Eki 08

At The Marquis

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Thanks to Rhyxivar for the magnificent tradition. Maude can lives in french and in english.


Chez le Marquis

Young Maude arrived at the Marquis’ Parisian mansion with her parents. The magnificent building appeased the demoiselle, who had been facing a measure of dread about this voyage. The marquis’ disturbingly handsome demeanor soon added yet another layer that dread.

“Good morning, mister Viscount. And you are absolutely ravishing, madam, just like this young lady,” said the Marquis, settling a pleased smile on Maude. “Did you have a pleasant journey?”

“Yes, the journey was nice. The temperature was pleasant and the magnificent countryside was with us every step of the way,” answered the Viscount.

“Your home is splendid, dear Marquis,” followed the Viscountess.

“I’m very pleased you have had a good trip. Come, come. My help will take care of your belongings.”

“We won’t be staying long Marquis. We are leaving you our daughter, as we would like her so much to get to know Paris. It isn’t by remaining in the countryside that she will get to know the city.”

“I will take good care of your darling daughter. My servants have already prepared the most gorgeous room in the manor. I will organize little soirées with some friends in order to give her some diversion. The art of conversation in a very important thing to Parisians.”

“Everything is in order then, Marquis. We leave her in your trust.”

The Viscount took the Marquis aside.

“Please give me some news. You see, I would like her to find a reasonably wealthy husband,” whispered the Viscount in the Marquis’ ear

“I will give you news, you can count on me.”

“Be very careful, I don’t want some rapscallion to paw her before vows are said. This child is so pure,” said the Viscount in a hushed voice.

“I will do as you indicate.”

Turning to the Viscountess, the Marquis wished them a good trip back.

“Thank you, and we are counting on you Marquis.” said the Viscountess. Then she turned to her daughter. “Take care of yourself, my child, be polite and do as the Marquis says.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Until next time.”

The Viscount and his wife kissed both their daughter and the Marquis as was customary and left the manor. The young girl was alone in the hall before her host. Maude was a radiant beauty. The Marquis looked at her attentively, which immediately made her cheeks blush a warm shade of pink. Her hair had a slight curl to and went all the down her back to stop at her buttocks. Her slightly naïve look made her visage perfect. A touch of shyness and of willfulness mingled in the blue spheres of her eyes. Her body was soft and delicate. While he was peering at this soft angel, however, the Marquis knew that a beautiful woman he had met a few days ago awaited his return in bed. The Marquis had everything to please a women. He had a noble countenance. His eyes were vibrant with life and his face brilliantly designed. His mouth was inviting and the few wayward facial hairs that ornamented his chin gave him a slightly marginal look that had its desired effect on Maude. He was tall and his shoulders broad, even more accentuated with the cut of his clothing. He showed the sweet young lady to her room, and soon regained his.

The redhead was still there lying on the bed, her breasts bare.

“My handsome Marquis, whatever were you doing?”

“A friend, a Viscount from the countryside, came to bestow his daughter upon me. He would like to find her a Parisian husband. She is a very seductive child. She positively glows with virginity. Here, come to me, desire has made my member grow from the instant she came in and it is still as just as large in its confines.”

“You make me jealous, beautiful lover. So must I take this appendage, though it has arisen for another.”

“You are just as marvelous a creature, Casandra. Worry not, you make me arise as well.”

The marquis didn’t have to wait long for Casandra to take him into her mouth. She had magnificent lips: fleshy, full and extremely soft. She wielded her tongue with extraordinary dexterity, bringing forth pleasure from the man at every spot on his penis simultaneously. The precision of her lips and tongue gave the woman immense satisfaction. She loved fellatio. Her vagina sparked under the Marquis’ newly placed fingertips. He was a master craftsman when it came to caressing the clitoris. She came on his hand as she felt his sperm course into her mouth and spill onto her nude breasts. The marquis had his hand on a absolutely exciting wet caress, so rarely had he been with a woman with such intense orgasms.

They ate a bit later. The Marquis fetched Maude in her room. She followed him and was quite surprised at the sight of Casandra.

“Greetings Madam, are you the Marquise?”

“No, no young lady. I am a friend of the Marquis. I’m spending a few days in Paris.”

“Come, come, young women, your meals are already waiting,” announced the Marquis, winking at Casandra.

