Aunt Cathy Ch. 1

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My Aunt Cathy had fascinated me all my like and I had only just turned seventeen. She was single and worked in a ladies department store selling women’s clothing and lingerie.

Cathy was in her early forties but looked like she was in her thirties. She is petite – 5′ 3″ and a little over 100 lbs. She had a nice figure and beautiful legs and feet which is what attracted me most.

She always wore high heels with at least four inch heels to work and five inches or higher on other occasions. Her favorite ones were patent leather pumps and she always seemed to be wearing a different pair

I jerked off to fantasies of her almost every day. I loved being around her smelling her perfume and checking out her latest dresses and fuck me pumps. She was very pretty and knew how to use makeup to bring out her best features. She kept her fingernails long and always painted them to match her lips.

I thought that I would only just fantasize about her until one day she offered to pay me to take care of her yard and work around canl─▒ bahis her house occasionally. She had recently purchased a new home not far from where I lived.

I immediately told her yes and that very day she gave me a key to her home and asked me to start that weekend by cutting the lawn. She would be out of town on a business trip.

I got to her house early on Saturday and as I walked up the steps to the door I had a raging hard on. I opened the door and stepped in to her living room.

I could smell her scent immediately. The furniture, drapes and everything in the room radiated female sexuality. The floor was hardwood with rugs scattered all over. I could picture her walking on them in her high heels making incredible sexy clicking noises.

I checked out the whole house saving her bedroom for last. The bed was large with white silk sheets. Off to the side was an open bathroom and a closet. In the bathroom on the counter were many bottles of perfume, makeup and lipsticks. I sprayed some of her perfume and smelled bahis siteleri one of her lipsticks.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. My dick was aching for release. I took off all of my clothes and dropped them to the floor. My dick was sticking straight out hard as steel and aching for relief. Smelling her and thinking of her I began to jerk off. I slowed down as I didn’t want to come so fast.

I walked over to her closet and opened the door and discovered a huge walk in closet nearly as large as the bedroom. Her wardrobe was incredible. She had hundreds of dresses and lingerie in the closet.

I slowly walked around the room just touching the silky fabric of her clothes. I picked out a bright red slip dress and rubbed it on my body and started to jerk off with it. The red silk made my dick feel wonderful.

Her shoes were all over the closet. On the floor and hanging in racks along the wall. I spent a long time just looking at the different high heels. Finally, I saw a pair of six inch red patent leather pumps that bahis ┼čirketleri matched the slip dress I was holding.

I rubbed the heel against my hard dick and almost came. I wanted to come badly by now. I walked to her bed and pulled the white silk covers back and laid down. I thought I was in heaven. My senses were being overwhelmed by the smell and memories of Aunt Cathy.

I couldn’t hold off any longer. I started jerking off using both the red high heels and the dress. My dick was ready to explode.

I tried to imagine what it would feel like to fuck my aunt in her bed and if she were wearing the red dress and shoes. I took one of her pumps and stuck my dick in it where her foot would be. The soft leather of the shoe felt great on my dick. I then started to fuck her shoe as if it were Aunt Cathy instead.

My orgasm started and it felt fantastic. At the same time I heard a door opening and the clicking of heels as someone approached the bedroom.

“Alan, where are you?” Aunt Cathy said. “My flight was cancelled. I’m home early”

I was in the middle of my best orgasm ever and my cum was shooting all over the place. I couldn’t stop now. I continued to jerk off as the bedroom door began to open.

To Be Continued…

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