Bachelor Party Adventure Pt. 01

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It’s not very often that my wife Amy goes out of town so I was going to make the most of the opportunity. My friend Steve and I had decided this would be the perfect time to get together after texting for the last couple of weeks. We live in neighboring states, so with the free time we decided we had to make the most of it. To explain why we were looking forward to hanging out though I’ve got to go back a month to our friend Joe’s bachelor party.

I’ve known Joe and most of the other guys invited to the bachelor party since we were kids. We had all grown up playing sports together and trying to date the same girls in high school. So when Joe got engaged we were all eagerly looking forward to getting back together. Joe decided he wanted something pretty low key so golf was the obvious choice. After high school we had all moved away from each other for the most part, so we picked Florida as a good central place to meet up, where golf and women were sure to abound.

The first night was a blast. Once everyone got to the hotel, we all got together for drinks and dinner at a local seaside restaurant. With the beer flowing it was like we were back in high school, only sexual conquests were replaced with anecdotes about pregnant wives and new jobs. Either way we drank and talked like we hadn’t skipped a beat.

The next morning, Friday, we left for our first tee time of the day, all still a little hungover. We split up into two groups, with our beer coolers full, and bragging rights at stake. I was in the same group as my friend Joe, our buddy Jay from high school, and the only guy at the party who didn’t go to high school with us, Steve. Steve had been Joe’s roommate in college and I’d gotten to know him over the last several years as well. He was an athletic guy, about 6′ 2″ and solidly built, which is fitting for a guy that was captain of the baseball team in college. We’d all played golf together before too, so I knew I had a great playing companion.

After the first 9 holes and with our hangovers receding into a new buzz, we were 3 strokes ahead of the other group.

“Don’t let me down assholes!” Joe chastised us at the turn. “This is my party and I intend to win this shit.”

Laughing at my friend, I mockingly added, “maybe you ought to try and step up your game then.”

“Ha! Nice!” Steve blurted out. “You’d better take Mike’s advice Joe, he’s got a point. You’ve been missing those short putts all day.”

As we made the turn the other group came rolling up behind us. Rob, one of Joe’s best friends had a proposition. “Let’s make this round count for something. Losing team buys lap dances for the winners at the strip club later!”

“Now you’re talking!” Joe hollered as we all grabbed some fresh beers.

“That’s a steep bet considering you guys are down three strokes already” Jay shot back.

Turning and addressing the rear group Rob added “I’m confident we can pull it off. Right guys?” With that a cheer went up from the rear group, and with new motivation pushing us we teed off.

A couple holes later and we were definitely feeling the effects of the beer. As we set up to finish out a hole Joe blurted out, “alright guys if I can make this putt you all are buying me drinks later.”

“We were already planning to numbnuts,” Jay countered.

“Yeah, but now it’ll be on record!” he said as he laughed.

Not to be outdone, Steve spoke up. “I’ve got a better idea. How about if you don’t make the putt you’ve got to play the whole next hole with your dick out.”

Joe paused for a second then said, ” You’ve got a Deal!” They shook hands and we waited as he set up, taking his time to line up the shot. He took the putt and I’ll be damned if the ball didn’t roll 4 feet past the hole.

“Damn dude! It’s almost like you were trying to miss it!” Steve laughed. “You know what that means. Let’s see some dick!”

I could tell Joe was buzzed because he just laughed it off saying “alright, but let me get to the tee box first.”

As we drove up to the tee box Steve and I couldn’t help but laugh at our friend. “We’re gonna have a good time this weekend,” he said.

“Oh for sure dude! It’s shaping up to be a great weekend!”

“You got that right buddy,” he said with a suggestive smile. ” We’re only just getting started!”

As promised Joe unzipped on the tee box and pulled out his dick. Turning towards us he began thrusting in our direction. “Here you go homos! I know this is what you want!”

We all broke out in laughter jeering at him and reminding him that he was the one that had his dick out.

“Now don’t forget,” Steve spoke up, “you gotta play with it out the whole hole.”

“Yeah yeah” was all Joe said as he teed off.

Joe finished the hole, dick out as promised, and we found ourselves falling behind but still a shot up.

“I think you play better with your dick out than in your pants,” I remarked.

“Yeah well maybe you guys would play better too if you had yours out! In fact,” he continued, “let’s do the next bahis firmalar─▒ one with all our dicks out. My party my rules!”

