swirled them around and around the smooth, round head of her brother’s penis each time it emerged from between her thighs.

Groaning, Ron dug his fingers into the firm flesh of his sister’s little titties as their tongues dueled, and their passions rose. He began thrusting his hips faster, sliding his rampant erection back and forth between her soapy thighs and along the crevice between the girl’s outer labia.

Amy escort tokat was in a state of sheer bliss as she was bombarded by the delightful simultaneous stimulation of multiple areas of her body: her brother’s front side slipping and sliding against her back and butt, his arms around her writhing torso as his hands massaged her breasts and tweaked her taut nipples; the hot, solid shaft of the boy’s erect penis sliding smoothly back and forth between her soapy thighs and along her vulva; all while she, herself, lathered her own belly, thighs, and pussy.

All of this was further intensified by the deeply intimate and passionate kiss they were sharing as well. As the tension in her aroused loins heightened, Amy’s fingers combed through her foamy love nest, then plunged down to her pussy. As both her own fingers and her brother’s penis slid back and forth through the soap-slickened lips of her vulva, Amy let out a cry as her loins were struck by a lightning bolt of pure pleasure.

Ron felt his sister’s writhing body suddenly freeze and her slender thighs clamped tightly around his straining erection. After a moment, she groaned and her body began to buck and jerk, obviously in the throes of orgasm. He thrust his hips forward and upward against his sister’s firm little ass, raising her up onto her tip-toes, as he allowed his own passions to explode as well.

At the very peak of her orgasm, Amy felt her brother’s groin slam against her ass, raising her up on her toes. An instant later, she felt his organ pulse between her clenched thighs and she saw a stream of white cream spew from her crotch. Gasping and groaning, she furiously rubbed her soapy little clit as the spasming in her loins matched the pulsing of her brother’s hard-on between her thighs and she watched spurt after spurt of jiz erupt from between her legs to splash against the wall of the shower.

Whimpering and gasping, they clung to each other as the spasms in their loins gradually faded.

“Holy shit, that was intense!” Ron whispered in his sister’s ear as he held her slender body, trembling against his own.

Ron turned the shower back on, and, as the water sluiced the lather from their bodies, he continued to slowly pump his soap-slickened penis back and forth between the girl’s thighs until it softened.

When they finished rinsing, they stepped out of the shower and towel-dried each other. Ron picked up the hair-drier and blew out Amy’s long, blond hair while she brushed it. When she finished brushing out her hair, Amy took the hair-drier from him and knelt down in front of him and began blow-drying his cock and balls. She gently fondled his flaccid penis and loosely dangling balls with one hand as she directed the hair-drier with the other. The caress of her fingers and the warm air from the hair-drier soon elicited a response from the boy’s already well-used penis.

Amy felt her brother’s organ begin to feel more and more solid as she fiddled with it. Dropping her hand away, Amy sat back on her heels and watched the boy’s penis grow longer and longer, rising to full erection before her eyes as she continued to fan it with warm air from the drier.

“Holy fuck!” Ron gasped. “I can’t believe you got me up again already!”

Amy glanced up at him, smiling. She lightly ran her fingertips back and forth along the sides of her brother’s once again solidly erect penis, while she continued to blow warm air over his organ with the hair-drier.

“Ooooooh…” she cooed, marveling at the satiny-soft texture of its taut-stretched, well-washed and now, dried skin. She laid the hair-drier down and began lightly stroking the fingertips of both hands back and forth along the sides of his, once again, rock-hard shaft.

Amy looked up at her brother and smiled with delight as she continued to gently caress his straining hard-on. “Oh, Ronnie…” she murmured, softly, “your cock is so stiff and hard, but the skin feels so soft and smooth…”

“Ohhhh, yeah…” Ron moaned softly, clenching his ass and thrusting his prick forward and upward as his sister’s fingertips lightly stroked up and down the length of his rigid shaft. “I always liked how my cock feels after it’s thoroughly washed and dried.”

After a few moments, Amy gently pressed the air-warmed shaft of her brother’s penis against her face and stroked her cheek with it. Pulling back slightly, she caressed her cheek with the boy’s engorged glans for a moment, then, turning her head from side to side, Amy rubbed the big, smooth knob back and forth along her lips.

“Ummmm…” she purred, licking her brother’s swollen glans. She slipped her lips over the boy’s rubbery knob and gently sucked on it.

A shiver ran through the boy’s body and he let out a ragged groan. Reaching down, he slipped his hands through Amy’s armpits and pulled her to her feet. He gazed into her bright, blue eyes for a moment, then slipped his arms around her slender body and gripped her firm, round buttocks with his hands. Pulling her against himself, his hot, throbbing hard-on bent upward against her taut, flat belly as he kissed her, deep, long, and passionately.

When their kiss finally broke, Ron smiled at his sister as he lightly stroked his hands up and down along the sleek, smooth curves of her slender flanks.

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