Austin Moves In Pt. 02

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He messaged me around eight that night that he was up for some Daredevil if I was still watching. I sent him back a picture of my feet propped up and the TV visible through them. “Door’s open!” I added. Ten minutes later he walked in my living room and plopped down on the couch and leaned back into it with a sigh.

I noticed right away that his leg was comfortably pressed against mine, and I slid into him so that we were side to side. We watched the last twenty minutes of the episode and pretended we weren’t taking every opportunity to touch one another. When the last credits rolled, Austin grabbed the remote and made a bee-line for the adult channels.

That was enough for me to feel comfortable massaging his dick through his jeans. The grin he returned me as I squeezed his cock was so sexy I felt my balls hitch. I casually pressed and rubbed while he breezed through the interface with an expert’s touch and queued up a bunch of anal porn. I guess he wasn’t lying when he said it was his thing.

“What is it you like about anal porn?” I said, curious. I don’t mind seeing someone getting their ass blown out either, but I wanted to learn a little bit about him.

He squirmed a bit, looking kinda uncomfortable. “Hey, you don’t have to be embarrassed that you like anal sex,” I said, giving him a serious squeeze and taking the liberty to undo his belt buckle. “I can feel how much you like watching it, right here in your dick. I just want to know what it is you focus on, so I can make sure I have a lot of it for you watch.” I felt his dick literally throb under my hands.

I leaned in a little closer to his ear. “There’s no shame if you get hard watching someone get their ass properly fucked open,” I told him. His hips thrust up and pressed into my hand. I could feel his hard penis and it’s heat on my palm and I decided to just go for it. I pulled open his pants, and reached under his briefs and grabbed his fat, hard dick. It was already dripping in my hand as it sprang free. He moaned softly as my fingers closed around his hot skin. I ran my thumb up the underside and pressed a fresh bubble of spuzz out of the tip.

I don’t know about you, but I like to use those first little pearls of precum with my thumb. Here’s what I do; I slide the first few drops under the glans, just under the opening. Then, gently but firmly, I swirl my fingers around the ridge of the head and spread the cummy slickness all over it. My goal is to cover the whole head with precum, so my fingers and thumb can freely slide over the ridges of cockhead and the spot just where they meet underneath. I’ve been told it feels like fucking a warm washing machine. You gotta be careful though, because if your dude has a hair trigger, this can make him pop real early.

“I guess I like seeing it,” he said. “Y’know, that cock going in. Her ass.” He thrust his dick up and down in my hands, noticeably harder than it was when I’d first taken it out. “I like seeing their expression change when they bottom out.” He hissed as my fingers swirled wetly through the sheen of precum I’d smeared on his fat cockhead.

I gave his throbber a break and cupped his balls for a bit. There were smears of his precum all down his cock and he was still leaking more. It was like he’d been saving it up or something. His balls felt real heavy, like little doorknobs in his sack.

“Have you ever fucked someone’s ass?” I asked, specifically keeping it gender neutral. I rolled his balls gently in my hands, breathing hard and close on his cock.

“No,” he smiled. “I haven’t had too many girlfriends, and it just never came up.”

“Hmmm,” I said, getting close and sucking his precum off his dick. “So I guess you’ve never been fucked either?”

He hissed at the sudden feeling of my mouth on his spermy-tasting cock. “No,” he replied, “have you?”

“Sometimes,” I said. Which was true. Nine times out of ten, I like to top. There’s something about the way an ass clenches up around my cock that I’ve always loved. I like feeling myself inside someone, be it mouth, ass or even pussy. I like pushing open a reluctant hole and feeling that resistance ease away until I’ve left it loose and floppy and probably dripping.

One of my first lovers made an excellent point the night he took my anal virginity. “If you want to fuck ass, it’s important to take it in your ass too.” He said this just as his long cock first popped into my cherry hole, making me wince. “That way, you know what they’re feeling, and you know how to fuck them. You don’t want to blow their asshole out.” He was true to his word that night, and didn’t blow my asshole out. Although not for want of trying. Even by the third round, when his cock was red and slightly chafed and that final load was barely two squirts, he never hurt me and I never bled.

