Aquata Cove Ch. 54

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Chapter 54: Resonance

Adam opens the door to his cabin, and entered along with Gregory. He closes the door, and then turn to plant his hand onto the door, and moved down to push his mouth against the other. Greg closes his eyes as his pants quickly feel tighter as Adam softly lapped and nibbled on his lips.

Adam slides a hand underneath Greg’s shirt, and pulled it up. God, it’s been a long time since Adam had it out with a pudgy guy – not since his last exboyfriend.

Chubby guys always seem to have a very cuddly appeal. They give the best hugs, their wide frames gives so much room to give proper squeezes and warmth, and just the heft of gravity just sends out an earthy feel to them. Greg in particular just seems to have that innocent charm that makes him so adorable.

The two of them climbed into bed, just after Adam pulls of Greg’s shirt, and wrapped one arm around him, and started grabbing one of his pouchy chest. Greg moans more as Adam grabs and rubs his fluffy form, cuddling on top of him, and gently gnawing on Greg’s cheek.


Merrick is escorted inside of Tom’s cabin. He walks in, and turns around just as Tom undoes his own pants and lets them drop to his ankles. The blonde stand on his tippy does to kiss the much taller, muscular man. Tom grunts and moans from the sudden kiss, not even getting a chance to fully strip first.

After a rather rough start, Tom unbuttons his shirt, and shows Merrick his broad, juicy pecs, with a golden ring pierced on his thick nipple – a little trinket Merrick must have missed in the lockerroom.

Men like this guy, tall and muscular, they just seem to have this overwhelming power on their stature alone. Without having to give much notice, they give off this sense of command to make cute little twinks like Merrick just to drop to their knees and suck them off right there.

Tom shrugged his shirt off and let Merrick attach his mouth to his right silver ring. Tom bites his lip as Merrick’s teeth and tongue press and pull on that hot piece of metal on the sensitive nub, before glancing to the side, and moving to tend to the other nipple. Tom put his arms around Merrick as he grinds his tighty-whites against him.


Greg blushes and moans as Adam had him laid down on his bed, wearing nothing but his worn boxerbreifs. Adam huffs and growles as he kisses and licks Greg’s plump chest, nuzzling the small patch of hair in the middle, while pushing his hands onto the soft under area on the side. Adam’s cock throbs in his skibbies as he licks and kisses Greg’s big, round tummy.

“Hhhhh” Adam pushes his face against Greg’s belly, and rubs that broad, squishy girth, making Greg whimper and squirm as that tongue licked and trailed on his sensitive naval, not to mention how touchy his midsection is, making a wet splotch in his red underpants. Adam digs his arms under Greg to hug and nuzzle that large gut, before kissing his way down.

He bites his lip as Adam rubs and squeezes his very unimpressive tent. Adam was smashed as heck when he sucked off this guy, so he can’t remember how big he is. Greg closes his eyes shut, prepared for the laughter no doubt to come after Adam sees his dick.


Tom reaches down, and squeeze’s Merrick’s right buttcheek as the two of them stood in the shower, their legs entwined as they made out. The larger man growls and huffs as Merrick yanks and manhandles one of his nipple rings, his dick throbbing in his briefs like a trapped snake as they grabbed each other, sliding their fingers along their uncannily smooth flesh.

“Ghhhh… You’re a hot little fucker, aren’t you?” Tom growls as Merrick chokes his fat dick in his underwear, saturated from the water. Merrick gnaws on his lower lip as they rose more steam just from the hot action in the shower. Merrick’s cock pushes against Tom’s rod-shaped bulge as they rubbed their hot lips with each other like a couple of foggy animals.

Merrick moves down onto his knees and roughly pushed his mouth on the soaked fabic of the Hanes underwear. He gropes the rounded pouch below while pressing his lips harshly onto the hard meat within.


Adam yanks Greg’s undies off to see the chubby’s short member, estimating at least 3 or so inches. Greg’s face felt hot, right before he felt a hot warmth take his penis. “O-Oohh~!” He moans as Adam sucks on his pecker, pulling his foreskin back, and licking around the head. His large belly tenses and bobs as Adam teased his dick with his tongue.

Greg moans with pleasure as Adam slurps his small wang with hunger, before popping the little soldier out of his mouth, and kissing its base before licking Greg’s sweaty balls, and started making out with his sac.

The chubby’s toes curled as Adam worked on his most intimate areas, not believe just how into it he really is! Most guys become uninterested when they see his small endowment, but this guy is just digging into him. He moans pitifully, but holding in giggling as Adam licked and kisses the thighs around his genitals. That mouth is both bilecik escort tickling and massaging his nether regions as Adam playfully smacks his lips around.


