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At Home with the Rothwells Ch. 06

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Kyle Rothwell sits naked in front of his computer, reading one of his mother Lauren’s steamy erotic stories, the mouse in his right hand and his hard nine-inch cock in his left. Lauren’s stories are all on the theme of incest, based on her own experiences within the family and Kyle never ceases to marvel at his mother’s way with words and her ability to describe deliciously hardcore sex acts in the most lurid pornographic detail.

Kyle gives his cock a tug as he comes to an especially exciting part of the story, a mom, dad and son threesome where the mother is fucking her son with a strap-on while the son sucks his father’s cock. It is not difficult to see where Lauren gets her ideas from, this particular story is very reminiscent of the many threesomes Kyle has done with his mother and his father John in the past although, usually, whenever sex rears its head in the family, which is every day, the action involves Kyle’s grandmother Audrey and his sister Bethany, too – and, until last year before his sudden and tragic death, his grandfather Frank as well.

As Kyle continues reading, Bethany is in the bathroom, drying herself off from her morning shower. She finishes towelling and stares at her fanny in the mirror, feeling extremely proud of her twenty-three years old body and the fact that her family are naturists, allowing them to enjoy to the full all the pleasures that social nudity brings. And her body always seems to excite her father John and brother Kyle – as, indeed, it did her late grandfather Frank whom Bethany always affectionately referred to as Pop – and who never seem to be able to get enough of her, just as, in point of fact, she cannot get enough of them.

It was Frank, of course, who had taken Bethany’s virginity five years earlier while her parents and grandmother watched at her induction into the family sex club. Kyle, being two years younger, had not been allowed to take part since his parents and grandparents had strict rules about incest and would not allow Kyle to join in until he was officially a consenting adult which was frustrating for the youngest member of the clan whose testosterone-filled body was craving to be a part of the action. But, finally, the two years of waiting were over and a big party was thrown on Kyle’s eighteenth birthday to celebrate his coming of age – although his grandfather had joked at the time that it should have been referred to as the cumming of age! – and in which Kyle had his first taste, literally, of what the Rothwell Family Sex Club was all about.

Bethany is still musing on her hot and horny memories of the past when she realises that the house is exceptionally quiet and it takes a second or two for her to remember that her parents and grandmother had said last night that they were going into town early today – which, of course, would have necessitated them wearing clothes, something they fervently dislike and try not to as often as possible. But John’s mother Audrey and Bethany’s mother Lauren had yet further appointments at the hairdresser’s while Bethany’s father John had to go to the solicitors to finalise the details over his father Frank’s will.

Frank had died, suddenly and sadly, only a year ago of a heart attack which, naturally, had shocked and upset everyone to the core. All the family missed the sex mad patriarch of the Rothwells more than they could ever have imagined and not just because, even at sixty-eight he was still a veritable sex machine, but simply for the fact that he was a loving devoted father and grandfather. Frank, of course, would have approved wholeheartedly of the family’s decision to carry on with the family orgies without him, the remaining members of the clan seeing the continuation of their chosen lifestyle as a tribute to the man who had given them everything.

Bethany shrugs off memories of the happy time her grandfather had first fucked her on her eighteenth birthday and walks naked down the hallway to her younger brother Kyle’s room whose door is ajar and who she fully expects to see there, since he has made no mention of going anywhere today. Sure enough, there he is, with his back to the door looking absolutely stunning in the nude as he always does (though even when he is dressed he is just as attractive), wanking his hard twenty-one years old cock as he sits and stares at his computer screen, all his concentration focused on Lauren’s erotic story …


“OK if I come in?” asks Bethany, giving the door a little tap.

Kyle, distracted from the story by the sound of Bethany’s voice, looks over his bare shoulder, his hand still on the mouse, and smiles at his undressed sister, neither of them feeling any shame nor embarrassment at the fact they are both stark bollock naked.

“Oh, hi Beth,” replies Kyle, his face breaking into a wide grin since he is always pleased to see his elder sister, “of course you can come in, you don’t have to ask.”

Bethany advances into the room, her bare ass cheeks swaying provocatively and enjoying showcasing her tits and cunt to her brother. Leaving the door ajar, she walks up bursa suriyeli escort escort behind Kyle and wraps her arms around his shoulders. “What you looking at, bruv?”