“Sometimes it feels really good to be stretched out and filled.” I said, sucking Austin’s beautiful dick with it’s fat head into my mouth. “You see how she likes her ass all topped up?” bahis firmaları I asked, directing his attention to the anal porn he’d selected. “It’s the feeling of getting her insides pushed around that makes her cum.”

Austin groaned, and thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. I took the opportunity to massage under his balls, getting closer to his asshole. I wasn’t sure if he was quite ready for that, so I didn’t push too far and stroked his balls at the same time. We spent a few minutes in silence, me softly sucking his dick and pressing on his taint. He surfed the porn a little as his cock got harder in my mouth. He’d been steadily gobbing his precum into my mouth this whole time, and his whole dick was tasting like sperm.

I took a breather and peeked at what he was watching. A brunette was kneeling in front of a giant cock, begging for his cum. I slurped noisily on his balls as the brunette’s face was just obliterated by cum. As she gasped on screen and swallowed what she could, I said “Oh, that’s my thing,” rubbing my mouth on the soft skin of his sack. “I’m a cum head.”

“I like cum too,” gasped Austin. I sucked on his cock again, taking it deep. As I pressed my nose into his belly, I let my finger slide from his taint to his ass, gently swirling. I wanted him to start feeling the nerves down there while I pleasured his cock. I made sure my tongue was working the bottom of his hard shaft while I throated him.

He didn’t resist, and his cock pulsed in my mouth as my finger put slight pressure on his entry. I made some eye contact from below his dick. “Is it okay okay if I play with your hole a little?” Maybe it wasn’t fair to ask that of someone who’s dick was still slimy from my mouth, but he answered – a little quickly – that it sure was. His words, not mine.

As if to reiterate, he pressed himself down on my finger, sliding it in up to the second knuckle. I let him get used to the feeling of being penetrated, making sure to keep his dick wet and warm. He gently worked his ass on my finger, working it in and out at his own pace. His cock was leaking pre-cum all over the place as I stroked him with one hand and fingered him with the other.

I paid close attention to his cock. This was a critical time. I wanted him excited and hard and enjoying the new sensations in his ass, but I didn’t want him to cum too fast. I could tell his ass was more virgin than it wasn’t, and I needed to be careful about stretching him open like this. Even though he was taking the one finger well (it wasn’t the first finger in his ass, I suspected), it’s easy to go too hard too fast. This was where it came in handy to know how it felt to have something in your asshole and how to work one open.

I’m not the best at licking ass, I admit. There are some people who just make a butthole tingle with their mouth, but I do my best. Austin’s little ring was fluttering around my finger when I ran my tongue along the tight, bunching rim of his asshole. My spit added some needed lube, and he took my whole finger deep into himself. After feeling the way his hole squeezed the tip of my tongue, I decided he was ready for another finger.

I moved my mouth from his ass to his balls. I kissed them and kept eye contact as I slipped two fingers into his wet hole. He gasped a bit and held still, breathing shallowly. I felt his ass tighten, then relax, tighten again, then relax. I slathered his dick with wet kisses and deep throats as he slowly worked both my fingers in as deep as they’d go.

I let him watch some porn while he was getting his dick sucked. He’d worked his ass open on my fingers enough for his hole to start making wet and sloppy noises. I had to take a bit of a break to rest my mouth, so I jerked him off and let his ass work on my fingers. Every now and then, I would goose his prostate, making him jump and gasp. Again, that’s something to be careful with. It’s real easy to accidentally send a guy straight to cumtown massaging that little bean. I didn’t want Austin to lose his load just yet, not when he was doing so well with his stretching.

“I like how hot it is inside your ass, Austin,” I said, sincerely. “I like how you opened your ass up for me, just like those women on the tv.”

He sighed and his dick pulsed and still more pre-cum slowly oozed down his shaft for me to lick up. I peeked over to see what porn he was currently playing, and I was surprised to see it was a collection of gay facials. I smiled in approval as a handsome stud on the screen with two days worth of beard swallowed what looked like a quarter-pint of sperm.

“You feel like feeding me, Austin?” I was pretty sure he wanted to, but I wanted to hear him tell me. “You want me to swallow your load?”

“Yes, I do.” He said, thrusting himself on my fingers urgently.

“There’s a price.” I said, gently pushing a third finger into his loosening asshole. He sucked in his breath and thrust his ass down and impaled himself, causing his cock to quiver and leak. “You know kaçak iddaa I’m a swallower. I’ll suck out every drop of cum you’ve got in your balls here,” I kissed them for emphasis, “but I want to fuck you first.”

