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Atlanta and the Stewardess

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Note to reader: This story is short and 100% true. I have changed the names to protect anonymity.


My name is Scott. I am a former aerospace engineer now middle school teacher in southern California. I lost my engineering job in 1990 along with several million other aerospace workers when the Congress reduced military spending. For years following my layoff, it was difficult finding engineering work anywhere in SoCal. I was living off unemployment and taking odd jobs in construction. In ’95, a friend of mine suggested I should try teaching, because as an engineer, I am always teaching, and if you ask me what time it is, I’ll tell you how to build a clock. It all starts with a spring…

In 2006, the frustration of teaching kids who did not want to learn was wearing me out, and when an opportunity to return to the business world came knocking, I answered. For two-years I traveled the U.S. living out of a suitcase as a consultant to construction companies. I was in 48 different cities over a 24-month period. The Johnny Cash song I’ve Been Everywhere was my theme for those two years. Having never traveled much before, I looked upon my new job as an adventure. I can tell you about being in 40 degrees below zero in Canada where the job site porta-potty has an electric heater to keep your ass from sticking to the seat. Or, when you go to the Rock-N-Roll hall of fame in Cleveland, if you’ve seen one Fender Stratocaster, you’ve seen them all. This story is about the three-weeks I spent in Atlanta on a job site.

Late spring and early summer in Georgia are tolerable. The days are not too humid, and the nights are warm compared to other parts of the country where winter’s grip still causes trouble. I was staying at a hotel much like the others. It was a nice, convenient, and clean hotel.

During my Atlanta job, the hotel I stayed in was close to the airport and flight crews would bunk there when away from their homes. It seemed like every time I went downstairs, I would see the flight crews coming or going. One evening, I was sitting at the hotel bar, nursing a beer when a beautiful, statuesque blonde sat nearby. I had seen her a few times before and thought she was gorgeous, but I would never have a chance with someone like her. She appeared to be in her early 40s, and although she showed the normal signs of aging, I thought she was still gorgeous. Now, I’m not the guy that women gravitate toward. I have average looks, I am 6-feet 5-inches tall, of Scandinavian descent so my hair is blonde, I have wide shoulders and narrow hips. Yet this woman would not stop staring at me. I asked the bartender if she knew the woman. The bartender said the woman was a flight attendant. They hate the word stewardess and said she stopped over frequently.

I asked the bartender: “Would you do me the favor of asking her if she would like company?”

I am shy because I never learned how to be a player and mostly struck out with women. I watched the bartender speak with the woman and she raised her glass as a signal to walk over to where she was sitting. I stood next to her and introduced myself.

“Hi, my name is Scott. I’m here on business and thought perhaps you might like company. Are you waiting for someone or may I join you?”

She shook my hand and said: “Nice to meet you Scott, I’m Julie. Please sit down.”

Over the course of the next 30-minutes we chatted about the typical things like: Where do you live, how often are you here, and so on. My stomach growled, and I asked Julie if she wanted to have dinner with me. She said yes, and we made our way to the hotel dining room. The food was not exceptional nor was it poor. It was the typical hotel food. We enjoyed ourselves throughout the meal. Julie is an interesting woman. She too was a former teacher, and now flight attendant. She lives in Virginia and has grown children like I do. Julie likes her job and enjoys meeting new people. We talked about her training to be a flight attendant and my engineering career. I thought we hit it off and took a chance. When dinner was over, I asked if she would like to cruise around the city to see the sights with me.

I asked: “It’s still early and I am kind of bored. Would you like to go sightseeing with me? I hear they really call Atlanta Hot-lanta.”

“I’d love too. When I stay here, I usually go to my room to read or surf the Internet. Where are you parked?”

Julie and I drove through the downtown area of Atlanta. There was a Braves game at the ballpark when we drove by. We toured around and I made mental notes of places to stop the next time she returned. After about an hour of driving, we headed back to the hotel. When we arrived, we walked to the elevators and pushed the button to our floors. While waiting for the elevator to arrive, we exchanged numbers. My floor was below hers and when the door opened, she leaned toward me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Scott for a nice evening. I so rarely get to do anything like this.”

“It was my pleasure Ordu Escort Julie. I hope to see you on your next visit here.”

