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Auntie’s Discovery

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Ever since I was 12 years old and had watched my Auntie bend over in her lovely white pants with her perfectly shaped butt, I have secretly harbored a lust for her. I admired her apple sized breasts which were firm and upthrust. Her nipples were at least ¾ of an inch long. I am 20 now in college, studying to be a Dr. at the local university. I know that I must have jacked off my cock a million times while fantasizing about fucking her. I have always been her favorite nephew. She constantly invites me over to feed me so I don’t have to eat that “university food”. My dreams are such that I wake up constantly with a huge hard-on. So now I have decided to use the education I am receiving and have devised a plan and expect to put it into effect this weekend. I am going to finally fuck my Auntie. I can hardly wait till Saturday evening.

11:30 Saturday evening.

My cock is so hard now just thinking about fucking my Auntie, but of course I have taken a Viagra and it normally keeps my cock hard for a couple hours even moving around. I was still concerned about my stamina, so I fucked a girl at the dorms earlier so I would not blow my wad soon as I stuck my cock in my Aunties sweet pussy.

Setting down the street from my Aunties house I quickly run over my plan again. I swish a large mouthful of whiskey around in my mouth so as to smell of alcohol and I smear on a petroleum base salve that my study group and I had concocted in chemistry class. It would keep my cock slippery and in addition had the additive to make the skin of a female vulva flush like it was in heat. I shove my cock back in my pants and zipper up. God I’m so fucking hard.

I drive my car to the front of my Aunties, and park and go to the front door. I knock and wait for her to answer. She looks out of the window in the door and sees me and turns on the light to be sure. I can see her huge smile her nephew has showed up even though it is very late for her. I know she had been in bed for some time.

“Timmy, what are you doing here?” She says, as she hugs me close as she always does except this time as I hug her back I press my hard cock against her stomach.

“Oh, Timmy!” she exclaims. “What is wrong?” As she steps away from me and glances down at my bulging pants and, “have you been drinking”?

“Oh, Auntie,” I say, “what am I going to do?”

I started to go into my planned story, about my date and the girl and I necking and I was so hot and bothered and when I held her close, she screamed let me go, and started fighting and I didn’t know what to do, and she started crying out “Rape”, and I was so scared that I just pushed her out of the car and came here to talk to you.

“What am I going to do, Auntie?” “It was just so awful scary.”

“Well maybe you should take a cold shower.” My Auntie suggested while still noticing bursa otele gelen eskort my erect cock straining against my pant.

“Ok, Auntie, I will!” As I head for the bathroom which is right next to her bedroom.

While I was taking a shower, my Auntie, knocked on the door of the bathroom and asked if I needed anything. She said she was going to bed and I was welcome to use the bedroom across the hallway. I knew exactly that she would as it always happened this way. However, she was in for a big erect cock surprise as I didn’t intend to go to the bedroom across the hall to sleep.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and eased out of the bathroom after turning off the light. I pushed open my Aunties bedroom door and stood there in the doorway outlined by the nightlight in the hallway. My erect thick 8 ½ inch blood engorged cock peeking proudly out of the towel at my waist.

“Timmy, is that you?” My Auntie asked.

I didn’t answer and started to move toward the bed slowly now that my Auntie was awake.

“Timmy, what are you doing?” Auntie said. “Oh Timmy, you can’t be in my bedroom like this, you’re my nephew.”

I simply stood there letting her have a glimpse of my erect cock peeking out of the towel. After a few moments of her staring at me, I simply dropped the towel and stood there totally naked with my cock standing erect and proud.

“Oh my god Timmy, what are you doing” my Auntie exclaimed.

I reached down and grasped the sheet she was holding up and yanked it out of her hands and uncovered her. She lay partially on her side looking up at me as I gazed down upon her in her cotton nightgown. It was knee length and I had seen her moving around many times wearing it or one like it. I knew from “sneak peak’s”, that she only wore thin cotton panties under her nightgown. I bent down and looked in to her eyes, never saying a word. I grasped her by her upper arms and pushed her down flat on her back.

“Timmy, please stop what you are doing!” gasped my Auntie, as she pushed futilely against my large shoulders and struggled trying to dislodge me. With my 6’3″ 190 pound frame versus her 5′ 5″, 120 pound frame there was no way she was going to stop what was going to happen. I had been dreaming about this too long and had planned to hard for her to stop me fucking my Auntie.

I shoved my leg between hers and pinned her to the bed and used my knee to raise her nightgown to her panties. I buried my head next to her neck and began to nuzzle her throat purring against it. I pinned her chest down with my upper body and wiggled my hips between her legs till my cock was pressing up against her panty covered pussy. With one had I quickly pulled her panties to the side of her crotch and nestled my cock tip against her pussy. bursa eve gelen escort bayan I moved my hips gently so as to let the salve on my cock tip penetrate her softer tissues and began to do its job. Just a few seconds was all it was going to take to have her vulva flushed and open from my penetration. When I could feel her pussy opening I kept her pinned to the bed and gave a shove and my cock tip pushed past her pussy lips. My cock was in her pussy. It was a dream coming true.

