Audrey – New Beginnings Pt. 02

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This is the finale of Audrey’s story. I have no plans to continue, but I won’t rule out the possibility of doing more in the future.


Audrey awoke to find that it was barely nine and she felt like she had hardly slept. She finally rose and fetched her phone from the living room where she had tossed it when she came home. The phone showed that she had gotten a number of calls and texts from Rochelle. The texts were all to the effect of calling her back. Audrey stared at the phone for several moments before finally deciding to call. Rochelle picked up on the first ring.

“Audrey, I’m so glad you called. I’m serious about talking this over.” Audrey breathed deeply before responding.

“I trust you Rochelle, I don’t believe this was some ridiculous attempt to get us back together. But please, I don’t want to talk or see anyone right now.” Rochelle waited, but Audrey didn’t hang up.

“Audrey, Susan called me after you hung up. She asked for your number. I turned her down, same as I would with any client. However I also can’t ignore that you were married. So, I consented to pass on a message. She wants to meet. I’m sure you know where.” Audrey bit back her first response and thought further.

“I don’t know Rochelle, what would I say?” There was a brief pause before Rochelle responded.

“Why not try the truth?” Audrey sighed.

“Would that matter now?” Rochelle made a slight click as she continued.

“Audrey she asked to talk with you. Clearly she wants to hear from you. Even if it doesn’t mean you ever see her again, give it a chance to find closure. This may be what you need to pursue another relationship.” Audrey went back and forth a number of times, certain about both decisions before finally speaking.

“Alright, alright. I’ll go.” She heard what sounded like soft laughter as Rochelle spoke.

“Good, she’ll be there in an hour.” Now Audrey felt herself growing steamed and struggled to keep her voice even.

“You knew when I would wake up and that I would say yes, didn’t you?” Now Rochelle’s laugh was far more audible.

“Of course Audrey, I have known you for almost twenty years.” Audrey shook her head as she tried to avoid snapping.

“Bye, Rochelle.” She hung up without waiting for reply. She sat fuming for several moments before sighing at how childish she was being. She dressed and decided to head for the caf├ę where she and Susan would meet during college. She was early, but Susan was waiting in their usual booth. Audrey stood, seriously considering leaving, but ultimately walked forward, sliding into the booth before she realized she hadn’t said anything to Susan. Susan momentarily smiled before frowning.

“So Audrey, it’s been awhile.” Audrey nodded.

“Yeah, it has been.” They stared at one another without making eye contact for several moments before Susan spoke.

“Audrey, tell me what happened, why were you with that other woman?” Audrey felt something snap inside her.

“Me? Your entire life was about your job, while I was a distant after-thought. I started the shop because I barely saw you. But it went badly and I didn’t want to admit to you that I had failed. So Rochelle helped me start an escort service. Originally it was about connecting three college girls to older women, but one of them wanted a more mature woman. At first I turned her down, but once it seemed like anytime we spent together was so sterile, like you felt an obligation rather than any real passion.” She sat back feeling tears, but too upset to actually cry.

“So, the woman I caught you with was a client?” A nod. “I didn’t know which I felt more, hurt or angry. After the divorce I focused all my efforts on the job, but it wasn’t long before I began to miss you. I realized I had taken you for granted, but I was to hurt and angry to go to you. Although if you had come to me I would probably not have held out long. I didn’t want to date, but I was getting distracted, so I made some discreet inquiries and with obvious reluctance I contacted Rochelle through a go between. I think the rest is obvious.” Audrey sighed and they sat in silence for some time before she decided to speak.

“So what now?” Susan turned back to her in obvious surprise. She thought a moment before responding.

“I don’t know. But despite everything I do regret not trying to deal with this. So, do you think we can try again?” Audrey stared wide-eyed for several moments before shrugging.

“I don’t know either. What do you have in mind?” Smiling faintly Susan exhaled slowly.

“How about a date? Nothing fancy, just a meal where we can catch up.” Audrey nodded slowly as she can considered this suggestion.

“Fine. One meal. No promises.” Susan smiled weakly.

“Good. Just please let this happen, don’t just dismiss it out of hand.” Audrey stood and Susan put a hand on hers. “How about tonight?” Audrey turned as if to leave, but stopped and sighed resignedly.

“Okay. Tonight, I guess we can go to that place we used to go to. One time. I’ll see you there at six.” Susan smiled.

