Armpit Hypnosis Ch. 02

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Maddie opened the door and gave Dileep a long hug. Someone less sexually talented may have thrown up after smelling Madelyn’s armpit odor for that long, but Dileep’s penis hardened in his shorts to its full 9 inches. Madelyn smiled as she led him inside, feeling his consciousness flood back into her control because of his inhalation of her smell.

It was just 7 AM, meaning the girls had about an hour to have sex with their King before his girlfriend, Emily, would wake up (according to what Madelyn saw in Dileep’s memory about Emily’s usual sleep cycle). For now, Maddie didn’t want to raise any suspicions.


“Ah. Ahhh. Ahhhhh. AHHHHH,” Olivia moaned as she came to an orgasm. Dileep had pinned her hands above her head while fucking her (bareback, of course), much to the liking of both girls. Madelyn smiled proudly, as she didn’t even need to hypnotically suggest anything for him to dominate; it was part of who he was! Before Dileep left, Maddie had him spend 5 minutes with his nose touching a moist armpit, just to make sure her hypnosis would last. Of course, this encounter would be erased from his memory hypnotically, to make sure bitlis escort not to give away her abilities.

After Dileep had left, Olivia and Maddie look at each other, first in the eyes, then down at each other’s cum-filled pussies. They were both thinking the same thing when they ran to the bedroom, rushed into a 69 position, and licked each other clean. No words were spoken, but they both knew this would become a tradition.

Dileep pulled into his driveway, got out of his car, and walked inside. Finishing Maddie’s hypnotic suggestion of going back to bed with Emily like he never left, Dileep found his way into the sheets next to his naked girlfriend, who was still sound asleep like a baby. Dileep didn’t realize, but at that moment, his memory of his visit to Madelyn to get another sniff hid itself in his mind.

Soon, Emily started to wake up. She had had a wet dream about a smaller and smellier girl seducing Dileep, and her pussy grew moist as she remembered it. Emily had a cuckqean fetish, but no one knew except for her! Emily thought about waking her boyfriend up with the usual blowjob, but she bitlis escort bayan paused. What if she gave him an armpit job?

She took off her white shirt, and she noticed that there were clear pit stains in the fabric! Out of curiosity, Emily brought it to her nose and inhaled her natural smell. She was starting to like it.

she rubbed some of her left fingers into her right armpit, then brought them to Dileep’s nose while shaking him awake. As soon as his king opened his eyes, his dick hardened. Emily wrapped it in her armpit, and started to jerk it off. It seemed to get even longer and thicker as she did this. Before Dileep came, Emily mentally prepared herself to put the icing on the cake.

As he came, Emily caught his first two shots of cum in her right armpit, then quickly shifted to her left armpit to catch the next 3 or 4. She ended by using her dick as a deodorant stick to spread the semen throughout each armpit. From this unexpected stimulation, her boyfriend’s cock hardened quickly. Emily, as usual for the second round, stood up and did something alluring to get her boyfriend out of bed.

She escort bitlis raised her left arm and took a long, loud sniff. “I’m wearing some new armpit deodorant today, and it really brings out my genuine smell,” she told Dileep, and within seconds, he had rammed his penis deep into her pussy.


During class that day, Maddie noticed Emily had a particular smell. It seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it until Emily raised her hand, revealing the thick, white, sticky substance in her armpits. Maddie was impressed and intrigued. She had never thought to use semen as deodorant before, but now she was going to do it every day.

“Hey, Em. How’s it going?” Maddie asked after class.

Emily smiled and made sure to expose an armpit as she responded. “I’m doing well. How about you?”

Madelyn got s strong whiff of her King’s semen mixed with his girlfriend’s body odor. She set her mind on hypnotizing Emily, which she knew wouldn’t be too difficult.

Madelyn started to sob and leaned into Emily’s armpit.

When asked what was wrong, she said the boys thought her armpits were too smelly for sex

“NO!” said Emily, a little too forcefully. She stopped herself before she talked about how her boyfriend had an armpit fetish and how she was developing one of her own.

“Could you smell them and let me know?” said Maddie, feigning innocence as Emily handed over her consciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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