Merrick rubs Tom’s thick, hard thighs as he turns in the shower. He peels his undies back, and moons Merrick with his manly black ass. The merman then pressed his face right between those cheeks, his own dick standing right up as he licks from the base of Tom’s dark balls, along his hot crack, over his pucker, and to the top of the crevice.

“Aw yeah~” Tom moaned as he felt Merrick’s hands grab both cheeks, and pulled them part to dig into his ass, “Yeah, eat that hole.” Tom growled as he pushed his rear back against Merrick’s face.

Tom puts his hand onto the tile wall as Merrick’s tongue pushed and rubbed against his taint. He pulled his huge cock, and began to pump it, having the water rush down his godly muscles and squeezing his magnificent monster. Merrick closes his eyes as he massaged the tight entrance with his lips and licked it. His head began to feel light and unfocused as his hands dug and grabbed both mounds while licking that hot star.


“Ohhh, oh, ohhh~!” Greg moaned as his head tossed side to side as Adam slurped and licked Greg’s cute penis, swipping up the precum from his uncut manhood and twirling his tongue against the slit.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…” Greg whines as he grabs the sheets as his big belly tightens and bounces from the intense breathing. Nonetheless, Adam put his mouth over Greg’s small dick, and engulfed it quite easily. Greg, thrashed and moaned out as Adam pushed his thighs out, massaging and grabbing his wide meaty legs as he sucked him.

“Ohhnnn! Nnnhh! Ohh! NNN!” Greg clenches his eyes shut and tenses as his Napoleon cannon shot out a hot, sticky load. Adam’s cheeks puffed a little as his mouth filled with Greg’s spunk.


“Fuck… Oh fuck yeah!” Tom spread his legs out to have Merrick dig in further into his ass. Slathering his balls up with body was, the bodybuilder masturbates with his cock on one hand, and his nuts on the other as Merrick ate him out.

“Fuck, just like that!” He moans as Merrick rubbed his tongue in tracing shapes. His hand jack hammered on his fat rod as Merrick roughly massaged and rubbed his full, perfect butt. Merrick moaned as he focused on licking and tongue-fucking this tall dark male’s rearend as he pleasures himself, with every lick of his asshole easily escalating him.

“Fuck! Ohhh fuck yes, don’t stop, don’t stop~!” Tom moaned out as he worked his dick over, before choking his heavy manhood to squirt a huge, long white rope out, “GAHHH!” He howls out as his dick painted the wet tiles of the shower.


Greg pants and moans in bliss as Adam crawls next to him. He pushes himself to the side, and rubs Adam’s side as he cuddles and kisses him. Though spent, he still paws on and snuggles against Adam affectionately.

“Mmm…” Adam hums as the cute pudgy guy nuzzle and kisses his chest, rubbing his nipples tenderly as he feels along Adam’s hip, “No, wait, hang on.” Adam says, making Greg stop with a confused look, “I can’t do this.”

“Huh?” Adam got up, and moved to the side of the bed, holding himself as he leaned forward, “Why not? What’s the matter?” His shoulders slumped, “It’s me, isn’t it?”


Merrick softly kisses and nibbles on Tom’s muscular bottom, sleepily gnawing on his rump as his eyes became extremely heavy. He can hear Tom’s voice, but every noise around him is becoming distorted.

“No…” He mumbles, “No, ssstop…” Merrick moaned as he started to tremble, feeling Tom turn around, “No… I don’t wanna do this anymore… Please don’t make me…” His hand fumbles for Tom’s leg, before he felt gravity shift, and everything goes black.

“Hey! Hey, kid, you ok?? Wake up! Oh my God, what’s wrong??” Tom kneels down, feeling Merrick’s neck and chest as he lays there, motionless.


“No, it’s not you,” Adam said, “Don’t get me wrong, I would love to pound that hot little butt of yours and make you squeal like a little sex pig.” He said with a playful smile. Greg groaned a little, that statement turning him on a little.

“Just… Hahhh…” Adam put his hands to his face, pressing his palms together, and closing his eyes, “I have a boyfriend.”

“I know, but…” Greg blushed a little, “I figured you guys had an open relationship or something… He’s a slender blonde guy, right?”

“Yeah, he’s the one.” Adam said, “But no, we don’t have an open relationship… We’re fighting right now, and…”

“… So wait.” Greg frown a little, “You’re just using me to get back at him?”

