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Attacked at Home_(1)

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Snuggled up and lying on the sofa, I rest my left arm over Nick’s stomach. My head lies on his chest against his heart that gently beats against my ear, as his left arm pulls me close and subconsciously strokes the back of my right hand. We lay there watching a film, I’m not sure what it’s called since I’m not really paying attention to it, instead I just close my eyes and breath in the manly scent of his lynx deodorant and cool water after shave as they combine together to make a very sexy combination that for some reason makes me feel safe and loved. His chest slowly rises and falls with each breath he takes. Lifting my head I look at him, willing him silently to lower his mouth to mine. Looking back at me he smiles as his lips start to move closer to mine just as I hear the doorbell ring

“Damn” I say quickly pressing my lips to his “hold that thought, it’s probably the Chinese, you get the door I’ll grab the money” I groan feeling moisture pool between my thighs at the thought of what was bound have happened if the door hadn’t rung. He laughs as he sits up and makes his way to the door, slapping my arse gently as I turn to the kitchen leaving him to make the rest of the way to the door alone
“Such a horny girl I have” he calls over his shoulder to me a smile over his face and a sparkle in his eyes that are filled with his love for me.

“You love it” I call back, hearing him mumble something that sounded like ‘hell yeah I do’, Smiling to myself I pull his wallet from the kitchen draw and go through it to pull out a few tens. Suddenly I hear a strange male voice rise in the hall followed by Nick’s sudden shout asking what the hell is going on. Confused and annoyed I make my way to the door to see what’s happening when hand suddenly captures my mouth smothering a scream


the hand pulls tighter over my mouth, dragging me against the owners hard chest, the smell of beer and cigarette’s fills my nose as I’m turned towards the door allowing me see Nick pushed against the hall wall, a man not much older than him maybe thirty-two with dark brown hair and a tribal tattoo covering his right arm from his shoulder to his wrist is holding a sharp knife to Nick’s throat. Fear quickly wipes away my confusion and annoyance as the man standing in front of him leans closer to his face and growls at him to shut up, his foot kicks back to push the door closed blocking any chance of a passer-by seeing what’s happening and calling the police.

“Now…” says the man holding Nick “if you both do as we say I promise you will both live” as his eyes slide over to me I notice there is not a promise not to hurt us, just that we will live.

“We don’t have much money” Nick says through gritted teeth “you can have what we got but it’s not much”
The man holding me laughs,

“We don’t want your money!” his bad English accent booming around the hall

Looking back and forth between the two men Nick looks confused “what do you want then?” he asks just before he notices both men’s gaze fall on me

“NO” he screams, a new determination surging through him. he launches forward knocking the man and his knife out of the way, anger and hatred covering his face as he licks the man before him and makes his way to me “GET THE FUCK OFF HER NOW” he shouts about to grab me out of the way but the man he kicked grabs his ankle making him to trip and fall to the floor.

Suddenly I’m pulled back further down the hall away from the two men on the floor as they start to fight, fists flying between them, I see Nick grab the man and pin him down as he straddles his waist, his right fist connecting with the man’s cheek. I lean forward before thrusting my head back against the nose of the man holding me, I can see the knife the other man was holding on the floor by the door `if I can just get to it I can stop this’ I think to myself, one hand releases me but not for long, it comes back with a growl from the owner and an even bigger knife which he presses against my throat hard enough to just pierce the skin and small drops of blood to drip down the blade and trail down my neck, his other hand moves from my mouth and holds my head back against his chest as I gasp at the sharp pinch of the knife, the sound of my gasp pulls Nicks eyes to me, he sees the blood and stops punching the other man, his right hand still raised.

“FUCK SAKE JACK, WHY DIDN’T YOU FUCKING HELP ME?” the man screams at the one behind me
“I’m holding the girl aint I? You can’t deal with one man? Get the fuck up Tommy and let’s get this moving. This little bitch is squirming and making my cock hard” the man behind me replies, his words register with my brain and I stop moving straight away, the thought that I’m getting him hard makes me queasy.
With my head held uncomfortably far back I try to ask what they want, still not realising what Nick already has. A hot breath creeps over my ear as Jack leans down and whispers


My heart stops for a moment, my mind going blank and I freeze in the spot “w…why?” I ask
A smile plays over Tommy’s face, “we been watching you aint we, you’re a very pretty girl. That body of yours just screams sex. You think you’re too good though. You ignore us” he says as he pulls Nick back up to a standing position and pushes him hard against the wall, bending down he picks the knife he dropped up and turns to Nick again “and you do anything like that again and I will slit your throat in front of your misses you understanding me?”

