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Avery Screws the Virgin, Sage

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Sage had been friends with Avery since her first semester of college, but had only thought of him as that: a friend. Plain and simple, Sage saw Avery as one of her guy friends who she hung out with in between classes. Despite her wise name, Sage was never very bright when it came to social skills and relationships. She could pass a sociology test just fine, but using those skills outside of class was a different matter altogether. She was just shy and would occasionally stutter. Her balancing skills were below average as well. Sage’s body hadn’t really started maturing until her final year of high school. The change was so significant and sudden that she didn’t even know what to do.

She had an hourglass figure, for the most part. Her hips were wide, but her breasts were a bit on the small side. Still, she inadvertently attracted people with her figure. Many were turned off by her studious nature and lack of interest in parties. Avery, however, was still interested.

He would try to hint every once in a while that he liked her. She, of course, didn’t notice. Avery may have been more interested in her body than anything else, but he wasn’t against the idea of going steady. One thing that sage made clear to everyone, though, was that she intended to save herself for her future husband. Once again, this kept many away from her, but Avery was willing to risk their friendship and test her. He knew he only had one shot at it, but he was tired of using his hand for pleasure, while only fantasizing about Sage. He wanted her in the flesh. Additionally, he was intrigued by the notion that a girl in college, especially one who was a hot as Sage, could still be a virgin.

Once the stage was set, he went for it. He’d invited her over to study, watch a movie, and just chill. He, of course, had no intention of letting her leave his apartment without first getting what he wanted. He didn’t want to use force – he wasn’t that type of guy – but he wasn’t against a bit of playing with her heart.

“So, which subject did you want to study first?” Sage asked, facing away from Avery so she could rummage through her bag.

There was a pause of silence. Sage turned to look at Avery, but he appeared to be deep in thought.

“Are you alright?” She always was one to worry.

“Yeah, I guess,” he began, “but could I talk to you?”

The eighteen year old girl nodded and followed antalya escort Avery’s lead. This brought them to sit side-by-side on Avery’s bed. The twenty-one year old male ran his hand through his hair, as if contemplating some issue.

“I… Are you…” Avery stopped himself before continuing. “If you like a person and you want to date them, how would you do it?”

Sage was noticeably surprised. She took a moment to answer. “I think… I would write them a letter, maybe? I’m not really sure.”

Avery nodded to give a sign that he heard her. Then, he inquired, “Could you help me write it?”

Sage blushed, but quickly agreed. When they had completed the task, the letter appeared as follows:


I wasn’t sure how to say this, but I think you’re an amazing person. You are the only person I could picture myself dating. I feel awkward writing this, but I had to let you know. Ever since I first met you, I can’t help but think about you in my free time. Even during classes, I find that my mind wanders to the idea of being with you. I’d love it if you would go on a date with me.


Sage edited the letter, asking what other things he liked about the girl. They ended up adding the words, “sincere, kind-hearted,” and, “enchanting”. They both read it over and Sage claimed that any girl would be ecstatic to receive such a letter.

Avery handed the letter to Sage, who looked confused. Sage opened her mouth to answer a question, but was stopped by Avery’s lips on hers, and his strong arms wrapped around her. It was a short kiss, but when he pulled away and looked into Sage’s eyes, he could see the conflicting emotions. Sage sat, speechless; until she slowly brought her hand up to gently touch her lips as if to determine if the kiss had, indeed, happened.

“That… was my first kiss…” She whispered. A second later, she added, “But, coming from you, I don’t mind…”

Avery smiled and pulled her into a hug. Sage smiled into his shoulder and wrapped her slender arms around his neck, pulling him into another kiss. Avery, beginning to feel more turned on, pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Sage closed her eyes to savor the feeling. Meanwhile, Avery’s manhood began to enlarge, and he moved forward enough for it to press lightly against the virgin’s leg. Sage wasn’t entirely clueless about sex, and demre escort panicked when she noticed it. She pulled away from the kiss and apologized.

“Sage, I’m sorry, it’s not something I can totally control. It’s just a reaction to you… You’re so beautiful.”

