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Aunt Cathy Pt. 07

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

Cathy was dressed entirely in red lingerie. Her hair was up in a bun except for two long ringlets that brushed against each cheek. Chandelier earrings dangled from her lobes, twinkling a ruby red whenever they caught the sunlight from my window. Her eyes were done in smokey metallic silver with coal black liner and long thick eye lashes. A look that created a lust to her eyes that was entrancing.

Her lips though were oddly barren of lipstick.

She was staring right at me, just inviting me to look, so I very slowly let my eyes glide down her body. Her bra was sheer and sparkling, areolas easy to see, her nipples pushing hard against the sheer material. The bras straps were taught, pulled by the weight and size of her breasts, only touching her skin where they crossed over her shoulders. Something long and black was hanging from the front closure.

The same material that had been used for her bra also made up her thong, the only difference being tiny rhinestones that embellished the seams. When she saw my gaze had focused there, she turned around in a slow circle. A heart shape, cut into a skimpy triangle of fabric, constituted the back of her thong, where it then continued as a seam disappearing between her perfect butt cheeks.

Around her waist a lacey garter belt fit snug, the straps holding up shimmering stockings that stopped just above mid-thigh. She’d made a complete meal of herself, the garnish being a pair of six-inch red stilettos. Highly polished and made of patent leather, they just made her long legs look even longer.

I was about to say something when she held up a finger to her lips. “You can’t talk. I’m going to be one of your fantasies, just let me do everything.” With the way she looked, and what she’d said earlier, I was not about to argue. One foot in front of the other she sauntered over to the drapes in my room. I got quite the show of that ass swaying in synchronization with the metronome like click of her heels.

She reached the drapes and spread her legs wide. her arms went up to the curtain rod, stretched open and matched the splay of her legs. She knew what her position would look like to me, we’d just talked about bondage. It didn’t take much to imagine her wrists tied and a spreader bar holding her legs apart, “Someday lover, just don’t spank me too hard ok?” That started my pre-cum on a steady drip.

The drapes in my room are a thick, navy blue broadcloth, they block a lot of light but also dampen sound well. Once she’d closed them, the room turned to a weird, muffled, bluish color. It took a while for my eyes to adjust so I could see everything again, and by that time Cathy had walked back to stand in front of my door again. Slowly lowering to her knees, she told me, “Point your cock at me.”

I didn’t understand what she meant and started to stand, “You’re not to move my loving Sir.” ‘My loving Sir’, those three words told me she was ok with the bondage, also that she’d decided what she would call me. It was simple and didn’t make me feel like her boss, I liked it. I watched her pull a lip stick tube from her cleavage, (I didn’t know you could buy lip color shaped like a cock) It wasn’t her candy color, but a deep, matt red.

One thing I love about Cathy is how she makes bursa bayan eskort the simplest things sexy. The way she applied that cock headed lip stick, the smacking sound when her lips came together to even it out, and the final lick to settle it. If it had been a GIF file, I would have had it on infinite loop.

The pointing request was still lost on me though. Until she got on all fours. Then it clicked. The position, the stance, now I remembered what she was referring to, that certain picture and what she was about to do. My thumping chest changed to a hard pounding when she started crawling.

Liquid honey in winter moves faster than she did. Pushing my cock down so it was horizontal to the floor did nothing to speed up her movements. It did a lot to increase the sleeve’s pressure on my dick though, and that hurt. Cathy kept moving toward me, her eyes never faltering from mine, all sorts of illicit new thoughts started to ignite my imagination.

She stopped one crawl away from my cock head, smiled, and sat back on her heels. “You know what I want don’t you?” My finger went up to my lips, she grinned “Opps, forgot.” Taking the black strip off her bra she placed it around her neck, clasp in front, and closed it. The strip was a velvet choker. “Remember what I said in front of your mom?” Very slowly she rotated the choker around her neck until the words ‘I LOVE CUM’ came into view.