They fed together, the three of them. Maude remained quiet. She was troubled by the effect the Marquis was having on her. Of course, she had met antalya escort handsome men, but he possessed a charisma that they did not. The Marquis played at conversation. With eloquence, he spoke of life’s many things. Maude became both shocked and jealous when she noticed that Casandra seemed to caress the Marquis under the table while they supped without the slightest hint of shame. She placed her hand between his legs near his penis. Casandra had noticed Maude’s fuming and to provoke her she redoubled her caresses. Her efforts didn’t seem to trouble the Marquis, who continued conversing as if he didn’t notice what was happening between both women.

The Marquis led Maude back to her room. Along the way, the marquis was sometimes so close that she could feel his clothes rubbing against hers. In front of her room he planted a kiss on both her cheeks. She felt a soft latent pleasure resting between her thighs, though it only mingled with her fear.

Maude went to bed early, but sleep was late to come. She heard some noise from the hallway. She got up to see its source and saw the Marquis holding half nude Casandra as they entered a nearby room. She had much trouble sleeping. She was imaging the goings on in the room a few doors down. Once, she had surprised her brother in the stable with a young lady. They were rolling around in the hay, naked, and she remembered having seen her brother suckling on the girl’s breasts. She was crying out in pleasure while caressing the bulge in the boy’s pants. Her brother had pulled out his well-hardened member to slip it inside the girl who hollered with pleasure. Maude had run away quickly for fear of being discovered, but now these images haunted her dreams. During her first night at the manor, she imagined the Marquis mounting her like her brother had that girl. She saw herself orgasm under the man’s cock.

She awakened in the middle of the night The tips of her breasts were hard and she felt a pleasant yet disturbing feeling between her legs. For the first time in her life, she stroked her breasts and, with her other hand she made circles on the small nub of flesh where her secret lips met. She had never felt anything like this and she imagined that it was the Marquis bringing her these pleasurable caresses. She suddenly felt very wrong about what she was doing. Maude stopped and went back to sleep.

The next day while exiting her room, Maude was shoved aside by a young man running down the hallway. He turned quickly. He was petrified by the beauty of the person he had bumped into. She stared at the boy’s magnificent sweaty body.

“Sorry, m, mademoiselle ,” he stammered “Are you alright?!”

“I’m fine, Sir, all is well.”

“Are you the master’s new guest?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“I am the master’s gardener. If you need anything.”

“No that’s fine… I don’t have a garden in my room.”

“Glad to have met you.”

The two young people were red-faced with bashfulness. The gardener quickly ran away and Maude saw the Marquis watching them from the end of the hall. He walked forward to meet her.

“Nice looking young man that gardener. I ,for one, no longer have that youthful glow.” “You’re not that bad either,” she surprised herself saying.

As true as what she said was, she still bitterly regretted her last words. Of course the Marquis was a bit older, around thirty or thirty-five at most. Meanwhile the gardener was eighteen if that, but still a very good-looking young man. She didn’t speak a word all the way to the dining room.

“Do you wish to go into Paris today?”

“Oh yes, of course Sir.”

“You could go to the museum. One of my domestics can accompany you.”

“If you so desire, Sir.”

“That’s good. Isabelle will accompany you.”

After the meal, Isabelle and Maude went out to the museum. The gardener was working outside. His eyes never left Maude, who was walking in a long, attractive dress that espoused her curves and accentuated her body and long hair. She watched him as well, that tightly-muscled young man. But she continued on her way.

Isabelle was pleasant enough company. She was a beautiful woman as well. Her skin was of a deeper tone. Her brown hair fell gracefully to her bare shoulders. She wore a pretty dress that lifted her fairly abundant bust and drew sharply on her marvelously thin waist. She spoke much and seemed to like her master very much. This last point annoyed Maude a little, but the woman was so much more agreeable than Casandra. Together, they looked at the paintings and sculptures. Maude was amazed by the sheer number of beautiful masterpieces there were. After the museum they took a short breather in a small café that often hosted a literary circle. They heard some inklings of the conversation.

“The Marquis published a new novel.”

“The king is keeping his eyes open, he is becoming upsetting.”

“I heard it speaks of orgies and masturbation.”


She couldn’t make out the rest, but Maude was already asking herself a lot of questions. That night at dinner, she asked him what he did with his days.

“I write much and I go out to town to meet lara escort with friends. Why do you ask?”