“Anyone have any objections to our bachelor’s request?” Jay asked. We all kinda looked at each other, shrugged, and agreed.

“Dicks out!” Joe yelled, clearly content with himself.

Now I’ve known most of these guys for a long time and I’ve seen them in their underwear numerous times before, but this was the first time I’d seen their dicks. Considering Joe’s dick had been hanging out for the past 10 minutes I’d gotten a pretty good look at it. As we all unzipped and pulled our dicks out I noticed glances all around, as everyone was clearly sizing each other up. We all acknowledged the glances, though not before lingering a bit longer on Steve. He must’ve been about 7 inches soft. We all gasped a little when we saw his thick flaccid dick hanging out of his shorts.

“Take a picture gents, I don’t want you to forget it!” Steve broke the silence, very aware we were all focused on his massive dick.

“Alright guys, lets tee off! We’ve still got to win this thing!” I blurted, trying to deflect from the elephant in the room. We played out the hole, regained a two stroke lead, and pulled ourselves back into our shorts.

“I guess we just need to play with our dicks out the whole time,” Joe said.

“Hey, it worked didn’t it?! And I needed to air myself out a bit,” Steve shot back.

Directing my comments to him I said, “I can imagine. How do you keep that thing in your pants dude?!”

“Ha! I knew you guys were staring at my dick,” he laughed.

“Um… how could we not. You’ve got a huge dick,” was all Jay could say.

“You guys aren’t lacking in that department either,” Steve responded.

“Can’t help but meat gaze, eh buddy?!” Joe retorted.

“Well obviously” Steve continued, “we were all checking each other out! Nothing wrong with that!”

We finished our round, eeking out a two stroke win over our friends.

“That lap dance is gonna feel great later,” we joked to them as we put out stuff in the car.

“So what’s on the agenda now?” Joe inquired “I gotta keep this buzz going!”

“I think we ought to head back to the hotel, shower up, and then grab some food and drinks. What do you guys say?”

“Sounds good to us,” we all responded in unison.

We grabbed dinner at a local steak house, and proceeded to grab some more drinks at the bar before heading out to the strip club. It was a pretty standard affair. A bit dark on the inside, with colorful lights around the stage and, because we were in Florida, a tropical theme decorating the interior. Girls, some topless, wandered throughout the place, making small talk and looking for their next customer. We grabbed ourselves a table near the stage and a round of beers just as a new girl was coming on.

“Alright Joe, so a bet is a bet, and we lost.” Rob continued, “however, the only thing we didn’t agree on is that we get to pick out the girls for you guys. Deal?”

The four of us looked around, nodded and agreed, “deal!”

Girls chosen, we made our way to the back, and the girls took over. It had been a while since I’d been to a strip joint, so between the hot brunette grinding on my dick and the alcohol haze taking over I was feeling pretty great. The dances concluded, we all congratulated ourselves as we joked that it was about the most action we’d gotten lately. A couple more drinks and it was clear several of the guys were in no position to continue.

We arrived at the hotel, and headed up to Joe’s suite. Grabbing a beer Steve said “alright ladies, nights not over yet!” We laughed, but by then a few more of the guys were fading.

“Lame!” Joe yelled as a few of them headed back to their rooms.

“Mike? You staying for another beer?!”

“Of course!” I responded, taking a newly opened beer from Steve. By this point it was me, Steve, Joe, and our friend Jake, who was pretty wasted.

“Guys, I’m not sure Jake’s doing so great,” steve said pointing to a him, slumped over on the bed. “Maybe we should get him back to his room.”

“Mike, help me out.” Steve and I dragged him back to the room, joking about his inability to handle his booze, and headed back to check up on Joe.

When we got back Joe was sitting back in his bed scrolling through some porn on tv. “We were gone like 3 minutes man!” Steve said, tossing me a new beer before opening one himself. “Well, anything good?”

“I found some good threesome porn ” Joe responded, selecting a movie with a hot intern, clearly about to get ahead in the company with her two male bosses. Why couldn’t the strippers look like this” Joe said, laughing as he readjusted himself by the head of the bed.

Steve, beer in hand followed suit, sitting next to him as he drained his beer. “Mike, grab me another beer will you?” I grabbed a couple beers and headed over. “Thanks man. Grab a seat!”