I started to jerk him off aggressively while my fingers pushed insistently on his prostate. He’d leaked enough to make the lube I had pretty unnecessary, but it’s important to keep dicks and holes wet and slippery. “Can I fuck your ass, Austin?” I asked, hoping the dirty talk and the cock play would get him in the mood to be filled. I mean, with more than just some fingers.

“Yes.” He finally said, in between gasps. “I want you to fuck me. But . . .”

“What’s up?” I asked, looking at him with my face literally dripping wet. I could still taste the musk from his balls in my mouth, and my cock was throbbing with need. Even so, I wanted him to want it. If there’s one thing I want from my bottoms, it’s enthusiasm.

“Just go slow,” he said. “I’ve never . . . you know . . .”

“You’ve never been fucked. It’s okay.” I said, smiling and nuzzling the base of his cock. “I’ll be slow and gentle and you can set the pace.”

There’s always some fumbling and fussing when you’re getting ready to fuck an ass. He moved to lie on his back on the couch, and I pressed his legs back as far as I could. He shuffled into a more comfortable position a few times as I slathered his ass with my tongue, teasing the strong ring of his little pink hole. He was already pretty stretched out, but a virgin ass is a virgin ass, and you don’t want to rush your cock in like a battering ram.

The thing about taking someone’s virginity is that they’ll always remember you. They’ll always remember little details and aspects of the sex and those memories will often color all the sex they’ll have afterwards.

Case in point, I was pretty sure my love of facials stemmed from one of my earliest boyfriends, who watched even more porn than me. I could still remember the blowjob I was giving him when he asked if he could cum in my face, and the gasping look of pure pleasure when I let him jerk himself off and blow that load exactly where he wanted it. We dated for a few months, and after that night, I let him coat my face pretty much every time I saw him. To this day, I love watching a cock pulse and throb from underneath while hot jizz splatters my open mouth.

There comes a point though, where you just have to get your cock in the hole. Austin was lying back on my couch, his legs spread and his ass shining wet and gently pulsing. He was watching me intently as I positioned myself between his legs, stroking my hard cock. I rubbed the head along his shaft and balls, letting him get used to being in position. He was jerking off a little faster than I would have liked, but since he was about to get his colon invaded, I figured I’d let him have as much pleasure in the moment as he wanted.

“Spit,” I said, holding my hand in front of his mouth. “I have to lube this cock up before I fuck you.”

He groaned and obeyed and filled my hand with his slobber. I gleefully smeared it on my cock as he watched, and then – at long last – my dickhead was pressed up against his rubbery pink starfish just beneath his hanging balls. “Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes,” he breathed, jerking himself off gleefully. I smiled and let some slobber drool from my mouth to his stroking hand as a gift. He smeared it on with a sigh and I pushed the tip of my cock against the wet pucker of his ass.

There are some bottoms that can take a whole dick in one, fast stroke. Not many, but they’re out there. It’s the result of a lot of hard work, patience, and stretching. In general though, you want to take it nice and slow when you first slip your cock into someone’s butt. For me, the hardest part is getting my cock head in past the first ring of muscle. I made sure Austin was lubed and slick, inside and out. It was easy to softly, gently, press myself in and out. Millimeter by millimeter, my head stretched his virgin butt open, squishing in the silence of the moment.

It took me five or six minutes of patiently working his butt with my cockhead before I felt like he was ready to hold me inside him. I watched his face carefully, paying attention to his breathing and trying to keep an eye on his cock. He was still stroking himself pretty fast, and his nuts looked like they might be getting interested in unloading themselves.

I slid in an inch or so, making him gasp. His ass clenched tightly around my dick suddenly, almost making me blow my own load. I slid back out slow, then slipped him the same inch plus a little more. I had to take his hand away from his cock as his balls tightened up into position. “No you don’t . . .” I said. “You’re doing real good. Just a little longer.”

He was a good sport, and obviously turned on. Even without touching himself, his cock was pumping and throbbing. It took a lot of self-control to keep my rhythm steady as his hot insides churned and gripped kaçak bahis at me. I got my dick in to the half-way point before he tapped his hand on my thigh to slow me down. “Was that all of it?” he asked, panting.