The elevator door closed, and I stood alone.

Two-days later, there was a text from Julie on my phone. Working construction with the loud noises at the job site prevented me from hearing the notification tone. When I got into my car, I checked and saw her message.

“Hi Scott, I’ll be in Atlanta this afternoon. Are you still there?”

I returned her text: “Yes still here. May I see you this evening?”

Julie did not answer right away because she was airborne and could not use her phone. When she turned it on at the airport, she responded to my text.

“I would love to see you. Meet me at the bar around 7:00-ish. I should be ready to see you then.”

HOT DAMN! I had a date with Julie. When 7:00 O’clock came, I was sitting at the bar nursing a cola. I’m the world’s original lightweight drinker. Two beers and I’m tipsy, so I abstained. I was watching the Braves play baseball on TV when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Julie was standing next to me and when I turned to face her, my mouth was open in amazement. She was wearing a coral, floral print sundress with amazing cleavage, modest heels, and her make-up was perfect. The light red shade of lipstick made her luscious lips look so kissable.

“Wow Julie! This sure beat that uniform you wear.”

“Thank you, Scott, you clean up nicely too. What plans have you for us?”

“First, I thought we might go get a nice steak. I imagine you are like me, tired of hotel food.”

“Mmmm, that sounds nice.”

“Then, afterward we could go to one of the hot spots in town. Are you up for it?”

Julie and I walked to my car and headed to one of Atlanta’s oldest and best reviewed steakhouses. She ordered prime rib, and I had the ribeye. Both were so tender you could cut them with a fork. I should have ordered the petite steak because when my order arrived, the ribeye was as big as a saddle blanket. The meat hung over the edge of the plate and the flavor was addictive. I couldn’t stop eating. Julie’s prime rib was scrumptious too. We both felt like the only thing missing from the restaurant was two cots to nap on.

Earlier in the day I surfed the Internet and found a nightclub that caters to older adults. The music was not as loud or electronic like what the kids today hear in clubs. The songs were romantic slow dancing old standards mixed with a few upbeat songs from the 80s. Julie and I danced the slow songs and sat out the fast ones. During one Frank Sinatra song we were dancing too, she looked up at me and those beautiful deep blue eyes cast a spell to my heart. I took a chance and kissed her lips. It was a gentle kiss. The kiss that lingers for a moment and sends chills down your spine.

Both of us faded out around midnight and we left the club for our hotel. In my rental car on the way back, Julie reached over and took my hand in hers. She smiled at me as I drove.

“Scott, I’ve had a wonderful night and I don’t want it to end so soon. Will you let me stay in your room tonight?”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Here I am driving along the interstate toward a hotel, 2,500 miles from home, with a stunning blonde woman who wants to share my bed with me. What could I say?

“Are you sure Julie? We’ve only known each other for two nights. I mean, yes, I would love to have you in my arms. You can stay the night with me.”

I opened the door of the car for her and helped her stand. Her arms went around me again and she pressed her pelvis to mine. Big Jim and the twins were at full attention. Julie moaned in my chest when she felt my hardness pressing into her. We kissed for two moments and then headed for the hotel lobby. We rode the elevator to her floor so she could get some overnight things. However, when she opened the door to her room and stepped inside, she said:

“I can’t wait for your room. You’re spending the night with me here.”

She held me tightly, and we kissed. My hands went to her back and hers to mine. Our tongues danced and our hands roamed each other’s bodies. Her hands went to my crotch and felt the length of my hardness. Although I am not huge or have big girth, she looked at me and said a line from a Mae West movie:

“Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?”

My hands found their way to her breasts. She was braless and her nipples were erect through the thin material of her sundress. A few more moments of kissing and fondling were in order. Then, I moved my hands from her breasts to find the zipper of her dress. Looking into her eyes, I pulled the zipper down slowly. Deliberately I stalled the progress of the zipper while searching for emotion in her eyes. Once the zipper was down, I moved my hands to her shoulders to pull the dress downward. Julie let her arms dangle as the material fell gently to the floor in a heap at her feet. It surprised me to see that the only thing she had on were Ordu Escort Bayan her heels.