By this point I was pretty drunk, and still turned on from the strip club, so I grabbed a seat ka├žak iddaa by my friends to watch the movie. A couple minutes in and the intern was now on her knees jerking off and sucking her two bosses’ rock hard cocks, barely taking a breath as she switched back and forth.

“Damn that chick can suck a dick!” I said.

“What, Amy doesn’t suck yours like that?!” Steve mockingly asked me. “Fuck no! I wish I was getting action like that.”

“What about Christine, can she swallow your cock like that??”

“Fuck no!” Steve responded, “I’m lucky if I get a few tugs before we fuck. And she only gives me head a few times a year, at most.”

“Ha! Sucks to be you guys,” Joe said. “Lucky for me Allison can’t get enough of my dick!”

“Well cheers to one of us getting our dick sucked on the regular!” I yelled, as we clinked bottles and drained our beers.

“Grab us a few more will ya buddy?”

“Sure thing Steve! You want another Joe?”

“You know it. Things are starting to get hot with this intern!”

The video had been going for a few more minutes, and now our hot intern was on all fours, with one of the guys tearing into her ass with his massive dick, as she gagged on the other guys thick cock.

I was definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol at this point, so when Joe unzipped his pants, pulled down his boxers, and started stroking his dick I was more amazed than shocked.

“Good thinking buddy,” Steve said, and without missing a beat he proceeded to pull off his shorts and unleash what was by far the biggest cock I’d seen in my life.

I consider myself to be pretty average at about 7 inches, and had never had any complaints from girlfriends or my wife. But Steve was huge. He must have been a solid 10 inches at least, topped with a perfectly proportioned gleaming head. His balls were nicely suited to his massive cock, and he was neatly trimmed, but not completely shaven. Joe was more along the lines of me, though his dick was a bit thicker, and he had a big soft mushroom head to top it off.

I must have been staring for what felt like minutes because Steve and Joe took notice. “Feel free to join buddy,” Steve said, noticing that I was staring as he stroked his impressive dick. “We’re all friends here” he said with a smile.

Still a little surprised, but feeling a bit more confident since my friends had already done so, I decided to join them. Pulling off my shorts I proceeded to sit down next to Joe before slowly pulling down my boxers, letting my dick – now fully hard – pop out and smack me in the midsection.

“Nice dick dude,” Joe said as he stared at my fully exposed cock.

“Thanks man, you too.” It was about all I could muster as the two of them continued stroking themselves, turning their attention back on the TV.

Happy to see them focused on themselves, I decided to just go with it and I began stroking myself as we watched the scene unfold.

“You guys want to keep watching this, or mind if I find a different video?” Steve asked.

“Go for it. Is that cool with you Mike?” Joe asked.

“Sure dude, whatever you want” I nervously responded.

“Alright. I’m thinking wife swapping in honor of the occasion. Sound good?!”

“Ha!” Responded Joe, “you only want to watch that now that I’ve told you Allison loves sucking my dick.”

“What can I say, you got it on my mind!” We all broke out in laughter, which definitely helped break whatever sense of nervous tension I had left in me.

Steve proceeded to find a video of two hot young couples drinking wine in front of a fire, talking about how hot each other’s spouses were before finally tearing into each other. As we watched, the three of us continued stroking ourselves with renewed enthusiasm as the couples went at it.

“Hey Joe, it is your weekend, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask if you want some help” Steve said, looking down at Joe’s dick. Caught off guard by the question, I turned to see Joe nod, and in an instant Steve had our friend’s dick in his hand. Gripping his cock, he slowly started moving his hand up and down the shaft of Joe’s dick, every so often moving his hand over his thick mushroom head to massage it. After a couple minutes of this Joe began moaning as Steve stroked him harder and faster, all the while keeping himself rock hard.

“Mike, why don’t you take a seat over here,” Steve said as he motioned with his free hand for me to move to his side of the bed.

Totally lost in what I was witnessing I got up and made my way to the other side of the bed, never taking my eyes off what was unfolding before me.

“No big deal if you don’t want to, but would you mind stroking me a bit while I help Joe out here?”

“Uh, sure man, I guess I could do that. But I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“No worries dude, just imagine you’re jerking yourself off.”

Scooting over so I was side by side with Steve I reached over and gently grabbed a hold of his enormous cock. From where I had been sitting a few feet ka├žak bahis away I could tell he was massive, but as I held his cock in my hand and slowly started stroking it I couldn’t believe how big it really was. After a minute or so of slowing stroking his hard cock I increased my grip and started stroking him faster; Steve letting out a few moans as I increased my speed.

