Backdoor Man Ch. 04

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I was buried deep inside Rich’s fine, hot ass while Sherry spoke to Sanjay on the phone, and I was more than a little amused at how Sherry seemed to get wetter as she told him enough to lure him into her honey trap. I was even more delighted as Sherry sought to sit down and Brit offered her own face as a stool. There was my now … and once again, Anglo-Indian girlfriend talking to her intended future husband as she sat on a married woman’s face … a married woman who was my other girlfriend … and one of my playthings. Yes, it was a little surreal, but that was okay with me. Our whole lifestyle had taken a turn for the seriously unorthodox … but then I wasn’t a big fan of normalcy.

“Look, love, it’s pretty bloody basic, okay? You agree to kiss my bum, literally and figuratively, to do my bidding in this relationship, and you can be my future husband. If you refuse, I shall find a different slave hubby to wed, but I believe that we both want it to be you. Don’t even try to tell me that you’re not submissive by nature … that’s bollocks! I can bloody well tell that you are! You shall be my toe-sucking, boot-licking, arse-kissing, creampie-eating, bum boy and you know that is exactly what you want! I bet that you’re still a virgin, but that shan’t last in any sense of that word once you’re mine. None of this ‘lord and master’ nonsense, either, okay? I am your Lady and Mistress, and you shall do as I wish!

“If you agree, come to this address and undress the moment that I let you in. Give away all but your work clothes, one tuxedo, one T-shirt and jeans combo, one pair of khakis with a polo shirt, and one business suit. Everything else, you are to donate to charity on the way. Agreed? Good, here’s the address,” Sherry proceeded to tell Sanjay our home address, even as she started moaning from Brit’s oral attentions.

“Oh, yes, that’s just Brittany eating my quim! She’s very good at it, too,” Sherry added, even as I came right on Rich’s prostate … forcing him to cum again as well.

“Damn, Sanjay, hurry over, darling! Get your sweet arse over here so I can act on my plans for you! Now, don’t get jealous, love! Brittany has her duties and knows her place, a good idea for you, too. Nor worry about you and Devi! I shall naturally share antalya escort you with your saucy cousin whenever she visits us. Her husband doesn’t mind her shagging you and Rajiv, so why should I? Yes, I hope that Devi visits sometime, too, so the men can gang-bang her, me, and Brittany in turns. Rich, now that’s Brittany’s husband, just got fucked in the arse by Master, the head of the household…

“Yes, love, I shall own you, but you shall respect and obey Master! Just trust me, love. You’ll understand better once you get here and we can work out your contract with me, including the rules that you must follow,” Sherry explained to Sanjay, who seemed to have yielded, at least judging from Sherry’s grin afterward.

“Very good, now hurry over, slave boi!” Sherry instructed him at the end, before hanging up.

“Oh, lovely! Sanjay agreed to it all! I hoped that he would, but there was always some fear that he would let his traditional upbringing dictate his response. Our lifestyle isn’t exactly approved of in mainstream Hinduism these days, despite the Kama Sutra. You can blame the long, messy history of India and all those invaders for that! Anyway, he shall make a great tame hubby, don’t you agree? I shall reward him amply for kissing my bum and doing as I command. Lucky for him that I’ve modified my original ideas for how to treat a submissive partner, tweaked them a bit as I have gained some wisdom. No more bloody rubbers, for instance!” Sherry winked at me.

Meanwhile, Rich and Brittany now wiped my cock with a wet wipe and took turns sucking it, passing it back and forth between them. It was clear that the couple still had every bit as much lust for me as they did yesterday, when the arrangement began between the three of us. Of course, that little pact had taken an unexpected turn or two … or three, due to Sherry and the orgy that followed with the four of us together. Even so, Rich and Brit still seemed to be deeply in love with each other, even if they were both now quite attached to me as well … as I was to them. Sanjay’s inclusion would just make the polyamorous living situation even more enjoyable, as we would get to see Sherry’s Domme side in action as well as her sub side, not to mention antalya escort bayan what seemed likely to be a happy, healthy marriage in its own, unorthodox way.