“Good, see you then.” Audrey marmaris escort barely restrained herself from running to her car. Once home Rochelle called.

“Yes Rochelle, what is it?” Rochelle’s voice was often tinged with amusement when she called Audrey, however this time her tone was serious.

“How did it go?” Audrey struggled to keep her voice even.

“Fine. We’re going on a date tonight?” Rochelle paused before responding.

“Are you thinking of getting back together?” Audrey groaned audibly.

“One date only. We’ll eat, we’ll talk and then we’ll go our separate ways.”

“Audrey, are you sure that’s what you really want?” Audrey felt her temper rising and it became more difficult to keep her tone civil.

“What does it matter what I want? I ruined our marriage. It’s broken and you don’t fix that sort of thing, because you can always see the cracks.” Rochelle briefly laughed, but without humor.

“Very poetic, but Audrey if you truly want her back, tell her tonight. Get this out in the open and find out once and for all. Susan obviously regrets what happened. Maybe this is a chance for resolution.” Audrey felt deflated, suddenly she didn’t want to be angry anymore.

“I really don’t know Rochelle. She might want resolution, but I don’t think…” She would have continued, but Rochelle cut her off.

“Stop, Audrey. Whatever mistakes you have made, you need to stop punishing yourself. I’m your friend and I just want you to be happy.” Audrey smiled for the first time all day.

“Alright Rochelle, I promise to give this a chance, but that is all I promise.”

“That is all I ask. Goodbye and good luck, Audrey.” Audrey felt a lot better.

“Goodbye, Rochelle.” She didn’t know what lay ahead, but she felt a little more eager for the date. As the day went on she was no longer sure if her eagerness for the date was more about seeing Susan or to get the whole thing out of the way. Soon enough it was time to leave. She was still a mix of emotions, but she was determined to see it through regardless. She arrived at the restaurant just before six and expected that she would be getting the table, but then spotted Susan. She immediately sat opposite Susan, who glanced up smiling.

“I wasn’t sure if you would come.” Audrey shrugged as she picked up the menu on her side of the table.

“Neither was I. Waiting long?” Susan shook her head as she turned to her own menu.

“Just arrived actually.” Audrey glanced at the water glass on Susan’s side of the table, which was about half empty. She put the menu down, perhaps a bit too dramatically, as despite how long it had been since she last ate at the restaurant, she knew what she wanted. Susan looked up and set her menu aside. “Alright, I’ve been here about forty minutes.” The waiter arrived and they both ordered. “So what’s been happening with you, Audrey?” Audrey quickly related the progress of her shop, her design plans and briefly her activities with her escort service.

“And you?” Susan shrugged and took a drink.

“As I said I threw myself fully into the job and now I’m a director with a full staff, actually I’m starting to find myself with more free time, despite my best efforts.” Audrey shrugged as their meals arrived.

“Despite managing to always find more work, you never could stand inefficiency, least of all in yourself.” Susan laughed briefly as she started on her own meal. They ate in silence for some time. When they were near finishing Susan looked up and Audrey did the same.

“Audrey, I want to at least try again. Please, what do you honestly want?” Audrey swallowed before starting and stopping several times, until she could finally speak.

“After what I did, how can you say that?” If anything Susan looked even more serious, food ignored.

“Audrey, I’m not saying you’re blameless or that I’m not still unhappy, but I wasn’t entirely blameless. However what matters is, I love you Audrey. I know it won’t be easy, but I don’t care. So again, what do you want?” Again Audrey struggled with her response, but at last she spoke.

“Yes damn it. I want you Susan. But how can we go back?” Susan shook her head.

“We don’t go back, we try to make something new.” Audrey sat in silence staring blankly at her plate as Susan paid the check and led her out. Audrey seemed to revive a bit and she consented when Susan kissed before she sat behind the wheel of her car.

She drove home and sat in thought to consider if she would accept when Susan inevitably called. Susan didn’t call that night so Audrey went to bed. Her sleep was troubled by her indecision, but when she awoke she found she had actually slept reasonably well. Feeling better than she had in a while she collected her design and headed to the shop. Once at the shop she showed her latest design to Gwen.

“Wow, this is good ma’am. Actually I have a customer coming in who would love this. Can I show her?” Audrey smiled.

“Of course, if she wants it. Sell it with my blessing.” Gwen nodded, but before she could speak Audrey’s phone rang. She saw it was Susan and pointed to the office. marmaris escort bayan Gwen nodded and turned to display the dress. Audrey picked up as she walked.

