AU Ch. 01

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Many people go to college expecting to fall in love. Mark was not one of those people. He was a non traditional student and it had taken him a long time to get to this point. He certainly didn’t want to be distracted by some man. Mark was moving into his dorm room. The school told him he would be treated like other freshman and he still had to live in a dorm. He smiled a little as if that would be terrible. Aside from having rules and a roommate a dorm was a heck of a lot better than living in a box on fifth avenue.

He was nervously wondering if his roommate would accept the fact that he was gay. The titanium barbell through his tongue made a horrible clicking sound as he flicked his tongue-ring against his teeth. He had on one of his out and proud T-shirts. It was black with sparkly purple writing across the front. “Smile, it’s okay to be gay,” it read, a smiley face juxtaposed beneath it. Mark usually had on something dark. He didn’t like being messed with and his rainbow pride was always visible. The twenty-two year old figured that if he was upfront about his sexual preference then people couldn’t claim they were shocked. His big baggy black clothes dripping with chains made him look bigger than his half starved frame really was.

Most of the other kids were waving good bye happily to their parents ready to begin their new lives. Mark wasn’t one of those kids. He had been kicked out of his home when he was only fifteen years old. His parents had found out he was gay in the worst way imaginable. Now as far as the Jameson’s were concerned they only had a young daughter. Their son had died when he was fifteen and Mark was never spoken about again. Mark had bounced around from foster home to foster home eventually landing in a shelter. It had taken almost everything out of him just to finish high school. Mark realized he never wanted to have to depend on someone again. So with the help of scholarships grants and loans here he was four years later about to meet some homophobic teenager.

Mark inserted his key into the creaky latch of the care-worn door. The residence hall was one long hall way with many wooden doors nestled between white cinder blocks. Marks black army boots collided with the cold classroom like floor. He was living in Dalton Residence Hall this year and was nervous about who was on the other side of the suddenly intimidating door in front of him. He opened the door and smirked at the almost floral scent that wafted out into the hall. Laying on a four poster bed, was a small kid with blonde hair and a rainbow flag proudly displayed over his bed. Their eyes met and they laughed, clearly relieved they played for the same team.

“I was worried you would be some ass-hole preppy jock.” The blonde giggled happily, a nice little bubbling sound that rolled off of him like happy froth from a steamy caramel latte.

Mark couldn’t help but remember he had been thinking the same thing only moments ago. His mantis green eyes drank in Justin’s things already carefully organized it their room. Justin had more clothes in the room than Mark had owned in the past four years. Everything was organized by color and many of the things looked like they belonged to a girl. Mark noticed the bows and the make-up. The perfume, not cologne but perfume, was organized by shape and size.

“Justin,” He said getting up and offering a dainty hand.

Mark smiled, noticing how small Justin was now that he was actually standing. “Mark,” he said offering his hand. Just then, he noticed the subtle differences in Justin’s hands. For one, they were much softer, tinier, and most importantly they were tanner than the ones he possessed. Mark, for some reason, always looked pale. This went along with his darker gothic look. However, the pale skin unlike with the other gothic teens was not intentional. Mark nodded to the empty bed, “That one mine?” he inquired his ivy green eyes motioning to the unoccupied bed. Mark could have kicked himself for how stupid a question it was.

Justin nodded “Yeah, but we can rearrange the room and whatnot. I like to people-watch, so I picked the window but it’s not a big deal if you want it?”

The room was a small cold space. There was one window which let in minimal warmth. The walls were almost prison like which was oddly fitting. They were a boring grey color with many cold unforgiving cinder blocks. Justin’s side was brightened up far more than Mark could hope to brighten his. Justin had so many things everywhere and it made the room look bigger. Mark rested his only suitcase down on the other bed.

Mark smiled, a happy gesture that reached all the way to his eyes “Nah, you got here first, besides, I’m more of a lone wolf type of guy.” He smiled his full lips pulling back to reveal perfectly strait teeth. The only thing unharmed by Marks abusive father had been his teeth which his parents had spent a small fortune to straiten. He was proud of them and the snake bites poking through his pale skin only drew one’s bahis firmaları attention to his beauty.