“Women in the city spoke of your novels.”

“What did they think of them?”

“They said that they were pious verses.” He softly mocked him.

“Right! That’s what I thought,” He answered her sarcasm. “Would you like a read?” he challenged.

“Certainly not.”

“Your father raised a good girl I see.”

“Of course. And I have no wish to understand your perversions.”

“Is that right?”

The Marquis looked at her with an irresistible smile. The young woman went up to her room her plate half eaten.

Maude grabbed a book and went to the garden, where she laid in the grass to read. The gardener was in the woods a few meters away. She had not seen him.

He softly masturbated himself while looking at the natural beauty that lay down before him. Her long dress hiked up slightly letting him see her beautiful legs. Her dress molding her magnificent perfectly-sized breasts. He imagined himself slipping inside her quickly and feeling her coming in his arms. He had never touched a woman. He had seen a woman in the nude that some of his friends had paid to dance before them, but never had he actually touched one. Not even a kiss; he had always been too coy. He always satisfied himself by watching. The Marquis invited the most beautiful girls in Paris to his manor, so it was a good place to be. This Maude was different. Usually the guests of the Marquis were bold girls that came here to be debauched. In this case, with Maude, she seemed as shy as he was. She truly attracted him. His orgasm was very good.

Maude went to bed when the sun began to set. She met the Marquis in the hallway.

“I will be receiving some friends tomorrow. Will you be joining us?”

“Yes, of course, Sir.”

“Very good.”

The Marquis made his way to the gardener’s room .

“She pleases you, the young Maude?”

“She is very beautiful monsieur Marquis.”

“I saw you in the woods earlier today. Too much masturbation kills a man. Go for it.”

The gardener was truly embarrassed. He didn’t dare speak about such things with the Marquis. He knew that the Marquis wrote erotic novels. He had even read one, but he still didn’t dare to discuss it. The Marquis felt his uneasiness, smiled at him, and left the room. The gardener dreamt of Maude. He saw Maude naked exiting her room to join him in his. He would hold her against him, against his hard member. He caressed her breasts, then penetrated her. But he could only dream about it; never would he ask a well bred woman of noble blood to join him.

Meanwhile, in her bed, Maude dreamt of the Marquis. She masturbated for a second time, but did not hold herself back as she had. She stroked her breasts and her vagina, at first hesitantly, then more forcefully with intensity and joy.

The next day, everyone prepared for the soirée that would be underway that evening.

The help busied themselves with cleaning and food while the Marquis wrote in the garden. Maude had to run some errands in the city and was accompanied by Isabelle.

“What do you think of the Marquis?” asked Isabelle.

“He is a nice enough man.”

“I that all? You know, the Marquis is an excellent lover.”

Maude reddened.

“Don’t speak of that.”

“The elegant little well-groomed noble has no desires, I imagine. Why do you come to our home if not to discover your sexuality?”

“Father and mother sent me to discover Paris”

“They are both unfortunate naïves.”

“Don’t speak of my parent like that, ill-mannered servant!”

The soiree given by the marquis revealed itself to be very interesting. There were numerous cultivated nobles of good taste. Literature, politics and religion were discussed. The evening went rather well. After the majority of the guests had left, Maude went to bed. She got up a while later after realizing that she had forgotten her gloves downstairs. She crept down the stairs so as to not awaken anyone.

In the study she saw the Marquis in the nude with three women. There was Isabelle, Casandra and a Baroness who was present during the evening. The Baroness was a young woman, rather tall and very pretty. She had charming little breasts that looked as if they would be pleasant to the touch. She had blond hair like Maude. The Marquis lay down on the carpet while Isabelle feasted on his sex. He ordered the two other to dance for him. They pressed themselves one up against the other. Their hips swayed sinuously in unison. Casandra descended along the Baroness’ body, covering her with kisses while the Baroness caressed her partner’s breasts. The Marquis stared at them attentively while Isabelle swirled her tongue around the length of his erect penis.

“Lick each other!” he ordered.

The two women kissed each other languorously while pressing their taut bodies one against the other. Cassandra finally sucked on the Baroness’ breasts. Meanwhile, the baroness caressed the redhead’s loins.

“That’s good, come to me now.”

