Ashley’s Confession

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Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and suggestions. Several folks have asked for a sequel to “Ashley’s Story.” On a bit of a whim, I decided to experiment with a “confessional” kind of story.

This takes the tale in a slightly different direction, but it seemed like a fun avenue to explore.

I hope you enjoy it!



Dear Dr. Minkowski,

I am responding to your request that I write down the details of the matters I alluded to in my last therapy session.

I have to say that you were correct. By writing this, I have begun to understand myself more, and I have developed more of an appreciation of the complex relationships in our family. I am beginning to see how they have fueled some of the behaviors that I am trying to change.

You were also correct about it being much easier to write an account than to relate these events face-to-face, though I fear that is what you are going to ask me to do at some point. I am still very embarrassed to admit to these feelings and actions.

It is now clear to me that I need to reflect more on these events and my feelings about them if I am to make good decisions in the future. The following account is my attempt to take another step along that path.

I feel that I should apologize at the outset, as I’m sure there are aspects of my story that you will find offensive—perhaps shocking. You did, however as me to be completely frank and I have done my best. The language is vile at times, but it accurately reflects my state of mind.

As you know, I experienced a sexual event with my husband, daughter and daughter’s friend that was both unusual and very pleasurable for me. Since we have already covered that, I will begin with the immediate aftermath.


The girls left, and my husband and I were alone in the house. After what had transpired, he was spent but I was completely ready for more—in fact I was sexually energized more than I had even been. My darling husband, seeing the state I was in, took me into the family room, laid me on the couch and proceeded to give me wonderful oral sex, recreating what he had done in the spa.

As he did this, though, my mind kept wandering back to Erica, and how delicious she had looked quivering against my daughter’s mouth. I began to imagine that she was licking me and I very swiftly had a massive orgasm. My husband stopped briefly, but apparently one glance at me let him know that I needed more. He went back to work, and I continued to fantasize about Erica and Stephanie and how wonderful it would be to have a woman going down on me.

I then recalled the kisses I had shared with Erica. Immediately, my body went into a fit of spasms as I reached another powerful climax. As my husband continued, I remained focused on the kisses with Erica, now imagining Stephanie’s tongue bringing me off. That image brought me to my third and final release.

As I calmed down, my husband cuddled me and we kissed, sharing our love for each other. I could see that he was now aroused again, so I took his penis in my hand—since he’s a bit older, it’s difficult for him to become firm enough to penetrate me for a second orgasm, so I typically give him pleasure with my hand and mouth.

As I stroked him, he asked me, “Wow, Ashley. I’ve never seen you come like that. What got you so worked up?” I paused only a moment before answering truthfully.

“I was thinking about Erica’s body, and what it felt like to kiss her,” I explained. Instantly, my husband erupted, grunting as he sent his thick semen onto my body and the sofa.

“I think that image must be arousing for both of us,” I said. We both laughed.

“Yes,” he agreed, “I thought it was very sexy to see you kissing Erica. You know, Ashley, if you wanted to explore that part of your sexuality I would be ok with it. It might perhaps be something we could share.”

We talked a little more about that without coming to a real conclusion, except to say that if the opportunity for an affair with another woman presented itself that I should feel free to indulge.

The opportunity presented itself several weeks later.

Erica was now a frequent guest at our house and we always welcomed her sunny personality. It was odd that she and Stephanie never seemed to act like lovers when they were with us. They simply seemed to be what we had thought earlier—very good friends.

I finally determined to ask Stephanie about this. I felt that I wanted to help her clarify the situation for herself. As I reflect more deeply, however, I can see that I wanted her to clarify the situation for me as well.

“Mom,” she explained, “Erica and I are basically really good friends who, er—get together every once in a while. She’s mostly into girls and doesn’t like guys much. I’m really more geared to sex with guys, but it’s really fun to play with Erica when we’re in the mood. Besides, mom, I don’t have that much time for a relationship now, and guys want casino ÅŸirketleri sex all the time. This arrangement is perfect for me while I’m in school.”

I had to hand it to my daughter—she was as practical and level-headed about this as she was about most other things. There wasn’t much I could argue with there. “So, honey, I take it that Erica is as happy with this arrangement as you are then?” I asked.