I reached down to pick Julie up in my arms and carried her to the bed. She held onto my neck and smiled as we walked. Using my knee to steady myself, I lowered her to the mattress. When she was down safely, I moved toward her to kiss. Our mouths were hungry for one another. Her teeth gently bit my lower lip. Her mouth sucked my tongue. I broke the kiss and kissed her face, neck, and chest. Looking at her through my lustful eyes, I assaulted her nipples.

Julie has breasts that fit her physique perfectly. She has what I estimated to be size “B” to perhaps “C” cup. The universal constants of time and gravity have been kind to her. The older we get; the more things sag. With each lick of my broad tongue against her areola and nipples, I could feel her inhale. Using my upper teeth, I trapped her extended nipple between my teeth and tongue. The sharpness and softness made her moan. My dick was painful in my underwear, so I stood up and removed my clothing.

Her eyes were watching my fingers as I unbuttoned my dress shirt. I let it fall to the floor behind me as I stood bedside. Next, I pulled my tee-shirt over my head and let it fall behind me too. As my hands undid my leather belt, Julie rolled toward me and put her hand on my stiff rod. I unfastened the clasp t my beltline while she had her hands on my zipper. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes as she lowered the zipper and pulled my trousers down past my knees. Using my sock covered feet, I held the hem of the pants legs down to the floor while removing each leg from their holes. Julie could see the bulge of my 7-inch cock straining at the front of my boxer briefs. Her fingernails dug behind the elastic waistband and pulled it outward and down. The back went below my buttocks and the front stopped at the juncture of my dick and abdomen. She moved her hands toward the front and pulled downward on the waistband. When she did, my cock went south, and when the waist band cleared the tip of my cock, it sprung back into the erect position. Julie jumped and smiled at the bouncing man flesh before her eyes.

Delicate warm hands grabbed my manhood and stroked me softly. Her touch was like velvet along my shaft. Soon, she was gripping me tightly and stretching the skin of the shaft without the friction of her hand rubbing along my flesh. Her mouth was opening, and she adjusted her position to sit upright with me standing between her legs. I watched with amazement as she put her mouth over my cock. Her tongue licked the underside of my glans for a few seconds, and without warning she plunged my cock all the way down her throat.

Her hands followed her lips as she bobbed up and down on my cock. She would rotate her hands as she took me into and out of her throat. My eyes rolled back into their sockets as I felt the urge to cum rise in my loins. Not wanting to cum yet, I stepped back and helped her move horizontal with my body between legs. I placed my head between her thighs and looked up at her across the landscape of her abdomen. My vision was through two mounds of flesh making a narrow canyon between them. She smiled as I lowered my face to her vulva.

Again, with broad strokes of my tongue, I lapped at her wet entrance. She tasted sweeter than any woman I had before. Women taste differently. Some are sweet and others are sour-like. Julie was sweet. I wish I could have bottled her juices for refreshment later. It was not long before she grabbed my hair and directed me toward her clit. My tongue lavished her labia and when my mouth found her clit, I plunged a finger inside her love tunnel to feel for the rough patch on the ceiling on her G-spot. I sucked and rubbed my finger at the same time. With the first stroke of my fingers and vacuum on her clit, Julie raised her hips to my face. She had the hang-time NFL punters only dreamed about.

I moved my left hand under her ass cheeks for support while my tongue assaulted her love button. Like I did with her nipples, I used my teeth and tongue to pleasure her. Julie’s pussy juices were now dripping freely from her. They were running down my chin to my neck and chest hair. As her climax approached, her hips thrust uncontrollably. My head struggled to maintain a mouth lock on her clit. Not being able to maintain contact, I lifted off her clit and rapidly pounded her pussy with my finger. While I slipped another finger inside her, my thumb took over where my tongue left off. It did not take long for her to make climax noises. She talked in tongues.

“Oh, gaw, fuh, fuh, fuh, I’m cum -mm- ing!”

Her thighs trembled as her hands gripped the sheets below her. I could see her abdominal muscles tense up as the wave of ecstasy washed over her body. Her face was red, and she had stopped breathing while bearing down on her climax. My fingers and thumb continued to hammer away as she climbed the mountain. At the top, she let out a long ahh sound and then collapsed onto the mattress Escort Ordu breathing heavily. The sudden rush of air into her lungs was audible as she gasped for her breath.

