Ashleigh’s Carnal Friends Ch. 12

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This series of short stories chronicles the journey of Ashleigh with her friends and relations, as she explores her sexuality, and progresses from teenage sex to the wider reaches of sexual behaviour. They are written from different points of view, to give insight into how the experiences influence the individual characters.

Read the whole set of stories for a better understanding of the characters’ motivation and personality, and watch their exploits unfold with people of both sexes, in single and group situations and within their families.

I sat in reception fingering the business card thrust into my hand by the black girl I met at Geeta’s party. A brown-haired man in a similar coloured leather jacket smiled at me from the seat opposite. Something about his stubble and the slight sneer on his lips and the glint in his dark eyes told me he could be my type.

But, my type was anybody with a big dick and lots of energy and imagination – and men like that could be found everywhere.

The response in my look told him I might be interested, but not to get too excited because I needed to make up my mind. Anyway, I thought, “Why should I be interested in someone I meet in an infectious diseases clinic? He’s probably riddled with every venereal disease known to mankind.”

The girl two seats down from him looked as if she’d been up all night: her eyelids were heavy and kept closing; her head nodded forward from time to time; the shape of her blonded hair looked as if she’d been pushed up against a wall in a back alley; her makeup was smudged and her mascara streaked down her face. The leopard skin top and short brown skirt made her look cheap. The snags in her tights added to my conviction that she was a street prostitute.

The business card in my hand read: Jessica Thompson: Consultant. It sounded important. But, how could a woman in her early twenties have achieved such a position? I imagined she’d fucked the boss to get promoted. It seemed like a good idea to me – one I’d try some day.

I could still taste the lady cum that Jessica sprayed over my face after I’d sucked her cunt to orgasm, dirty bitch. The taste of sex is one of my favourites. The thought gave me a twinge in the crotch. I crossed my legs and worked my muscles to pull in the area around my cunt to amplify the feeling.

The man opposite smiled again. I felt sure he didn’t know what I was doing. It made my mind up: to ignore him and send Jessica a text to set up the threesome that she proposed with her and her partner. As I opened my bag for my mobile phone, my name was called.

The nurse took my history, again. She was one of those tall and thin and efficient and scraggy types, with no tits and of no interest whatsoever to me. I told her I’d experimented with anal sex. It was a lie. Anal sex had become a mainstream part of my sexual behaviour – and I loved every fucking minute of it.

Her warning about the dangers of mixing different types of sex made me think. I’d never liked boys using condoms. I love lots of cum, spread everywhere, splashed over my face and tits, and leaking from my cunt and running down my legs and massaging it into my body and licking it off my fingers. I found no reason to spoil the fun.

She took the samples and, as I had no problems or questions, the examination was over in minutes. Her tinny voice, telling me to take more precautions, rang in my head for ages. I knew she was right and thought about how to have the enjoyment of cum and lots of safe sex at the same time. I’ve still not worked it out.

A text bleeped on my phone as I left the clinic and walked down the steps to the street. The message was cryptic: “Still want a gng-bng?” asked Geeta.

Just looking at the words on the screen excited me. My heart raced. My cunt ran wet. My nipples swelled against the inside of my bra. Another of my fantasies was on offer, something I’d masturbated over many times since I’d discussed it with Geeta. I sent her an immediate reply: “Yes pls asap.”

All thoughts of meeting up with Jessica and her partner vanished from my mind – a gang bang trumped a threesome any day.

The next day, after texts back and forth, I found myself about to enter the bar Geeta told me about, just as the evening was coming alive. I felt out of breath, as if I’d run all the way there, but it was just the excitement of the anticipation, of the unknown, of wondering how I’d cope – just me and a gang of men – all of us gagging for sex.

The bar was dark and noisy and full of people, everybody seeming to have more important things on their agenda than me. I stood alone in the middle of a crowd feeling forgotten and lost. For the first time, doubts entered my mind. What if all the plans had fallen through? What if I’d been set up and this was a big joke?

I needn’t have worried. A man who looked to be in his late twenties, with shiny black hair and swarthy skin tugged at my coat sleeve.

“Are you Ashleigh?” he asked in a polite voice that took casino şirketleri me by surprise – hardly the voice I expected from a gang-banger.

