At the Cottage Pt. 02

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Beams of white light stretched in through the large picture windows of the cottage as the morning sun rose slowly over the lake. Everything was radiant as I shuffled my way down the hall and through the family room that, shrouded in the darkness of the previous night, had been a lurid playground for my wife and her father. The smell of fresh brewed coffee lingered in the air. I followed it, half asleep, into the kitchen.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I took in a sharp breath as my feet touched the cold tile. An out-of-place sound filled my ears. It was rhythmic and wet…slurpy. I slowly lowered my hand from my eyes and raised my head. Amy’s dad, Don, had his back to me. He stood before the kitchen sink, legs a should width apart, with his boxer shorts bunched up around his ankles. His ass was clinched and his head was thrown back. Between Don and the sink, on her knees, was Nancy, Amy’s mother. She was quietly moaning, working her mouth and hand down the full length of her husband’s shaft. Only a few hours earlier I had seen Don’s cock sliding in and out of his daughter’s pussy.

Maybe my presence was sensed, or maybe they heard my reaction to the cold tile, but Don’s head swiveled over his shoulder quickly as I entered the kitchen. “Whoa,” he exclaimed backing out of Nancy’s mouth.

All she managed was a shrill, “Ooo!”

Don had been blocking my view before, but as he moved away I could see that Nancy’s robe was open. Her left breast was exposed. Her nipple was pink and hard just like Amy’s got when she was excited. Unlike Amy, who was clean shaven, Nancy had a small tuft of pubic hair between her legs. She was slender. Her long silver hair was pulled tight behind her head. It was also plain to see were Amy got her long gorgeous legs.

Don and Amy were cloaked in shadow when I spied them the night before. In the full light of dawn, I caught my first full glimpse of Don. He was hard, long, and thick. It was easy to see why Amy enjoyed him so much. He must have been close because he was twitching as he turned. His tip and shaft were dripping with Nancy’s saliva. I almost felt bad for interrupting.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry,” I apologized as I quickly turned away. If I saw them then they definitely saw me. And, if they did, they both knew that seeing her with her mouth wrapped around him had really turned me on.

“Its alright…its alight,” Don offered as I heard Nancy gathering herself up off of the floor. “Didn’t know anyone would be up this early is all.”

“Sorry,” Nancy chimed in as her voice trailed out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Don followed closely behind, “We’ll, uh, be down in a second to make breakfast. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy some coffee.”

I buried my face in my hands again. Before I could turn to make my way back to the bedroom, I felt a hand smack my ass. “Hey!”

“Shit!”, I jumped. It was Amy.

“Good morning?” she intoned.

“Ah fuck,” I exasperated.

“You ok? Whats going on?” she asked sounding concerned, but raising and eyebrow as she looked at the bulge in my pants.

Pointing over my shoulder, I began trying to explain, “I just…well, I was…” It was futile. “Never mind.”

“Oooookay,” she dismissed. “Want some coffee?”

“Uh, sure,” I said.

Later that day, Amy’s parents took us out on their boat. The fresh air was a welcome distraction to the war that was waging within. In less than 24-hours I had witnessed my wife fucking her own father and then her mother sucking him clean in the kitchen. I was caught between feeling like I should run for the hills and being more aroused than I had ever been in my life. As titillating as it was, I also felt terrible. What kind of person gets off by watching his wife fuck her own father? What kind of husband has lustful thoughts about his wife’s mother?

The thoughts were inescapable and unrelenting. On the boat, casino ┼čirketleri I watched Amy sit in her dad’s lap asking to steer. I imagined her kissing him over her shoulder while he pulls her bikini bottoms to the side before plunging his cock into her again. I would have to purposefully look away to keep from gawking, but every time I did I would see Nancy. She was sitting in the back of the boat, reading a book as it skipped across the water. She sat with her legs spread. I couldn’t help but stare at the subtle crease between her legs. I was imagining her pussy…what it looked like…what it tasted like…what it felt like. More than once she caught me looking at her inappropriately.

By the time we came off the lake I felt like I was going to burst. I wanted to take Amy inside and fuck her brains out. I needed release. Everyone seemed to be getting action on this vacation but me. I was feeling drunk with passion. Before I could sneak away with her, however, Amy’s mom asked for my help tying up and unloading the boat.

Amy and her dad walked up the stone path from the dock into the house. Amy whispered something into his ear before they disappeared out of view. Playing the good guest be damned, I was going to put a stop to this.

