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Aunt Abby

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For as far back as I can remember, my family would visit my Aunt Abby every year during the summer. We would usually stay for a week or two and I always had a great time. She had married my mom’s brother the year I was born. I don’t remember him because he passed away only a few years later.

My parents continued to keep Aunt Abby close to their hearts and an important part of my life. I really loved her. She was my favorite aunt. My last few years of high school I didn’t go with my parents to see her, electing to stay home and fool around with friends. I was now ending my first year of college and knew that I should visit her this year. Scheduling problems with finals made it impossible to go with my parents so I made plans to visit her on my own the following week.

She told me that she couldn’t wait to see me and catch up on what she had missed in my life. Aunt Abby lived in a very exclusive area; big homes with lots of property. The weatherman had predicted a heat wave this week and for once he was right. Aunt Abby had a large pool I couldn’t wait to use it. When I pulled into her driveway I saw her open her front door and wait for me to get my suitcase and come to the door. She opened the screen door and ran to greet me on the walk. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts, a halter-top and no shoes.

“Welcome back Kevin,” she said. ” I’m so happy to see you again. Put that bag down and give your Aunt Abby a hug.”

I put my stuff down and we hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it,” I said.

“It sure has,” she replied. “Stand back and let me look at you. My how you’ve grown. You’ve turned into a real man. The last time I saw you, you only came up to here.” She held out her arm to show how tall I had been. “Now you’re taller than me.”

“I guess I have done a lot of growing these past few years,” I said. “You haven’t changed a bit. You look like the last time I saw you.” This was very true. Aunt Abby was the same age as my mother but looked about 20 years younger. Standing there, dressed as she was, she could have passed for one of my classmates in college. She smiled widely, blushed and said, “Thank you very much. I try to stay in shape. I still swim laps in the pool everyday. I guess that has helped a lot.”

“I guess it has,” I answered. “Because of you I’m on the swim team at school.”

“That’s great! Come on inside and we’ll get you settled in.” I followed her to my room and as I did I noticed how short her shorts really were. The cheeks of her ass were peeking out of the bottom as she walked. Each side would appear and disappear with the motion of her hips. Her back and legs showed the developed muscles form her daily swims. Her blond hair was cut short making her neck seem very long. I could smell the perfume she had worn since I could remember.

“Put your stuff in this room,” she told me. “When you get set, come outside to the patio where we can talk.” As she turned and left I couldn’t help but stare at her fine ass again. I put my clothes away and got into my swim trunks. It was hot and I wanted to use her pool to cool off. As I came to the sliders that led outside I could see my aunt by the portable bar she had out there. She had some music on and she was dancing by herself. She had her back to the door and wasn’t aware I was looking. She was making moves like an exotic dancer.

Her body swayed like a snake showing how limber she was. I watched as she bent over and was able to place the palms of her hands flat to the ground. Her shorts rode up as high as they could, the edges inching there way towards her crack. I couldn’t see any panties because she wasn’t wearing any. I could feel my cock start to get bigger so I backed away from the door until I could come out without her noticing. When I felt safe, I made some noise and went out.

She invited me to the bar and offered me a drink. We both had a beer and went to sit on a pair of lounge chairs that faced each other. As we talked she shifted her position and I could see that her dance movements from before had pushed her shorts into the slit of her pussy. They didn’t go in deep but the depression was obvious. The two mounds created by her cunt were smooth and even. almanbahis giriş I felt my dick start to grow again and quickly covered it with my hands and the bottle of beer.

I raised my knees up to try to give me more cover before realizing that I was now giving my aunt a good view of where I kept my balls. I slowly put one leg down and tried to control myself. She asked me if I wanted another drink and I said yes. She got up and as she did she spread her legs very wide. The material of the shorts between her legs flattened out but then quickly dove deeper into her pussy. A very distinct line was now visible as she walked towards me. She stood over me and asked, “Are you finished with that one?”

“It’s gotten warm,” I answered. “Could I have a cold one?”

“Sure, no problem.” She turned and I quickly placed my hard dick up on my stomach and used my waistband to keep it down. As she walked away I noticed her reach her fingers up between her legs and pull her shorts out from her snatch. When she returned with my beer, her shorts were neat but I noticed a slight darkness to their color right where they had been inside of her. She handed me my beer and I swear I could smell her as her hand came close to my face. This time she sat in a different chair and crossed her legs. To my relief my dick began to return to its normal shape but I could feel a wet spot where the hole of my pecker had been.

We talked for a while, reminiscing about old times. She asked, “Do you have any girlfriends?” I said. “No one really. Believe it or not there aren’t too many good ones out there. I thought that when I got to college there would be hundreds of good looking ones to pick from but most of them are taken. If I could meet one like you I would be very happy.”

