Aurora Ch. 02

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The class I taught was chemistry, and it was required for several degrees, so most of the students took it because they had to. That wasn’t an ideal teaching environment by any stretch, and I sometimes envied colleagues who taught classes that these kids actually signed up for because they were interested in the subject. Still, I did what I had to, and so god help me, I’d get the fundamentals of the aliphatic chains into their stupid little heads.

While explaining the differences of trans-Oleic and cis-Oleic acids, something peculiar suddenly caught my eye, giving me the strangest sense of deja-vu: There, in the second row, a pair of lips was sucking on a thick, colourful pen – the same pair of lips with the same pen I had seen just earlier. I paused, losing my train of thought as my mind was racing and finally, with a sudden surge of authority, I walked up to her.

She was cute, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember her name. Which is weird, I thought to myself, I know her asshole, her tits, her pussy, and now her round, innocent looking face with the straight, drab blonde hair and big, wide blue eyes that looked surprised up at me as I snatched the pen from her. “I’ll see you after class,” I said in a hushed voice, taking the pen into my mouth, my aurora-coloured lips sucking it just like she did. It tasted faintly of ass, but I didn’t care, walking back to my chemical equations while behind me I heard whispers. “What was that about?” someone asked. If only they knew…

As the class ended, she stayed, obediently, looking a little frightened, but mostly clueless, as the last of her classmates left the room. “So,” I said finally, walking up to her as we were by ourselves. kocaeli escort Out of the corner of my eye, I read her name on one of her college books on the desk. “Olivia,” I said, “looks like you spend quite a little bit of time in the bathrooms with your pens…”

She didn’t reply, but instead looked down ashamedly. I was spot on. “Tell me then,” I continued, sitting down diligently on the table in front of her, crossing my legs. “Who else is in there with you?”

She shook, visibly, but still didn’t reply. “Well, there’s two ways we can go about this,” I said, trying to sound friendly. “Either we settle this between ourselves, or you’ll have to take it up with the dean.”

“N-no,” she stuttered finally, shaking her head wildly. “Nobody. I don’t know them, honestly. I just…”

I raised my eyebrows. “You just…” I repeated after her. “Just what? Just like to put on a show? Just like to let random strangers jerk off to your butt? What is it?”

She swallowed hard. I could tell she was lying. While it wouldn’t be unheard of for a woman to do random public exhibitionism like that, the chances were much higher that she did this for a specific love interest. And I was determined to find out who it was.

“Show me then,” I ordered, as she provided no answer.

She stared at me in disbelief. “Either show me, or explain it to the dean,” I repeated. “I’ve heard about your show, now I want to see it up close and personal.” It was a lie, but it put me out of the line of fire and at the same time gave me a chance for a repeat performance.

Her eyes wandered fearfully to the classroom door. I smirked. If her only concern was that we would get interrupted, she kocaeli escort bayan would not put up much of a resistance to my advances. “I’ll lock it,” I proposed in a friendly voice. “And when I return, I want your clothes gone.”

Gingerly I got up and walked to the door, with more of a seductive sway in my hips than I thought I could muster. I locked it up, and then turned around expectantly. She did not disappoint.

She had pulled off her green tank top, and the nice, full breasts that I had only glimpsed at through the peephole were now in full view. They were large and heavy, but suited her nicely. If she had worn a bra, it was nowhere to be seen.

Her pants were on the floor as well, and I was once again greeted by the puffy little slit between her legs. As I walked closer, she looked at me bravely, and started to play with her breasts, weighing them in her hands, rubbing across her areolas, pinching her nipples.

Silently, I sat across from her, watching her expressionless. She moved and swayed her hips, one hand running down her little poochy belly all the way to her crotch, where her middle finger slid between her pussy lips, playing with her clit. As far as masturbating goes, the girl knew how to get herself off.

I took out her famous pen again, waving it at her with a seductive smile. She understood and grabbed it out of my hands, then turned around in front of me, bending over and pulling her buttocks open with one hand while she steadied herself against her table with another.

Her pussy looked so inviting, it made my mouth water, but I forced myself to act aloof and in control. Controlling even, perhaps. She wiggled izmit sınırsız escort her butt a little, which gave her buttocks a nice little bounce as she ran the thick pen down along her crack and into her puffy slit, moving it in and out.

In and out. In and out. The motion was mesmerizing, and soon the pen shimmered from wetness. She began to moan, now clearly getting into the action, pulling the pen out and sticking the slimy end into her tight, sweet anus.

I moved in closer, unnoticed by her, as she was lost in the sensation and lust, fucking her ass with the pen, which suddenly looked barely big enough to be fulfilling. When I was close enough to catch a faint smell of her pussy, I finally couldn’t help myself anymore. My hands grabbed her buttocks and before she could protest, my tongue ran up and down the whole length of her labia.

Heavenly. It had been much too long since I’ve sucked on another woman’s cunt. I sipped and slurped on her ever-wettening fuckhole, getting more than a mouthful of her sweet sticky juices. Keeping her hands away, I left the pen stuck inside her ass while I took full control of her pleasure.

She groaned, gasping, enjoying the unexpected treatment as my tongue probed her deeper, licking in the hot, damp recesses of her vagina. “Oh god,” she gasped, shivering from excitement. I stopped, smiling my most wicked smile as I watched her quiver in front of me.

“A name,” I said calmly, keeping her hands from touching herself. “Who was in there with you?”

“Please,” she begged, shuddering. “Please, let me just…”

“A name,” I repeated.

“D-Darrell,” she whispered, defeated. “Darrell Atkinson. Please, let me come…”

“Good,” I said, pulling back, leaving her hot, excited and confused. I reached into my jacket and pulled out a note with my phone number, a date and an address. “If you want to finish this, see me after school,” I concluded. “Now get dressed and get out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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