Ashleigh’s Carnal Friends Ch. 02

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I read somewhere that we tend to make friends with people who have similar interests to ourselves. Danielle and I proved the theory to be true. From the moment we met, we became buddies, told each other everything, and shared everything – except boyfriends – we fought each other over boys.

It was as natural as getting out of bed in the morning that we had no secrets. The minute I left John’s apartment after the best sex ever with a man, I couldn’t wait to tell her. I knew she’d be jealous because she was hotter and hornier than me, if that was possible.

“Ash, where have you been?” Dani asked when I got to her house, “I expected you ages ago.”

She put her arms around me and pulled me close to kiss my cheek. Our breasts moulded into each other’s. Her short hair, streaked with blonde, caressed the side of my face as I kissed the air.

“It took much longer than I expected.”

“Well, tell me all about it.”

“It was fantastic.”

“I want to hear every single detail,” she said as soon as we reached the sanctuary of her bedroom, “and we’ve got all night because my parents have gone out.”

“You are not going to believe this … it was so fucking raunchy.”

“You’re making me jealous, you lucky tart,” she said, clicking a Rihanna album on her iPod system, before jumping on the bed and sitting up against the pillows.

“I can still feel him inside me.”

She patted the bed by her side. I climbed on and shuffled close to her. “You smell of sex,” she said.

“I haven’t washed … my knickers are coated.”

“There’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of sex … come on, Ash … get on with it … spill everything.”

“Well, I told you I was right. No man in the world can resist sex when girls like us offer it … no matter what age they are.”

“It’s never let me down.”

“I’m determined my double-Ds are going to land me a millionaire one day.”

“In that case, my double-Es are going to land me a billionaire,” Dani said.

As we laughed about how easy it was to get our way with men, I thought: she’ll be lucky – she’s not pretty enough – you need the figure and the looks. Am I a bitch, or what?

“John tried to resist at first,” I said, continuing my story, “but I made sure to sit opposite him … and let my skirt ride up … and he couldn’t take his eyes off the top of my legs … and then he looked at my tits … and then he looked away … but his eyes kept coming back and looking me over.”

“Men are such simple creatures … bless them.”

“I could tell he was imagining what it would be like to get me undressed … and give me a good fuck.”

“You are such a fucking tease, Ash.”

“When I told him a boy had never given me an orgasm … you should have seen his face … he blushed and didn’t know where to look.”

“They’re all the same,” Dani said, “they think through their dicks … and can’t wait to get inside your knickers.”

“I told him boys just want me to suck them off … and when we have sex they come really fast … without caring about me.”

“What did he say to that?”

“He kept shaking his head … as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.”

We laughed and grabbed hold of each other and hugged and held each other close. I still felt exhilarated from my afternoon with John – and so horny that I kissed Dani full on her pert, pouty mouth. She responded and our lips slid on each other’s lipstick and we swapped tongues for ages before coming up for air.

“I told him that no boy had ever given me an orgasm … but I didn’t tell him a girl had!”

“Sounds like it would have blown him away if you had.”

“I love sex … can’t get enough of it … boys … men … girls … women … I want the lot.”

“Me too, Ash … I want it as much as you … and as often as possible.”

“You’re a dirty twat, Dani.”

“I know … and I intend to stay that way.”

We kissed again. My hands searched inside Dani’s clothes and we soon started stripping each other off. It didn’t take long: I lifted her red tee-shirt over her head and flicked off the fastener to her black bra. The weight of her heavy breasts released, they slid down her chest and swayed before coming to rest with her large nipples pointing outwards.

She threw her bra to the opposite side of the room. It hit a pile of makeup on her dressing table, which skittled all over the place. She leaned back to let me pull her matching knickers from under her miniskirt, which rode up to her waist to give me a full view of her sandy-haired bush.

At the same time, she had my top and bra off and started sucking on my left nipple, squeezing my right nipple between her fingers. I couldn’t wait for what was to come next – I knew it would shock her.

“I’ve got something to show you,” I said, disentangling my tits from her attention, swinging my legs over the edge of the bed and standing up.

She watched while I pulled down my G-string from under my denim miniskirt and stepped out of it, her face full of questions. I threw it at her and she sniffed and licked at it.

“The gusset’s covered in dried on cum and shit marmaris escort … you dirty bitch.”