“Why thank you Kevin. Who knows, you might find someone like me faster than you think. I see you have your trunks on. Let’s go for a swim.”

“I’d love to Aunt Abby.” She looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, “You can stop calling me Aunt Abby. Abby will do just fine. You make me feel as old as your mother when you say that.” We both laughed out loud and I said, “Ok. Abby it is for the rest of the week.” She said, “I bought a new bathing suit last week. I’ll go put it on and I’ll meet you at the pool.” She went inside to change and I headed for the pool.

Her back yard was very secluded. The boundary was outlined with tall thick pines. Her neighbors couldn’t see or hear anything that happened here. I got in her pool and started to do some slow laps. I never noticed Abby return until I finished and took my head out of the water. She was standing at the edge of the pool right above where I had stopped. I looked up and saw her standing with one hand behind her head and the other on the hip that she had thrown out to one side, her knee bent and the heel of that leg lifted off the ground.

She was posing in the smallest bikini I could remember seeing. It was white. The bra barely covered her tits. I could see the milky, white, skin which had always been covered in her other suits. Her nipples were hard. The panty covered a little bit more than the top did but that wasn’t saying much. “Well. How do you like it?” she asked. “I know it’s small but I thought, I’ve got the body so why not show it.” She was right. Time had only made Abby better. She had a body that many women would die for. Her body was toned and firm from swimming so much.

I said to her, “I like it very much. You look very sexy.” She smiled at me and then dove into the water right over my head. I turned and she came up just behind me cursing. “Damn bra. I thought this might happen.” She stood up facing me and I saw that her tits had fallen out. They were perfectly round, standing firmly in place. Her hard nipples stood out erect, drops of water rolling down her tits and dripping from them. I watched as she cupped each breast in her hand and gently repositioned them into her suit. She smiled at me and said, “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom,” I replied. She let what I said sink in and then she burst out laughing. I laughed too and then watched her go onto her back and float away. Her tits spread out upon her chest, nipples pointing skyward. almanbahis adres The water made her suit more revealing and I could the dark line between her legs where her pussy was. We floated around for a while and then she asked, “Are you up to a race with Abby?” I said, “Sure, but I know who the winner will be.”

“We’ll see about that,” she said. “How many laps can the college man do?” We agreed to swim the length of the pool three times. She had always won when I was younger but I knew she couldn’t keep up with me now. She counted down to the start and off we went. She kept up with me for the first two laps. On the final lap I was ahead by a couple of feet when suddenly I felt something. Abby had gotten close to me and grabbed hold of my trunks.

With one strong yank she had pulled them down around my knees. As I struggled to pull them back up Abby swam for the edge. When I finally broke to the surface she was at the end with her arms in the air, laughing and yelling, “I won, I won.” I swam towards her yelling back, “You cheated. That wasn’t fair. You cheated.”

She continued to proclaim her victory as I came closer. She backed away laughing and pointing at me saying, “Loser, loser. I won. I won.” I reached for her and she made for the ladder, laughing all the way. She was climbing out when I got to her and grabbed her ankle. She let out a wild scream, never stopping from laughing. I yanked and she fell back into the pool screaming out even louder. She struggled to get away but I was stronger.

As we fought I put my arm around her and grabbed hold of her. My hand had found its way underneath her bra and I had a firm hold of her tit. It felt as good as it looked. I could feel her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. I held on tight and brought my other hand around her body. I could feel her hipbone where the panties of her suit were barely staying on. I brought my hand down and felt the tendon that ran down from her crotch to her inner thigh. She struggled more and twisted away from me. She tried to swim away, still laughing, but I caught her again. This time when I reached out my right hand grabbed onto her upper inside thigh again. I reached with my other hand and held onto the cheek of her ass.

She broke free and I lunged for her again. This time my right hand went further. My fingers slid just under her panties and I could feel the hairs that covered her cunt. She twisted again, broke free and swam for safety. Still laughing she reached the edge of the pool and lifted herself up. I watched as her ass rose from the water. Her suit had crawled up deep inside the cheeks of her firm butt. She turned and sat on the edge facing me. I watched as the tit, which I had held in my hand, bounced up and down as she laughed. This time she didn’t bother to cover it up. Instead, she reached behind her neck, undid the knot, took it off and said, “Damn bra,” and laughed some more. She leaned towards me and asked, “Well, did you have fun, loser?”

