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Apartment Upstairs

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It was my last year at a college located on the outskirts of a small mining town. They were boom times, the high point of a cycle that brought prosperity to the local residents. When times are good in mining, mining families have a lot of fun.

My best friend Bob and I had rented a small upstairs apartment for the school year. It was in an old ramshackle house and our access was through the owner’s kitchen on the lower floor. Our landlords were an older couple, probably early sixties. The husband Hal was a former underground miner and his wife Vi was a simple sweet lady. They were generous to a fault and always concerned that we were doing all right. Both were partial to beer, and as far as I could make out drank it every day. They had several married kids who visited often and always brought more beer. The old house was rattling on most weekend nights and occasionally on weekdays as well.

Their daughter Stella and her hubby Steve were regular visitors. Both Stella and Steve were built along the lines of football linemen. They were short and solid and looked like they were made of India rubber. Stella always gave the impression that she would burst out whatever clothes she might be wearing. I thought she was hot as hell. She was about 35 years old at that time. Steve was a tough guy and one of the best hard rock miner’s in the area. They were always in a great mood, laughing and ebullient and profane.

Bob and I were treated like family, although we seldom joined into festivities downstairs. We had our own lives, lots of studying, weekend work in one of the mines and girl friends. As a result the only time we encountered the family was on weekend nights following nights out with our girlfriends. Downstairs parties lasted until the wee hours, or until the beer ran out, and were usually still going when we returned home.

Stella liked to tease us with suggestive comments as we passed through their kitchen. She would demand a dance, or ask for an invite upstairs, tell us what she would like to do to us in bed. ‘Have you ever tried a real woman instead of those young innocent girls? Would you like to find out if you were man enough for a real woman?’ There would be laughs and offers for beer but we seldom stopped for more than a few minutes.

Our bedroom was virtually the upper landing of the stairway and our beds were just a few feet from the top step. We had a small bathroom and one other room with a table, small fridge and hotplate. It was both our kitchen and study room. Usually on weekends, and after a shift in one of the mines or a night out with our girls, we were both ready for the sack.

Stella had suggested one evening that she and her sister-in-law Marion were going to join us in bed to show us how it was done. There was much laughter and Steve had shouted at us, “don’t let them in bed with you, they’ll break your backs, you’ll never work again.”

About 20 minutes later and just after we had crawled into bed, we heard the stairs creaking. Stella and Marion appeared suddenly at the foot of our beds.

Stella was pretty much in control while Marion held her hand over her mouth and giggled. “You interested in some real women? I’ve seen your girl friends; bet they don’t come across too often. C’mon, move over, it will just take a few seconds!” Stella was waving her beer and flaunting her generous tits at us.

She was much more accurate than she realized, in that while we both had steady girls, we were not getting anything more than some heavy necking and hand jobs. And while we realized that the likelihood of getting anything from Stella and Marion on this particular night was extremely remote, we did have two real ladies standing at the foot of our beds who did more than talk about fucking. We were both hiding hard-ons under the sheets.

That was the end of it that night, but it had emboldened Stella and was the beginning of fairly regular visits upstairs on weekend nights. She restricted herself to suggestive comments but her tight skirts and low cut blouses certainly added to our pleasure. And always there was the suggestion that she could take care of both of us quite easily. She was enjoying her forays to our bedroom as much as were we.

Bob and I discussed what we would like to do with Stella if we ever got her alone, but also considered what Steve would do to us if we ever did get into her panties. He was not a guy to mess with. almanbahis giriş Screwing her became a regular discussion point with us after returning home from a fruitless evening attempting to convince our girl friends that intense foreplay without follow-up sex was not healthy. I did learn later that Bob had broken new ground and was getting regular pussy by that time.

The mind plays strange tricks on a person. I became convinced that Stella’s suggestive comments came from a real desire to climb into bed with me. She seemed softer towards me; I fantasized about her lying naked on my bed, her lusty eyes gazing up at me as I hovered over her round naked body. I could feel those hard full tits under my chest as I lay down on her. I imagined her legs wrapped around me, thrusting her mound up at me as I stroked her endlessly. I became bolder. I laughed at her comments, but I let my eyes roam her body and fasten on her eyes, letting her know that I really would like to live out her suggestive comments. I imagined that the tipping point was close and that all that we needed was the opportunity to be alone.

We lived in a small town, most people outside of the temporary student population had lived there for years, and everyone knew everyone else. There was no easy way for me to find Stella alone long enough to do what I believed we both wanted. I became obsessed with the fantasy and became less attentive to my own girl friend.

I discovered that Stella worked part time in a little corner store and I soon learned her schedule. I started to drop in ostensibly to buy a few meager items for meals. If the owner was in the store Stella was her boisterous suggestive self, teasing and baiting me, asking about my girl friend and telling me I would go blind with too much sex.

