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There were 12 cubicles in this office I called on last month. As one entered this business, there is a front glass door and they would immediately turn to their left and enter another glass doorway.

Immediately ahead about 15 feet and at about a 45 degree angle was the manager’s office. Arianna was of Hispanic descent and with long dark hair and showing some signs of gray.

Arianna is an attractive full figured woman, a nice rotund ass and massively beautiful eyes and lips. The type of woman lots of men wanted to be like by and sweet as well.

She carried a soft gentle voice. She was quiet but would always seem to talk openly, to me. We have had some nice conversations. All the while, I thought about having sex with this woman. “What would it be like?” “Is she a great lover in bed?”

“Does she want to be on top and take charge or does she want me on top of her?” “Would she like to be loved all over, everywhere?” “Does she care only to be eaten out?” You understand the idea.

I’ve asked all these questions and more. I peered into her eyes and wanted to melt with her anytime or anywhere. Would she, was my question every time.

Jillian another cute one, answered phones in another room; She was just up the hallway. Jillian, a much younger babe and also fuller figured, walked around as if she was on the hunt. Yes she did.

“Hey Jillian, can’t find your prey? I’m right here, looking at you and that fine, delicious body yours, you are trying to show off. Yeah girlfriend, pull off those tight ass jeans and I will scrape away those sticky panties you can’t seem to get to dry off!” Yep this is what runs through my mind when I see ‘that’.

I can do what ever is needed too honey. I sure can. Just because I am old enough to be your daddy, doesn’t mean I’m not able to do it with you! Okay, so you’re wearing that hot, tight ass skirt today, even more so, a sexy ass look for you.

Yep Jillian’s in my morning thoughts too as I get ready for work. Isn’t it nice when the cock gets aroused and it’s saying, “come on hold me, stroke me yes that’s right stroke, stroke, stroke.”

Anne another operator like Jillian is drop dead gorgeous. Too skinny, no tits like Jillian or Arianna. But she walks around and peers at me with a smile that says, “Hey come here, and eat me out now buddy, I’m restless.”

Anne always turns around and opens up her legs when I walk in to their room. Always does and smiles and then looks down to make sure her legs are open wide enough it seems.

So I have known these three for 4 months now. We laugh and joke around. We get along well and did from the start. Making or throwing lots of innuendo’s around, except for Arianna and me.

She and I have discussed more personal and almost intimate issues. Finally one day, she said out of nowhere: “What would you say if I told you and you escort şişli don’t have to feel like I am judging you or anything, but Jillian was very curious (and Arianna laughs quietly) if you and she would go out? I overheard her saying something yesterday after you left.”

Like what the hell? I was aroused by the idea. Arianna then mentioned that she and the other two wanted to take me up on my offer to take them out to lunch. LIKE WHAT THE HELL?

My response was, “But I am paying.” “Ohhh nooo, we want to take you out to dinner.” So tomorrow was a light day. We agreed at 1:00pm, lunch at Starrybrites.

A nice and busy but dark joint, I met them there. Wow, all three for a Friday were dressed to kill. Can you say “piece of ass”? Anyways, everyone was nervous, except me.

I did all the talking. I through out all the innuendo’s and they began loosening up now. Out of nowhere, like this was planned, I felt at least one foot up between my thighs.

Then another, but no one was looking at me. None of them were looking towards me. “So where does this lead to? I asked. Does anyone want to unzip for further review? Maybe even I should just drop my pants?”

They giggled, even Arianna did. Her foot was in there first actually. “Ladies, ladies, I am more then honored. I really am, but there are 3 of you and only one of me”, as I winked first and then looked down at my crotch.

Jillian said “we have to figure this all out. I am horny, Anna is horny and hell, Arianna needs to be fucked too.” That was a secret come to find out. But her foot gave that away anyhow.

“We haven’t ordered yet, where is this going to happen at?” “In my back office” said Arianna. We got up and drove back to their office. Each and every one got there turn. I didn’t get an opportunity to ‘fuck’ any of them personally, but I got ‘LUNCH’ today and lots of it.

I wanted Jillian and Arianna almost equally. I lusted for both in different ways. But Jillian wanted me badly she wanted to be bitten and licked and licked real badly. She wanted to be lusted after.

I’m that man, believe me! Arianna wanted to watch, so she went and “closed up shop.” The owner was gone. Anna needed fucking or something. So I brought in something I purchased for crazies on my calls, a vibrator to tease them with, while I would eat the others out.

It worked itself out, this arrangement. “Ladies, play with each other as I do this and ladies, have fun and enjoy.”

We all laughed a hearty laugh! Jillian was first up and she pulled up her tight ass skirt and I pulled down her moist undies, she had been seeping all along.

It was sweet. She shaves and no hair, no pubes to get on my tongue. She smelled so fine, her aroma was extremely inviting. I wanted to cum right into her, but where would my motivation be if I had an orgasm myself?