“You must know Geeta,” I said, thinking he might be her husband.

“It’s best not to use names … don’t you think?”

“The mystery makes it more intriguing.”

“Are you ready?”

My heart leapt at the words. I hadn’t realised how psyched up I’d become in anticipation of what the evening offered. A belt of electricity ran from by brain to my clit – as if I’d pushed a vibrator up my cunt on full speed.

Meeting a bunch of strangers didn’t concern me, or the dangers of being exposed to a gang of sex-mad men determined to fuck the arse off me. They could do whatever they wanted. I trusted Geeta, and the politeness in the man’s voice dispelled any lingering doubts.

I wanted to say: “I can’t wait to see the expressions on your faces as I strip off … and show off my tits and my arse and my shaved cunt … and get on with the fucking.”

That was the time I realised how I was becoming an exhibitionist – not ashamed to show off my genitalia to men – or women – and do outrageous things – sexual things – and ignore the consequences. It makes me feel special to know I do things other people would never dream of doing.

I wanted to say: “You bet I’m ready. I can’t wait to get loads of hard dick up my cunt and up my arse and in my mouth … and get covered in cum … and get fucked until I can’t take any more.”

As all these things flashed through my mind, I couldn’t find any words to answer him. So, I just nodded and followed him, wondering if he’d done this sort of thing before and where the rest of his gang were and how long it would take to get wherever we were going – I just wanted to get on with it.

He escorted me to a black car parked by the kerb, opened the rear door as if we were on a proper date and walked round the other side to join me in the back. I didn’t know what to expect next – whether he’d start on me in the car, or not.

“You’d better put your seat belts on,” the fair haired driver said over his shoulder, looking at me in his mirror.

I caught the reflection of his blue eyes and pale face and we smiled at each other. Something about his broad smile indicated he was as excited as me – and that he couldn’t wait to fuck me. Then he whisked us off, around a few corners, past several traffic lights. We soon arrived at a block of apartments.

The three of us almost ran up the two flights of stairs to the first floor, our feet clattering on the stone steps. A door opened by magic. We were expected. The noise inside the apartment fell to a hush, with just a pop song playing in the background.

“She’s a fucking cracker,” said a deep voice with a Caribbean twang.

If there was a time to run, that was it. But I didn’t want to. The comment was exactly what I wanted to hear – I knew they wouldn’t be disappointed – but still loved to hear men making complements about me.

“Let’s see your tits, bitch,” said another who sounded local. There was universal agreement with his demand as the men formed a semicircle opposite me.

I surveyed the scene and did a quick check: a tall man with broad shoulders; a short one with curly hair; a red-headed one with pale skin; a black one with a wide grin; an Asian with straight black hair; plus the fair-haired, blue-eyed driver and Geeta’s Asian husband – seven of them – and me.

I removed my coat to show them my new dress – red and short and with a plunging neckline that showed off every contour of my bra-less tits. They gasped. Their eyes widened and stared, willing me to show more.

It was my moment to be as exhibitionist as I wanted. To have the lot of them drooling over me and my body and imagining how they would fuck and abuse it.

“You like that, boys?” I said, cutting the tension in the air with my question.

“I fucking love it … show us some more,” said red-hair, his face flushed, his ears glowing with excitement. Everyone grunted their agreement as their basest instincts started to surface.

“How’s that?” I asked, pulling my dress over my head and throwing it to one side and posing with my magnificent tits thrust forward towards them, my arse thrust backwards. More grunts of satisfaction came from the crowd.

I hooked my fingers in the top of my black G-string and bent forward as I lowered it to my red stilettos and flicked it to one side. There was a loud intake of breath and an even louder exhalation as everyone opposite me mentally licked his lips.

“I can’t take any more of this … she’s asking to be fucked … and I intend to be the first,” said the tall man, starting to peel off his blue tee shirt.

Then, all hell broke loose as they competed with each other to be the first to get naked. The pantomime made me laugh and shudder with excitement – gagging for them to get on with it.

The tall man won. He advanced towards me holding his erect eight casino firmaları inch dick out in front of him. The black man assumed a position alongside him – his dick looked even more appealing – longer and thicker.

