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Aunt Eva

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It had been nearly a year since my high school graduation when I’d last seen my Aunt Eva, though in truth, I “saw” her nearly every day of my life. My Aunt, and my mother were identical twins. Even living hundreds of miles apart had never changed their near identical appearance. They’d worn their light brown hair in the same style for years, and neither had gained enough weight to look any different from one another. Though my mother always contributed her ability to maintain her “girlish-figure” as she called it, to having a high metabolism.

Still living at home while working part-time and attending College, I’d come downstairs to fix myself breakfast before heading off to a late morning class. Though mom had been in the kitchen when I came downstairs, waving to me and blowing me a morning kiss, I had noticed immediately she was on the phone. Taking the receiver with her, she stretched the long dangling cord, slipping around the door into the laundry room. Mom had a habit of doing this whenever she wanted some privacy, disappearing from the kitchen in order to speak more candidly. What I always got a kick out of however, her voice tended to echo whenever she entered the laundry room, making it even easier to hear what she was saying than had she simply remained in the kitchen.

“So when did this happen Sis?” I heard mom asking. Ever since I was a small boy, mom had called Aunt Eva “Sis”, rarely if ever by her first name. Because of that, I had grown accustomed to calling her “Aunt sissy”. She’d always laughed whenever I had called her that, and eventually the nickname stuck. When I grew older, I’d quit calling her “Aunt Sissy”, cutting the name slightly sometimes calling her “Aunt Sis”, or simply “Sis” as mother had always done.

Knowing that mom was talking to my Aunt, I began listening more attentively. I had learned weeks ago when overhearing my mother and father talking, that my Aunt and her husband had been having marital problems. By the sounds of it, things had gotten worse.

“What did you do when you saw them?” Mom asked in lower tones, though I was still easily able to make out every word of their one-sided conversation. “You’re kidding me!” Mom exclaimed, her voice raising a full octave in surprise as Aunt Sis told her something that must have been fairly shocking. “And then what did Bob do?” Mother pressed.

I felt really bad for my Aunt. I really liked her. The one thing I had always appreciated as a kid was that my Aunt, “Sis” had always been easy to talk to. Sometimes it felt a little weird speaking to her about things I would never have dared mention to my mother, especially with her looking like her and all. But Sis had always maintained our confidentiality in whatever we’d spoken about, never divulging anything, as far as I knew, to my mother.

“Oh Sis, don’t worry about it. No…of course you’re welcome to stay here, you know that!” Mother stated excitedly. “No…I don’t need to check with Steven first, you know he’ll be ok with your staying here for a few months. And of course, you know Mark will be more than happy to give up his room. Hell, he hardly spends the night here anymore anyway. To tell you the truth Sis, I think he’s been spending the night with one of his girlfriends!”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. I hadn’t been staying that many nights away from the house for one thing. And for the other, though I had a girlfriend of sorts, it was far more “platonic” than anything else. We’d gone out a few times together yes. Usually with several of our mutual friends, but what neither mother nor “Sis” knew for that matter, was that I was still a virgin in every respect of the word. I’d never so much as even laid a hand on a bare breast yet. Not that I didn’t want to, or have those urges. I did. Masturbating almost daily in fact, while wondering, thinking about what it would actually feel like. But so far, my shyness, and low self-esteem had kept me from really attempting to do anything, with anyone. And it wasn’t as though I wasn’t reasonably attractive either. I’d come late into my so-called growing spurt, which had left me awkward, ungainly, as I’d suddenly began growing. Though I loved most sports, I was almost too skinny for football, especially as I’d managed to grow a full three inches in less than a years time, and my weight hadn’t kept up with my height.

There was a long momentary pause while mom stood there listening to whatever it was that Sis had to say. “No. I admit I’m not really aware of anything…” Mother said once again having lowered her tone of voice, totally unaware that I could still clearly hear her. “You know Mark, he’s never been comfortable sharing things like that with me, but I know the two of you have had discussions like that before, maybe he’ll feel better talking to you about it.” I heard her saying. They chatted briefly for a few minutes more, and then mom walked back into the kitchen preparing to end her call. I feigned ignorance of course; appearing far more interested in reading the morning paper than in listening to whatever bursa escort it was she’d been talking to her sister about. Seconds later, I heard her hanging up the phone.