“Yeah, sort of I guess. I think she’d like to get more sex—or at least have sex with a woman who was like a real lesbian. I mean, like, with me I think it must be more like play time. It’s hard to explain, but I think she’s a little unfulfilled. But it’s ok…really.”

I left it at that, but Stephanie’s confession got me thinking along a different line.

Not too long after this conversation, Erica was at the house for dinner and afterward we all decided to get in the spa again. My husband went out to get the spa ready, and Steph zipped upstairs to change while Erica helped me finish up the dishes. Just being alone with her had my heart beating faster—I was astonished to find that I was getting aroused being around this lovely, young woman. I knew that we didn’t have much time, so I had to act quickly.

“Erica,” I began, “I think that you are a very attractive woman.” Erica stopped and turned to face me. She had a puzzled expression on her face.

“Gee, thanks, Mrs. Morris,” she said. Her manner was quite shy, but she looked directly into my eyes. I didn’t look away. We stayed like that for several seconds, and I felt my face flush.

“I really enjoyed kissing you, too,” I continued. “I hope we have a chance to do more of that sometime.” Erica’s neck became flushed with sexual arousal—I knew the signs well.

“Definitely,” she said softly. “Definitely.” She walked forward, put her hands on my sides to pull me in and gave me a gentle kiss on the mouth. I responded, our tongues touching briefly. Then I saw my husband peeking in through the glass doors that separated the patio from the family room. He was smiling from ear to ear.

I put my arm around Erica and she immediately nestled into it. “Shall we go up and change for spa time?” I asked with a grin.

“I’d like to wear my birthday suit for you in that spa,” Erica giggled, taking my hand and leading me up the stairs.

As we headed up the stairs, we met Stephie coming down. She giggled when she saw Erica and me holding hands. “I’ll just hop in the spa with dad for a little while. You guys take your time,” she said with a wink. Before I could say anything, she disappeared down the stairs.

Erica turned to me. “You lead the way. Take me wherever you like,” she said teasingly. Instinctively I turned into our bedroom, but then changed my mind. I led her across the hall into one of the guest bedrooms.

“I think I’d be more comfortable in here,” I told her.

“You’re the boss,” Erica countered, taking me in her arms. I had never experienced sexual advances from a woman and was surprised at how much more welcoming they felt in relation to those from a man. Less demand, more invitation. I felt myself desiring Erica’s caresses in a way I had never done with a man.

We kissed deeply, fulfilling the desire that had been burning since our first encounter in the kitchen. Her caresses felt familiar and my body reacted as I would have expected. Her gentle stroking of my breasts and nipples, for example, made me very aroused. When she sucked my nipples, I could feel my clitoris become erect as my genitals lubricated.

Her touch, however, was also different than a man’s. My husband’s touch is wonderfully gentle and comforting, but his size, strength and power (qualities that I relish when we are being intimate!) gives his touch urgency—almost as if it demands a response from my body. I have always adored the feeling of being “taken” by him—of completely succumbing to his superior strength.

Erica, on the other hand, is small and slender. Her touch, therefore, was much lighter and seemed more tentative. I felt as though I was being invited to become aroused. She tantalized and nurtured my responses as delicately as one puts kindling on a small fire.

In no time, she had me aflame. I was insane with desire for her. I longed to kiss her, to feel her breasts in my hands, to feel her soft, supple body. She guided my mouth to her nipples and I lost myself in an ecstasy of nursing on her—feeling her nipples become erect between my lips was intoxicating. I became overwhelmed with the desire to taste her, and so moved down her body. By now, she was writhing with pleasure as I licked and nibbled on her tender flesh, leaving a pink trail of teeth marks along her belly. The trail curved and wended its way southward—the shortest distance to her orgasm was assuredly not a straight line—but it eventually arrived at her damp mons. I loved her neatly trimmed bush and wiry dark hair, and became drunk on her scent.

I opened her with my hands. As I gazed at her swollen lips and clit, I realized casino firmaları that I was going to be licking her just as my daughter did. That thought, combined with the taste and feel of her erect clitoris against my tongue made me nearly pass out with excitement.

The contact was electric for both of us. She grunted and thrust her hips upward into my face, as her hands gripped my head. She began to undulate her hips as I licked her, exploring the delicate labia, the quivering hood, and of course the throbbing center of her pleasure.