Mark couldn’t help but to smirk at the pink bedspread that read princess in glittery silver on Justin’s bed. It was excessively girly and somehow it was comforting to Mark. He hadn’t known what he would have wanted Justin to be like but this was perfect. Mark flushed as Justin caught him looking over his things.

Justin giggled happily, there was no other word for the sound than giggle.

Mark pushed back his strong black coffee colored hair before setting down the rest of his pitiful amount of belongings. He returned to making his bed. Mark had a red sheet and a black comforter with one pillow in a white case. It had been all he could find to fit the extra long twin beds. Mark squirmed a little in the silence and decided to try and make conversation. “So what major are you?” Mark asked not liking how lame it sounded.

“psychology” Justin exclaimed.

Mark waited for him to say something like “only the best major ever!” but he didn’t.

“And you are a biology major, I stalked your student profile.” Justin kicked his feet a little. “how’d you get that?” He asked pointing to a long scar running across Marks delicate throat. Mark swallowed and Justin took the hint smiling instead. His face lit up “I love your tattoo!” He squealed.

Mark’s discomfort about being asked about the scars melted. “which one I’m covered in em.” He spun a little tempted to lift his shirt for the little pixi.

Justin pointed excitedly to a shattered padlock and chain on Mark’s wrist. The chain appeared to have been shattered by a tiny butterfly. “what does it mean?” He asked touching the links.

Mark got a few goose bumps up his skin. Normally he didn’t allow strangers to man handle him like that but he had to live with Justin. “it’s the day I saved enough money to come here. Breaking free of my own mental prison. It’s a reference to Papillion.” He blushed a little most people thought it was stupid.

Justin nodded dropping the taller man’s arm. “it’s cool, I like it. I think you should have saved it till graduation but I like it.”

Mark smirked for most people hell and prison were being in school, for Mark however his chance at becoming a doctor and helping people was being set free. College was something he wanted his entire life and here he was being given that chance. Mark wouldn’t do anything to mess that up and compromise his dream.

Justin teetered on the balls of his feet, hands fastened firmly behind his back “Sooo since I was stalking your profile I also know you are 22?”Justin asked happily.

Mark nodded in confirmation.

“I just so happen to have bought a fake ID and I was wondering…” Justin bit his lip taking one of his glittery spider bites into his mouth. He seemed to suck on the ball as a small child might suck on his thumb before asking an adult something difficult.

Mark had thought Justin was going to ask him to buy him beer so being told the little pixi freshman already had his own way of getting alcohol he was a little perplexed. Mark turned around arching a dark eyebrow “yeah?” He asked wanting Justin to just spit it out already.

Justin smiled happily “well, I know it’s a Monday so clubbing would be no fun but I am dying to see if my fake ID will really work. Mind going to a bar with me to test that theory?” He asked giving Mark his best innocent smile that bent most men to his will.

Mark flicked his tongue ring in thought “yeah, sure I guess…” Mark didn’t see anyway this could possibly get him into trouble and he trusted Justin enough to have his back and not do anything stupid. Plus maybe a drink or too would do him some good. Justin had said just a bar, not a club.

“Yay!” Justin grabbed Marks hand and pulled him out of the door not giving him even a breath to rethink his choice. Justin thought about how cold Mark’s fingers felt in his tiny hand and he was hoping maybe Mark would atleast have a good time. Poor thing didn’t look up for a club. Of course Mark was just the buddy system incase something went wrong in a new city. Justin wasn’t familiar with the city just yet and he was hoping since Mark was only an hour or three from home he would know the area better.

Justin was of course wrong in assuming this. Mark and him drove around town for what seemed like hours. Mark wasn’t sure what type of place Justin was looking for and every time he saw a club Justin shook his head.

To Marks amusement Justin had spent the car ride over putting on make up and tossing a blue sparkly bow in his hair to match his icy blue contacts. At first glance Justin looked like a twelve year old girl but upon closer inspection one noticed he was more so a little teen biting the heads off of Barbies because how dare they always wind up with the dream car, the dream house and to much Justin’s disgust Ken.