Anger and pure hate fill Nick face, it’s clear he wants to do a lot more than just punch Tommy but the sound of my gasp makes him look at me and see Jack pushing the knife harder into my neck. Fear clouds his eyes “I understand, just don’t hurt her” he says

Tommy takes hold of Nick’s upper arm as the arm Jack is using to hold the knife to my throat snakes round my waist and lifts me up and closer to him and drags me towards the bedroom. As Jack gets to work handcuffing me to the bed to keep me still, Tommy forces Nick into a chair and uses some rope he has in his pocket to tie Nick to it making sure it’s tight enough that he can’t move. Once I’m cuffed securely Jack moves over and helps Tommy to cut way Nick’s clothing

“You touch her and I will find you, I will kill you and I will do it slowly do you understand” Nick growls
Laughing they cut way his jeans and boxers leaving his cock exposed, together they lift the chair and bring it up close to the bed so he will have a close view of everything they have planned

“Wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable when you get hard watching us fuck your girl” says Jack

“Please” I beg “I don’t intentionally ignore you. I have a boyfriend; I just don’t see other şişli escort men that’s all it is. I love Nick I don’t mean to make people think I’m being rude or ignoring them.” I try to reason with them but it’s no use

“Don’t give us that shit” Tommy says “you notice. You just think you’re too good for us, with your perfect tits and barely twenty-three year old body” he continues as he climbs on the bed and reaches above my head to the handcuffs. I feel the metal brake away from my skin just as Jack moves to sit beside me. I try to push him away as his fat face moves closer to mine, the smell of beer and cigarettes becoming overwhelming but Tommy grabs my wrists as he pulls me to a kneeling position and kneels behind me with his legs on the outside of mine, trapping my arms behind my back, his rough fingers grasp my breasts making me shudder in disgust. Jack kneels in front of me as he pulls my face up towards him stretching my neck and causing it to start to bleed again, his mouth closes around mine, his tongue pushing its way past my lips.

“GET OFF HER YOU BASTARDS! I hear Nick scream as Tommys hand moves down my stomach and back up to my breasts, this time moving under my white tank top.

“Mm god they feel perfect Nicky boy, you’re a lucky son of a bitch ain’t ya” Tommy laughs.

Nicks struggles become wild with determination to help me, our eyes meet and I know he can see the fear and pain I’m feeling. His eyes mirror mine and seeing the pain in his gives me some strength to fight back, I don’t like him hurting. I relax knowing Tommy will relax too thinking I either want then to do this or I have no fight left in me, before I pull my wrists from his hold and swing my arm back to punch Jack in the face. He loses his balance enough to have to put his leg on the floor to stop himself falling from the bed, quickly I lift my foot hard pushing myself forward on my hands as my foot connects with Tommy’s balls. Nick continues to struggle but it’s no good, Jack grabs his knife and walks over to Nick, he looks me in the eyes as he pushes the knife just hard enough to pierce the skin like he did with me but this time he pulls the knife across the base of Nicks neck.

Both mine and Nick’s screams collide around the room

“NO PLEASE” I scream trying to make my way to them but Tommy holds my upper arms tight, pulling me against his chest, his long fingers digging into me and hurting enough that I know I will have bruises tomorrow.

“STOP FIGHTING US OR HE DIES” Jack shouts at me, my eyes still locked on Nick as I nod, sobbing and hoping he’s okay.

“LEAVE HER ALONE YOU PRICK” he shouts at them but Jacks hand just swings back and punches him in the face

“Please…I will do what you want just please don’t hurt him” I cry looking over my shoulder at Tommy who doesn’t seem to care about what his partner is doing and just continues to paw at my breast and kiss his way over my shoulders and upper back

“Prove it” he stops long enough to say “take your top off” he continues, moving away from me.

My shaking hands cross over my waist as I grip the hem of my white tank top and begin to lift it up exposing my smooth stomach, then higher to release my naked breasts before lifting it high enough to pull it over my head and drop it to the floor beside the bed.

“Baby no…” Nick says quietly. I look over at him and move down the bed till I’m right in front of him, though both attackers watch me closely neither move to stop me as I stand up and bend down to my knees in front of Nick. Looking him in the eyes mine fill with tears again as I lean forward and softly kiss his lips. I feel his lips move under mine as he kisses me back filling it with all his love and a silent promise he will stop them. I know that’s not going to happen, the best case is going to be, we live.

“I’m going to pretend it’s you Nick. Just you and me like before they knocked on the door” I whisper quietly so I can’t be heard by the others. I can see tears filling his eyes, his hatred at himself loud and clear. “I will be ok. As long as they don’t hurt you. I love you and only you Nick” I say standing up and moving back over to the bed.

