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Apology Accepted

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My parents stayed in my guest room over the long weekend before returning home to Chicago. During that time my boyfriend David slept on the couch. This was the first time they all were meeting and I was nervous to say the least. On some levels I still craved their approval and knew that they would never accept him. They were strict and lived in the sheltered bubble of suburbia while he was an artist who painted nude subjects, me included.

Neither of my parents appreciated the arts and that posed a problem. David was optimistic and had separate private talks with each of them, the longest being with my father. He was scheduled to fly to Boston the day after my parents left so our time alone was limited and therefore precious. David, always the gentleman, was respectful of my parents and never attempted to molest me in their presence. Even when we were alone, we only held hands or innocently rubbed backs. At the farmers market he put his arm around me as we strolled behind my father. When my mother came back with the produce, she and I strolled behind them. Our conversation went back and forth from trivial to essential matters. Most of it concerned David. I giggled when she talked about his walk. I had always enjoyed David’s walk. It was sexy and rhythmic as if he were floating to a private cadence in his head.

Back at the house David put the fruit away. My parents and I sat around the kitchen table and he leaned casually against the counter near the sink. David held a peach and cut slices eating them one by one off of the blade. As he did this, his eyes drew me in wholly and pierced something deep inside. He was only teasing me because my parent’s backs were facing him so they couldn’t see. It was as if we were the only two people in the room. I was mesmerized by his simple actions. Cut a piece of fruit, lift it to mouth, suck it from the knife, and give me the look… cut a piece of fruit, lift it to mouth, suck it from the knife, and give me the look. The same thing over and over and over. I knew exactly what he was thinking because I was thinking the same thing. Our sexual tension was building with not so much as a kiss to pacify it. That night we rented a movie and David sat on the floor between my legs. I wondered Manavgat Escort Bayan if he could sense my aroused sex from his close proximity. That night I masturbated in the shower wondering if he was doing the same.

The next day after an early lunch my parents left and we were alone at long last. After seeing them off, we returned to my empty house. David backed me up against the door standing so close that our bare feet were touching. I knew that if I allowed him to have me in this moment, things would never be the same again. Making love would be our pledge to each other, an unspoken vow that would usher in forever. Once we made intimate body contact, there would be no turning back. I trembled with nervousness as he gazed upon me. “Our buffer is gone.” I mumbled, thinking of my parents.

David stepped closer and tilted his head opposite mine. We were so close that his nose brushed mine as he spoke. “Your folks seem to like me.”

“They appreciate the way you treat me, and how you want to make an honest woman of me.” I swallowed then took shallow breaths. These last few days had been nice but now we had to get to the business at hand. Things were still unsettled… unresolved.

“And I appreciate their appreciation.” He reached for my waist but stopped short. I didn’t know why he refused to touch me but I took it as a sign. We were finally alone and he didn’t attempt so much as a hug. Maybe he was here for reasons other then I thought.

I slipped from his grasp feeling rejected and began to clear the lunch dishes.

David grabbed several plates from the table and followed me into the kitchen. He sat them in the sink then followed me back to the table. I was cautious when he took the glasses from my hands and led me to my bedroom. It was the first time he had seen it in all of these days. My home was curiously void of any memories of our relationship. There were no trinkets, mementos or photos. My only reminder of him was the blue topaz trillion that had hung around my neck and a picture of him with wet hair that I kept in my nightstand and pulled out on lonely nights. David stopped in the middle of the room and unbraided my hair to let it fall around my shoulders. Manavgat Escort “Wendy honey?”

Suddenly we were in the midst of the conversation started a week ago. The conversation that my parent’s phone call with news of a visit interrupted, “I can be the woman you want.” I whispered.

“All I need is for you to be the woman you are.” There was heat on my shoulder, his kiss… his touch. David undressed me and his fingers caressed my waiting skin.

I closed my eyes and followed his lead, falling deeper by the second. “Help me…” I didn’t know who I was asking or what I was asking for.

“We’ll help each other…” There was an arm around my waist. I felt his apology growing stiff against my behind. That familiar stiffness I had tried to forget. “…and I forgive you.”

I eased back and acknowledged his statement. “Promise me that.”

David’s promise came in the form of a nuzzle. He buried his face in my hair and inhaled deeply like it was an intoxicant. When he exhaled it was something between a moan and a sigh. Deep and heavy like this moment.

“I don’t believe you…” Since it was my fault, my lie that had separated us the first time, I needed to be sure.

He promised again, this time in the form of a nip to the shoulder.

“Are we ever going to be apart?”

David’s hands reached in front of me and traveled to my zipper. I took the sound of its dissention as the answer no. He rested his chin on my shoulder and we stood cheek to cheek looking at the bed. David reassured me verbally too, “You are the love of my life. I have no doubts.”

I turned around to face him, ecstatic as I stepped out of my pants. I wanted a kiss but he pulled away and dropped down on one knee.

A ring was in his hand. He held it near my finger. “Am I the one for you?”

“Yes, you always have been… you never stopped being…” I rambled as he slipped the ring on my left hand.

David pressed his face to my vagina and laid purposeful kisses through the sheer black fabric of my undergarments. Tremors spiked down my back as moistness soaked through from both directions. Soon the wet panties were cast aside like my slacks. I stood there shivering, not from being semi Escort Manavgat nude in the cold room but from the actions of his cunning tongue. I placed my hands on his shoulders to brace myself but I couldn’t keep my self from moving… it felt too damn good. I met his tongue strokes with my moving hips. My body thrashed and bumped his face but he pressed on, steadying me by holding my behind… caressing it… massaging it… owning it… branding it. David was reclaiming my body as his own, and I was coming willingly.

“You taste so good.” He teased.

“Like…” I panted, catching my breath from all of the attention, “…like the peach… you were eating…”

“Sweet and juicy.”

My fingers were tangled through his hair and the smell of my sex was filling the room. It trickled down my thighs and gushed into his mouth. David didn’t stop after my orgasm, his attention turned to my sensitive spot, sucking it until I couldn’t recognize my own moans. My voice was uncontrollably raw and ragged. I didn’t hide that fact because David needed to hear what I was being reduced to. And he knew. I could tell by his ardency that he was enjoying himself. My heart pounded inside of my chest in sync with my lower region. When my legs quivered then gave out, he caught me as I slid down to the floor. David’s skillfulness had brought me to my knees twitching and writhing in waves of pleasure. We were face to face and I tasted my sex in his kiss. Our tongues danced nonstop for a quarter hour. They started out tender, until once again my insides were throbbing for him… aching. And that was reflected in my kiss. The hunger had set in. I was remembering our past and imagining a future that I thought could never happen. My thoughts drove the actions of my hands. Suddenly his chest is bare and his pants unfastened. I had made it clear what I wanted. The connection was electric and a new level of fever overtook my body. Apology accepted.

“This is forever.” He professed.

“It has to be.” The tears in my misty eyes had begun to flow.

He held me close letting my after spasms penetrate his body too. “I love you.”

“And I love you.” I was drunk with passion as we moved to my bed and made love. We barely slept for the remainder of the night, lost in the haze of rekindled love. Each time we were together my orgasm was his priority so he was uninhibited. My body had never known such pleasure and my heart has never been so full. David was living inside of the moment and living inside of me.

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