“That was Sis on the line.” She began. “She told me to tell you she said hi. And, she’s coming to stay with us for a few months.” She said simply without giving any explanation.

“She’s welcome to stay in my room.” I offered innocently, pretending I hadn’t already heard that. “I prefer sleeping downstairs in the den anyway. Or, if it’s nice out, I actually enjoy blowing up the air-mattress and sleeping outside on the patio.”

“Thank you Mark.” Mother said coming over to give me a hug, wrapping her arms around my neck as I sat, hugging me from behind. “I appreciate your doing that honey. Aunt Sis needs some time away for a while.” She finally gave up by way of a reason for my sleeping elsewhere.

“No problem.” I said easily reaching up to give mom a backwards pat on the shoulder. “Well, guess I’d better get going, or I’ll be late for my first class. By the way, when’s Sis going to be here?”

“She’s flying in tomorrow evening. Which reminds me. Your father and I have that business dinner to attend, so I’d appreciate it if you’d plan on staying home tomorrow night and keep your Aunt company. I think she’d enjoy spending some time with you anyway, it has been a year since she’s last seen you. And boy…won’t she be surprised! She’ll never recognize you Mark!”

Which was true, I had changed significantly in a fairly short period of time. “Ok, nothing going on anyway. And I don’t work tomorrow night either, so being home won’t be any problem for me.” Giving mom a quick kiss on the cheek, I headed out the door off to my first class. Surprisingly, I was excited, anxious to see my Aunt. Fact was, I was looking forward to the possibility of having another one of our intimate, private conversations together. The fact that mom had already given her an earful, even though there wasn’t any truth to it, promised that whatever we talked about could end up being very interesting.


The next day, I arrived home late in the afternoon after my last class and headed immediately upstairs to my bedroom. Though I knew Sis was expected in, she’d never made it much before early to late evening whenever she’d flown in before. Without thinking, I simply barged into my room without even considering she might already be there. As I did, I saw two suitcases open, lying on the bed. A second after that, Sis came walking out of my bathroom. She was wrapping her hair up in a towel as she entered, and…she was naked!

“Oh God! Sis! I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were even here yet!” I stammered, already backing towards the door. My being there did startle her, briefly. But if I’d expected her to suddenly turn and run from the room, I had another surprise coming. Taking the towel she’d been using to dry her hair with, she merely held it up in front of herself. But even in her doing this, she was barely able to conceal much of what I had already seen.

“Don’t be embarrassed Mark.” She said easily. “We’re all grownups here.” Sis finished wrapping the towel around her self, giving me one more quick, brief glimpse at her full, dark nippled breasts before hiding them from my view. “I managed to catch an earlier flight than normal.” Sis walked over to the dresser standing in front of it and began brushing out her wet hair. “I understand your mom and dad will be out this evening.” She ventured. “Any plans?”

“No…no plans.” I said, feeling my face still flushed with embarrassment at having walked in on her. “Maybe we can order in pizza later or something…” I stammered in offering. I saw her reflection in the mirror as she looked at me, smiling.

“Sounds like a good idea. And from what your mother’s told me, you and I have a lot of catching up to do anyway.” Suddenly her smile turned into one of obvious surprise. Turning away from the mirror, Sis quickly closed the distance between us.

“Good God Mark! You’ve grown!” She said stepping up next to me. “Last time I checked, you were barely taller than either I or your mother is. Now look at you!” She exclaimed. “You’re a good three inches taller than I am now!”

“Just over six feet.” I said proudly, feeling manly for some reason. Though my Aunt standing tippy-toe, pressing against me in nothing more than a white fluffy towel might have had something to do with that. Sis gave me a quick kiss in greeting, once again stepping away.

“Well, I really should get dressed.” Sis paused, looking at me. For a split second I thought she was going to take off the towel.

“Oh yeah, right. I was going to jump in and take a quick shower.” I announced lamely, finally remembering why I’d barged in here in the first place.

“Well, go ahead. It’s still your room Mark. I’m not in that big a hurry. Go head, have your shower. I’ll finish getting dressed in here while you do.” Seeing nothing wrong with that at all, I made my way into the bathroom, undressed, and bursa escort stepped into the shower. Taking a rather hot one, the room soon filled up with steam. Shampooing my hair, I heard the sound of the bathroom door opening.