Sage looked at Avery and said softly, “You mean, I caused this?” as she pointed towards his pants.

“Yes, you did. It’s pretty uncomfortable for me, but I can try to get rid of it. I don’t want you to feel awkward.”

The girl was blushing a deep red. “If… If it’s alright with you, could I try to help you?”

Avery saw his opportunity and took it. He pulled Sage’s hand towards himself and motioned for her to hold the bulge. Sage hesitantly rested her hand atop his pants and the slight movement of fabric caused Avery to groan.

“Please… Hold it in your hand.” Avery said through clenched teeth. He’d never restrained himself so much.

Sage, wanting to help more, decided to put her hand on his bare skin. She reached into his pants and wrapped her fingers around it. Her small hand couldn’t reach all the way around the circumference. Looking back at Avery’s face, Sage thought that his expression was one of pain. She quickly apologized and asked how she could make it better.

He told her to move back and forth while holding it tightly. Before, her grasp had been very gentle, as if she thought it might break. After a minute, Avery realized that her inexperience was causing him more grief that pleasure. She was a tease, he decided. She held him more firmly than before, but moved so slowly! If he got her to give oral, she’d probably use her teeth, too. Avery never saw the appeal of anal, but that only left one option, besides his own hand.

“I’m so sorry, Sage, Sweetie, but I think I need something… more.”

Before she could reply, he started getting his pants and boxers off the rest of the way and reached for the virgin’s skirt.

“Is this the only way you can feel better?” Sage sounded a bit sorrowful, but Avery could tell the girl felt guilty for giving him a hard-on.

“I think so, Sweetie… Is it okay?” Avery, at this point, didn’t care so much if she was okay with it or not.

The eighteen year old responded by pulling down her skirt and panties, revealing that she shaved, despite her intentions to save herself for marriage.

The elmalı escort horny man immediately laid her on the bed and prodded at her opening, momentarily forgetting who he was literally screwing around with. Frustrated, he pushed two fingers up into her after moving her legs further apart. The virgin gasped in surprise at the new sensation and couldn’t seem to decide whether she enjoyed it or not. As for Avery, he knew it was going to be a tight fit for his wide cock. He could barely move his two fingers around in her, and the girl shifted uncomfortably.

Sage quickly moved her hands down to protest as Avery began trying to add a third finger. She was so stretched as she looked over and noticed just how thick Avery’s dick was. It was comparable in width to the size of her wrists! For that matter, the length was like her forearm. She suddenly felt very frightened. If three prodding fingers could barely fit, how in Hell could that thing fit?!

Avery was successful in bringing about Sage’s juices. He was never one to consume sexual fluids, but he figured it was worth a try. Plus, it would be safe since he was dealing with a virgin.

Once again, he moved his fat cock towards the girl’s vaginal opening. At this point in time, he didn’t even care if she got pregnant. He needed relief, and he needed it immediately. Sage’s eyes widened as his member parted her labia, working its way towards its destination. He moved forward, pushing at the untouched pussy. He almost hesitated, but his sausage-like appendage pulsated with need.

Avery shoved into her, but didn’t get far. It was time for the real beginning. Sage probably didn’t even realize what the hymen was, but when that thick piece of meat forced past it, she screamed in pain. Avery hardly noticed, though, as he pummeled through, almost filling her with his whole package. The sex machine pulled back, already craving that suffocating tightness and plunged back in, this time, pushing all the way. It was then that he heard a scream and hurriedly pacified it with a kiss that was almost as deep as his cock.

He wanted release, but at the same time, he wished it could last forever. The intense pleasure was far greater with the tight little pussy than with all the leftovers he’d had in the past. They had experience, but the tiny girl beneath him was way more satisfying. It was possible that he had a fetish for virgins, but he had long lasting plans for the newly deflowered Sage.

He must have gone at a good angle, because Sage began moaning into their kiss. That set off Avery’s orgasm. He spurted cum all inside her, but kept moving along. Avery was already wanting round two.

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