“It’s not stopped you sucking it,” I said as she took the gusset into her mouth and began to chew at it, “who’s the dirty bitch now?”

While she was occupied, I undid the skirt at the side and held it in front of me for a moment before dropping it to the floor.

“What do you think about this?”

Her brown eyes lit up and she pulled the G-string from her gaping mouth as she fought to find the words. She looked at me and at my shaven cunt and back again, throwing the wet panties to one side. “I love your cunt, Ash.”

“He insisted on doing it to me.”


“He said my thatch would scratch his face to pieces … so he laid me back and shaved every hair off … and I loved it.”

“You look like a porn queen.”

“Would you like to feel?”

“You bet I would,” Dani said, leaning forward, her hefty breasts dangling in front of her.

I knelt on the bed in front of her, offering my cunt. “It feels so sexy,” she said, running her hand over and around, working in a circular motion until her fingers slid inside me. I was so well lubricated from John’s attentions earlier, half of her hand disappeared without trying.

“I like the feeling so much, I intend to keep it like this.”

“I want you to shave me,” she said, withdrawing her hand from my cunt and licking at the juice that glistened on her fingers. “I love the taste of sex.”

“Then try some more,” I said, walking on my knees to straddle her head, my cunt spreading open and ready for action. Her tongue flicked inside me, as she reached round and pulled me wide open to get better access. I squatted on her face, her eyes wide and looking up into mine, telling me how much she was enjoying herself.

She sucked and bit at my clit as I turned myself around, and reached down and parted the soft, thin hair around her cunt to give access for my tongue. In soixante-neuf, I sucked her clit, and pushed my fingers inside her, while she did the same to me – a sweaty mass of womanhood lost to each other’s lust.

My cunt was still sensitive from John’s attention only an hour or so earlier, and I soon started to approach another orgasm. I held back until I felt Dani reach the same stage and with a final grunt and squeal and thrust, we both came at the same time, lapping cum from each other and trying not to miss a drop.

“Wow … I like it when you talk dirty,” Dani said as we moved to wrap our arms and legs around each other.

“It’s freaky having a girlfriend like you … my sex buddy.”

“I think it’s a good job we met each other, Ash.”

“We’re a couple of freaks together.”

“Come on … I want every detail about you and John.”

“I’ll never get through it if you keep bringing me off like that every time … where did I get to?”

“You’ve hardly started.”

“Well, the first thing he did was to strip me off in front of him … so he could get a good look at me.”

“No disappointment there,” Dani said, slipping her mouth over my nipple and sucking at it.

“Then he made me undress him … and he is huge. He said his dick was eight and three-quarter inches … but it looked longer because he’d already shaved off his pubic hair … and I’ve never seen one so thick.”

“He certainly sounds as if he knew what to do.”

“An expert, I would say, Dani.”

“Did you suck him off?”

“Yes, but not then … later … somehow, I managed to swallow every inch of his dick.”

“That would have choked me.”

“He told me to take it slowly … a bit at a time … and breathe through the nose … and I did … and worked it over my tongue until my lips touched the base. Then I coughed and spluttered and wretched and pulled away quickly … his dick dripping in saliva.”

“Then what?” asked Dani, the light from her bedside lamps reflecting from her wide-open eyes.

“I swallowed the complete dick in a single motion and sucked it and fucked it with my mouth.”

“You filthy bitch … did he cum?”

“Not then, he seemed determined to hang out as long as possible … but I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Get back to where you undressed each other.”

“That’s when we went into the bedroom and he shaved me.” As I spoke, Dani worked her hand between my legs to feel the smoothness of my cunt.

“I’ll get you to shave me later … but tell me the whole story first.”

“I wanted to get on with the sex, but he kept telling me to slow down … and boring stuff about how sex was like savouring a good wine.”

“That’s what happens when you get as old as him, I suppose,” said Dani.

“Then he started sucking my cunt … and I felt gallons of juice coming and he drank the lot.”

“You always produce gallons.”

“Anyway,” I continued, “he lifted my legs up until my knees were touching my ears and then dived straight into my cunt with his tongue … and it went in further than ever … and he flicked it over my clit … and I came like a fucking train.”

Dani removed her hand from between my legs and began to finger herself. “You are talking marmaris escort bayan so fucking dirty, I need to masturbate,” she said.