“Don’t mind me.” Sis said. “I just need to pee,” she announced. “And don’t worry…I won’t flush until after you’re out.” Seconds later I could hear the sound of her “tinkling” in the toilet. Stunned that she would even do that in front of me for one thing, and even more surprised that she’d come into the bathroom where I was showering for another. As I turned to begin rinsing the soap from my hair, I caught her reflection in the tiles. She’d removed her towel, sitting on the toilet once again naked. The fact that I could easily see her bare breasts as she sat there, totally unaware that I was looking made me feel like a voyeur, which I guess in a sense, I was.

I continued to watch as she reached over unrolling a few strips of toilet paper before wiping herself. Standing up, I stared at her as she did. The dark patch of her pubic hair between her legs beckoned to me like a beacon. Closing the lid, she flushed. “Oh shit! Sorry Mark!” She said giggling. The sudden change in water temperature had me dancing backwards in a hurry.

“Fuck!” I shouted out, slipping as I did, landing hard down inside the tub.

“Oh Mark! Are you ok?” Sis yelled. Suddenly the shower curtains parted, and there she was looking down at me as I lay there in the bottom of the tub looking up at her.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I told her, subconsciously taking my hand covering my exposed prick with it as she stood there, the affects of doing so, automatically drawing her attention down between my legs as she followed the movement. Aunt “Sis” was grinning.

“Guess this makes us even,” she said laughing.

“What? Oh…yeah. Guess we are!” I replied, laughing with her now though I still hadn’t removed my hand.

“Sure you don’t need any help getting up?” She asked again, leaning into the tub even further offering her hand to me. Looking up towards her, my eyes focused completely on her exposed breasts. Those dark tantalizing nipples of hers were erect, puckered, her full sized breasts hanging there just inches away from my face.

“Ah no. I’m fine, really.” Obviously Sis wasn’t about to go anywhere until she was absolutely sure I was ok. Which meant, I was going to have to sit up at the very least, once again exposing my penis to her. I certainly wasn’t ashamed of the way I looked or anything, even as flaccid as I was. But it did feel just a little weird sitting there like this with my Aunt looking in and down at me. Steeling myself, I allowed my hand to fall free, bracing myself, sitting up as I did. “See? I’m fine.” I saw her briefly glance at my groin before looking back into my eyes.

“I’m sure you’re girlfriend will be happy to hear that too,” she said teasingly. Then she turned away, disappearing from the bathroom before I could say anything to her.


By the time I stepped out of the shower, dressed, and gone into my room, Sis had dressed and gone down stairs. I quickly headed down to the family room myself, spotting my Aunt and father talking. Dad looked “spiffy” as I heard my aunt saying, brushing a few flecks of ‘whatever’ off of his shoulders as she stood there admiring him in his tuxedo.

“Where’s mom?” I asked upon entering.

“She’ll be down in a second.” Dad said. “God, I hate these business dinners,” he said looking about as uncomfortable as I still felt myself. Sis gave me a knowing wink, then turned just as mom entered the room.

“Jackie! You look fabulous!” Eva stated appreciatively. And she did too. It had been a long time since I’d seen mom dressed up this nicely. And I found myself doing a double take when I also realized just how plunging the neckline of her evening dress really was.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into buying this, let alone wearing it,” she said to my father. But even I had to admit she looked damn good in it as Eva confirmed an instant later by saying so herself.

“You’d best keep an eye on her Steven.” Sis warned him. “She’ll have guys following her around all night anxious to get a peek down the front of her dress!” Dad was beaming however, enjoying the attention mom would be receiving.

“Well, I guess we’d better give them something else to look at too then,” he said as he reached inside his jacket pocket, removing some sort of velvet-covered box. Handing it to my mother he was still grinning. “Here, put this on.” Mother opened the long slim box and withdrew a single diamond pendant hanging on a tiny gold chain. The diamond was enormous however, certainly eye catching.

“Well you’ve got that right Steven!” Aunt Sis stated. “Though now you’ll have both the men and the women staring at her enviously. The men at her tits…and the women at her diamond.” Everyone got a good laugh out of that, except for me. I continued to stand there quietly surprised at what I was bursa eskort hearing.

“What you need though…is a different pair of earrings,” Sis said. “Here, take these.” She reached up and began undoing the one’s she was wearing. I noticed as she did, that they too were diamonds.