Justin was sweeping some glittering pink gloss across his lips “I had kaçak iddaa them you know, GI Joe I mean.” He giggled a little making a kissing sound at the mirror before fishing around for some mascara “but mom let me choose my own toys so I also had Ken.” He looked over at Mark hoping talking about his family would get his roommate to open up. When it didn’t work he continued. “I guess I always knew I was gay, I mean GI Joe always wound up with Ken in the end of my stories. How about you when did you know.”

Mark swallowed remembering Noah, his first real crush and boyfriend. It was yet another painful memory but Mark swallowed. “I was five and I met Noah, we said we would always be best friends and when we were older we would get married.” He shrugged and thought that was more than enough. He didn’t have to tell Justin about the incident or the scar or Noah. He didn’t owe him that.

Justin nodded seeming to sense this was all he was getting but it was better than nothing. “stop!” Justin yelped seeing a glittery building. “Gold?” He asked curiously smiling in disbelief “god it’s so tacky we have to go here!”

Mark wrinkled his nose but parked the car as Justin had asked. Smoke engulfed his lungs in the dimly lit bar. It looked like a gay friendly biker bar. The waitresses and waiters were all constricted by gaudy gold clothing. Clearly this was not a place where the young college crowd hung out and

Mark shrank away from Justin who had quickly drawn the attention of probably all four of the gay males in the entire smoke infested building. He flopped down at a bar stool and curiously watched the man beside him toy with a gold hoop as if the hoop would some how make the tears stop. Everything in Mark screamed at him that this guy was trouble. For some reason or another Mark just couldn’t bring himself to leave the guy. He looked as if all the hope in the world had been sucked out by that tiny gold ring.

Mark waved at the bartender and ordered a shot of jack. He was trying to figure out the best way to talk to the guy.

Maddox Cotedivoux was sitting at a bar already three shots of tequila in. His strong graceful fingers toying with a gold wedding band. His eyes a sea of sorrow sent waves of tears every now and then when he thought of a past happy memory with Trissta. Maddox and Trissta had been married for three years when Trissta had come to the realization she no longer believed in love and that one night drunken stands were more her thing.

“You know what the sad thing is Maddox? You had all this and didn’t even enjoy it!” Trissta spat as the door slammed in Maddox face. Maddox remembered how she had been wearing a skin tight red leather dress that day. Her hair ahd been long and her face even though it was dotted with warm sun kissed freckles was unforgiving.

Men would often drool over Maddox’s wife. She was well built and what god hadn’t given her naturally Maddox had paid to give her to make her happy. Her naturally blonde hair was marred by the harsh solon bleach and she had French tipped daggers for nails. Maddox couldn’t think of a single good reason why she had left. He had been nothing but nice to Trissta giving her everything she wanted. Including moving out when he was told. He just couldn’t understand where their marriage had gone so hopelessly wrong.

It was true the sex had never been mind blowing like he had hoped. It wasn’t for lack of trying maybe Maddox just wasn’t a good lover. He knew Trissta was beautiful, and yet he still just couldn’t get that raw sexual desire he had heard so many of his co-workers talking about. Maddox had never felt like he needed Trissta had never been so desperate to have sex with her that he was ready to explode when she walked in the door. No Maddox had needed coaxing and patience things that Trissta would never be capable of.

Maddox thought back to their wedding day and to how even his best man Todd had looked at him with an expression that was pity. Todd had hated Trissta from day one. She had walked into Maddox’s life and started shouting orders. True to his submissive nature and being told the girl was beautiful and sweet when she put on an act had convinced Maddox he was in a healthy relationship. Trissta and girls like Trissta were all he had ever known.

Maddox wanted her back, maybe not because he loved her or even because he thought she was as good as he could get. No Maddox needed Trissta back because without her his life was so uncertain. Maddox crossed his arms and sobbed again over his failed marriage.

The fiery scent of cinnamon invaded his nostril as the bar stool next to him creaked.

Maddox looked over at the guy who was now seated beside him. If this wasn’t adding insult to injury he honestly didn’t know what was. The guy was beautiful and probably had no problem keeping a woman. A small shuddering squeak escaped the larger man as he shoved the ring in his pocket and angrily brushed away tears. It made him even angrier that he was kaçak bahis blushing in more places than just his face.

The ring felt heavy in his pocket and Maddox felt foolish sitting next to the attractive man who was now tossing his head back to drink another shot.