“Keep up the good work man!” Joe blurted, as I looked up to find him smiling at me. “Feels pretty good doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s not so bad. Have you guys done this before?” I asked, still making sure to stroke Steve’s dick.

“A few times in college and since. You know, had a few too many, and horny as fuck. Figured we could help each other out. You never have?”

“No. I’ve never even seen a guy hard other than in a porn” I admitted.

My admission made the two of them beam, and they started laughing. “Its alright dude. You’re cool. We’re not saying anything. Our secret. Alright?”

“Cool.” It was about all I could say, still mesmerized by what was happening.

“Sweet!” Joe responded. “Now that we’re all on the same page let’s say we have some fun. What else can we find to watch?”

“Mike, you cool if we watch a little guy on guy action?” Steve asked as he got up and grabbed himself a new beer, his dick bouncing as he walked. Not wanting to disappoint my friends and feeling pretty loose, I nodded, and asked for another beer. “Joe, pull something up.”

Joe scrolled through to find a group of college athletes hanging out in a locker room. “This will do nicely,” Steve remarked as he handed me a beer motioning for me to scoot over between the two of them. “Considering I didn’t give you much warning there, how about I repay the favor?” Before I could even agree Steve had his hand on my dick, stroking me as he watched the video. The scene started with the guys on screen touching each other, slowly helping each other get hard before a few dropped to their knees and began sucking their friends dicks.

“Mmm, glad to see this is helping,” Steve said, clearly noticing I was getting turned on by the video. “Don’t worry dude. Like I said, we’re all friends here. Nothing to worry about. Isn’t that right Joe?”

“You know it dude!” He answered. “But I’m getting a bit lonely over here. Let’s switch things up a bit. Mike, you mind helping me out so I can help Steve out?”

Starting to get comfortable, I smiled and said sure before moving over so he could get between the two of us. As I started to stroke one of my best friends dicks, I watched as he leaned over and took Steve into his mouth. Starting with the tip, he slowly started sucking Steve’s dick. He spent the next few minutes easing Steve’s cock in and out of his mouth, releasing him every now and then to take a breath before continuing.

“This is what I’ve been missing,” Steve responded as he smiled at me. “What do you say Mike, care for a blowjob?”

“Um, sure,” I said, and without hesitation Joe pulled himself from Steve’s dick, turned, and started sucking my dick. “Oh shit!” I gasped as he took my entire dick in his mouth, running his tongue the length of me, and sucking me like I’d never been blown before.

“He’s loving it! Keep up the good work Joe.”

At this point I was so lost in the incredible blowjob I was receiving that I didn’t even notice that Steve had gotten up and moved to my side of the bed. Before I could object he was kneeling on the bed next to me, his massive cock inches from my face. As I looked up at him he nodded, letting go of himself and inching closer to my face.

Having come this far already, I thought what the fuck, and grabbed a hold of his cock. As I did he slowly thrust towards me, pushing his cock into my mouth. As he filled my mouth all I could think about was the fact that I had a dick in my mouth. As I slowly began sucking him, Steve grabbed a hold of the back of my head as he helped guide his thick cock deeper and deeper into my throat.

Needing a moment to catch my breath, I pulled off him, much to the delight of Joe.

“You’re killing it dude! Is this really your first time giving a blowjob? Cause you suck dick like a fucking pro.”

The encouragement from one of my best friends in the world was all I needed at this point, so I shrugged and respond, “yeah.”

“Don”t stop now man, we’re just starting to have fun!” Joe responded, before engulfing my cock again, and picking up where he left off.

As he did so I turned back toward Steve who, offering up his meaty cock again, just smiled and said “it’s all yours buddy.”

Opening my mouth wide I took about half of him in my mouth and started vigorously sucking his dick. The feeling of his warm hard cock filling my mouth was amazing, and whether it was the alcohol or a repressed desire I began rubbing his balls as I stuffed his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, finally gagging on him and forcing me to pull off.

“Fuck dude, this might be one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had. Christine doesn’t come anywhere close to this.”

“Alright guys, I’m glad we’re all having fun here, but my dicks getting a little lonely, and if I recall this is my party,” Joe said sitting up. “How about you guys take turns on me for a little bit?”

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