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Baby Girl Pt. 05

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After a few months, my wife started to notice my desire to fuck her dwindling. Not knowing that I was getting my dick drained on the regular by Whitley, our 18 year old daughter, she decided we needed a date night to “bring back the love” as she put it. Of course, I had no choice but to agree lest she became seriously suspicious and decides to keep a closer eye on me.

So here I am dressed in a midnight blue button down dress shirt and steel grey slacks waiting, in the kitchen enjoying a beer, for my wife to finish getting ready for our date. Whitley walks through the kitchen to the laundry room, laundry basket in hand. Hearing the hair dryer just turning on upstairs, signaling my wife is going to be a bit longer, I decide to occupy my time with our daughters sweet teen pussy. Setting my beer down, I follow my daughters tight ass, a lecherous grin forming on my mouth.

“Hey Daddy, thought you and mom were going on a date tonight.” Whitley says as she spots me standing in the doorway, throwing a little pout over her shoulder. Her plump panty covered ass cheeks peek out from under her large sleep shirt as she bends over to grab her clothes from the dryer and transfer them to her basket.

“She is still getting ready but yea, the date is happening tonight.” I sigh as I lean against the door frame, not taking my eyes off her thick perky ass as it plays peek-a-boo.

Whitley wasn’t happy with me right now. She had been sulking and pouty ever since her mom had told her no to a trip to Cabo that a bunch of seniors were taking for spring break. I didn’t fight my wifes decision. Obviously, I didn’t want to go that long without my daughters luscious pussy or tight ass. Maybe that made me greedy but at this point I really didn’t care.

“Well, maybe while you guys are out, I could invite a friend over. I think Jason would be more than happy to keep me company.” She says with a cute little scowl on her face.

At the mention of the teen boy that lives just a few blocks from our house, I straighten from the door. “There will be no boys in this house when we are not here.” I reply firmly.

“But I’m going to be so bored while you guys are out tonight.” Whitley whines with a stomp of her foot as she continues unloading her clothes.

“Don’t be sulky, baby girl. That attitude won’t win you any favors. You listen to me, do as I say, and that tight little pussy is mine to fuck, only mine.” Another reason I didn’t want her going on that trip, teen boys sniffing around my daughters juicy ass.

I walk up behind her, thrusting myself against her Didim Escort ass, shoving my hands under her shirt to roughly paw at her 34C braless tits. Kissing along her silky smooth neck, I pluck and twist her nipples until they become hard little nubs in my hands.

“Jesus, you are so fucking hot, baby girl.” I mutter against her neck as I grind against her, voice hoarse and ragged with the desire to be buried in her tight snatch again.

“You need something Daddy?” Whitley asks petulantly with a moan as she pushes her ample tits more firmly in to my hands, her thick ass grinding back on my cock. The subject of Jason quickly forgotten.

“You know what Daddy needs, baby girl.” I murmur against her neck. Quickly spinning her around, I shove her to her knees as I unzip my slacks and pull out my 8 inch Daddy dick. Grabbing my length at the base with one hand, clenching a handful of her hair in the other, I swiftly shove it in to her waiting mouth. “We need to make this quick. Get Daddy hard, baby girl. Get that Daddy dick nice and hard so I can fuck your sweet pussy before I leave.”

Cupping her chin while still clenching her hair in my other hand, I watch as my daughter expertly swallows my rapidly hardening cock. Her hands grasp my ass as her plump lips stretch to take all of my 8 inch cock down her teen throat. She looks up at me while she takes me in from tip to root and back. The seal she has on my cock breaks when she smirks up at me.

“Rub your pussy for Daddy. Show Daddy how you play with that naughty little pussy.” I growl as I continue my assault on her mouth, my nutsack hitting her chin with every thrust as she takes my now steel hard length to the hilt every time. Whitleys small hand quickly slip her panties to the side, exposing her perfect hairless snatch to the cool air. She dips her fingers between her lips and collects the moisture on her fingers. She pulls her fingers up to her clit and starts making small circles. I feel her moan around my cock from the pleasure. Her delicate fingers deftly manipulate that small bundle of nerves as she continues slurping on my fat monster cock.

“Yea fuck yea baby girl, just like that, get it nice and wet. Mmhmm, what a good little cock hungry bitch. Being Daddys good little cock sucking slut.” I pant out as I slowly thrust my long thick shaft down her teen throat, making her hold it deep before slowly pulling out only to do it all over again. I use her mouth in the most brutal way possible, making her gag on her own drool and tears. I barely allow her any air before I drive Didim Escort Bayan back in, over and over. The sensations richochet through my body, all seeming to coalesce at the base of my cock, as I pound in to her beautiful plump mouth.