“Agreeing to share him probably didn’t hurt, either,” I noted as the couple continued to fellate me as a team.

“Oh, love, I have no trouble with him bedding Devi! She’s such a saucy young woman that I want to sleep with her myself, and I would love to fuck that handsome Gustavo of hers, too. She can’t quarrel with that, I imagine, given that she’ll be getting so many blokes in her knickers pretty soon! Not that Devi is a jealous woman. She intimated to me more than once that when Gustavo’s ex-wife got lonely and wanted some action, despite having been cold in bed during their marriage, she encouraged the woman to seduce him. Now the man’s regularly shagging his ex on the side, with Devi’s blessing! That’s part of what gave me hope and the idea to lure you back into my arms. Aren’t you glad that I did?” Sherry winked at me as she played with her pussy now, licking her own fingers clean afterward.

“Very glad, as it happens,” I smiled, while caressing Brittany’s hair and Rich’s as well, even as they continued to suck my cock and balls together.

“They really love your dick, don’t they? I don’t blame them. Your prick is a very fine specimen and there should be entire series of dildoes modeled on it. Don’t be surprised if I have Sanjay deep-throat you, too, often in tandem with me. There is something very sensual and intimate about a man and wife sharing another man’s cock, licking and sucking it together, not to mention doing the same to a man’s big, hairy balls. It looks to be an excellent case of teamwork here, the two of them sharing your fine piece of meat. It will be great to do that with Sanjay, too, Master,” Sherry beamed at the idea of sharing my dick with her new slave/fiance.

Just then, the doorbell rang and Sherry answered it to find Sanjay at our door, wearing his T-shirt and jeans, at which point she yanked down his pants to find boxers on, much to her displeasure. Angrily, she slapped his stiff cock more than once, while Rich and Brittany continued to service me orally, slurping greedily on my dick. Sanjay winced from the escort antalya pain, even as Sherry removed his shoes and shocks, and then he watched in horror as she took a pair of scissors and cut the boxers off him.

“No more boxers, do you hear me, slave? Tell me that you understand, you naughty lad!” Sherry now pulled his shirt off him, too.

“Yes, I understand,” Sanjay nodded as he told that.

“Yes, Mistress!” Sherry insisted.

“Yes, Mistress, I understand! No more boxers! What shall I wear, then? Briefs?” Sanjay wondered now.

“Nothing for now! You’re to be naked, but when you wear clothes, you shall go commando! That’s if I don’t opt for girly knickers instead!” Sherry laughed as she suddenly turned sweet on him and kissed his mouth hungrily.

“Oh, now, don’t have a long, sad face for Mistress! Mistress wants her slave hubby to be a happy slut boi, I assure you! Now, give me the rest of your knickers and then follow me to the loo. I have a cream just for you! It should remove your body hair, which you shan’t be needing anymore. I shall put it on you, and then you shall take a shower to rinse off the excess hair. I’m going to enjoy your slick new body, clean and smooth as it should be, darling!” Sherry took Sanjay’s hand and began shredding his boxers before leading him to the bathroom … dropping the shreds into the recycling bin on the way there.

By now, I was very deep inside Brittany again, once more using her ass while Rich fucked her pussy yet again. She was sandwiched between the two men in her life, her Master and her husband, and she obviously reveled in it, given how much she moved her hips to meet both his thrusts and mine. Her tight, hot asshole felt incredibly slick and smooth on my cock, while I also enjoyed the sight of her very fine derriere underneath me. Finally, of course, Brit couldn’t help herself and she squirted on Rich’s dick while he exploded inside her … My own release was imminent after that. I spilled a fairly larger than anticipated load deep inside Brittany’s bottom, which just made her squirt yet again.

We three collapsed for a bit while waiting for Sherry and Sanjay to return from their time in the bathroom, all of us sweaty and happy as we lay tangled in a heap of flesh, my cock resting against Brit’s freshly fucked ass, while Rich’s brushed against her pussy from below. I kissed the back of her neck as he locked lips with his wife, though I also ran my fingers through his fine head of hair. We were quite pleased with how things had gone so far, though far from done for the day.

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