I sucked on her right nipple to help her and pulled on the ring pierced through her left nipple – something I knew she liked. Her fingers blurred over her clit and she pushed her head back and arched her back and I held on with my teeth, her nipple enormous in my mouth, and kept pulling on her nipple ring. Then she let out a deep sigh and a low growl and fell limp on the bed beside me.

“Wow, I needed that,” she said, a wide grin crossing her face.

“I think you’re a nymphomaniac, Dani.”

“Can’t get enough … keep going … tell me more.”

I continued as if the interval to allow Dani to masturbate hadn’t happened. “Well, after he sucked me to a marvellous orgasm, it was his turn.”

“I love being fucked after oral sex,” Dani interrupted, “my cunt gets so sensitive and I feel every thrust.”

“The problem was that I’d just cum and my cunt went into spasm and it wouldn’t let John’s dick in … so he covered my cunt in spit and used it as lubrication. That did the trick and he soon worked his dick to the top … it was very tight … I felt every inch.”

Dani leaned over and ferreted around in her bedside drawer, returning with her largest dildo – a perfect replica of John’s dick. She stuck it in her mouth and licked it and opened her legs and introduced it to her cunt. “Like this?” she said and pushed it up her soaking twat.

“My mum’s got a vibrator that big … I borrow it when she’s out.”

“I daren’t use a vibrator, in case my parents hear it … but this fills my cunt up to the top and I fuck myself with it quietly.”

“The feeling of his dick inside me made me squeal and he told me to make as much noise as I wanted … so I did … and it seemed to turn him on more.”

“It’s turning me on just listening to it,” Dani said, fucking herself hard with the dildo, pulling it almost out and pushing it in with gusto.

“Then he lifted my legs over his shoulders and penetrated me until I felt the soft skin at the base of his dick caressing the smoothness of my shaved cunt … and slammed into me like a pneumatic drill.”

Dani was doing the same alongside me, as if following instructions. I began to think I would never get to the end of my story.

“I never come from penetration,” she said, “but I love the feeling.”

“Then he pulled me on top of him,” I said, “and his dick went even further up my cunt. It felt like he’d split me in two … and at the same time he was sucking and pulling at my tits … so I fucked him as hard as I could … to show him I could play that game, too.”

“You fucking lucky tart, Ash … I could do with some of that right now,” Dani said, still plugging away with the dildo and pulling on her nipple ring.

“I felt him get even harder inside me and knew he was going to come … even then he surprised me.”

“What happened?”

“He took his dick out of my cunt and wanked himself for a few strokes and covered me in cum from my belly to my chin … the second squirt crossed my mouth and he finished off on my face and tits.”

“No wonder you taste of sex.”

“Even that wasn’t the end. He licked a dollop of cum off my face and thrust his tongue into my mouth so we could share the taste of it … and then he made me suck his dick clean.”

Dani took the dildo from her cunt and sucked it into her mouth before offering me a taste. She then stuck her tongue into my mouth so we could share the taste of her cunt – what a dirty cow she is.

“It sounds like he fucked you like a whore, Ash.”

“And I loved every second of it.”

“I can see why you were late getting here.”

“That’s because there’s much more to tell you.”

“I think I would have been shagged out by then, you fucking slag.”

“You’d be begging for more, Dani.”

“Like you were, you mean?”

“Actually, we fell asleep after that. Then I woke up … and his dick was solidly erect against my leg while still asleep. He was snoring … so I woke him up by licking and sucking his nipples. That’s when I took his whole dick in my mouth … but he didn’t come … he told me to suck his balls … and I enjoyed that.”

“I’ve always wanted to do that … but there never seems enough time.”

“The next thing he did sent me wild,” I said. As I thought of how to describe it, I had a better idea. “Lie back … I’ll show you.”

She sat her back against the pillows, knees up, legs open – her brown eyes wide and excited. I inserted the first two fingers of my right hand into her cunt, working them up and behind her clit, stroking her clit with the base of my thumb. Inside her, I worked further back and up, pushing into the side of her womb, just like John did to me.

“Can you feel that?”

“Fuck, yes, Ash … he really did teach you things.”

“How does it feel?”

“Like, I want to piss.”

“That’s what I said … just relax.”

I forced her cunt further open, leaving only my thumb outside, pushing and stroking vigorously at the wall of her womb, building up the motion. escort marmaris I found a spot that developed into a button the more I stimulated it, and knew I’d hit the target.