“Just going through another of mom’s stories,” Kyle replies, “it’s all about a threesome I had with her and dad recently but she’s changed the names to shield our identities.” “Yeah,” replies Bethany, “I read one the other day about one of our gangbangs. We were all involved but the names were different.”

“In this one,” says Kyle, “mom is Judy, dad is Jim and I’m Brett.”

“That’s nothing,” laughs Bethany, “in the one I read, you and I were – wait for it – Jason and Kylie.”

“You’re joking?” says Kyle incredulously.

“No, I’m not,” laughs Bethany again.

“I’ll have to read that story sometime,” replies Kyle.

“Mind you,” goes on Bethany, now giggling like a schoolgirl, “with your name you ought to have been Kylie! Kyle, Kylie, get it?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” replies Kyle, “don’t you ever dare call me that.”

He looks over his shoulder, smiling at his sister not only in the knowledge that she is joking but also for the rewarding sight in full close-up his eyes enjoy of Bethany’s wondrous milk jugs. All the time they have been speaking, Bethany has been tweaking Kyle’s nipples but now she reaches down a hand and takes hold of his rock-hard prick.

“You know, bruv,” she says, lasciviously, “you don’t have to read stories or look at dirty pictures when you can have the real thing.”

Kyle doesn’t say a word but spins fully round on his swivel chair and pulls Bethany towards him as she lets go of his prick, all thoughts of Lauren’s story gone like the wind at the prospect of some more hot incestuous fun with his sister. He grins and immediately starts to suck and lick Bethany’s delicious milk containers which are just the right size, round and juicy and delectably tasty.

“Oh, that’s nice, Kyle,” Bethany says as her brother continues to slurp his tongue over her tits, munching on the aureoles and erect nipples and then switching his attention to running his tongue along her cleavage before going back to sucking on the ripe-looking melons, “you’re as good at this as dad is.”

“Thanks, sis,” says Kyle, in-between all the licking and sucking he is doing. Kyle is genuinely pleased to hear he is doing the job properly and giving Bethany so much pleasure and continues to dine on her tits for a good five minutes before his sister hauls him to his feet and slides down onto her knees in front of him. She gazes lovingly at her brother’s thick rod and bigger than average balls for a few moments, inspecting and caressing the giant nuts and large endowment in her hands and then, reaching round with those hands and cupping Kyle’s firm bare ass cheeks, pulls him towards her, taking his cock into her mouth without another moment’s hesitation.

“We’re all on our ownsome, sis,” says Kyle, looking down and placing his hands on Bethany’s head, “not that it matters if we weren’t.”

“Mmm,” says Bethany, momentarily letting Kyle’s cock fall out of her mouth with a small pop, “your cock gets more delicious with every suck,” she adds before quickly resuming treating Kyle to some expert oral.

“You suck away, sis,” says Kyle, “you’re brilliant at it.”

Bethany glances up at Kyle and smiles her appreciation of his remarks as she continues with the incestuous blowjob. Kyle runs his hands through Bethany’s auburn hair as she simultaneously sucks his cock, alternating every now and then by going down on his balls while also fondling the glorious globes of his undraped buttocks. Apart from the little whimpering sounds they are both making, the place is silent save for the faintest murmur of a summer breeze deftly finding its way through the open window …


After a good five minutes of non-stop cock sucking, Bethany stands and wraps herself into her brother’s arms, gasping as his prick and balls press hard against her middle while Kyle is equally thrilled to feel his sister’s breasts pushed up firm against his chest. As if reading each other’s minds, they snake out their tongues and take them into their respective mouths in a long hard taboo snog. Without breaking the kiss, Kyle manoeuvres Bethany over to the bed, then he does relinquish his lips from Bethany’s as, hungry for some muff diving, he lays his sister gently onto the duvet.

Bethany knows exactly what Kyle wants and doesn’t need to be told to lift her legs in the air as she hurriedly displays her moist cunt to her brother. At first, her knees are practically touching her tits but then she quickly spreads her legs wide, allowing her delicious pink twat to open up as it comes into full view and which, Kyle is pleased to note, is getting wetter and wetter by the second.

Bethany hasn’t shaved for awhile and her snatch is now quite hairy. Kyle can never quite make his mind up whether he prefers his female family members unshaved or bald, each have their attractions and Kyle is happy to enjoy Bethany’s bursa ucuz escort pussy whichever way it appears.

