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Appreciating a Woman Ch. 02

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(Before continuing my story, let me remind all of you that the early to mid 60s was sexually quite a conservative period of time. Dates did not consist of sexuality. Sensuality maybe, but not sexuality. Pantyhose hadn’t come into being as yet. Women wore stockings, with or without garter belts or girdles. A woman of any decent upbringing wore petite-pants, which were the equivalent of bloomers, and covered all of her region from the waist down to her stocking tops. If a man even got to rub the flesh of the leg, between the petite-pants and the tops of her stocking…it was a hot date!)


I shifted myself and finally managed to open my sleep laden eyelids about 9 O’ clock in the morning. At least that’s what the clock on the wall indicated. It took a few minutes for me to shake the cobwebs from my head, realize where I was, recuperate from the unaccustomed amount of wine I had consumed, and only then to evaluate what had transpired between Mom and I.

I sensed I was alone in my mother’s house, as I heard not a sound. I padded through the house scanning everywhere. Her room was empty…nope, not in the bathroom…not cleaning in any of the other rooms. Bingo, an idea; check the garage for her car…yup, it was empty. Going back into the kitchen I noticed a small note taped to the refrigerator door.

“Had to go to the office for a little while. Should be home around 2. You don’t have to hang around and wait for me. We’ll talk later!! Love ‘ya, MOM”

“Oh shit, now I’m in for it. Last night I had cum in my mother’s mouth. She’s gonna’ be mad as hell when she gets home.” Just a minute, I touted myself. I was napping while she started nibbling on my pleasure pole. It was she who told me she hasn’t had anything for the longest time. Why should I be in trouble?

Then my mind started to rampage. Now I had a pounding hard on and some of the wildest most incredible thoughts. Damn, that’s not right, that’s pure incest. But, hell, now I wanted to fuck my hottie mother so damn bad.

Then my thoughts raced back to Debbie. Hell, sex with her wasn’t sex at all. I mean, either I fumbled at trying to eat her pussy, not really knowing what to do or how to do it correctly; or she gave me a bobbled blowjob. Actually, it was more a stick the head into her mouth and she would stroke me off…and would NEVER let me cum in her mouth. Other than that, all she would let happen was to give each other a sloppy and inexperienced hand job.

My thoughts raced back to the beauty of the spectacular blowjob my Mom had given me last night. I was sheer heaven…so exotic, so wonderful. But to top it off, made me cum into her mouth and then, drank it all. That was it. My erection was raging and the hormones raced through my bloodstream, making me insane. I had to go take a shower and stroke myself into happiness again.

The tepid water felt so comforting all over my skin, but that was not going to solve the problem. I soaped myself into a good lather and my erection immediately went to its full-extended length. My first thoughts, while stroking this splendid piece of meat, went to the softness and suppleness of Debbie’s skin rubbing against me. About three minutes of that and I found myself becoming numb to it. I switched my thoughts to some of the X-rated flicks I had seen at stag party not to long ago. That gave me a nice tingle.

Then Mom’s image worked itself into my mind. The gentleness of the lines of her body, the mystique of never really having seen her naked…the sensation of her mouth all over my cock! There that did it. Moments later, my ass cheeks tensed, my balls seem to pull up into my scrotum—and I shot my the first string of hot, gooey semen clear across the tub, hitting the opposite wall…clearly a five foot shot! After I had released the full contents of my balls, and kept up the gentle strokes until I had become flaccid again, I was ready to finish washing the rest of my body and clean up.

I guess the “stress relief” really relaxed me as I apparently fell asleep on the bed, fortunately…face down. I was awakened…or shall I say startled out of sleep by a stinging slap on my ass. I literally jumped to my feet with both fists clenched, ready to smack the snot out of my roommate. It’s a damn good thing I got my bearings before I let loose, as Mom was standing there just as startled and clutching her head in her hands, waiting to receive my punch.

“What the….Oh, god,…I…I’m sorry Mom! I guess my mind was back at school.”

“I am sorry too, Tim”, Mom replied, “I shouldn’t have startled you like that. After all, it’s only been a couple of days, and you’re not adjusted yet.”

I breathed a deep sigh of relief that I had contained myself, and not struck my Mom.

Mom realized that I was standing there at “en guarde” position in the nude, my pleasure pole waving at half-mast. She just smiled and retorted, “That’s a real nice package you have there, son. But, what say you throw something on and come down to dinner. I picked up Rueben sandwiches for us?”

