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Baby Boy Ch. 02

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So, Jake had just finished exploding across his busty mom’s face, neck, and tits. He fell back onto the bed, weak in the knees. Amber stayed on hers, smiling at him as she licked the thick cum from her lips. She took a couple of fingers, scooped up a bit that was splashed across one of her nipples, and sucked them dry. Jake just watched her in amazement.

“God, mom, that was amazing,” he said, smiling at her.

Amber got to her feet, her 34EEEs swaying a bit as she did.

“I agree, baby boy,” she said. She wrapped her small hands under both of her tits and lifted them up. “These things do the trick everytime,” she giggled, and let them fall. They were enormous and smooth, but they didn’t shake too much. Just enough to excite Jake again. His cock twitched a bit.

“But,” Amber said, “it’s about time we went down to the pool, don’t you think?”

And with that, she strolled out of the room, giving Jake a long look at her tan legs, her muscular thighs, and an enormous bubble butt framed by her white thong.

Jake waited a moment to catch his breath, then stood up. His cock wasn’t hard, but it still hung down nicely. It was thick, smooth, and he kept his pubes shaved close.

He walked downstairs and found his mom already by the pool. She was sitting back in a lounge chair, her legs crossed at the ankles, her round tits looking bright in the midday sun.

“Come over here,” she said.

Jake, still nude, obeyed his mom. He stood at the end of the chair, looking down at her.

“Now, your father will be home soon, baby boy,” she said. “So if we’re going to play anymore, we better hurry up.”

“More?” Jake asked. He was excited, but nervous. What if he couldn’t please her the way she pleased him?

Amber leaned forward, görükle escort her gorgeous blonde hair tumbling across her shoulders. Her tits dangled a bit—-so big, so soft, so round.

She wrapped her manicured nails around his flaccid cock and slapped it against her cheek a few times.

“Baby boy, let’s see if we can get this thing up again,” she said, and as she did, Jake felt himself responding. His cock began to stiffen in her hand, as she continued to squeeze it and spank her lips with it. Once it was almost fully hard, Amber let go.

She spun around so she was face down on the chair, she slowly inched her ass high in the air. It was huge compared to her tiny waist and small stature. A perfect ghetto booty.

Jake was feeling bold now. Standing naked outside with a hard cock, his gorgeous mom on her hands and knees, shaking her bubble butt at him — it was too much. He grabbed her thong bottoms and yanked them down to her knees. She spread her legs a bit. Jake pulled up behind her.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s a good boy. Mommy looooved sucking that big dick,” Amber said over her shoulder. “But now it’s time for mommy to get fucked by her baby boy’s enormous cock.”

“Yes, mommy,” Jake said, and placed the fat cockhead against her slit.

She moaned and giggled a bit.

“God, I’m such a dirty whore, aren’t I baby boy?” she asked.

Jake wasn’t sure what to say, so he responded “No, mommy. You’re not a whore.”

“Yes, I am!” she shouted back. “I’m a dirty whore for big cock. Look at me, about to get fucked by my own son in the middle of our backyard. Anyone could catch us, but I wouldn’t care. They could just sit back and watch me get fucked.”

Jake caught on. His mom was not only into his cock, eskort bayan she was into ANY cock. So he’d play along.

“That’s right, mommy. Your little baby boy is going to fuck you good,” and with that, he thrust forward with his hips, burying his dick into the bottom of his mom’s soaked pussy. He held it there for a moment while Amber screamed and adjusted herself.

“Goddamn, baby boy! That dick is huge! I can feel every inch of it.”

“That’s right, mommy. Your little pussy can take any cock, can’t it?”

“Any cock that it wants, baby boy. But right now, it wants your cock. Starting fucking your mommy.”

And Jake did just that. He began thrusting in small movements. A little bit out, then right back in. His cock plunged further and further, it seemed. Amber began thrusting back, trying to get more, more, more. It seemed he’d bottomed out—–all 9 inches deep inside of her.

And those tits! The 34EEEs were thrashing all over the place. Back and forth, in tiny circles. Her hard nipples pointed down as her tits were being vibrated by her son’s thrusting motions. She got turned on looking down and seeing them. Her own giant tits turned her on.

They turned Jake on, too. So he reached around and grabbed two giant handfuls of titflesh. He dug in and began fucking her faster, using her tits for balance.

“Mmmmm, hold onto mommy’s big titties, baby,” she said. “Grab mommy’s tits and keep fucking mommy until she cums. Fuck me like your daddy can’t.”

This got to Jake. Hearing “daddy” made him fuck harder.

“Yeah, mommy? You like the way I fuck you?”

“You know I do, baby. Your dick is the biggest I’ve ever had.”

“Bigger than daddy’s, mommy?” he asked through gritted altıparmak escort teeth.

“Much bigger. Daddy’s dick is OK, but it’s nothing compared to my baby boy’s.”

“You’re my slut now, mommy. You’re going to fuck me when I say. Understand?”

“Every day and every night, baby boy. Mommy is your big-tittied slut from now on.”

And with that, they seemed to catch a rhythm. Her thrusting her giant ass back onto his cock, him mauling her tits as he angled his dick into her every which way. After another 10 minutes of steady fucking—-along with some spanking and hair-pulling and more humiliating talk about Jake’s father—-they both built up to a climax.

Amber went first. She screamed and fucked faster than before, the orgasm building up from her stomach and washing across her body. Her muscles tightened as screamed out:

“Oh my god, baby! I’m cumming! Mommy’s cumming! Make mommy cum all over your huge horse cock, baby boy. Hold onto mommy’s big tits while she cums.”

Jake couldn’t stand it either, so he let go, and suddenly they were cumming together. He shot load after load deep into her pussy. Her pussy clinched up around his cock, milking out every drop of salty cum.

“Yes mommy! Yes mommy! Take my cum, you fucking whore!”

“Give me your cum, baby boy. Make your mommy-slut pregnant with your cum!”

After a moment, Jake pulled out, making a sharp smacking sound as his cock exited her pussy. Amber quickly rolled over and smiled up at her son. Jake grinned down at her. His cock still twitching from the fuck-fest. Her tits were mesmerizing, even still.

“Damn, baby boy. I had no idea what a cock like that could do,” she said and sat up, giving it a little kiss on the head.

“This is just the beginning, mommy.”

“I hope so,” she said.

And then a third voice, from behind both of them, near the house:

“What the fuck is going on???”

They both turned to look. There was Alan, Jake’s dad and Amber’s husband, standing in his suit, dumbfounded.

to be continued…

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