Having satisfied her before my pleasure, I smiled at her while still prone on my chest between her legs. I removed my fingers and gently kissed and licked her pussy. With each crossing of her clit with my tongue, she would lurch upward and inhale deeply, until she told me to stop because she was too sensitive. I watched her breathing return to normal and the beads of sweat on her forehead were like a crown of diamonds.

Wiping my face on the sheet, I moved forward and placed the head of my cock at her clean-shaven entrance. The landing strip of pubic hair above made me smile. I thought it was fitting for a flight crew member to have such an adornment. My knees worked their way under her hamstrings and lifted them upward so my cock could get closer to her opening. With my arms behind her knees and hands on the mattress beside her, I adjusted my position so that my rigid pole was ready to enter her. She used her hand to align me with her entrance. The slipperiness of her pussy and the lubrication of the condom made entering her easy. She gasped as my girth slid inside her. She was tight.

Slowly, I moved in and out of her as her body somewhat doubled in half. When our pelvic regions joined, she could feel me against her cervix. As I reached the depth of her love tunnel, I moved my hips in a circular motion a few times, then retreated outward. It did not take long for Julie to tell me to fuck her harder. She wanted more of my cock.

“Fuck me Scott. Give me your cock deep. I want you to pound my pussy.”

Each sentence she uttered broke up by her breaths as my cock bottomed out against her. We fucked like this for several minutes. Then, I pulled out and told her to get on her knees. I love the from behind position because it makes my cock go even deeper. Leaning over close to her back, my long arms found her clit and rubbed it with the length of my fingers like a washboard. Julie talked in tongues again as she climaxed. Her grunting sent me over the edge too. My cock filled the reservoir tip and I could feel the excess sliding around inside the rubber. As I went flaccid, I pulled out, removed the condom, tied it off, set it on the floor next to the bed, and lay next to her. My left arm went under her shoulders and she rolled toward me with her tits on the side of my chest and her left leg over my right.

We basked in the afterglow of great sex until our bodies cooled down.

“Thank you,” I said as I kissed the top of her head as she lay in my arms.

“NO, thank YOU.” She said as her fingers wove themselves through my chest hair. “I’ve not had a good fuck in a long time. That was fantastic.”

“It’s all part of the complete package. There’s no extra charge for personalized service ma’am.”

“If you were a gigolo, I would gladly pay you for your services.”

I smiled and chuckled at her comment. Nobody had ever said that to me before. Nor, had I ever thought anyone would. I was proud to have pleased her so well.

Sliding out from under her, I sat upright and put my legs over the side of the bed. When I stood up, she said:

“Just where do you think you are going stud?”

I turned back toward her and said: “I will take a shower. Care to join me?”

Julie threw her body to the side of the bed and nearly leaped out toward me. I held my hand out for hers and we entered the bathroom together. While she put on a shower cap over her lovely blonde hair, I ran the water to warm it up. She stepped in first with me following close behind. I like the shower curtains many hotels have nowadays. The curved outward curtain rod and the magnets in the shower curtain gives much more room than a traditional straight shower rod.

Our hands roamed over each other’s body as we lathered and washed each other. The washing felt good as she lathered my body. In too short of time, we dried off. We walked naked back to the bed, and I put my clothes back on.

“STOP! You are not going anywhere tonight. I need you to hold me tonight. I want to feel your body next to mine. It’s been a very long time since I had a man in my bed, and I want you to refresh my memory.”

My dick was getting hard again as we pulled the covers over our bodies. My dick nestled between her butt cheeks as I wrapped my long arms around her. My hands were covering both of her tits when she reached over to turn out the bedside lamp. Sleep came fast.

It was almost noon when I awoke with my back to Julie and her body spooning with mine. Since my phone was in my pants on the floor, I did not know what time it was. But I remembered that it was Saturday, and I did not need to go to the job site over the weekend. Julie was breathing normally in her sleep. I did not want to move fearing I would wake her, and I am sure flying regularly is tiring enough without the added exercise we did the night before. I lay next to her for a few minutes when I felt her move her hand on my chest. I guess she did not know I was awake, and she was feeling my chest. Her movement was more than a subconscious REM sleep action. I moved my hand and placed it on top of hers and squeezed it gently.

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