“Oh Sis! Are you sure? Really? You’ll let me borrow them for this evening?” Mom questioned excitedly.

“Sure…and as far as I’m concerned, you can have them. Bob gave them to me.” I watched as my aunt finished removing them from her ears and began putting them on my mothers.

“No, I won’t keep them. But thank you for letting me borrow them for this evening at least,” she said happily. She quickly checked herself in the mirror, liking the way she looked, and certainly liking the rather provocative way her breasts accentuated the perfectly cut diamond my father had just given her. “Well. Now I’m ready! Let’s go Steven!” She said slipping into her coat. I watched as she leaned over whispering something to my aunt. She in turn glanced in my direction briefly, and then whispered something back to her.

“Ok, have fun you two. And if you get too drunk, just get a room and stay in town for the night.” Sis told my parents.

“We just might do that!” Dad said, grinning wickedly. “Though we might not even be drunk if we decide to do that!” He said conspiratorially. Mom gave him a playful punch in the side.

“Ok Steven, behave yourself. Or you really won’t be getting any. Diamond or no Diamond!” Mom added suggestively.

I stood there beside my aunt as we watched my parents walk outside and get into the car. “Well now, how about that pizza?” Eva asked.


After dinner we had gone outside to sit by the pool. I’d already had a couple of beers with the pizza and had a light buzz going. Aunt Sis preferred a bit stiffer drink and had been having something called “Sex on the beach”. After three of those, she was acting like she’d been doing just that.

“What say we go for a swim?” She said suddenly. I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea, standing up in preparation for heading inside the house to change. “Where are you going?” Sis asked.

“To put on my suit!” I said simply, not even thinking in terms of anything else.

“Why? There’s no one else here. And I certainly won’t tell, if you don’t.” Before I could even begin to respond to that, Sis slipped the tank top she’d been wearing up and over her head. I was already very well aware of the fact she hadn’t been wearing a bra. Something I’d been secretly enjoying all evening long. But secretly knowing and enjoying was one thing, especially when she was your aunt. Actually seeing her breasts suddenly appear was something else all together.

“Sis! What the hell are you doing?” I exclaimed worriedly. “What if someone comes home, or somebody comes over?”

“Who? Your girlfriend maybe?” Sis teased. “And you know damn good and well your folks are gone for the evening. I’d be surprised in fact if they even come home tonight!” Sis didn’t even hesitate, she tossed her top into a nearby chair, and struggled out of the shorts she was wearing, doing the exact same thing to those. Now she stood before me in nothing more than a very skimpy pair of blue bikini panties. “Well? You going to join me or not?”

“What girlfriend?” I replied long after the fact. Sis sashayed by me, lifting a finger tickling my chin as she passed.

“The one who’s been sucking your dick,” she said somewhat drunkenly.

“Eva!” I yelled. I rarely if ever called her by name, usually only when I was frustrated, angry or surprised. She’d managed to accomplish all three in one fell swoop.

“Well? Doesn’t she?” Sis didn’t wait for an answer, diving almost immediately into the pool. She surfaced a moment later, holding up her soaked panties, tossing them towards me. Absentmindedly, I actually caught them when she did. Realizing what I was standing there holding in my hands, I quickly flipped them over onto the patio table. Eva was laughing at me as she treaded water. Suddenly she was choking, a second later she was floundering and I watched as she dipped beneath the surface. I waited a split-second longer, but she hadn’t surfaced. In a panic, I ran, diving into the pool clothes on and all. I could see her floating half way down in the deep end, making for her in quick purposeful strokes. The second I grabbed her, she turned, smiling at me eyes wide open and shot towards the surface.

“What the fuck was that?” I screamed at her the moment I broke the surface of the water. “You scared the shit out of me!” I continued to yell angrily.

“Well, I had to do something to get you into the pool,” she said, pushing off lazily floating on her back. The sight of those incredible boobs bobbing on the surface of the water caught my attention. It was damn hard trying to stay angry with my aunt, especially with her looking like that.

“What was that crack about my girlfriend anyway?” I finally asked, pulling my self out of the water. Drenched, I finally began stripping off my wet clothing. Eva swam by me, still on her back, letting me have a perfectly good look at her naked self as she did. Pulling up next to the bank where I was sitting, I could still see those incredible tits of hers bobbing beneath the surface of the water.

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