“When did you last have a shave, sis?” Kyle asks, smiling up at Bethany as he drops to his knees to get a nice unobstructed close-up view of his sister’s steaming love box.

“About three weeks ago,” she replies, “why, don’t you like it?”

“You know me, sis,” replies Kyle, “of course I like it. But then I like seeing it bald as well, just as I like to see mom and gran’s cunts either way.”

Audrey, Kyle and Bethany’s grandmother, especially, has a very hairy cunt when she has not shaved for awhile and Lauren, their mother, can display a very full bush, as well. The color of the hair of Lauren’s snatch is an exact match to the colour of the hair on her head whereas Audrey’s head hair is now grey with age while, strangely, her pubes remain dark brown. But that just adds to the attraction, thinks Kyle, and what fabulous sights they all are, he continues musing as he gazes wondrously for a moment or two at the hairy twat of one of them, that of his own sister, who takes after her mother in that her pubic hair is exactly the same color as that on her head.

Kyle lets his eyes scan every inch of Bethany’s most intimate parts for several moments before reaching out his hands to excitedly feel the folds of skin of the now very wet hole, the hairs matted with sex juice. Bethany has inherited a strong love of exhibitionism, not surprising really when brought up in an incestuous naturist family, and feels no embarrassment as she lies there with her privates all on show and the fact that Kyle is such an enthusiastic exhibitionist and voyeur himself adds to the overall thrill.

“I’m pleased you like my hairy pussy just as much as when its shaved,” says Bethany, waiting expectantly for Kyle to get the action going.

Kyle senses his sister’s impatience and not wanting to keep her waiting any longer, he slides out his tongue and slips it into the waiting birth box to give Bethany another long lick of her dripping fur-encrusted pussy.

“Oh yeah, bruv,” cries Bethany as her brother’s tongue makes contact with her slit through the pubes, “lick it nice and hard.”

Kyle expertly runs his tongue along the gash between the two soft lips as Bethany places her legs across her brother’s shoulders. Kyle loves licking his sister’s cunt, bald or otherwise, as indeed he loves licking his mother’s and grandmother’s, not to mention sucking his father’s cock, but right now all that matters is giving Bethany as much sexual pleasure as he possibly can and from the vociferous cries his sister is making in return, Kyle knows he is not failing in his efforts.

Kyle licks the sides of Bethany’s pussy, polishing them with his now very experienced tongue, before flicking it up and down the slit until it comes to rest on Bethany’s engorged clitoris, sticking out enticingly through her pubic hair. As Kyle starts to run rings around the hard nubbin, smiling up at his sister and making little groaning sounds, Bethany’s legs tighten around his shoulders but mercifully stopping short of taking up a stranglehold around his neck, just as the sounds of a car pulling up in the drive come floating through the open window.

“Gotta see who that is,” says Kyle, jumping up and hurrying over to the window, treating Bethany to a delightful view of his swaying bare ass cheeks, “might be the vicar!” Bethany giggles at Kyle’s attempt at a joke since no member of the religious fraternity ever comes near the Rothwell household. Once at the window, he peers out, his body bent forward slightly so that his voluptuous buns are even more prominently displayed than previously.

“False alarm, sis,” says Kyle as he watches his father John slamming and locking the door to the car, “its only dad.”

Even from the window, Kyle can see that John is sporting an appreciable tent in the front of his pants. As a fully-fledged incest family, neither Kyle nor Bethany are worried that their always horny father will discover them in the throes of yet another passionate sex session as Kyle turns and walks back across the room, now displaying his impressive hard-on to his sister in all its erect pomp and majesty, along with his big balls, as he gets into the sixty-nine position with Bethany on the bed. Kyle gasps as his sister’s mouth engulfs his cock, enjoying the sensation of the taboo blowjob before sticking out his tongue and going to town again on Bethany’s awesome pussy …


John doesn’t bother putting the car in the garage since he has to go back into town later to pick up his wife Lauren and mother Audrey after they have had their hair done. However, his business with the solicitors concluded, he hadn’t fancied hanging around town for hours on end waiting for the ladies, whose hairdressing appointments were not just for the purposes of getting themselves permed but a big social event as well. What women find to gossip about when they are under those enormous driers, looking like they are about to go up in a bursa üniversiteli escort rocket, is something that has always been a big mystery to John as it probably is to most men.