“Half,” I said, gleefully. I slid that half of my cock back up inside him, feeling the sloppy, wet heat of his chute drag along my shaft and head. He groaned and squirmed and I knew we were gonna need to work on his hole more if I was going to bottom out. I took some time with slow, long strokes. Letting the lube work it’s magic and open him up, I kept slipping more and more of my cock into him. I almost blew my nut twice before I triumphantly pulled back and pushed deeply and completely into him.

That stroke was the golden ticket. I felt a last bit of resistance inside him just release against my insistent head. The final two inches of my dick slithered into him with a wet squish, and I pressed my pubes into his balls. He gasped and shook and groaned as I rotated my hips and moved my dick around inside him. I could feel hot lube squeeze out and drip down my balls. I took some of that slippery run-off in my hand and slathered it over his turgid penis.

He took the cue, and began jerking off as I fucked him. It had taken nearly a half-hour of slow work, but he was taking my whole cock. I didn’t pound him too hard, but I definitely wasn’t being gentle. I was hard, horny, and hungry for this young hole that I’d taken for my own. I watched his asshole bulge out on my down-stroke, gripping tightly like it wanted to pull me back inside. My patience was paying off, as his hole opened up and swallowed my rod while he groaned in pleasure.

His ass was like a hot, tight fist around me. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to fuck him for very long. Not just because his ass was going to need a break pretty soon, but because his tight fuckhole was practically sucking my jizz out. Every stroke was getting me noticeably closer to cumming, I could feel my cock getting that iron-hardness I get before shooting. I think he could too, because he began to gasp and shudder.

I hit my final series of strokes soon after. His reactions were just pushing me over the edge and seeing him open his mouth in pleasure as I bottomed out in his ass just zinged me past my self control. I began to huff and puff and fuck his ass hard, proud of myself for keeping him hard through his first fucking and not letting him cum too soon. I had a few seconds to growl out a warning that I was going to cum before I felt the pulsing in my balls start and there was no turning back.

“Cum inside me . . .” he gasped, and I let loose what felt like a river of sperm. I gathered him in my arms and held his sweaty body against mine. I pounded his young hole loose and sloppy, and bred him like he was cattle. I could feel my balls flexing as I filled him. I could feel my piss slit being pushed open as my jizz blasted out. I could hear the sloppy squelching my cock was making inside his messy asshole.

I felt like I came for twenty minutes, although it probably was less than that. I kept getting these aftershocks that made me slam my cock back into him, spurting and kicking deep inside. I could feel my nipples like hard little stones, and I gradually became aware of the sweat running down my back.

I get real sensitive after I cum, so I slipped my soaking dick out from Austin’s amazing hole gently. A wet, gooey mess of cum and lube followed, blurping out of his gaping ass in thick gobs. I realized he was going to leave an awful mess on the couch just as I realized my sweet little bottom still hadn’t cum.

He was jerking off furiously now. His stroking was causing his used and wet asshole to gape and pucker in time to his strokes. I noticed how my cum ran in strings between his butt cheeks, and that my load was *still* getting expelled from his guts, like hot sperm soft-serv.

“A deal’s a deal,” I said, taking his cock into my mouth and batting his hand away. “Now you feed me your cum, Austin.”

I started to suck him off, and not romantically. I started blowing him like a man desperate for the taste of some ball butter. His cock was hot and throbbing already, desperate to blow. I’d edged the poor guy for a good forty minutes while I fucked him, and it wasn’t going to take much to get him off. I sucked on the fat shovelhead of his glans, making sure I swirled my wet fingers around it too. I gently stroked his balls, encouraging them to unload their salty cargo.

He gave one or two powerful thrusts in my mouth, and then I felt his cum gush out with the force of a garden hose. Austin was a shooter, often capable of launching his first cum blast three or four feet. I felt that pressure on the roof of my mouth as his hot sperm blew past my gag reflex and into my belly.

He cried out with each pulse of his cock, pumping into my mouth frantically. His cum overflowed my swallowing capacity, and the last third of his load came coughing out of my mouth before I could slurp it down. I kept cleaning his cock with my mouth as his orgasm subsided, kissing and sucking and swallowing. When I was sure his balls had no more to give, I gave him a big, cummy smile and thanked him for my meal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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