What she’d said in front of mom ran through my mind, ‘You have the hottest cum I’ve ever felt in my life, I can’t wait to feel that on my face.’ A facial, she wanted a hot cum facial to ornament her face. Cathy raised off her heels and got into her crawling position but didn’t move. My heart almost burst when her lips parted, and she leaned forward popping my cock head into her mouth.

You have to imagine her position. On all fours, her back legs open just enough so I could see her heels. The arch of her back raising her ass in the air showing the cut-out heart shape in her thong. I could look down and see her tits slightly swaying in her bra. And those fucking eyes just watching me being tranced by her skill.

The sensation was hot and wet. I watched her cheeks draw in when she started to suck. Her tongue had started caressing my frenulum when she suddenly pulled away. “Why is your cock so cold?” Her eyes widened, “Oh god baby I’m so sorry!”

Huh? What was that supposed to mean? Cold? Was she going to stop? Oh no. Oh no-no-no, not this time. Before I could break her no talking rule, she slide her hands under the vibrator sleeve and pulled it off.

A surge of blood rushed into my cock and made it slap against my stomach. My aunt lifted herself up to my face, “No wonder you didn’t cum in the shower. I forgot how thick you were. Sorry lover, I basically bought you a four inch long, vibrating, cock ring.” She made a oops-a-daisy face and gesture. Then smiling a wicked smile, she added, “But according to your clock, that would mean you’ve been edging for over ninety minutes, and I know what that means. Try not to put my eye out ok?”

Cathy didn’t go back to being on all fours. Instead, she knelt in front of me and ever so slowly started to slide my cock down her throat. Inch by inch she swallowed me right down to the base, I’d never felt anything like it bursa evi olan escort and was convinced it couldn’t get better. Until she started humming and running her fingers nails over my balls; her tongue licking whatever it could reach.

I broke the rule, “Holy hell Cathy, that feels fucking amazing!” She pulled me from her throat, “It’s supposed to lover. Now be quiet and enjoy.”

The enjoy part was easy, the be quiet part not so much. She was doing everything I’d ever seen in a porn movie; except she was doing it maddeningly slow. Pouting her lips, she’d run them up and down my saliva covered shaft, her thumb rubbed circles on my frenulum. Every now and then she’d deep throat me tickling me with her tongue tip on the way down and up. I groaned, moaned, growled. Every sex sound you could imagine I made.

She kept working on me till she felt my balls tighten up, then she stopped. “Stand up for me lover.” My cock was so engorged it just stood straight out in front of her face. I’m convinced my aunt has a sadistic streak in her, what she did next was borderline torture. Spitting in her hand, she started to jerk me off, keeping a close eye on my balls. When ever they tightened up, she’d stop, wait for them to drop, and start jerking again.

I was to the point that I knew the next time she touched me I was going to erupt. “Lady you better close your eyes when you touch me again, or you’re going to get a eyeful.” Cathy sat back on her heels and put her hands in her lap.

“I’m not going to touch you again, you are. And don’t you let one drop miss my face.” I’ve seen lots of facials in porn, every woman flinches when the jizz starts to fly. When I came she didn’t even blink. The thick string landed across the right side of her face, all the way from the top of her bun, over her eyelash and down her cheek. The next one hit her in the forehead and ran down till it dripped from her nose. Then all hell broke loose.

I started cumming in thick, rapid bursts. They were landing everywhere. On her cheeks and forehead, across her lips, on her eye lashes (Which she never closed once) It was dripping off her face onto her tits and neck. Where it hit her bra, dark spots formed on the sheer material. She kept saying, “More baby more,” and I kept giving more and more.

When I’d finally run dry, she looked like a frosting bag had exploded on her. There were drips large and small, patches of her hair were soaked. One eye was hidden behind a wall of cum that hung off an eye lash. Even her stockings hadn’t escaped the deluge. Pulling my cock to her face she started using it to gather up my cum then clean it off with her mouth.