“Huh…dinner?” bayan esmer escort bursa Holy cow, it was nearly 7:30. I slipped on a pair of gym shorts and followed Mom downstairs to the kitchen.

I sat down at the kitchen table, where Mom had already poured us a glass of wine and was taking the Ruebens out of the oven, that she had gently warmed for us. I didn’t realize it while she was in my room, but Mom was only wearing a man tailored white shirt over her beautiful body.

I could tell she didn’t have a bra on, because her nipples were sticking straight out, almost half an inch. I did not know if she had been brave enough to go without panties in front of me, because I really hadn’t taken notice. The thought of her near nakedness immediately brought my cock to attention. I quickly slid my chair in so it was not conspicuous.

We languished over the Ruebens and took our time, enjoying the wine too. I was hesitant to bring up any conversation, other than how good the food was. Although, I did keep looking over at her, very quizzically. She would catch my stare and just smile, almost a lurid, pixie-like smile. God, her mouth was so beautiful…and I had cum in it last night. Damn, I had to squelch those thoughts!

After she cleaned up the table, she walked past me heading for the living room. Casually, yet seeming very sensual, she glided her hand over my shoulder, letting her nails graze along the skin. She softly, yet sternly said to me as she passed by, “Tim, please pour us both another glass of wine and come into the living room. I think we need to have quite a little talk here.”

There was the other shoe dropping! I knew that nothing good could come from this conversation. I guess tomorrow I’ll probably be looking for an apartment or heading back to school. I refilled the glasses and went into the living room. Mom had settled into the easy chair with her knees bent, as she was sitting on her feet. The man tailored shirt revealing only the slightest bit of cleavage and covered her legs, almost completely. I sat in the middle of the sofa, almost perpendicular to her angle.

She broke the ice. “Relax baby. I can see by the look on your face that you are expecting the worse!’

“Yeah, Mom,” I replied. “Last night was really out of line…for both of us.”

“It’s like I said last night, my baby boy, it’s been a long time since your father, and I have not bee with a man since. At least you have Debbie to help you work out your frustrations.”

“Mom,” I interjected, “Having sex with Debbie is not what you think. Yes, she gets me off and I get her off, but I really don’t think it pleasurable…for either of us. I have very little experience, and Debbie had none. Shit, she would NEVER, EVER, let me cum in her mouth. It took almost 2 months of begging and pleading before she would even let my cum touch her body!”

Mom’s eyes got as big as saucers. She could barely believe that after all we talked, that Debbie was the first girl I had been intimate with, was at this stage…let alone that I was still a virgin!

We chatted for about an hour. Mom motioned me to get more wine. When I came back into the room with the wine, Mom had pulled her feet out from under her and now her knees were a few inches apart. She motioned me towards her. As I approached her she asked me to kneel in front of her. It was not a command, but more like the times when we would get into heavy discussions and I would kneel at her feet, like a dog waiting for his master’s praise.

She matter-of-factly asked me, “Baby boy of mine, would you like to learn how to touch a woman…to make her happy?”

My tongue became as heavy and dry as a pound of sand. I couldn’t say a word. I was completely stupefied by that question. I just slowly nodded my head, Yes.

She sipped her wine and put her glass on the end table. She reached up and turned the 3-way bulb to its lowest setting. Damn, my cock was hard again and mounding in my shorts. She started to unbutton her shirt. When it was done, she slowly and very teasingly slit it off of her shoulders. Shit, she had a bikini panty on, but now those wondrous, supple, silky globes were completely exposed to me.

I blurted out, “But…er…Mom…doesn’t …this….isn’t…this…incest?”

She wasted no time in her reply, “No, dear, sweet Timmy. This is not incest. It is SexEd 201!”

She motioned me over to her breasts, and placed my hands on each. She explained the sensitive parts and the tender parts. My hands were in heaven, roaming over her breasts, learning how to touch and squeeze and pinch the nipples in a sensual way, and yet not hurt the woman. This went on for a good half hour, just rubbing, squeezing, pinching and touching.

Next she clenched my head to one of her titties. Of course, I opened my mouth and started to suckle her…very hard! She swatted me atop my head, and then started to instruct me how to play my mouth and tongue and lips on the breasts, thus bursa ucuz eskort turning the woman on…not hurting her. All in all, I would say that after an hour of “class,” I was becoming quite the master of breast stimulation.