“So sweet. Now come here and kiss me” Tommy sneers as he pulls his tee shirt over his head. Looking back over my shoulder I see Jack standing behind Nick with his knife still poised at Nick’s throat. I climb onto the bed and kneel in front of Tommy; I close my eyes trying to picture Nick in front of me

“Open your eyes bitch.” He says as his right hand moves to the back of my neck and pulls me towards him, slanting his lips over mine he pushes his way into my mouth before I can say anything. I feel as well as hear him growl into my mouth before I starts to slide my tongue around and over his. He lifts my hands and arms that are clenched at my sides and wraps them round his neck, pulling me closer with his hand on my waist until our bodies are pressed tightly against each other’s, I feel his cock hardening against my stomach as he starts to move his mouth slowly over the corner of my mine and down towards my chin. he lifts my head for better access at my neck causing me to wince at the pain from the cut, I see him smile from the corner of my eyes before I feel his flattened tongue move from the base of my throat all the way up to the painful red cut that Jack made not long before, pain shoots through me again as his hot tongue pushes harder against it, he pulls my face down towards him and I see my spilt blood covering his tongue, his green eyes sparkle with humour and lust at my disgust. He pulls me tighter to him again and starts to use his left hand to caress my right breast, his thumb sliding in circles around my nipple before firmly rubbing over it. Surprised I feel pleasure course through me and unconsciously arch my back for more.

“Mm like that do you?” He breaths into my mouth, “god you got a hot little body aint ya” his mouth travels back down my neck this time moving lower as he places his tongue on my chest, sucking my left nipple into his mouth and tugging gently, I feel my stomach clench and my juice’s pool against my will between my thighs, looking up at the ceiling I feel my tears start up again. ‘I can’t believe my pussy is getting wet, I don’t want this I hate this’ I think to myself as his hand move down my pink cotton shorts and between my thighs

“Wow your wet” he says pleased “I knew you would like this, I could see it in you that day at the Supermarket. You looked so beautiful with your white dress and blonde hair flying behind you as you rushed to get what you wanted, the look in your eyes as you past me said you needed to be fucked good and hard… we followed you here. We watched you dance around cooking for that useless cunt, his hands pawing taksim escort all over you but I could tell he wasn’t giving you what you needed as he fucked you on the sofa.”

I try to make sense of what he’s saying, I vaguely remember wearing my white dress but it hasn’t been for a while, the weather has been too cold for it lately with us not having much of a summer this year, I know the last time Nick and I last had sex on the sofa was at least three weeks ago, does that mean they have been following and watching me all that time? I look towards Nick seeing he has worked it out too; the anger on his face says it all.

“Every night he would paw at you and never give you what you needed, such a selfish bastard but we have been planning to finally give you want you need and now we can. You will love it and after you will leave him for a real man, for me”

Jack catches my eye as he still holds the knife to Nick but now his other hand caresses his cock through his jeans while he watches Tommy’s hand movements under my shorts and between my thighs. Still holding on to his shoulders I feel his middle finger slide inside me and the palm of his hand rub against my clit, again my body betrays me as I lean my head into his chest and moan, the need to be filled starting to affect me.

“Mm baby you feel so tight, I love it! So hot and wet for me” he says as his other hand lifts my face and he kisses me hard, I gasp as suddenly I feel another pair of rough hands slide over my bare waist and start pulling my shorts down over my hips, I want to pull away but Tommy keeps my mouth pressed tightly to his as Jack’s right hand moves round my waist and pushes Tommy’s out of the way, I feel Jack’s left hand holding tightly to my waist as Tommy shuffles back with his hand still holding me to his mouth causing me to have to lean over, I hear the sound of a zipper being lowered just before Tommy pulls me away from his mouth and pushes me down on my hands and knees. His 8” hard cock just centimetres from my mouth

“show me how good you are with that gob” he says as his hands move through my hair, gathering it up into a make shift pony-tail so he can watch clearly as I take his cock into my mouth, “oh fuck” he moans, his head falling back “fuck me Nicky boy. If I had known about her mouth before I would have killed you that first day and just taken her.” His words make me shiver,

I feel Jacks hands caressing and grasping at my arse as his fingers breech my lips before he thrusts them inside me hard and fast

“Shit she’s soaking” he says with a laugh, pulling my legs left he positions me right in front of Nick before moving next to me and spreading me open for Nick to see. “See that? She loves it mate. Look at her juices running down her thighs” he says to Nick before spreading me wider and sliding three of his fat fingers into me, pulling them back out he manages to smear my juices over Nick’s mouth before he turns his head in disgust

“DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME YOU CUNT” he screams, but automatically his tongue slides along his lips tasting my juices there, his eyes flare with lust and his cock starts to twitch

Laughing Jack bends down and slides his tongue between my lips making me gasp around Tommy’s cock, I feel Tommy’s hand on my head making me take his cock all the way to the back of my throat. My moaning escalates as Jack’s tongue becomes more insistent as he pushes it deep into my pussy. I feel Tommy start to thicken as he gets ready to cum, the taste of his hot salty cum fills my mouth and makes my juices pool between my thighs. Grabbing me by the hair he pulls me round telling me not to swallow yet. He places me right in front of Nick, I start to feel sick as he orders me to open my mouth and show my boyfriend. Nick looks away but it’s too late he knows what fills my mouth and I know it will take a long time to get that vision out of his head if ever. Laughing Tommy pulls me forward and makes me bend my head to suck Nick

“Don’t worry mate we won’t her let leave you out, we want you nice and hard so you can cum while we both fuck her” he says to Nick as he thrusts my mouth down hard on his cock, as he throws his head back in pleasure I know he doesn’t want it and the reaction is automatic but part of me is happy that at least Nick will get something out of this. I try to make it the best blow job of his life, putting everything I feel for him into it.

“oh fuck baby..” he moans while I use my hand to help him along, he looks me right in the eyes and knows I’m trying to make this easier on him “I’m so sorry” he says, guilt over whelming him.

“Don’t be this isn’t your fault, I love you”

“I love you too…” Tommy’s hand comes flying past me and connects with Nick’s cheek


Laying down across the bed and grabbing my hair he pulls me on top of him making sure Nick as a good view of my arse. I hear his chair scrape across the room as Jack pulls him closer to the bed, Tommy spreads my legs and lines his cock up with my pussy, the thought that he isn’t wearing any protection and I’m not on the pill at the moment runs through my mind

“Please… I’m not protected” I tell him begging him with my eyes

An evil smile spreads across his face “Perfect, hopefully by the end of tonight you will be growing my child inside you” he replies, his hand surprisingly rubbing my stomach gently like the idea of me carrying his child is something he really wants.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE” I hear Nick shout from behind me, I try to climb off him panicking at the thought of letting him inside me but Tommy just laughs at him and grabs my hips thrusting up into me as he pulls me down, his right hand moves up to my neck and pulls me down to his lips, kissing me hard while he forces his tongue inside my mouth and thrusts his cock deep inside me

Jack stands behind Nick for a moment holding his head straight and whispering in his ear

“See that Nicky boy? How amazing does that look? Tommy’s cock sliding into your sluts soaking wet pussy, her juices covering his cock. Can you see it? She loves it, she wants it, and she needs it” He laughs as Nick tries to look away “I know you’re enjoying this too, watching her get fucked. Makes you hard doesn’t it?” he laughs looking down between Nick’s legs and nodding at his rock hard cock. Moving back away from the chair and over towards me, he gets on his knees straddling Tommy’s legs and pushing his fingers into my bum, I moan into Tommy’s mouth as Jack lines his cock with my tight little brown hole before thrusting in hard and fast, I scream but it’s muffled with Tommy’s mouth, tears freely falling down cheeks and dripping onto his naked chest, they start awkwardly trying to get into a rhythm that they beşiktaş escort both can enjoy but slowly they start to work together, pushing in at the same time to make both holes that much tighter, Jack grabs my hair and pulls me up crushing me against his bare chest, his hands pawing and caressing my breast hard as he uses his mouth to kiss and bite his way up my neck, turning my face up and towards him as he licks a trail up my throat and over my chin before crushing my lips with his, he pushes and grinds hard into me causing me to side further down onto Tommy’s cock each time,

“Oh my god” Tommy moans as Jack’s fingers crawl slowly around my hips to my clit and starts to rub hard against me pushing me over the edge and bringing on a climax so big I start to black out. Smiling Jack looks at my half closed eyes

“You love it you little whore don’t you?” he asks

“Jack leave her” I barely hear Tommy say as he pulls me towards him and out of Jack’s arms

“Don’t start getting attached mate, she’s just a bit of pussy” he growls

“no she’s not, she’s perfect” Tommy replies raising his voice at Jack, his hands caressing my face and neck as he continues to slide into me, pulling my face to his he kisses my lips softly and gently

“Be mine” he whispers as I feel is cum shoot into me, his thrusts becoming slower and longer.