Erica’s groans filled the room as I let her ride my lapping tongue. I lost myself in a liquid pool of Erica—her wetness, her taste, her moans all surrounded me just as her grasping hands gently guided my head and her gyrating hips massaged my face.

With a final gasping groan, Erica found her release. Her hands, no longer gentle and nurturing, gripped me with ferocious strength as her body shook and quivered. At her climax, she became more driving and demanding than any man I had even known. And God help me, I loved every second of it. I became the willing tool of her lust, seeking to draw every atom of lustful pleasure from her. She complied, giving herself completely to me. After a good long time, she finally relaxed and pulled me up so we could embrace—now as lovers.

“God. You are fucking amazing,” Erica sighed as we fell into a long, deep kiss. When we parted, she playfully kissed my nose. “Do you want to stay here or go down and find our other playmates?” she asked with a smile.

I knew how much Allen would enjoy watching Erica have her way with me, so I eagerly encouraged her downstairs. The house was still, but we could see the light on by the spa. Looking out, we saw my husband and daughter in the spa together. They were naked.

As we approached, Stephanie looked up and said, “Holy fuck, mom. I thought you guys were never going to make it out here.” Then, turning to Erica she added teasingly, “Did she come hard for you?” At this, I saw my husband’s large erection twitch.

“Actually, I came hard for her,” Erica corrected with a smile. Seeing how Stephanie was straddling one of the jets, she added “Did you come hard for your dad yet?”

“Not yet,” giggled Stephanie. “He’s been wanting me to hold off to wait for you guys.” Turning to my husband, she added, “Haven’t you, Daddy?” in a shy, little-girl voice. In response, his erection became more intense, flattening itself against his stomach. Clear fluid oozed from the tip.

Stephanie leaned forward, giving him a perfect view of her pert breasts. The erect nipples swayed, tantalizingly, only inches from his mouth. “You want to see mom come for Erica, don’t you?” she asked, still using her little-girl voice. He could only nod in response, seemingly beyond coherent thought.

I sat on the edge of the spa and spread my legs, giving him a perfect view. His eyes locked on the area of my body that was the source of such pleasure for him. This time, however, someone else would be enjoying it.

Erica eased herself into the spa, nestling herself between my eager thighs. I realized that I needed her badly. My throbbing genitals ached for her tongue. I didn’t want a man—all I could think of in that moment was to give myself to this beautiful, sensual woman.

Erica purred as she leaned forward and began her work. She ran her tongue over my labia with practiced ease—and knowing that most of her practice had come on my daughter’s pussy made it even more thrilling for me. I became aware that Stephanie was talking to my husband.

“See how she does that little flick thing on the inner lips?” she was whispering into his ear, “that feels so amazing.” She pointed at my chest. “She’s really starting to feel it. See how her nipples are getting hard?”

Having my daughter point out the finer points of my arousal to my husband as her lesbian lover licked me was too much. I groaned and felt the waves of an orgasm surge through me. Erica didn’t miss a beat—and didn’t stop. She rode me through it and continued to lick me with gusto.

I glanced over and saw that my husband had taken his cock in his hand and was starting to masturbate. Stephanie slapped his hand away.

“No!” she cried out. “I want to do that.” She instantly wrapped her hand around his throbbing organ. The sight of her pink nails and silver bracelet enhanced the effect of her small hand around her step-father’s enormous penis. She gripped it with furious strength and pulled the skin down tightly. My husband grunted.

“Your cock is so big,” she cooed, back to her little-girl voice. “Does Daddy like his little girl’s hand on his big cock?”

Beads of sweat appeared on his upper lip as he groaned, “Oh yes, honey.” He began to tremble. “Daddy loves his little girl’s pretty hand.” With one finger, Erica began to make circles at the opening of my vagina, gradually working her way inside. I moaned and looked across at my husband. As our eyes met, my body also began to tremble. We watched each other being güvenilir casino pleasured by the young women as we lost ourselves in our lustful transports.

Stephanie stroked her step-dad slowly. As she did so, she looked deeply into his eyes. She made her eyes bigger and opened her mouth and my husband’s head fell back. His back arched, and I knew that his time was near.