She quipped, “Debbie will be very happy for your education, and I might even have to give her some lessons, too.”

“Mom, you wouldn’t?”

“I have, once or twice…and I would teach her, if that will turn out to be good for you!”

At this point, Mom’s voice sounded like she was softly growling, not just talking to me. Her breath was short and raspy. Her chest was heaving. Suddenly, my nose became aware of her delicate female juices. I started to lower my hands to her mid-section, where she abruptly stopped me. She stood up, took a final pull at her wine, and finished it off. Then she scooped up her blouse.

Mom turned to me and began to purr out, “You have done excellent tonight, Baby boy. Lesson’s over though. I need to take care of something urgently.” She dashed up to her room and closed the door.

By the time I had put the glasses into the sink and turned off the lights, I could hear her moaning and groaning through the door. As I passed it on my way up to my room, I could hear gentle, yet urgent squishing sounds. As I started into my room, I detected a few moans and gasps, then a final loud groan, Ohhhh…….. goddddd…. yessssssssssssss!” Naturally, I went to bed and wacked off at least three times in the shadow of my SexEd lesson. Finally I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Sunday, I was awakened to the pleasant odors of fresh bacon and eggs being cooked. I washed and was at the table in record time. There on the table was fresh orange juice and toast. By the time I sat down, breakfast was being served. Mom looked comfortable and refreshed in her blue satin nightshirt. Of course, no bra again, but I could definitely see a panty line. Wooohoooo, hard again!

After we finished, I helped her clean the table and wash the pots and pans. While we were moving about the fairly close quarters, the bulge in my shorts rubbed against the roundness of her ass cheeks. “Whoa there big boy,” Mom said, “It’s not time for classes yet!”

Ye gads…my cock would never go soft again. What did she have planned for us this time?

After we cleaned up the kitchen, Mom told me we had to get the lawn mowed and trim a couple of the trees. This week was rubbish pick-up and if we didn’t get it out today, it would have to stay piled on our property for two weeks, until the next pick-up. I must admit, Mom worked my ass off with all of the chores. Finally, around 3 PM we had finished and put all the tools away. Mom suggested we shower and go out for a pizza tonight.

It was nearly 9 PM by the time we got home again. Mom instructed me to go up and put my shorts on again, while she was going for her nightshirt. We both got back to the living room about the same time, and Mom took her “Instructor’s seat” in the easy chair. She motioned me to the floor again in front of her. There it was…a big old boner bulging my shorts out.

She giggled as she caught sight of it. “Oh my, that doesn’t need a lot of coaxing does it?”

She immediately opened and removed her nightshirt, letting those beautiful orbs of lust come jiggling out. As she slid up to get the nightshirt out from under her, it became evident that she wore no panties tonight. I started to edge toward her, but she showed me her palm and beckoned me to remain where I was. Gawd, I had to have her breasts again; in my hands…in my mouth…against her.

“SexEd 202?” I joking queried.

“Yes, my darling baby boy,” she responded.

“Do I get to make love to you tonight, Mom?”

“Timmy, darling, until you learn HOW to make love…well…maybe not even then…I think that will be crossing the line,” she answered back to me. “We’ll just take one step at a time into make you a GREAT lover…then we’ll see. You see, my sweet son, once we cross that bridge, it’s not SexEd anymore, it is incest. And, besides, once we cross it, we may never be able to come back!

I was a little put off by her answer, yet I understood.

She slid down in her chair and spread her legs wide. The sight of her womanhood was completely mesmerizing. How simply beautiful! Her pubic bush was trimmed very close, and quite narrow, with just a small triangular patch at the top. Even after two children, and Lord knows how much sex, she was put together like a young girl. That is, her vulva looked very compact, and showed no evidence of a bulging clitoris. Her labia were tucked in close…and they were glistening.

She gave me very distinct instructions on what I was and was not to do, and admonished me about taking thing into my own hands. That would be the end of any future instructions. I became her dedicated student, unwilling to make a move on my own!

She told me to start rubbing her knees, and gradually work my way up to her crotch, but not bursa anal yapan escort touching it. I did this for ten minutes or so, until she started to wiggle slightly. Then she took my hands and softly showed me how to encircle and massage the labia, parting them ever so slightly, working my way under the hood of her clitoris. Then her nub just peeked out, begging for attention.