If she was alone in the shop, she was quiet and spoke little except with her eyes. We allowed our hands to touch with the exchange of cash, lingering longer than necessary, our skin burning from the touch. There was little doubt that we would mate if we ever had the chance.

One day she followed me behind a shelf, protected from the view of any passers by. We kissed, gently at first, and then as our bodies melded together our lips parted and tongues engaged in a wild knee weakening exchange. I closed my hand around her breast, caressed and squeezed as she pressed her hips tight against mine, seeking to rub her mound on my hard cock.

“What will we do?” I groaned in anguish.

She pushed back from me, her eyes boring into mine. She looked around and then whispered, “We’ll find a way, we have to.”

She began leaving notes under my pillow. I presume that she would visit her parents during the day and slip upstairs to leave them while I was away. They were hot and suggestive, not really love notes but sex notes. She had become as obsessed with me as I was with her. She never signed them of course, but I knew that it was not Vi!

‘I want you in me. I can still feel your hard cock rubbing on me. Can feel your hands on my body, squeezing my tits, your tongue in my mouth. We have to find a way.’

‘My pussy is so hot for you. It burns when I think of being naked with you. My panties are wet all the time. I know that I will have you soon.’

Bob began to notice the looks that passed between Stella and I. One night he said, “What’s up with you and Stella? Are you getting it on with her? Be careful, you could fuck up our rental arrangement, not to mention getting the crap beat out of you.”

I assured him that we had not been alone, but did not hide the fact that I was thinking about her a lot and if the chance came along that I would indeed lay one in her. He was currently getting all he could handle from his girl friend and knew how barren my sex life was and understood my desperation. He just shrugged and told me to be cautious.

The opportunity arrived in a totally unplanned manner. It was a Saturday night and I had been out with my girl friend. Our standard ending each night took place in the hallway outside her parent’s apartment. We would stand there for hours, necking and rubbing and feeling. I had tried everything to induce her to let me fuck her while standing in that hallway. And like every other night, she had rebuffed me. I left early following an exchange of cruel words.

Things were quiet back home. I could see the flicking light of the TV in the almanbahis adres living room and could hear some muffled sounds, but there was no sign of either Vi or Hal. I trudged up the creaking stairs, feeling left out and alone. I stripped down for a shower and lingered under the hot water before toweling down. I pulled on my briefs and returned to the bedroom with the thought of reading a while, maybe even studying a bit.

As the bed came into view, I noted white panties and bra hanging on the footboard. Stella was in my bed, a nervous smile on her face and the outline of her body clearly visible under the sheet. She raised a finger to her lips, a totally unnecessary warning. I stood there transfixed, my erection quickly rising inside my shorts. Stella noted it and pulled the top part of the sheet down to expose her gorgeous hard packed tits tipped by huge aureoles and tiny pointed nipples.

She rolled towards me and reached over and grasped my cock through the shorts. She mouthed, ‘It’s hard already’. She shifted her upper body up on an elbow in order to pull my shorts down. Her tits dangled and swayed as she moved, as desperate to get my cock out as I was to get it out. I helped her, tugging the shorts down my legs and strangely pleased that I had just put on clean shorts.

She rubbed my cock on her cheek and neck before answering my prayer and sliding her mouth over the knob while holding me by the shaft. She peered upward at me to read my reaction.

I groaned silently as she sucked and licked it. Her hot fingers continued stroked my shaft as her mouth pleasured me. She lay back suddenly as I tugged the sheet down to expose her round hard body. God she looked beautiful. I stood there for a brief moment, playing with her nipples and drinking in the sight of a woman who desired and wanted me.

I leaned down to kiss her, sliding one hand down her belly before working my fingers along each side of her glistening slit. She whispered to me, “You can’t fuck it till you lick it.” She lifted one knee and spread wide. I slipped two fingers into her, one each side of her prominent clit, fingering her as I moved my body between her legs. I bent and rubbed my face between those two great tits before sucking each nipple. My fingers continued to slide in and out of her slit, the heel of my hand pressed down hard on her mound and full bush.

“Jim, please, no teasing,” she moaned through her teeth. I slid down and raised her legs over my shoulders and moved my face in over her musk-scented pussy. I was good at this, having spent some months using oral sex to arouse my girl friend.

I teased with my tongue tip; the inside of her legs, along the edge of her pussy lips, then running the tongue tip from the very bottom of her slit along the line of it to the clit. Stella grabbed my head, arched her hips upwards as I flattened my tongue and rubbed it the full length and back. She groaned, her body released and dropped away from my mouth. I continued to lick her now quivering pussy, sucking each lip into my mouth in turn. I closed my lips around the hood of her clit causing her to squeal, “I’ll come, be careful!”