She hadn’t touched herself once and I was expecting another, ‘My turn’ car episode. That didn’t happen, instead she reached for my hands and I helped her up. When she looked at me, I almost got lost in the dreamy look in her eyes. She was panting, “Perfect lover, now, come with me.” She took my hand and lead me to my computer chair, “Sit please.” I did and she slid onto my desk in front of me.

Locking a heel where each arm rest joined the back, she put her hands behind her, leaned back and spread her knees. “I need you to eat me, to make me cum. Please do it. Make me cum, please.” Her voice was almost a whimper, her bottom bursa rus escort lip was quivering again, and the front of her thong was soaked. When I pulled her thong aside, she was still ‘unflowered’ but thin strings of wetness dribbled from her.

Flattening my tongue, I made a long slow lick along her mons pubis that drew a moanfully heavy groan out of her. The ‘It’ll flower with a little licking’ statement she’d made proved to be true. When I pulled back her pussy was wide open. I could see her clit was already unhooded and her lips were puffed. Sucking each lip in one at a time, tickling with my tongue and giving gentle bites made her grab my hair. “Uh-huh baby, that’s it.”

I started biting down her inner thighs, stopping every now and then to suck her pussy lips into my mouth while tonguing her deep. She gripped my hair tighter “Exactly like that, you’re driving me fucking crazy!” Playing with her for a while, I moved up to her clit lapping and rolling my tongue over it. Occasionally I’d suck in and flick my tongue on it. I was getting a lot of ‘ohhhs’ and ‘uh-huhs’ from her, but I had a trick.

A high stick to the mouth had left me with no front teeth. My parents at the time couldn’t afford the surgery to put the real ones back in. I did eventually get fake ones, but by then my teeth had grown apart so a gap was left between them. That gap could provide a very unique, pleasurable service. Pulling back, I looked at Cathy, “Am I doing ok?”

She looked at me with a begging look, (I’m not making that up, it surprised me too) “Baby I am so close please don’t stop.”

My face went back between her thighs and I positioned the tooth gap where I needed it. One hard suck and her clit was trapped between my teeth, a clit clamp so to speak. She made a ‘Uhhhhhhhhh’ sound, but when I started purring, holding my tongue against that clit, I got a definite reaction. She almost bucked me off my chair.


Zoned out of everything but what I was doing, Cathy’s thighs clamped down onto me and she grabbed my head, shoving it deeper into her pussy. “Babe pleaseees. Oh shiiiitttt!” I kept purring when she let go of my head and sat up, her hands gripping the edge of my desk. I felt her start to shake, “FUCK!” her legs straightened and sent the chair flying. “I’m going to squirt lover; you better move if you don’t want to drown.”

I didn’t move until she forced me off her clit and came in a torrent of juices. I’d never felt a woman’s squirt. It felt like warm water, it didn’t have a bad scent or weird taste, and to be honest, felt kind of good running down my face and body. My aunt’s eyes were rolled into her head and when she stopped convulsing her hands lost their grip. She started to fall towards me, but I caught her, laying her back on my desk.

I couldn’t tell if she was conscious or not, “Ground control to Auntie, come in please?” Cathy’s eyes blinked and she looked dreamily at me,

“Auntie to ground control, communications garbled due to a freaking wicked cunnilingus storm.” I started laughing. “Lover I think you skipped better and went right to best.” Her arms went around my neck and legs encircled my waist. We had a long, lingering kiss that ended with us looking at each other, “I love you.” Luckily, the clock on my desktop caught my eye,

“We better go have a shower, they’ll be home in a hour.”

Cathy giggled.

“Poet and didn’t know it huh?”

That earned her a pinch to the butt, “Ouch! That hurt ass head.”

I smiled, put my arms under her and carried her to the bathroom, her head resting on my shoulder all the way.

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