Maddox felt the heat spreading over his high cheek bones down his neck, back, and spine as the heat snaked around his well tuned thighs and into his groin. He bit his tongue trying not to be aroused by the beautiful creature. He was only blushing because this man made him think of everything he wasn’t in bed. Not of course because he was actually attracted to the man. The thought that Maddox was attracted more to the men in his life than to the woman never honestly crossed his mind. “hey” He almost whispered unsure of his own voice. God he sounded so stupid and pathetic. Then again Trissta was gone and he was allowed to be pathetic due to the fact the world as he knew it no longer existed.

Mark looked The guy over, clearly when he wasn’t a sobbing mess the man was gorgeous. He looked large but not in that typical meet head sort of way. He noticed Maddox had that skin that was naturally a shade tanner than most people. He noticed the cut line on the guy’s bicep and his mind shifted to touching him there. Mark was day dreaming about where else the guy was ripped. He was wearing a simple band shirt and some faded Levi jeans. Nothing overly special or flashy about the clothing. Just pure honesty.

He noticed those wide blue eyes so beautiful and full of pain. It broke his heart almost and Mark couldn’t help but to feel responsible for cheering the poor guy up. “hey, I’m Mark. I was wondering if you wanted to uhhh…” Mark trailed off looking around the room. He happened to notice a pool table. “wanted to play pool?” He asked hoping he wasn’t embarrassing himself too badly. Mark couldn’t hope but silently pray this sexy man would let himself be swept off his feet by Mark.

“yeah, Yeah pool sounds great.” Maddox actually smiled a small smile. Then it struck him “I uh don’t know how.” He said softly his heart sank. Maddox wanted nothing more than for this guy to be impressed by him and now he had to turn down the offer. “so…” He looked about ready to fall apart thinking of how Trissta would have rolled her eyes and left him to his misery while she went off and had a good time. He remembered how jealous he was of her watching her do things with other guys. She was never sensitive to when he was shy or unsure and when Maddox wouldn’t give her what she wanted she found it elsewhere.

Mark smiled “it’s alright I’ll teach you then” the poor guy’s face lit up and Mark almost felt guilty of thinking how close bending him over a pool table would bring them. It wasn’t entirely a plan to get the man into a compromising position, but that was definitely a perk.

Mark downed another shot or liquid confidence “I’m Mark by the way.” He smiled offering a friendly hand.

Maddox sniffled like an over grown child and shook his hand. “Maddox.” He smiled a little thinking how wonderfully perfect Mark sounded.

Mark grabbed Maddox’s hand he felt a spark between them. He smiled maybe college wouldn’t be so bad after all. Mark had worked so hard to get to this point it was about time he was tossed some form of reward. Even if he did have to pick up Maddox’s broken pieces, whatever those pieces may be.

Maddox felt the spark jump from Mark’s hand into his own sending a wave of pleasure over his entire body. It had to be the alcohol and yet Maddox couldn’t help but be attracted to the younger guy. This was the first time that the idea of possibly being something other than strait entered Maddox’s mind. He had always been raised in a loving house hold and he knew that his parents would love him either way but honestly it had just never come up.

Maddox had always been told that no matter what his family would love him. They were very close. Maddox had four siblings, two older brothers one of them a twin to an older sister and a younger sister. His mother had always told him it didn’t matter what he was attracted to and his father seemed to agree. Maddox was one of the lucky ones with a family that would love him despite his flaws. Truthfully it didn’t seem to make sense that Maddox had never suspected his sexuality might not be strait. It was mostly due to the fact that most men thought he looked too strong and too strait. No one had been brave enough to take charge and force him to think of these things. That is until Mark walked through the door of Gold.

Maddox smiled happily he was more than willing to try and figure out his sexuality, for this guy anyway. He couldn’t help the blush that stained his half French half Italian cheeks. Everything about Mark made him feel safe and happy and he wanted to be held onto by the other man. He wanted to cradle Mark like a much needed security blanket.

Mark picked up two pool sticks and handed one to Maddox gathering the balls in a triangular plastic piece. He enjoyed the familiar feel of the stick in his hands. He looked over the vast amounts of green felt covered table and dirty images of Maddox leaned over it slid through his mind.

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