Sliding şişli escort bayan my tongue deeply into her cunt, she would inch her crotch smack dab up against me so we were tighter then tight. Meanwhile, she’d be playing with her tits as I ate her out.

She pulled up her shirt and undid her bra. It dropped to the floor. Her legs squeezed against my face.

She was moaning some now and I was fervently going at her pussy. I was slaying her cunt, bringing it up and swirling around the upper front area, her ass tightened up and she moaned and moaned.

She loved it and I loved it. God this girl could squeeze head. My head on my shoulders! Her ass tightened up more. I wanted to eat her ass cheeks.


From behind me I heard the other two, as they watched me eat her out in arousal, “FUCKKK THE BITCH, GO AHEAD FUCK HER AND SHUT HER UP!” So I did

Mounting her, my cock was of course harder then a steel rod. I leaned into her and she and I dropped down to the floor behind the desk in that back office and fucked.

Her huge tits flapped sideways. Back and forth, left and right and up and down too. She was horny enough that this too all of 2 minutes for her to explode.

Screams of delightfulness echoed throughout the back office. Arianna and Anna were smiling and playing with their pussies now and seeping. They wanted that same feeling, that same action.

Jillian’s orgasm for now, made her happy. A man finally that could satisfy her larger then life needs. She had been horny for a month now and she came all over her legs, me and the carpet.

I was thrilled, she was thrilled. Who was next? Anna and Arianna decided they couldn’t wait. They both became eager. So double action wasn’t something I was used to, but they would help out. They would finger each other while I would eat out the next one.

Some how each would get their pleasure and me too and this seemed incredibly unreal. Jillian was acting as I expected she would. She was the type of young woman who had to get off at the drop of a coin. Happens all the time and she could orgasm anywhere anytime.

“OHHH EAT ME HARDER, FAAASTERRR MANNN! OHHH YESSS OHHH YESS!! She was caressing her own breast, pinching her own nips as I went harder and harder at her hairy pussy.

She was quick at cumming and she was as loud at it as loud could be! God I should have just banged the bitch. I know that, but this personal introduction was the juiciest and best flavor one could have as an intro.

Her pelvis was a shakin’ and twisting for more and more of my tongue action. Anna loved this. She was fingering herself. Arianna loved it too, she was laying there, mesmerized by how I could eat out pussy, she sat there, rubbing her large tits and caressing herself thru her skirt.

Screaming şişli eskort out, turning and twisting and clamping her legs down on my head, Jillian squirted in my face. Wow this chick squirted like a guy could cum into a woman’s face after masturbating over her.

God it was awesome, it was erotic. She laid there and I knew she wanted a kiss and snuggle, but I had to move on to Anna. I did the same thing to Anna as I did Jillian. Anna came faster then Jillian. She was done as quickly as you could stoke a fire. SHE WAS A SCREAMER AND A JUMPER. EHH! EHHHH!! AHHHH!!! OHHHH!!! EHHHH! Like what the hell is that sound, I thought. She just didn’t smell sweet like Jillian. Nope, she didn’t have any odor either way. I wasn’t impressed by Anna. She was done and then I looked at her and Jillian. “I need privacy ladies, okay?”

They went on to wash themselves up. Arianna, who I had the most affection for of any of them and I looked at each other with such an attraction, we undressed each other as we studied the others body.

“Oh god Arianna, I just can’t get enough of you! Every time I come here, I see you and absolutely crave sliding all over you and showing you the affection I feel for you honey, I do.”

Me too Danny, me too she would say. The she lunged towards me wrapping her arms and her large curvaceous big breasted body at me and kissed me as my boner set off a current of body tingling lust inside of me.

Her too, because she could feel that big bad boy against her body. She stripped me down to my undies. I undid her bra. Her larger then life nipples, as usual, impressed me. We were on each other like flies on a dead animal.

Never coming off until our job was done and finished off well. She was so strong and passionate about a GOOD FUCK, I hurt when she was done. Her legs were strong from her days of softball and volleyball years ago.

She kind of kept in shape, she walked every night, but she ate well and she sexed herself often, either with her live in “husband” or her ‘magic wand’.

She’d thrust her pelvis hard up into me! She was passionate and persistent. The girls watched as we fucked and fucked hard at each other. Arianna was quiet, but breathed hard as she banged. oh! ohh! ohh! ohh! YESS YESS YESS OHH YESS OHH YESS OHH YESS oh, oh, oh, ohh, YES YES! YES!


She kissed me on my lips and gave tongue and caressed my tummy and dick as it deflated and she held it with pristine glory as she smiled at me with her eyes I adored.

The other two were kind of jealous. Especially Jillian, she craved that same fucking Arianna got from me. Or I got from Arianna actually.

Arianna was a strong, but true woman. I adored her and I adored Jillian, but for different reasons. Jillian and I would get together and soon. But for now, it was Arianna and me, all the way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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