Stephanie, however, had other ideas. Releasing his cock, she playfully slapped his face, startling him. Then she swatted at his twitching prick.

“Bad boy,” she said in a pouty voice. “Bad daddy. Did you think you were going to make your nasty boy mess all over your little girl’s pretty hand?” She gently scratched his face and chest with her manicured nails, allowing him to see her soft hand adorned with the lovely silver ring and bracelet he had given her.

My husband looked at me with a pleading, desperate look. At that moment, however, I was unable to help him as Erica had me nearing a second orgasm. Thinking that I could help encourage his release I spread my legs wider and groaned, “Fuck Erica, you’re going to make me come again.”

As the orgasm took me, I saw my beautiful daughter once again wrap her hand around Allen’s massive cock and pull the skin down tight. I shuddered and gasped my way though my second climax, wanting only that it should never stop. Erica obliged me, giving no sign of stopping her attentions. In fact, she expertly slid a second finger inside me, extending and deepening my orgasm.

Stephanie was pulling the skin of my husband’s erection so tight that the muscles in her slender arm bulged. His organ had turned a deep purple as she squeezed. He was grunting and moving his hips in circles as his step-daughter held him in a vice grip. Once again, Stephanie looked at him wide-eyed, then opened her mouth giving a little gasp. This teasing sent him into another frenzy of pelvic thrusting.

Now, Stephanie’s face changed, and she got an evil smile. She slowly worked up a mouthful of spit, then extended her tongue to show it to the helpless male in front of her. He could only moan, completely surrendering himself to her.

“Does daddy want to come?” she asked innocently. He could only nod.

“Use your words, daddy,” Stephanie teased, “Do you want to come for your little girl?” She continued to work up a mouthful of spit as he struggled to answer. Her grip on his cock was unrelenting, almost vicious.

“Oh god, darling, I want to come for you so bad. Please make me come,” he finally moaned.

Stephanie gave a leer of triumph. “Good daddy,” she hissed, spitting the contents of her mouth all over his cock. Using her spit as lubricant, she began to stroke him, using long, slow strokes. He growled and grabbed her shoulders.

“Play nice,” Stephanie cautioned him, “or you’ll scare away my pretty hand.” She momentarily released his cock again, and looked him in the eyes. “You don’t want that, do you?” she teased.

He groaned again. “Oh God, no,” he moaned, “Please, please, honey. Please God don’t stop. Make daddy come for you. Please.”

Watching this scene played out right in front of me combined with the skillful work of Erica’s fingers caused me to erupt into my third climax. I grabbed Erica’s head and ground my pussy into her face as I bucked and moaned for my beautiful lover. She brought me off like a true champion, and, amazingly, continued her work on me, setting me firmly on the path to yet greater heights. I felt that I had lost control of my body and its responses—I was now completely at the mercy of this beautiful young woman. I looked desperately over at my husband.

He, sadly, was completely beyond helping me, having become the plaything of the vixen who was mercilessly jerking him off. Stephanie was relishing the power she had over him, and was teasing him unmercifully. She would give him about a dozen hard, fast strokes, then hold the skin of his cock tight.

“You’re not going to come until I say you can,” she hissed at him, squeezing his cock until it was purple. Then she stroked him furiously, making his hips thrust.

“Whoa, there, bronco,” she teased, giving him the stop-and-squeeze treatment. “It’s not time to gallop to the finish just yet.” Another round of hard pumping brought him just to the edge, but again her squeeze denied him release.

“So near, and yet so far,” she said softly, giving him a truly evil grin. This time, she slowly bent down and eased her mouth over his throbbing head. Beyond himself, my husband grabbed her head, urging it further down his shaft. Instantly, Stephanie pulled her head off of him.

“What the fuck?” she hissed furiously. “Who do you think is in charge here, cowboy?”

Even as Erica began bringing me to another peak, I felt sorry for my husband. He looked so desperate.

Stephanie kissed him. “I’ll make you a deal,” she said brightly. “If you can watch mom come again without losing your load, I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had. What do you think?”

“God yes, honey,” he gasped. “Anything you say.”

“Ok. But you have to watch everything and not have an accident,” Stephanie giggled, taking his cock into her lovely hand once again. She resumed her start-and-stop teasing as my husband groaned and softly prayed for strength.

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