Her tits were hanging right in front of my nose but that didn’t bother Abby. I looked into her eyes and said, ” You cheated.” She threw her head back and squealed with delight. She lifted her legs out of the pool, grabbed her knees and rolled onto her back. The panties of her suit were now drawn up deep inside of her cunt. The lips of her pussy were now bulging out on either side of her crack like little mounds, daring me to touch them. Her ass was round and firm, the drops of water shining in the sunlight. She finally sat back up and rested her chin on her knees. I put my hands on her feet and asked, “What other tricks do you have planned?”

“Follow me and find out,” she said. She got up and I followed her inside. I watched as the water dripped from between her legs. I followed her up the stairs, reaching out and feeling her ass as it moved in front of me.

“Go a little further,” she told me and I pushed my fingers under her panties and felt for the opening of her cunt. It was very wet and the slipperiness told me that it was more than pool water that I felt. As I kept my hand there, Abby was able to spread her legs so that I could reach further. I felt for her slit and spread her lips apart with my fingers. I slid two almanbahis adres fingers into her and felt the heat coming from inside. She took me to her bedroom then turned to face me.

“If you take them off for me it will be much easier.” I slid her panties off and she helped me with my trunks. We stood facing each other and she moved towards me to kiss. My hard dick was pointing straight at her, jabbing her. She grabbed my hard cock and proceeded to lift one leg up and rest it on my hip. She then pushed my dick up inside her wet pussy. It slid in with no problem. She then put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “Aunt Abby couldn’t do this to you but Abby can.” She pushed her tongue deep inside my mouth and moaned with pleasure.

She pulled her lips from mine and said, “Why don’t you see how the rest of Abby tastes.” She pulled her pussy off of my throbbing cock and went to lie down. She took a pillow from the head of the bed and positioned it under her hips. She spread her legs as wide as she could, reached down between her legs, and spread the lips of her pussy. She said to me, “I know that you’ve been wondering what I taste like ever since those beers on the patio. The show I put on for you there was to prepare you for this. Did you like the way my pants filled the crack of my pussy? Now you can fill me with your tongue. Come on Kevin. Eat me.”

I went to her to do as she said. She knew I wanted to taste her badly. I looked at her pussy and saw how wet she really was. I smelled her sweetness just as I had when she handed me the beer. I could see her juices pooling up in the folds of her cunt. I watched as it grew in one spot, collecting, and then slowly trickled down, leaving the confines of her pussy and rolling in the direction of her asshole. I quickly lapped this juice up with my tongue before it disappeared. She tasted as sweet as she smelled. I pushed my face hard into her cunt.

She moaned and pushed back. I could feel the inside of her pussy open wider, aching to be filled by whatever was down there. Right now it was spreading for my mouth and I knew it would open even wider to accept my hard throbbing cock. I knew that when her pussy felt that it would be filled with my hot, thick cum it would open out to its limits. Abby rocked with pleasure as she felt me explore every fold and corner that had stayed hidden from this kind of pleasure for so long.

I could sense her begin to orgasm as I licked and sucked on her clit. I could feel the waves rising up from deep inside as she pushed harder against my mouth. A low moan began to come from her, building up volume with the nearing of her orgasm. Her juices ran freely as she finally came. She closed her legs on my head as I continued to let my tongue work on her clit. She went on and on, thrusting her hips into the air, rolling her body from side to side. Fluid continued to exit from her pussy even after her orgasm had begun to subside. She reached down and pulled my face from her wet cunt. She looked down at me and said, “We aren’t done with Abby yet, are we?”

“No, I’m not done with Abby yet. However, I’m pretty sure that I’ll never visit Aunt Abby again.” She smiled at me knowing what I meant. The aunt of my younger years was gone. She had been replaced by the woman that was in bed with me now. The new Abby had a fire that burned inside of her and wanted me to satisfy her. She held out her arms and invited me to put my cock into her. I slid into her with ease. She was so wet it seemed as if we were still in the pool. Her legs opened wide as we both headed towards orgasm. She looked at me and said nothing as her body once again began to vibrate all over as she came and came.

As my hot cum exploded deep inside her cunt, she cried out with pleasure. Her steamy juices and my thick hot cum poured out of her hole and onto the pillow under her hips. It ran down over her asshole and as it did another wave of orgasm went through her body. When her body had finally finished bringing her such pleasure we lay together exhausted. She held and kissed me as my hard cock finally softened even though I was still inside of her. She said, “Thank you. I’ve needed to feel this way for a long time. When I knew you would be coming here alone I prayed that this would happen. You know you’re my favorite nephew.”

“If I didn’t know before, I sure know now,” I said. I stayed for an additional week and transferred to a nearby college so that I could stay with her for the next three years. Maybe I’ll go to graduate school!

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