“I’m sorry, Nancy. I’ve got to run to the restroom. I’ll be out to help finish in a minute,” excusing myself as we finished tying off the boat.

I jogged up the path with an urgency that could have belied the fact that I really had to go, but that was actually driven by my hope to catch Amy and her father at it once again. I was not disappointed.

Bursting into the cottage, Amy and her dad were nowhere to be seen. Light footed, I checked our room and then Don and Nancy’s. Just then, I heard the washing machine start. Carefully, I found my way to the laundry room. The door was left slightly ajar.

Peeking through I felt vindicated. There they were. I knew it! I was just about to shove the door open with an open palm, knowing that the smacking sound would startle them both. Before I could, I felt delicate fingers intertwine with my own. Looking down, I saw Nancy’s hand. Running my eyes up then length of her arm, I drank in the sight of her fair skin while feeling the softness of her touch. She, however, was not looking at me. She was peering through the crack in the door at her daughter and her husband.

I turned to see what she was looking at having almost forgotten what I had just seen with my own eyes seconds earlier. Amy was bent slightly over the washing machine. She was standing on her tip toes with legs parted. Every muscle in her legs rippled as her ass quivered. Shoved down the back side of her bikini was Don’s right hand. His left groped at his daughter’s breasts, and he was delicately kissing her shoulder.

I could tell his fingers were already inside of her by the way that his hand was moving. Amy’s knees bent slightly more as she threw her head full of long dark curly hair back. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the edges of the washing machine tightly. She was cumming and her swimsuit could not contain her. She began to drip and then splash onto the floor.

Don withdrew his fingers, moved behind her and then pulled her bikini bottoms down as he kneeled. Taking her ass cheeks into the palms of his hands, he spread them wide. Kissing first her lower back, he began to work down with his tongue until his whole face was buried in the gap he had created. He lapped and moaned. Amy loved having her ass licked. Her dad was plunging his tongue into her deep. She took her right hand off of the washing machine and began rubbing her clit violently.

Nancy’s hand gripped mine tightly. She was breathing heavy. My erection was impossible to ignore through my swim shorts. Her eyes darted between it and the scene that was playing out before us.

“Nancy, you know about this?” I whispered. casino firmalar─▒ I couldn’t believe it.

She looked at me with comforting eyes. “Come help me finish cleaning out the boat. I think there are somethings you need to understand.”

In a state shock I let Nancy lead me back outside. We climbed back into the boat. “Take a seat,” she invited.

“What is going on?” In spite of the excitement still on full display in my shorts, I was on the verge of tears.

“Amy, as you know is a very sexual girl,” she began. “She always has been.”

“But, how…when…?” I interrupted.

Nancy moved closer and put her hand on my knee reassuringly. “It all began when she was younger. Her first summer back from college, I believe. Don caught her pleasuring herself. He came to me in a panic not knowing what to do. He’s a good man. Thought he had done something wrong,” she chuckled.

“I told him it was natural and to relax. Funny thing was that from that night onward, Don made love to me more passionately than he had in years. I, however, wasn’t the only one who had noticed Don’s increased zeal in the bedroom. We came to find out weeks later that we had awoken Amy with our love making,” she explained.

“One night, we heard her outside of our bedroom door, but Don didn’t stop, and I did nothing to stop him,” she continued. “Then one evening, at the end of the Summer. I had fallen asleep early. I woke up to find that Don was not in bed. I could see light coming out from under Amy’s door. As I got closer, I heard thumping and creaking sounds. I knew what was happening but didn’t want to believe it. Couldn’t believe it, until I saw with my own eyes,” Nancy now looked worried, like she was making confession.

“I looked in Amy’s room and there they were. Amy’s legs were spread and Don was naked between them. I remember being frozen with shock. I couldn’t stop them but I also couldn’t turn away,” she continued unable to look me in the eyes. “I made my way back to bed before they had finished. I pretended to be asleep when Don came back to bed. I waited a few minutes before turning toward him and I reached between his legs. I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it. Maybe I felt I needed to fight for the man I loved. Maybe what he had done was so forbidden that it excited something unspeakable in me. Maybe both. But, I touched him and then I put him in my mouth. I could taste Amy. I could taste my daughter on him and I liked it. We never speak of it, but when Amy visits, he loves her and she loves him and I…well, I do what you saw this morning.”

My mouth was agape. She not only knew but was complicit and involved in it in her own way.

“This is just something you are going to have to accept if you’re going to be a part of this family. I’m sorry,” she concluded apologetically.

