Kas 20

Aunt Phyllis Ch. 02

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I work up with smile from ear to ear, thinking about what had happened yesterday. To me the sun was brighter; the birds were singing and the whole mood of the day was a joyful one.

I look over to my watch; it was 9.05 – meaning my Uncle would be at work and its just me and her. I got up and went to the bathroom, did my business and brush my teeth. A thought sprung into my head, maybe yesterday was only a one-off. She might not let me touch her again, what if she was so ashamed of it that it will never speak to me again or worse tell my parents and Uncle Henry saying I raped her.

I was desperately thinking in what to do as I enter my room, I did not notice the something lying on the foot of the bed. It her panties from last night, they were moist and had the smell of her aroma. I held them close to my nose, rubbing them across my face. I took them off and the note “Hope you enjoy this – Phyllis”. All my fears and anxiety disappeared.

I slowly tip-toed downstairs wearing just my shorts, trying the hardest not to let Phyllis know I was awake. She was in the kitchen clearing the table; she was wearing a pink see-through robe. Steadily, I crept up onto her, waiting for her to get back to the table. Then I rushed up behind up her clutched those round orbs of hers, she jumped as I kissed up neck.

I let go of her, she turned around and said, “So you’re both up?” looking down at my shorts. I smiled and replied, “Yeah, I was that present you left.” I rubbed my hard-on against her “So what should with do in this big ol’ empty house. I know, how about fuck, eh? ” She smiled, so I do this as a yes. I lifted her onto the table and spread her legs open.

I placed bursa escort bayan my hands on her shoulders, and kissed her. I slowly slip my tongue into her which was met with hers. My hands went further south onto her nipples again, gave them a flick and a pinch. Eventually they were on her pussy (which was moist that time), guided my index finger into it, Phyllis gave out moan, placed my thumb on her clit. I pulled out of her and we broke off from our embrace.

Phyllis pushed me off and undid her robe, while I painfully shoved my shorts down. There we were both naked in the kitchen, me rock hard and Phyllis wet as can be. She leaned back on the table, tits poking out in the air as I steered my cock deep into her.

I felt her getting wetter and wetter, my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy with easy. Phyllis was breather deeper and deeper, she moaned more and more. She wanted harder as she screamed this at me. I was picking up the pace, thrusting faster and faster into her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yeeeaaahh! That’s it you cock! Fuck me harder you cunt! Fuck your Aunt hard! Fuck me like the slut! Ohhhhh! Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! I only want to be fucked by you! You fucking stud! Your uncles shit and so the other cunts in that fucking office”

I knew Aunt Phyllis was on the verge of her orgasm as her moans grew louder and louder

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shit I’m cumming! Yesssssssssss! Brad do it now! You’re so fucking close! SHIIIITTTTTTT! FUCK ME BRAD! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” She screamed as she cumed all over my cock.

I ploughed my cock through her cum; I knew I was ready to cum. I screamed “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SHIT! I’M CUMMING”. gorukle escort The hot stream of cum shot out of my cock, it mixed with hers.

I pulled out of her move towards her face. I lifted cum cover cock and place it on her lips. She swallowed quickly, sucking her to get the juices off it. I lifted her up and gave her a kiss on the lips and gave those balloons a grope.

“Wow! I really needed that, thanks darling”. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Okay, its um… 10.15 now and Uncle will be back here at 11. So you take a shower and I’ll clean and make lunch. Also it’s not going to be like yesterday, he’s not going to back to work” I was a bit disappointed about it but Phyllis reassured me that soon it will be okay and I will be getting a present.

During the shower I wondered what it will be like when Uncle Henry leaves tomorrow and what would the present be, could it be something for me or for her. I got changed and made me way down stairs; Phyllis was wearing a red sweater and long black jeans with sensible shoes. It surprised me that I still found her sexy wearing something so conservative, normally I only hard seeing women half naked.

I strolled up to her, pinched her arse, kissed her and sat down. It was 10.50, my Uncle would be here soon, I sat down admiring the view of the back my aunt. She sat down to me and explained what’s going to happen try nest few days. “Henry will leave here tomorrow at eight; his plane would take off at ten. We see him at the front desk as he probably go to the first class lounge. At home I will give a little gift.” She moved towards me rammed her breast in my face got up took bursa merkez escort bayan something at of the fridge. She turned and said “Oh if your wondering what you present is, its something that we both enjoy and we last until you leave on Sunday.” She went off and continued cooking.

Few minutes later the door opened and Henry enter the house. We ate lunch together and when I noticed a drop of cum on the edge of the table. The day went on uneventfully – ate, watch TV, help me uncle pack. The dinner came by, then some more TV. I just was so excited for tomorrow that for me time was going painfully slowly. Finally I felt tired and went to bed and my uncle and aunt soon followed.

I feel asleep straight away after wanking over Phyllis and doing her up the arse. I was suddenly woken up, it was 1 in the mourning, and the blurry image of Phyllis wearing the pink robe earlier was at the foot of bed. She bent down towards my face and asked “Blowjob or tit-wank” I gave her squeeze of nipple and she got the idea.

She told me to get up and she laid on the bed with her tits pointing up. I pulled my shorts up and straddled on her chest. Before giving those melons a fuck I decided play with them first. I bent down and sucked those huge nipples and bit down on it. She sighed and encouraging me to carry on. “Oh! Suck those tits baby. You love them don’t ya? Suck! She moaned.

I felt that was enough so I positioned myself above her huge melons, I spread her tits and put my hard cock between them. Phyllis rubbed her tits together giving me room to fuck them harder. I thrusted my cock faster and faster, I knew I was going to cum any second soon. Phyllis pulled my cock out and gave the head a little lick, wiping off the pre-cum. She put both hands on the shaft and stroked furiously. I let out long, deep moan and cummed all over her tits and her mouth. I collapse onto the bed. Phyllis licked off all of the cum and went off the bed.

I fell asleep, smiling waiting for tomorrow.

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