“Hello Susan.” Susan’s voice was clearly happy.

“Audrey, good I had a free moment and wanted to hear your voice. I know it’s really soon, but would you be willing to go on another date.” Audrey found herself smiling as she responded.

“Alright, but this time I’ll pick. Arroz Reina, do you know it?” There was a pause as Susan considered the question.

“Yeah, it’s that really nice Latino restaurant on Market Street, right?”

“Yep, about six, like last night?” Audrey was certain she was mistaken, but it sounded like a purr in Susan’s response.

“See you then.” Audrey hung up and sat in the office for several moments before she heard a knock on the door.

“Yes?” Gwen entered slowly. She didn’t speak until she saw that Audrey was no longer on the phone.

“So, are you two getting back together?” Audrey was momentarily startled by the question, but sat back to consider her response.

“I don’t know. We both want to though.” Gwen looked thoughtful as she approached the desk.

“Isn’t that enough?” Audrey shrugged and stood.

“Let’s hope so, I don’t think either of us are really up to another break up.” They both smiled as they left the office. Just as they exited a woman about Audrey’s age entered. Gwen immediately lit up.

“That’s the customer I was telling you about.” Audrey held out an arm.

“Go to it then.” Gwen practically hopped up and down as she crossed the room to meet her customer, who was admiring the new dress. Audrey watched with interest as the customer eagerly followed Gwen to the dressing room. A short time later she emerged with a broad smile and talked animatedly to Gwen, although Audrey was far enough away not to be able to follow the conversation. The customer soon reentered the dressing to emerge soon after in her normal clothes. She was quite eager to buy the dress. After the transaction she came over to Audrey.

“The dress is lovely, please let me know if you complete another.” Audrey nodded. The customer departed and Gwen came over with a grin to match Audrey’s.

“Well that was great. What now ma’am?” Audrey slowly turned to Gwen.

“Home. I want to start on my next design and then I have a date.” They embraced and Audrey headed home. She spent the afternoon considering different directions to take for the new dress. She was so intent upon her work that she nearly missed the time to leave. However she caught it in time to leave for the restaurant, although she was a couple minutes after six in arriving. Susan was waiting at a table and Audrey joined her as before. They primarily talked about old times until the check arrived and Audrey snatched it up.

“I sold my dress design today so this one’s on me.” Susan shrugged and made only a token attempt to take the check. As they departed Susan leaned in and Audrey gladly accepted the kiss.

This would set a pattern for the next month as they would go out a couple times a week, trading off on who paid. Then on one of the dates Susan held out a small box. Audrey hesitated, but ultimately accepted it, although she was slow to open it. As expected the box contained a ring, the ring was gold, two dolphins holding an emerald and an amethyst. The hesitation to put the ring on was not soon resolved.

“Well Audrey, what’s your answer?” Audrey continued to stare at the ring. She knew the answer and was equally well aware that she was only stalling.

“Yes Susan, I want to marry you all over again.” Audrey held out her hand so Susan could put the ring on her hand.

“So what date should we actually get married?” Audrey smiled as she admired how the ring looked on her hand before looking up at Susan.

“As soon as everyone is available. I don’t want anything that delays the wedding.” Susan kissed Audrey and sat back down to order dessert.

“Of course. Now Audrey I don’t want to make a bunch of demands or tell you to change your whole life to suit me, but the one thing I am going to insist on is that you stop seeing clients yourself and I’m not too crazy about you even running an escort service, but we can talk about that another time.” Audrey frowned and found it difficult to speak for a moment, but at last she rallied.

“I may be marrying you, but I’m not going to give up the escort service on your say-so. If you had wanted to discuss me restricting myself to management I would have been willing, but once again it’s all about what you want. I don’t matter.” She pulled off the ring and tossed it at Susan, not caring if she caught it or not. Audrey stormed out of the restaurant and called Rochelle as she walked to her car.

“Hi Audrey, how did it go? And isn’t it a bit early to call?” Audrey was in no mood for Rochelle’s levity.

“Badly. She wants things to go back the way they were, her way or the high way. Now Rochelle is there a client you…dissuaded who wanted to meet tonight?” Rochelle was slow to respond, but soon continued.