The women curled close to the Marquis. Isabelle and the muratpaşa escort Baroness shared his penis while Casandra, who sat on his chest, kissed him. Since the women had changed positions Maude could now see the young gardener on the other side of the room, pleasuring himself. Maude was excited by seeing him like this, she felt like emulating the women atop the Marquis and jumping on his penis. But this situation was very embarrassing to her. She put her hand under her skirt to caress herself a bit. This pleased the gardener, who had noticed he wasn’t looking the only voyeur in the room. The four lovers on the carpet rolled around as one. The Marquis was in absolute bliss. The girls rubbed up against him with their hard breasts and wet vaginas. They cried out with joy. He penetrated the one after the other, while the other two women caressed the one mounting the burning shaft. Maude continued to masturbate herself in silence, while once in a while eyeing the gardener. The Marquis and the women cried out very loudly after he ejaculated his sperm all over their naked bodies. They exited the room to go to sleep on the second floor.

Without really knowing where he had found this courage, the gardener rushed Maude. He violently laid her on the ground and placed his bloated penis on her vagina and his hands on her breasts. Maude felt an immense pleasure when she felt the warm member against her. However, the boy’s brutality disgusted her. She pushed him away and quickly regained her sleeping quarters.

Alone in her room, Maude realized she truly had yearned for that penis. It was the missing piece to her aching puzzle. When she had her hand in between her legs she could pleasure herself, but when she had felt the boy’s cock she knew that it would have given her a superior kind of pleasure. She went to bed, jealous of the girls who were with the Marquis. She wasn’t bisexual but still the spectacle had been very exiting by its pure evocation of carnal pleasure. Besides, the Marquis was so handsome and in such complete control on the situation. It was this kind of domination that excited Maude. When she was with him she felt like a little girl and saw in him a master. With the gardener it was different, she believed herself his equal and they were both so naïve and yet eager to learn. That was what excited her about him. The gardener didn’t know how to face a woman in the same way she didn’t how to face a boy.

The gardener went to bed alone. He regretted his rash actions. But this girl was so beautiful and she was masturbating too! He hungered for her in the extreme. That brief contact with her breasts had forever awakened his needs. He now knew how much joy he could feel from it. The gardener was jealous of how the Marquis was so skilled with women. Three at a time even.

The next morning, Maude found a little book on her nightstand. Certainly, it was a book written by the Marquis himself. This is when she found the pleasure to be had from reading erotic literature. Even the descriptions of the women made her damp. Every sexual passage she read evoked erotic sensations on her body. She read the book while rubbing a cushion between her legs. She need the courage to go speak to the Marquis.

She went to his room. She knocked softly.

“Yes, Come in.”

“Sir, Marquis, are you the one who left this book with me?”

“Yes. Did you like it?”

“Yes, quite.”

The Marquis was sitting in front of his desk, where he was writing. He wore a pair of pants and nothing else. His bare torso was very exciting to Maude, his strong build attracted her. She neared him.

“Did you read all of it?”


“You were not shocked?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Why did you like it?”

“Because I want to try too.”

The Marquis had a shimmer of pleasure in his eyes. He approached her.

“So you will do as I ask?”


“Touch it.”

She put her hand up against the penis over the pants. It was very hard. She rubbed it a bit.

“Close your eyes!”

She shut them and the Marquis slid his hand up into the folds of her skirt to caress her clitoris. He put his lips gently on her neck. Then he touched her breasts. She could no longer take it. She was horribly embarrassed. She left the bedchamber quickly running to hers. She stayed in her room all day. She though of all that she had learned here in the manor.

Later, in the evening, it was the Marquis who knocked at her door.

“Come in.”

“Good evening, Miss.”

“Good evening, Marquis.”

“You were not quite ready. Take your time.”

“No, I’m ready.”

“Really? I doubt that.”

“Put me to the test then.”

“That’s all I was waiting for. So tonight, at midnight, it my room.”

“Why not now?”

“To give you a chance to back out.”

Maude remained alone in her room. Everything had been going so fast in the past few days. She wasn’t really that much of a believer in religion but she put on a show of piety for her parents. But she really was serious about being chaste for her marriage. Now she was confronted with sexuality in a fairly brutal manner. She was very proud and did not want to lose face before the Marquis. Therefore, she had to go through with it. She didn’t know what to do meanwhile. She paced in her room. Would she be up to the task? Could she orgasm like those women last night? Many questions came to her. The twelve strokes of midnight rang at last.

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