Backyard Fun

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Our story starts with a young woman named Harmony. At 20 years old, she was absolutely stunning and caught the attention of some of her male counterparts in college. Her hair was a deep orange, like the glow of a flame on a summer evening. The woman’s eyes were an intense olive green with flecks of brown throughout. Freckles adorned her pale complexion and rosy cheeks. She was not too tall, but not too short either. Though Harmony was slim, her hips were wide and thick thighs accented them.

What her classmates did not know about her is that she had a few kinks up her sleeve. Harmony was infatuated with using the bathroom in unconventional places. The idea of being able to go pee or poop somewhere she shouldn’t made her incredibly wet at the thought. She was also into some mild exhibitionism that started when she flashed her breasts during a concert. How she wished someone would catch her relieving herself.

Harmony glanced out her window to see the sun shining on her backyard, emanating a warm golden glow. She smiled, knowing that it was all hers for whatever she wanted to do. Excited, she opened the door and canl─▒ bahis stepped out, letting the soft grass cushion her feet. Harmony took in a deep breath of the warm spring air and heard the melody of birdsong.

Harmony had waited a few hours to ensure that she had to relieve her bladder and bowels. And that she did. Although she had never gone outside, she was comfortable trying it, for she sunbathed nude in past instances. Her hands pulled her shirt above her head, then tossed the fabric to the side, followed by her sweatpants. After unclasping her bra, it fell to her feet. A mild breeze made itself present, making Harmony’s little pink nipples hard. She allowed her fingertips to graze over her exposed breasts, creating a tingling sensation and warmth in her lower area. Before long, her panties were with the rest of her discarded clothing, her pale bum and freshly shaven pussy feeling the welcomed breeze.

While Harmony stood toward the middle of her backyard, her aching bladder reminded her why she was outside in the first place. She lied down in the grass, her legs parted to reveal more of her aroused vagina. bahis siteleri Her fingers held her rose colored lips aside as she began to pee. Harmony delighted in the feeling of letting go in the freedom of nature, a stream of nearly clear piss making its arched escape from her small opening. The sound of her liquid waste hitting the ground beneath her was quiet, yet noticeable, along with the slight hiss of her pushing the pee out.

Harmony’s stream dwindled until it was finished. She took a moment to gently rub her engorged clit, thriving in the sensation of pissing and being exposed outdoors. Her now moistened finger traced around a nipple, this feeling far better than the first. A growing pressure in her rear was making awareness to Harmony. She stood up and pulled apart her full ass cheeks, revealing a delicate and tiny anus. She hadn’t pooped in a few days, making the urge to go stronger by the second. Standing straight up, cheeks apart, Harmony began to push. Her tits grew somehow harder as a turd started to open her up. A few seconds later, a wide, solid chunk of shit was partially out of Harmony’s pretty bahis ┼čirketleri little butthole. The piece slid out a bit farther before falling, a small thump as it hit the grass. Another nugget came behind the first, being squeezed out of her tiny opening. It too fell, and there was still more. Harmony pushed harder and a massive turd started exiting her body. It stretched her more than the previous ones had as it slowly inched its way out, her asshole struggling to stay agape. It finally dropped with a louder thud. Harmony’s tight hole closed, signally her finished bowel movement. She winked her ass a few times just to be sure.

By this point, Harmony’s pussy was dripping and her nipples were quite firm. She moved and lied down to play with herself. One hand eagerly pinched and rubbed her tits while the other ran over her sensitive clit, her wetness making her finger glide over with ease. Her feverish arousal led to her applying more speed and force to her self-pleasure. In a surprisingly short amount of time, Harmony felt a growing pressure and warmth throughout her pelvis. She reached her climax and felt the warmth overtake her trembling body, squirting as she came.

Pleased with her experience, Harmony decided that she would potty outside more often. Retrieving her clothes, she went back inside, awaiting the next time nature called.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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