“Come here bitch” Jack says grabbing me and pushing me on my back, he pulls Nick towards me and tips his chair until his face is inches my cum soaked pussy

“go on mate you know you wanna, lick that pussy” he continues laughing at Nick’s attempts to turn his head, I try to close my legs but Jack has Nick bent too close to me, Tommy grabs my hands pinning them above my head while he uses his other hand to push hard on Nick’s head, as my smell hits his nose I hear Nick whisper he’s sorry before his mouth opens and he devours my pussy. my back arches at his tongue sliding slowly between my lips, reaching my clit and circling it slowly until I squirm then sucking it into his mouth and grazing his teeth over it, I’ve known since the first time Nick and I had sex that his favourite thing was to lick me, to taste me, just the smells of my arousal would have him hard. I decided one night to rub his pillow case over me to see if he would notice, that night as soon as his head hit the pillow he was on top of me pinning me down and pleasuring me until I couldn’t move and my god was he good at it. Past sexual partners never got me off that way but Nick could do it over and over again without trouble.
I start to moan as the warm sensation fills my stomach, my eyes open as Tommy’s lips fall upon mine again, he swallows my moans as I get closer, just as I’m about to come I feel something hot hit my stomach and see Jack wanking his cock over me

“Ohhhh Nick” I moan as I start to go over the edge, Nick’s mouth moves faster desperate to taste my cum

“Say my name baby” I hear Tommy moan between kisses

“Oh god yes Nick” I moan loudly as I fall over the edge his tongue moving to my hole and licking all around me

“I said say my name not his” I hear the growl from Tommy “you will choose me at the end of this and now I’m going to show you why” he adds as he grabs hold of me and pulls me up pushing Nick on the shoulder away from me, he positions his cock at my pussy again this time from behind and gives not warning before he thrusts hard and fast deep inside me, I scream at the pain of his cock going too far into me, his hands grab my hair pulling hard making me straining as he pumps hard and fast not slowing down. My back arches, Jack moves in front of me and lays down trying to pull me towards him but Tommy grips me harder causing me to gasp,

“suck him bitch” he growls at me as he thrust me forward onto Jacks awaiting cock, my mouth fills fuller than when Tommy made me suck him, I realise Jack must be at least 9” and very wide, his hand reaches my head and pulls me down on him making me gag slightly

“That’s it slut suck it like a good girl” he says moaning with pleasure

“GET OFF HER, YOU HAD YOUR FUN LEAVE HER ALONE” Nick shouts but neither of the other two men pay attention I feel both my holes suddenly fill with cum, Jack pulls his cock from my mouth and goes to take my pussy but Tommy growls at him, telling him to back off. Confused Jack growls back

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asks

“Nothing, her pussy is mine. You can use whatever you like but not her pussy!” they quickly get me into position so they can both fuck my pussy and arse again. This time there is nothing sweet about the way Tommy acts with me, he keeps it hard and fast not letting up until he makes me cum again and unloads his cum inside me twice more. As jack pulls put Tommy tells him to knock Nick out.
“no please” I try to say but Tommy grabs my neck, he spins me round to my back and quickly fills me again, grinding me hard and thrusting deep as his hand reaches my neck and squeezes, Jack stands up and smiles at Nick

“been looking forward to this point all night mate, your girl was great might have to come have another go soon” he says before pulling his fist back and punching Nick hard over and over again, knocking the chair back onto the floor

“P…please d…don’t” I manage to say but the look in Tommy’s eyes says he doesn’t care anymore. This is just about him. He starts to grunt as he comes again deep inside me, grabbing a pillow he thrusts it under my hips and cuffs my hands while his cock starts to soften inside me, he pulls out thrusting another pillow under me and tying my feet with the rest of rope he used on Nick.

As they begin to get their clothes back on, I look over at Nick who is now laying on the floor his body at a strange angle.

“he will wake soon enough and when he does he can untie you,” Tommy says walking over to me while Jack stands at the door looking round to make sure nothing is left behind, placing his hand on my stomach he leans forward and whispers in my ear “thanks for a great night, maybe in three months you will come find me and tell me the great news, maybe I will just watch you grow big with our child.” He leans down holding my chin and kisses me softly and deeply “I love you, I will be watching you don’t worry” he adds as they walk through the door.

It takes Nick half hour to wake up; his groggy pain voice calls out my name

“I’m here babe, “I call back through my tears, he looks up at me, seeing me tied up , he jumps up forgetting his own pain and quickly releases me from my restraints. His arms circle around me as he pulls me closer and presses his lips to my hair.

“I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry” he says over and over as I cry into his shirt, “Please forgive me”

“It’s not your fault” I sob back holding him tight. “I love you”

“I love you too baby so much. I will kill them men for what they did to you. We have to call the police”

“I know, later…please just hold me” I say as he pull me closer whispering he loves me and is sorry.

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