“I wouldn’t call it that… More like…” Adam turned back around on the bed, “More like… Just letting off some steam.” He sighs as he got up, “Look, I’m sorry, I’m a total ass, you don’t have to stay if you don’t-“

“N-No, it’s ok!” Greg said. Adam looks at him and huffs as he covers his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I just… I been feeling so lonely. escort bilecik We aren’t speaking to each other, and… I keep having nightmares, and he’s not around to help me… And I just really…”

Greg scooted to the side of the bed, where Adam can see, before he turned. Adam sniffled a little, and then climbs into bed with him, and they both go under the covers. Adam moves in and spoons against Greg, wrapping his arms around him, and holding that adorable pudgy teddy bear.


“Nnnhh…” Merrick moans as he slowly wakes up. His head feels so cloudy and heavy, like he’s been sleeping for months. His whole body feels like he weighs a ton. There’s something moist and cold on his head as his surroundings slowly stopped spinning.

“Thank God, you ok, buddy?” Came a familiar voice. Merrick peers, and sees Tom wearing a T-shirt and his briefs, right next to him in the bed.

“Nnnnhhhhgggg…” Merrick groggily got up, shaking his head, “What happened…”

“You got my off in the shower, and when I turned around to get you off, you passed out. You scared the shit outta me man, I thought you OD’d or something!”

“Nnnhh, no…” Merrick groaned, “I uh… I have a delicate constitution,” He lied, “I suffer from frequent dehydration, it’s happened before.”

“Yeah, I called a medic in here not long ago, that’s what he said it was.” Tom picked up a bottle of water, and offered it to Merrick, who then accepted it.

“I’m an idiot,” Merrick commented before he gulped down the icy cold water.

“What do you mean?”

“I figured… He was going with this one other guy, so I thought I may as well go with you…” He looked up at Tom, “I have a boyfriend, and… I’m really mad at him.”

“Ah shit, are you serious??”

“We had a bad fight!” Merrick turned on the bed, “I don’t expect you to understand… It’s not like I’m trying to show him up or anything… Just forget it, I’m leaving as soon as my head stops throbbing.”


“Few days ago, before we left the island,” Adam said, “You know I got really drunk, right?”

“Mhm,” Greg nodded as he feels Adam snuggling behind him. He blushes as this very attractive man lays close to him.

“And, we went to this spot I know… We cuddled for a while, and then I said something so fucking stupid…”

“What happened?”

“I uh… I said that our relationship was too flawless. I just… Sometimes, when I’m watching Queer As Folk, or on Eating Out 3 and 4, where the two man characters broke up, and then got back together… They reconcile, and they get back together cause they’re meant for each other and stuff, you know?”

“And he broke up with you?” Greg asked.

“No…” Adam shook his head with half his face pressing on the pillow, “But now he won’t forgive me…”


“My boyfriend…” Merrick began. Tom sits on the bed as Merrick stays curled up, “He said some terrible things that he didn’t mean a while ago… Thinking back on it, I really shouldn’t be as bitter about it as I am now…”

“What did he say that was so horrible?”

“It’s complicated.” Merrick sat up, “Again, I don’t expect you to understand me.”

“Hey, hey! Hold up,” Tom grabbed his shoulder, “Take it easy, you just woke up.”

“I’m fine, alright??” Merrick said, “You don’t need to comfort me.”

“Look, can we skip the tough guy act, please?” Tom said, “I got enough of that from my exgirlfriend, alright?” He said. Merrick scoffed a little.

“You’re bi, then?”

“More like Pansexual.” He replied. Merrick rolled his eyes – another complicated label to make things difficult for the person, why do humans feel the need to be so over-elaborate?


“It’s… Kinda complicated with me and him. I don’t know how to put it, but he and I are kinda like soulmates…” Adam said, “We can’t break up.”

“He sounds like he hates you though. Why can’t you two break-up?”

“Again, it’s complicated. We’re… Really meant for each other. We’re practically joined at the hip.”

“Ok, so exactly happened to make him so mad? Just saying that your guys’ romance is too perfect can’t have set him off.”

“Besides that, I…” Adam sighed, “I also trashed the way he lived his life. Before he moved in with me, he had his own life, he had a planned purpose, he had a loving family…” Adam bowed his head, “And he lost everything because of me.”

“Ah, don’t say that,” Greg said as he turns and faces Adam, “If he lost everything, you wouldn’t bother being around him so much.”

“You don’t get it,” Adam said, “He had his whole life planned out… He was raised in a very simple and standard environment, and when his parents found out he was my boyfriend, they kicked him out, and everything just fell apart.”

“So, he just has to start over, that’s all.”

“That’s the thing, it’s not that easy.” Adam groaned as he grew sleepy, “Starting over, for him, is like forsaking himself…”


“I don’t share my feelings.” Merrick stubbornly said, “I need to be strong bilecik escort bayan enough to stand on my own, and I should not burden anyone just because I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

“Yeah, my ex said the exact same thing.” Tom said, “You even look like her a little.”