So instead of kicking his heels in a dreary downtown bar, John had decided to make the journey home, hoping to enjoy a few hours of nude sunbathing out in the garden before the summer finally dies. His son Kyle will, he had assumed, be out jogging again and his daughter Bethany will also probably be out somewhere with one of her friends so he will have the house to himself for a bit of peace and quiet.

Nevertheless, even the seductive prospect of some nude sunbathing had aroused John to such an extent that he had pressed his foot down hard on the accelarator, fondling his prick through his pants with one hand while steering with the other. His hard-on felt real good as he drove up the drive of the homestead and was still tenting out the front of his pants as he climbed out the car and slammed the door behind him.

John is still thinking he’s alone as he lets himself into the house, having not noticed his naked son watching him from the window, but as soon as he is across the threshold, he realises he couldn’t have been more wrong. Even before he has closed the door quietly behind him, the unmistakeable sounds of hardcore sex are permeating the house, drifting out of Kyle’s bedroom and down the ornate staircase, not surprising since Bethany, like her mother and grandmother, always screams to the rafters whenever she is being pleasured.

John smiles as he goes into the lounge, the sounds coming from above reminding him of his mother Audrey’s recent birthday party when the whole family had sucked and fucked the day away together, and throws his brief case on the chair and then goes to the kitchen to get himself a drink. Bethany and Kyle will be at it for ages so, even though he is keen to join them, he realises there is no real need to hurry. Besides, although the Rothwells are an incest family, John understands perfectly that there are times when other members of the clan are happy to be left to their own devices. Nevertheless, his hard prick is again begging for release from the constraints of his pants as he pours a glass of fresh ice-cold orange juice into a tumbler.

John is still reeling from his trip to the solicitors to discuss Frank’s will. His father had left far more than John had imagined Frank ever possessed and John and his family were each to get equal shares. The house is now Audrey’s, which the family already know, but will pass to John and Lauren when Audrey dies which, John hopes fervently, will not be for a long time yet, after all he still hasn’t fully recovered from the sudden and unexpected death of his father.

John finishes his orange juice and then climbs the stairs to the landing, eager to get out of his clothes since, as a nudist family, the Rothwells never wear clothes at home. Because of the solemn nature of his business that morning, however, John had worn his business suit which Audrey had commented on he looked very sexy in. However, as soon as he was out of the solicitors, he had taken off his jacket, thrown off his tie and undone the first two buttons of his shirt since the weather was warm and it had been a real pain to be dressed …


Upstairs, Bethany and Kyle have moved on from sixty-nining and now Bethany is on her knees on the bed, clasping her ass cheeks with her hands and spreading them wide to allow her brother’s tongue to rim her sweet pink rosebud.

“Oh yeah, bruv,” John hears Bethany gasp as he climbs the stairs, “lick my tight ass.”

John’s prick is straining inside his pants as he reaches the landing where, through the open doorway of Kyle’s bedroom, he has a perfect view of his son licking his daughter’s asshole. Kyle’s own bare ass cheeks are prominently displayed as he leans over his sister, his tongue flicking in and out of Bethany’s ass as Bethany’s screams resound throughout the house. Having been on the receiving end of many of Kyle’s expert rimmings himself, John knows just how much pleasure the young man is giving his sister

“This is going to be a darned sight better than nude sunbathing,” thinks John to himself which is what he had come home for, not expecting to find Kyle and Bethany there. “What a wonderful surprise!”

John again fondles his aroused prick through his pants as Bethany rolls over onto her back and looks up over the shoulders of her brother who is still crouched on his knees as he resumes licking his sister’s ass with all the expertise his three years’ membership of the Rothwell Family Sex Club has taught him. John smiles as Bethany’s eyes widen as she sees him standing in the doorway, busily rubbing the now very full tent.

“We’ve got company, bruv,” she says as Kyle relinquishes his tongue from the hole between Bethany’s buns and stands and walks over to the door, his hard cock throbbing in front of him to John’s great delight whose appreciative eyes take in the bewitching sight of not just his naked son but his naked daughter, too. Neither Kyle nor Bethany are surprised to see their father at the door with an obscene yet paradoxically beautiful-looking tent in his pants; knowing what a horny sod John is, they had been expecting him to appear almost as soon as they heard the car pull up in the drive and had both been secretly thinking why it had taken him so long to get from the front door to the bedroom.

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