Her hand was still on my knee. Hearing her describe watching her husband bed their daughter did nothing to ease the longing for physical touch that I was feeling. I had no audible response to what she shared, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her vulnerability and secrets made her even more alluring than before. She slid toward me, moving her hand from my knee to my upper thigh. My heart began racing.

She licked her lips. My eyes traced down her neck to her bosom. My mind flooded with the memory of seeing her exposed breast and her mouth swallowing the full length of Don’s cock. I wanted to feel what he felt. My cock swelled even more. Nancy’s hand found its was to my upper thigh. My hips bucked ever so slightly as I tried to meet her touch. She leaned in, her wet lips slightly parted. I kissed my mother-in-law.

She gently brushed my upper lip and then my lower with her tongue beckoning my mouth to open. I responded exactly how she had hoped. She breathed in and and began to hungrily search for my tongue with her own. Raising my hand, g├╝venilir casino I let it gently come to rest on her side. She responded by finding my cock with the hand that had been on my thigh.

We were kissing passionately. I was fondling her breast. She let out the whisper of a moan. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My mother-n-law’s hand was rubbing my dick through my shorts. Her nipple was getting hard as I flicked and rubbed it with my thumb; and her daughter, my wife, was somewhere in the cottage getting filled, once again, with her dad’s cum.

Nancy untied my shorts and then let me pull down the straps of her one-piece. Her tits sagged a bit more than Amy’s but they were full and gorgeous. I needed them in my mouth. Taking them in my hands, I gently pinched her nipples and then took turns sucking each one. Her moans became more guttural as she ran her hands through my hair.

Easing me back, she slid her tits down my body settling on her knees between my legs. She set my cock free from my constricted swim shorts. Her hands were cold which felt wonderful. Her touch was softer than Amy’s. She pumped up and down several times until she saw the first drop of pre-cum emerge from the tip. She looked me in the eyes. They were pleading for her to suck me like she had sucked Don. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven as I felt her lips wrap around me.

She was a master. It took no more than a few seconds for me to feel like I was going to cum, but I was determined to hold off. She sucked and slurped using her spit as a lubricant for her hand that was stroking while she sucked. “Nancy, that feels so good!” I exclaimed.

She stopped, looked up and said, “Call me mom.”

“Oh God! Mom, you’re going to make me cum,” I warned.

With that, she stood and slid out of her swimsuit. I pulled off my shorts staring at her pussy. She crawled up and straddled me. “Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to put your cock inside your mom’s pussy?” she taunted.

“Yes!” I pleaded.

“Shhh…ok…shhh,” she comforted as she lowered herself onto me.

She was soaking wet and warm. My cock was inside my mother-in-law’s pussy. I grabbed her ass and began working her hips back and forth. She panted as she rode me. We kissed and fucked and then she pulled away. She had a wild look in her eyes. She looked just like Amy right before she would orgasm. “Are you ready? Are you ready to feel your mommy cum?!” she growled.

“Yes…yes, please, yes,” I said picking up the pace. “Cum on me mom!”

Her back hunched forward barring down hard. “I’m cumming! Feel me!” Her juices began running down my shaft, coating my balls.

Each orgasmic contraction brought me closer and closer to the brink. My cock grew harder as it prepared to erupt. This only encouraged her to cum harder. “Mom, I’m going to…Mom!” the rush was so intense that I couldn’t formulate a complete sentence.

She pulled me tight, her pussy still contracting. “Fill me! Give me your cum.”

I began to buck hard. My teeth clinched and then it happened. My cock started to twitch. I buried my face between her tits as wave after wave washed over me, my hot sticky cum pouring into her sopping wet cunt. “Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned.

I didn’t want to let her her go. She felt so good. I had just made love to my wife’s mother and loved it. Then it hit me, I had just had sex with my wife’s mother. What had I done? I got quiet and started to feel terrible even though I had just witnessed Amy with her own father twice.

Nancy could see my mind racing by the expression I wore on my face. “That was amazing,” she complimented. “I can tell that you make Amy a very happy girl, but I think that it’s time for all of us to have talk, don’t you?”

I nodded my head. “Let’s finish cleaning out the boat and head inside. Take Amy to town. Spend some time with her and then after dinner let’s all of us have a drink.”

Walking back into the house, I didn’t know if I should be marching toward that evening’s conversation with a sense of dread or excited anticipation. One thing was for certain, things were going to be different by the next morning.

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