“The escort marmaris only client I have right now that isn’t interested in your girls has asked for two. She has a fantasy that she wants two older women for. I explained that this is a small service, but she said she was willing to pay extra if we could accommodate.” Audrey sighed.

“Well thanks for checking. Good night Rochelle.” She was about to hang up when Rochelle spoke.

“Hold on a moment, Audrey.” Audrey got in her car and switched to blue tooth as she started the car. “Be at the hotel just before eight. I can arrange someone else to join you.” Audrey hesitated as she considered that she didn’t have enough time to drive home, get ready and drive back to the hotel.

“What does she want?” Rochelle’s smile was clear even through the phone.

“She wants two naughty school girls in detention. I know how this sounds, given that she wants two older women, but she is about fifty and wants two women about fifteen years younger.” Audrey shook her head.

“Fine, I’m on my way. Anything else I should know?”

“No, have fun.” They hung up and Audrey continued to drive. She arrived at the hotel and let Rochelle know. The response was a text.

-She is sitting in the comfortable chair to the right

Audrey entered the hotel and to her shock saw Susan sitting in the indicated chair. Audrey stopped where she was, but as she was in the entrance she proceeded to where Susan was sitting.

“Is this Rochelle’s idea of a joke?” Susan looked up shaking her head as she stood.

“If it is, then I’m not in on it. She is amazingly persuasive.” Audrey looked around to see if some other woman was trying to get her attention. However there was no one.

“Do you know why I’m here?” Susan nodded.

“She has convinced me to help you with this client. I honestly don’t know why I’m here.” Audrey sighed and turned to walk to the elevator. She didn’t turn to see if Susan was following, but when she pushed the button for the appropriate floor Susan was with her in the elevator.

“Are you sure about this?” Susan shrugged, but nodded quickly.

“I’m not sure about this, but I want to support you.” The elevator arrived and they walked down the hall to the room. Audrey knocked, although a bit more hesitantly than before. The response was immediate.

“Come in.” They entered and found an older woman with severely cut blonde hair seated behind a desk with two chairs in front of it. “Take a seat ladies.” Once seated she continued. First she turned to Audrey. “Now young lady, your teacher tells me that she caught you with your hand in another student’s panties.” Audrey attempted to play along.

“But miss, she asked me to I…” The client held up a hand.

“I will deal with her soon enough, but this is the second time you have been caught and I want to nip this in the bud.” Audrey nodded looking remorseful. The older woman turned to Susan. “As for you young lady, I would hardly repeat what you were doing on your knees in the locker room after practice.” Susan opened her mouth to protest, but the client help a hand.

“I don’t want to hear it. I think the only thing to do is punish you immediately.” Susan almost squeaked her response.

“Punish, ma’am?” The older woman nodded.

“Alright ladies, stand up and bend over my desk.” They briefly hesitated, but even Susan moved quickly to comply. Audrey looked over at Susan, who smiled reassuringly at her. The woman swiftly moved to their rears and simultaneously lowered both pairs of panties to their knees. They didn’t see what she used but they felt the swats to their exposed rears. Sometimes it would be one then the other and sometimes she would make several rapid strikes to one before switching to the other.

They were soon moaning and Audrey leaned toward Susan, but found they were too far away to kiss. In time the woman stopped and they felt nothing for a few minutes, so they edged closer to they could kiss while otherwise maintaining the same position. The client came around to the desk, wearing black thigh-high stockings with matching garter belt and panties. However what really drew their attention was the strapon that seemed to have been purchased to go with her lingerie.

“Now ladies, I want you to each take a side and lick.” They complied sticking out their tongues as if to continue their kiss with the dildo in between. The dildo slid back and forth as if trying to fuck both mouths at the same time. This continued for several moments before she stopped her thrusting, but the two of them continued to lick and suck. She moved away from them and circled around behind them. Susan took Audrey’s left hand in her right and they kissed.

Susan initially tensed up when she felt the older woman’s hands on her rear. She tried to relax as she felt the hands squeeze her cheeks and two fingers probed her pussy. She moaned into Audrey’s mouth while the dildo lined up. The dildo slowly slid in and Susan moaned louder, still muffled by Audrey’s mouth. Finally the dildo was all the way in and Susan’s mouth almost detached from Audrey’s as she moaned even louder. The client slowly pulled back until the dildo was almost out then thrust back in. She soon established a rhythm thrusting with speed and Susan found herself fast approaching orgasm.

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