She begged me to stop and begged me to keep going, finding it hard to take – just like I did with John. But, I didn’t stop I knew what she was feeling. Then her lower body start to squeeze against my hand, grasping my fingers, pushing against me. She gasped for breath. Sweat oozed across her face and ran between her tits. She thrashed around. I could hardly hold her. I maintained the stroke.

Then she let out an almighty groan. I felt her cunt relax, allowing my hand to penetrate fully. Juice gushed from everywhere as she threw back her head and shook it violently from side to side; sweat turning her short blonded hair into wet coils. She let out a deep moan and collapsed into a breathless orgasm.

“What have you done to me?” she asked when she recovered.

“I found your G-spot.”

“Wow … I’ve never felt anything like that before … the best orgasm ever.”

It took me a while to extricate my fist from Dani’s cunt. As I did, I realised the music had changed to Lady Gaga – we’d been so busy I missed everything of Rihanna.

“I never imagined I was big enough to take a fisting,” she said.

“With the amount of fucking you’ve done … I’m not surprised.”

“Did he get his fist into you?”

“I don’t know … I don’t think so … everything happened so quickly, I didn’t know where I was half of the time.”

“We’ve still got lots to learn, Ash.”

“I knew it would be worth chasing John … but never imagined he’d teach me tricks like that.”

“I think we have turned into fully fledged bisexuals.”

“We’re more like multisexuals … fucking boys and girls … the best of both worlds.”

“Was that it, then … with John?”

I had to think where I was up to. “Oh no … there’s lots more.”

“I’ve got to meet this man.”

“Don’t you dare, Dani … anyway, I’m not going to tell you where he lives.”

“At least tell me what he looks like.”

“Well, he’s over six feet tall … with short fair hair and blue eyes.”

“Is that it?”

“He keeps fit and is well developed … and works in a bank … or something.”

“Do you think he’s got enough energy for a threesome?”

Dani’s question sent a shiver of excitement through me – the sort of feeling that tells you you’re heading into something new and you know it will float around in your mind and nag away at you. I intended to fuck John again, but group sex never crossed my mind. It was something I wanted to try some day and her suggestion had its attractions.

“I’ve always wanted to try one … and John sounds ideal … do you think he’d be up for it?”

“Trust you to think about that, Dani.”

“The way you’re gripping my wrist tells me you’re up for it, Ash.”

“Shut up, you fucking pervert … do you want to hear the rest of what happened, or what?”

“Don’t let me stop you.”

“Well, after he fingered my G-spot, we went into oral sex again … that’s when I swallowed the whole of his length, like I told you earlier.”

“Did you make him cum?”

“I intended to … but got sort of diverted.”

“Diverted into what?”

“Well, he was licking around my cunt and he started working his way down … and before I knew it … he started licking my arsehole.”

“Someone did that to me once and it felt lovely,” Dani said, “but he chickened out and stopped and never did it again.”

“I told John to give me more of it and licked his arsehole to prove it.”

“You dirty fucking slut, Ash.”

“Then he turned me over … with my arse in the air … and licked me over again … and worked his fingers into me … into my cunt and arsehole at the same time. I was well over the edge again by this time.”

Dani started to play her fingers over my naked cunt again as I spoke. I opened my legs to help and she moved onto my clit – her other hand reaching between her legs. “I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be fucked up the arse,” she said.

“It made me gasp at first, you know … thinking that he was working several of his fingers into my arse … and that feeling you get when you know it might hurt … but you don’t want it to stop … because you’re enjoying it.”

Dani’s fingers found the right spot on my clit – and on hers judging by the sneer on her face.

“I want to know what it’s like being fucked up the arse,” she said.

“He smeared some jelly stuff up my arse and over his dick … it was cold and made me shiver and realise how tense I was … frightened even. Then he held the end of it against me … and then pushed … but I was too tight to let him in.”

My tale held Dani in a spell. She stopped frigging both of us while I continued. Her face looked as if she was expecting something to fall on her head. Her fingers slowly slipped away from my cunt, her hand remaining cupped over the top of it.

“He pushed harder … then I felt the end of it slip inside me … and it hurt … like a knife was splitting me open … I didn’t have time to think about it … he pulled out slightly … then pushed in further … and my arsehole sort of closed in around his dick and held it firmly … and the pain got even worse … and I swore into the pillow.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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