I moved up to my knees with Stella’s legs still hooked up over my shoulders. Her tits framed her face as I peered downwards and thrust my cock down into her. Our attempts to stay quiet increased the erotic pleasure. I rose even higher, bracing my hands on the headboard and began to drive my cock violently straight down into her. Her eyes glared up at me, her lips forming silent words, “fuck me, fuck me,” and I did.

It was over for us quite quickly, as if a safety valve had popped within us, the intensity at a level too high to be maintained. Her legs slipped down off of my shoulders to the bed, my cock still in her, pulsing and trembling. I had not even thought about wearing a condom, nor had she apparently. I presumed she felt safe.

I lay beside her. There was barely enough room on the single bed for two people. I leaned in and whispered, “Who’s downstairs?”

She replied, “Not to worry, we’re safe. Steve had a call out and won’t be back until morning. Mom’s been in bed for an hour, and Dad has had his fill of beer and is passed out on the couch. And they never climb those damn stairs. If they wake up, they’ll probably think I have gone home. We can play a while.” This last with a nasty smile on her face and she reached down almanbahis giriş between us to capture my flaccid cock in her hand. Stella was ready for more.

I said, “What about Bob? He might come back any time.”

Stella pushed herself up one arm, still holding my now stiffening cock, and grinned, “I could probably take his mind off of things.” She lowered her upper body and dropped a hard nipple in my mouth. “Stop worrying and play with me. I thought that you were dying for my pussy?”

My regenerative powers kicked in at this point and we resumed foreplay. I paid more attention to those lovely tits, sucking and licking them, running my tongue along the crease underneath. As I hardened again, Stella slowly worked her body up over top of me, finally straddling me with her knees each side of my hips. She leaned over me, hanging those great globes over my face, directing one nipple then the other to my starving mouth. She expertly moved her pussy back and forth, teasing my knob, pressing down to jam the length of my shaft along her slit while rubbing back and forth.

She grinned evilly, “I love big young hard cocks, there is nothing like it, can’t wait to swallow it with my pussy.” I could not wait either, and tried to locate that inviting tunnel, jabbing up at her as I held her by the hips. But she was too quick and experienced and was enjoying my need and desire for her.

“Relax baby,” she mouthed, her eyes suddenly becoming opaque, she began chewing on her lip as she finally settled down enough to allow my knob to enter her. She twisted her hips slowly, alternately squeezing and releasing my knob, her lips closing just behind it before relaxing. She dropped down another inch or so, taking more of my shaft, still turning and twisting. The only sound now was our breathing as we lived out this excruciating delight. Her great tits swung slowly over my face, the nipples brushing my lips.

My balls were tightening, my knees felt weak, and I wanted it all in her. I grabbed her ass, kneading and spreading her cheeks, pulling them apart to open her wider. She relented and suddenly jammed her ass down to consume my entire cock. “Easy baby, keep still, don’t come yet, I need more,” she breathed in my ear.

After a few seconds of heavy breathing she began again and I knew that she was as close to getting off as was I. She lowered her upper body down on my chest, her hips rising higher each time she withdrew and slamming down faster and harder. I could feel her ass cheeks clenching in my hands. She buried her face in the pillow to muffle her groans while trying to keep the bed and old floors from creaking and squeaking. The combination of wanting to come hard while staying quiet simply added to the need. We were both breathless as we finally completed the charge to the finish.

She lay trembling on top of me, her pussy still clutching and releasing my cock. I used the final stiffness in it to grind out those last delicious sensations with long slow strokes.

“Oh my God,” she breathed, “I could fuck you all night long. That was beautiful Jim. But I knew it would be. I could tell from how you have looked at me for the last few months, how much you wanted to bed me. Your eyes on mine, the way you licked your lips when you looked at my body and our little flirtations in the store. This all had to happen didn’t it?”

She pushed up again, bracing her hands each side of my head, moving to allow me to kiss each nipple, smiling down at me all the time.

There was no need for more words. The reality of where we were finally set in and I knew it would not be long before Bob’s footsteps would be sounding on the stairs. And quite frankly I did not really want her to have to make him happy while I was around. She knew it as well and grabbed her gear and entered the bathroom. I was still lying on my bed when she came out, all dressed again. She bent over me and kissed me, a long slowly tongue filled kiss. A smile and she was gone.

There were not to be any more nights like that. It was as if satisfying the desire for each other had been the objective and it had been accomplished.

And my girl friend problem was resolved during the next week. Possibly the confidence that I had gained from successfully pleasing a very experienced woman allowed me to finally convince my girl friend that full sex was a viable alternative to frustration. It happened in the back seat of a friend’s car. She liked it a lot. This was followed by many upright fucks in the hallway of her parent’s apartment. A little bulge in the belly appeared and we were married just after my graduation. Steve and Stella were at my wedding. She laid a hell of a kiss on me.

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