Unbuttoning my slacks, I let them slide down my legs as I thrust my hands in to Whitleys short hair. I haul her to her feet before grasping her under the thighs and hoisting her on to the top of the dryer. Whitley leans back on her elbows and spreads her legs wide as I push her shirt up her chest, feasting on her now uncovered tits. Grabbing a handful in one hand, biting and sucking at the hard nipple of the other. Leaning back, I reach between our bodies, shove her little pink panties to the side and slap my thick precum dripping cock against her hard little clit.

“You gonna be Daddys good little baby girl? You gonna take every inch of this Daddy dick, huh?” I hiss between clenched teeth as I continue abusing her clit. Whitley lets out a little whimper with every slap of my cock head against her heated center. She is as hungry for my dick to be buried inside her tight channel as I am.

“Uh-huh, yea Daddy, I’m your good baby girl. Please fuck me Daddy. Fill my little pussy with that hard fucking Daddy dick.” Whitley moans, breathless and panting, her legs spread wide before me. She looks up at me with lust and I see the same look on my own face, reflected in her beautiful green eyes.

Biting deep in to my bottom lip, I watch my thick shaft slowly penetrate her glistening pink slit to the hilt. My head falls back, just letting myself feel her slickness, her heat, her walls clenching around my length. Hooking her legs over my arms, I clench her thick hips in my hands, as I slowly withdraw my ridged dick almost completely from her juicy teen cunt before slamming back in as hard as I can, her fleshy tits jiggling from the impact. Staying firmly pressed against her, I swivel my hips before slowly dragging my length from her again, letting her feel every ridge of my cock as it leaves her grasping cunt.

“You like being Daddy’s little slut, don’t you? Tell Daddy you like his cock fucking your wet little pussy, baby girl.” I clench my jaw as her gasps and moans sing through my body straight to my thick veiny shaft while I mercilessly slam in and out of her thick soft teen body.

“Yes, Daddy, I love being your dirty little slut, love you fucking my pussy. Fuck my tight pussy harder, please, Daddy!” She moans while pinching her erect nipples, head thrown back.

“Oh fuck yea, baby, take Escort Didim that Daddy cock. Such a good little bitch, taking all my hard cock.” I groan as I continue hammering her pussy, getting deeper and thrusting harder.

“Oh god, your cock is so deep. Yea, yea, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me harder.” She moans continuously, gyrating her hips faster with her head thrown back in ecstasy. I watch in complete fascination as she undulates before me, tits swaying from side to side as she takes more and more of my cock willingly inside her pussy. Whitley reaches down and rubs her hardened clit vigorously as I continue to ram her pussy.

“Come on, little slut, rub that clit. Make yourself cum on my dick. Cum all over my dick, you slutty little bitch.” I hiss as I fuck her teen pussy faster and harder, a grunt leaving my throat with every thrust of my dick.

“Daddy oh fuck yea Daddy, I’m cumming. Oh god, it’s so good!” Whitley starts to moan loudly before I cover her mouth with my hand. Her orgasm rips through her thick teen body, twisting and writhing uncontrollably, pussy clenching around my cock even tighter, fresh liquid coating my length.

I am so fucking close, so close, so close. Her tight cunt squeezes me like a vice, my balls heavy with desire to release. Flashes of light dance before my eyes as my climax starts to build, a tingling sensation moving through my body.

As the familiar tingle gathering at the base of my spine becomes all consuming, I slam into her with all my strength, raising her ass off the dryer with every brutal thrust. Quickly pulling my angry red cock from her pussy, I start jacking it with the head pressed right against her clit.

“Oh fuck, ooooh fuck yea, baby girl, Daddys cumming. I’m cumming all over that pretty little cunt.” I grunt breathlessly as my nutsack draws tight, thick ropes of gooey cum rocket from my pulsing cock. Euphoria swims though my veins as I bite and suck at her plump lips, painting her cunt with my jizz.

“Shit!” I grunt and jerk the last few drops out over her swollen abused snatch. I lay with my forehead pressed against her heaving tits, gathering my breath and strength before standing to my full height.

“Maybe I can talk to your mom about Cabo tonight.” I state reluctantly as I pull my slacks up and tuck my shirt back in. Straightening my appearance as best I can.

“Mmm that’s ok, Daddy. It’s not important anymore.” Whitley mumbles in a daze, eyes unfocused, breath coming in little pants, tits trembling.

“Bryce, honey, where are you? I’m ready to go.” Janice calls out just as I finish zipping my pants over my now limp cock. With one more quick kiss to my 18 year old daughters abused lips as she lays limp on the dryer, my cum drying between her legs, I whisper on my way out the door.

“That’s Daddy’s good little baby girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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