My Auntie was crying now, “Oh Timmy, no, please no, I am your Auntie,” as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Sorry Auntie, cry all you want, but you are getting fucked for sure, I thought as I wiggled a little more cock into her tight pussy. I was so hot I thought I was going to cream all over her right there. But somehow I was able to maintain my cool. My Auntie had gone still now that I had entered her and was pretty much motionless now just crying softly, and whispering, no, please noooo.

I wiggled my hips more and drew back slightly and plunged another couple of inches in her. Her pussy was flooding by now from the salve on my cock and I was sure her body was going to start reacting soon. I began a slow motion rocking barely holding on to my resolve not to cum right then. Each stroke drove my hard cock deeper in to my Auntie. I almost had my entire cock buried in her cunt when I felt the first involuntary twitch of her pussy around my cock.

I knew the salve was having its effect and should make her cunt flush open in preparation for an orgasm. I was pretty sure with a good fucking she was going to have an orgasm whether she wanted to or not. So I keep a slow deep stroking in to her by now hot pussy.

I noticed that now her hips were beginning to move slightly to meet each of the thrusts of my hard dick. I grasped one of her legs and pulled it up past my waist and then did the same to the other one so her pussy was in a perfect position to get my hard cock buried to the hilt in her pussy.

As she continued to murmur, no, please no, and continued to cry, I felt her hips start moving in rhythm to my thrusting cock. I then new she was beginning to respond to my plunging dick and it was time to pick up the pace. I began to drive my cock deep in to her hot hole and pull it out to the head before driving it in again. I was pounding my Aunties hot pussy and giving her the fuck she needed and I dreamed about.

I felt her pussy clamp around my cock and she began to whisper no, ugh, no, ugh, and I knew she was having an involuntary orgasm and it was what I had been waiting for. I plunged my hard thick cock to the deeps of her pussy and began to blast my jism against the entrance to her womb. God, it was great, I was coming in my Auntie. Her body shuddered bayan eskort bursa as she came and I kept here pinned with my cock buried to the hilt in her cunt as we both finished coming.

As the throes of our orgasm subsided, it was time to go into the routine my study group had helped me devise so I could fuck my Auntie. After never talking at all, during our fuck, I finally moved from where my lips had been nestled at her throat kissing gently the entire time I fucked my Auntie. I raised up on my elbows and looked directly at my Auntie, pretending to be stunned and said, “Oh, my god, what have I done?” I exclaimed.

As my Auntie lay there and sniffled, “Oh Timmy, how could you, I am your Auntie.”

I gently removed my cock from my Auntie, maintaining the regret and sorrow, of a misdeed, and knelt down beside her and without touching her as I didn’t want her to flinch, I replied, “Oh Auntie, I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I am so, so sorry.” And then for the clincher, “Oh fuck, they’ll lock me up and put me in jail, and I’ll never finish school and become a doctor.” I said.

“Oh shit, how could I have done this? They’re going to kick me out of school,” I retorted.

At that my Auntie sat up, and straightened her gown, as I stood up and moved around the room. I picked up the towel and hurried off to the bathroom and closed the door and waited for her. It wasn’t long till my Auntie, knocked and said, “Oh, Timmy, please let’s talk.”

I dressed quickly and left the bathroom and entered the kitchen and my Auntie sat at the kitchen table with her housecoat wrapped around her. I continued to feign how sorry I was, and how my life was over and my Auntie, now trying to convince me my life wasn’t over, and that we could work this out without involving anyone, etc, etc, etc.

I knew the plan was working perfectly as now the tables had turned and even though I had just fucked her, she was intent on saving me. I however, was intent on making her my steady fuck. She reminded me of how hard I had worked and everyone could make a mistake, and how that she was my, Auntie, and she was my mother’s sister, so we could never have sex as that would be incest and we could never, ever say anything to anyone and this had to be our secret forever.

I realized things were going to be perfect just as we had planned in our psych study sessions. She was falling directly in to the plan. So I promised never to tell anyone while again apologizing over and over that it would never happen again. Until after, about a month or so had passed and then it would be time for the next fucking lesson.

I agreed that I should leave and head back to the dorms and remember that this had never happened. I looked at my Auntie standing by the door and almost grabbed and took her again as I thought of her standing their saying goodbye to me with my come dripping in her cunt. I said goodbye and headed out the door to my car.

By the time I had settled behind the wheel, I realized my cock was hard again and I wanted to go back in and take care of it. But I knew I had to stick with the plan and I would just go back to the dorm and grab a fuck with Sharon, one of my study group.

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