She took my fingers and ran them up and down her slit, making both her slit and my fingers wet with her juices. Next she had me start to massage the nub with my thumb and gradually worked a finger into her wet and steamy love canal. So now I had my thumb rubbing the jewel of her lust and a finger inside of her. How exotic and wonderful it felt. The hot and velvety texture of her insides was beckoning me to go further.

I began to venture out a little on my own. Not being very dexterous at this, I brought my other hand up to rub her clitoris and labia, while my other hand began to delve in and out of her sweet pussy. The sweet smell of lust was truly amazing…and an aphrodisiac at the same time. Mom had taken to moaning and groaning, bucking her hips slightly at me.

Thinking I might be doing something wrong, I softly asked, “Am I doing this OK, Mom?”

“Oh yessss,” she replied. “Please don’t stop doing exactly what you’re doing,” she pleaded.

I began to move my fingers just a bit more forcefully. For some reason I inserted a second finger, and she bucked at my hand even harder. Now she was writhing and bucking almost uncontrollably. Her head was whipping from side to side. Without thinking, I curled one of my fingers upward so she wouldn’t buck me out of her. Suddenly, she seemed to go out of control.

“Jezzus…you hit my G-spot…I’m gonna’….Oh…God…Timmy…..I’m cummmmminnnng!”

I felt the gush of her climatic juices and my fingers and just kept going. This went on for about a minute, until she yanked my hands away from her. I didn’t know what to do, so I just licked my fingers while I was waiting for her. Lordy, how sweet she tasted. I had to have more of her. I licked my hand completely clean, but I wanted more.

When the throes of her climax subsided and she started to regain her composure, she leaned forward and thanked me. She softly grasped my head and pulled it toward hers. Our lips met, and we kissed. Tenderly at first, but becoming more imperative as seconds passed. Her tongue parted my lips and explored my entire mouth. Our tongues began the dance of lust as they twisted and turned and found every crevice of each other’s mouth.

As she backed away, she lowed her head slightly, and looked at me so pleadingly. “Do you think you could do that with your mouth and tongue?”

I hesitantly nodded and replied, “I think so. I have never done it like that, but I’ll try!”

“Just do your best, my baby boy, and don’t rush or apply too much pressure.”

I backed my head off slowly and moved near her knees. I started to lick up and down the silky smooth skin of the insides of her thighs, alternating between legs. She smelled wonderful—especially now that she was excited. I couldn’t resist running one hand around her back and lightly cupping one of her buttocks. Mom flinched ever so slightly, but didn’t pull away.

I knelt before her crotch and examined her from the distance of a few inches. The slightly crinkled lips of her outer labia showed clearly, glistening slightly. The hood of flesh at the top of her snatch just covered the nub of her clitoris, and I admiringly could see it throb very so gently.

I placed a hand on each hip…God, her skin felt so good…and positioned myself for her pleasuring. A spasm went through Mom’s body as my tongue made contact with the skin of her vulva. I drew a tight little circle of saliva around it. My tongue gliding effortlessly over her firm flesh. Mom’s breathing quickened. I pulled back slightly, removing my tongue from her skin. Her breathing faltered and her hands griped my shoulders. I traced the lips of her outer labia. I gave the hood of flesh over her clitoris a slight nudge and Mom’s body stiffened in response.

Lightly gripping the lips of her vulva with the fingers of both hands, I parted her sex and looked upon the delights within. The moist, pink flesh of her inner labia were coated in the juices of her orgasm, begging me to lick her clean.. I breathed deeply, savoring the sweet aroma, and, keeping her spread open with the fingers of one hand, traced my index finger round her inner moistness. Mom’s breathing was fast and hard, a concentrated look on her face as I removed my finger and suck it into my mouth

I looked once more into the depths of her womanhood and then up at her rapt features. “You have a beautiful pussy, I’m going to enjoy eating it”. A brief nod was my only reply. I moved forward once again and, while spreading her open with my left hand, moved the tip of my tongue into her. It was exquisite; the smell of her pussy in my nose, the taste and texture of her moist womanhood on my tongue, the feel of her taught skin as I caressed her ass with my free hand.

I ran my tongue round the inside of her outer labia, collecting the excess juice and greedily swallowing it. Then, I ventured a couple of quick darts of my tongue into her vaginal passage. Even to my tongue it felt tight, though slippery with juice and invitingly warm.

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