As it was my first time with more than one man, I didn’t really know what to do. So, I did what they do in porn movies: I took a half-step forward and reached out and grabbed the two dicks in my hands and started to wank them.

“Yeh, you fucking bitch … suck my cock,” the black boy said.

The black dick felt the stiffest so I went down on it and wrapped my mouth around the bell end, while continuing to wank the other one. Then I transferred my attention to the white dick and wanked away at the black one.

“She’s a fucking whore,” the black man said. “Suck my dick again, bitch.” As I swallowed the black dick, I became aware of a circle of men around me, all naked, all wanking away at their dicks as they watched me sucking cock.

Then, hands started grabbing at my tits and pulling on my nipples and were between my legs and fiddling around my cunt and arsehole.

I was lifted up and the black dick slipped from my lips. A mouth clamped onto my cunt as I was held aloft and, as the tongue slipped inside my cunt, a finger ferretted up my arse.

It’s what I’d thought about all day – me like a rag doll and men attacking my body from every angle – and I loved not knowing what would happen next – so I gave myself to them absolutely.

They carried me into the next room and threw me on a bed. Strong hands lifted my legs and parted them to show off my cunt. The fair-hair thrust his dick inside me, a sneer on his face, and started fucking me hard.

A cock with red pubic hair pushed against my mouth. I pulled the foreskin back as hard as I could and sucked on it in time with every thrust up my cunt from the fair-hair.

The black man was sucking one of my tits. Straight black hair was sucking the other. A finger was snaking up my arse. Naked men surrounded us, still wanking away at their dicks – keeping them hard – waiting their turn.

The air was full of sweat and grunts, and me shouting at them for more between gags on the cock.

“I’m going to cum,” somebody said.

I had no idea if it was up my cunt or in my mouth or across my face or one of the others spunking over my tits. I didn’t care. I wanted it all.

The fair-hair withdrew his dick from my cunt, took hold of it, wanked at it a couple of times and sprayed cum across my slit, up as far as my navel. He kept wanking until every drop of his man juice was expelled, and then shook the last one out.

Then he was pushed aside by Geeta’s husband, the look on his face telling me he’d dropped the polite approach and was anxious for his turn.

Without losing my grip on the red-hair’s dick in my mouth, I wiped my hand through the freshly-delivered cum and worked it into my cunt, to add a bit of lubrication.

“The dirty bitch is wanking with cum,” Geeta’s husband said as he targeted his dick at my cunt, his voice rougher than when I met him in the bar.

The grunts of approval intensified. So as not to disappoint them, I worked more cum up my cunt with both hands and held it open to take his dick. The expressions on their faces told me they appreciated my little performance.

As Geeta’s husband’s dick pushed high into my cunt, I felt the dick in my mouth begin harden and thicken. I prepared myself for another gusher. Still, I didn’t know where it would land – in my mouth, over my face, over my tits. Not knowing what would happen next was exactly was the fun bit, the exciting bit – exactly what I wanted.

The first spurt landed on the back of my tongue, the second spewed across my face across my right eye. The next landed in and around my open mouth. The look of satisfaction on his face as he wanked cum over the rest over my face told me just how much he was enjoying dominating me.

The funny thing was: I felt I was dominating him – without me there would be no performance.

“How do you like that, boys? My face covered in cum … that’s what I came for … who’s going to lick it off for me?”

The question seemed to floor them. Poor souls, they were used to normal sex – a bit of foreplay, a quick fuck and then fall asleep, job done. Handling an expert like me was beyond most of their experiences.

“Let me clean you up,” said the blue-eyed driver, “it’s about time I got a turn.”

His grinning face approached and one of the longest tongues I’d ever seen licked across my lips and my nose and my right eye, to my forehead. Then he pushed the white stickiness into my mouth and I sucked it from his tongue as it lapped against mine.

“I love the taste of cum,” I said to universal approval.

“Turn the bitch over,” said Geeta’s husband, withdrawing his dick that glistened with cunt juice.

In seconds, I was on all fours. He pushed his dick back inside my cunt and grabbed hold of my tits from behind, güvenilir casino fucking me like his life depended on it.