“It’s not as simple as you think…” Merrick persisted, “There are things that I really can’t say… Things that I NEED to keep secret, for my own sake, and for others.”

“That’s fine, just walk around them,” Tom walked on his knees on the bed, and put his arms around Merrick from behind, “You can’t hold that stuff in all the time, or it’s going to kill you.” He said softly. Merrick turned his head, and closed his eyes as they began to water. “Everybody needs that moment where everything comes out, and then have somebody hug them tight, and say that it’s going to be ok.”

“… But I don’t want to…” Merrick said, “What kind of… Person am I if I can’t even hold my emotions intact?”

“Heh,” Tom gently laid Merrick back down, “A normal one…” Merrick sniffled as he shook his head.

“I hate this… I’m always crying… I hate that I can’t even stop that.”

“… It’s ok, buddy…” Tom said, “It’s gonna be ok…” Merrick wiped his eyes for a moment, “You don’t need to make yourself deal with this stuff alone.”


“Forsaking himself?” Greg asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“He was raised in a very old-fashioned, traditional way…” Adam tried to say, “It’s like his whole lot in life was set in stone, but by being with me, it all shattered into pebbles and fragments. And now he’s got nowhere to try and rebuild. You have no idea how much of a shock it was to him…”

“Personally, I think he’s making too much out of what happened. What have you done to make it up to him?”

“I bought him flowers, I apologized up and down, but I don’t know what else to do.”

“Maybe he just needs his space.”

“I figured that, but this whole thing is stressing me out.” Adam hugged Greg tighter, “I haven’t slept a full night since this whole thing’s started.”

“Awwooh” Greg snuggled closer.


“I still feel so hurt, but I miss him so much…” Merrick said, “I’m so torn between loving him and hating him.” He harshly clutches to the sheets as he feels the man’s arms around him.

“Just think of the good times you two had.” Tom advised, “That’s how my Dad put up with my Mom all these years until they worked through their problems.”

“I’ve tried that,” Merrick moaned, “But something keeps blocking it…” Merrick holds himself back, “Every time I think about forgiving him, my anger comes right back to hurt me…”

“That just means that you’re not ready yet.” Tom shrugged.

“But I’m sick of it… Now that he knows what’s hurting me, it shouldn’t be so bad, but just seeing his face makes me remember when he said those awful things to me.”

“Maybe he just hasn’t made it up to you the tight way yet.”

“But…” Merrick closes his eyes, “He already does so much for me… I don’t know how or when this can me resolved…”


“Thank you for staying…” Adam said as he huddled with the chubby guy in the dark, “I need this so much… Cuddling I mean.”

“Your welcome,” Greg said as he nuzzled Adam’s chest. Now that he’s not sleeping alone, Adam feels drowsier at night than the last few nights.

“Mnnnhh…” Adam dozes off peacefully for the first time in so long.


“Please, don’t…” Merrick shook his head, “I don’t want to talk anymore.” He tries to hold back his emotions, getting rather sick of breaking down.

“Alright, it’s ok,” Tom said as he turned off the light, and climbed into bed, “You can crash here tonight.” After a pause after Tom got under the covers, Merrick moves himself next to the beefy man, and put his hand on his chest.

Tom puts his arm around Merrick, and pulled him in closer. It’s at least better than curling up alone on the cruise’s roof.

–The Next Night–

“~This is~ the part when I say I don’t want ya~ I’m stronger than I’ve been before!~” A handful of lewd dancers prance around the song ‘Break Free’, both male and female, and all of them wearing an assigned number, to be announced as the winners of the 3-Day contest. Several hidden judges look and nod, noting each and every dancer as they gracefully move their bodies.

“~This is~ the part when I break freeeee~ ‘Cause I can’t resist it no more~!” Merrick, in an erotic outfit spins and swoops in his dancing. His hand meets another as hand as he rotates around with another male dancer, and sways with an erotic rhythm.

Adam looks with reluctance at his dancing boyfriend, both annoyed and a little dazzled at Merrick’s appearance and performance.

“Yo, Adam.” Jamal said from the side. Adam looked and turned back to watch the show.

“Hey.” Adam took a sip from his drink.

“So.” Jamal looked at him with disapproval, “Was he good?”


“What that chubbo good for ya? Musta been a hot night, cause you look a lot better.” Jamal told him bitterly.

“We didn’t fuck, Jamal.” Adam said irritantly as took another drink. Jamal raised his eyebrows.

“You didn’t?”

“No. Well,” Adam shrugged, “I gave him a blowjob and spooned with him, but I didn’t get off. Something tells me I don’t deserve to blow my wad.”

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