“Suck on that … you fucking horny bitch,” said blue eyes as his cock appeared in front of my face. I sank it in one, up to the hilt, my nose disappearing into the scratchiness of his fair pubic hair.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked, releasing him and gasping for breath.

“I’m cumming,” shouted Geeta’s husband.

“We all want to watch,” said a voice I didn’t recognise.

I felt his dick pull out of my cunt and the thick white juice from his balls splash up my back and across my arsehole. Dirty bastard.

Blue eyes spotted his opportunity and pulled me down on top of him. He worked his body down mine, underneath me, opened my cunt with his fingers, and stuck his dick inside me.

I sat upright on top of him taking the fullness of his length inside me – and felt cum run down my back and past my arsehole – to add extra lubrication as he thrusted with all his might.

He grabbed my left tit and pulled my nipple towards his mouth. As I bent forward, I felt a finger massaging cum around my arsehole.

“I love being fucked up the arse … good and hard,” I said, willing someone, anyone, to take up the offer.

I wasn’t to be disappointed. A finger pushed up my arse, working the lubricant cum inside me. I looked over my shoulder and the curly haired man was surveying my arsehole. Then I felt the hardness of his dick push against it.

It took a few moments for the bell-end of the curly haired’s dick to push inside me. I gasped. It’s hardly surprising since I already had a dick up my cunt, my tits were being attacked from all directions, and I was sucking the thick, black dick in my mouth.

The cock worked itself further up my arse and further and further in short movements – until I felt pubic hair tickling my arsehole. Then the fucking really started.

The two men fucked me from beneath and behind as if they’d been waiting for the opportunity all their lives. At first, they were out of sync, pushing me all over the place. Gradually, they got more in tune with each other’s thrusts until they both pushed and pulled in unison.

The black dick filled my mouth and I pulled it out so I could speak.

“That’s what I want, boys … fucking everything … fucking hardcore … fucking double penetration … triple penetration … I want to fucking suffer … make me fucking cum,” I shouted above the grunts and groans and heavy breathing.

I then swallowed the thick, black dick – and sucked on it in time with the dick fucking me up the cunt from beneath and the dick fucking my arse from behind – and luxuriated in the triple penetration – gloried in being a fuck-bag for a gang of men.

I reached out sideways and took hold of two erect cocks from a couple of onlookers – and wanked at them with enough vigour to make one of them shout out in pain.

“Is that what you wanted … you fucking bitch?” curly-hair said from behind me.

It was exactly what I wanted. It’s what I dreamt about when I first saw it on a porn movie – being fucked to death by a gang of fucking bastards – and wanking off two more at the same time. I loved it.

Cum started to rain on me from all directions: the dick in my right hand exploded first, over my tits and dripping down onto blue-eyes’ chest; the black dick pulled out of my mouth and covered my face in white, sticky goo; the dick in my arse stiffened and sprayed cum up my arse, then it pulled out and finished off across my arsehole; then blue eyes gasped beneath me and his dick popped out of my cunt to pump cum into the air – hitting my stomach before dripping back onto him.

“Keep it cumming boys … I want more … more,” I said, writhing around on blue eyes’ body. There was a large accumulation of cum on him and it felt delightful to massage it across my body and around my tits. I stank like a fuck-bag.

I pulled myself off blue eyes, sat up, and let cum run down and ooze off me. This time, I felt like the dirty bastard and I loved it.

It was getting very confused by this time. Hands were all over me, turning me over and attacking my tits and cunt and arsehole. Dicks were everywhere – some erect, others limp, others being wanked to erection – most of them wanting to penetrate some part of my body.

I was on my back, lying on top of someone I couldn’t see. His dick pushed inside my arse from beneath me – this time with no ceremony – just a hard thrust straight up to the hilt. My arsehole felt so open, so welcoming, and took it easily.

There was some muttering around me and I felt another cock pushing against my arsehole. The bastards were trying to double-dick my arse. I didn’t know if I could take two dicks in the arse, but was about to find out – at least there was enough cum spread over me to provide the lubrication.

Hands lifted my legs and spread them high into the air, holding them there. I felt the second cock push against the side of my arsehole. It didn’t seem as if there was enough room to take it.

With a bit of grunting and finger work and pushing and encouragement from the others, the cock stretched my arsehole further and started to thrust its way up my arse.

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