Anytime Lisa

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Anytime Lisa
or A Nasty Case of the Fucking Hornies
Anytime Lisa was what the guys named her
You could have her tonight
All you had to do was claim her
There was nothing to stop them from taking her out
Night after night they kissed her and tossed her

–Was (Not Was)

Everyone knew that Lisa liked sex. Even I knew it, and at thirteen, I was the baby of the family. But I’d heard Mom and Dad whispering in the kitchen enough to gather that Lisa fucked quite a lot of guys, and enjoyed it. After all, that was why she had come home, why we were on this camping trip in the first place.

I never thought of my sister as a slut though. I don’t know why; that word just never came to mind. To me, “slut” was a word for bad girls, like the girls on the Jerry Springer show, or the goth girls made fun of me and my friends when we walked home from school, or the girls in the porno tapes Josh snuck from his dad’s basement. Not Lisa. Lisa had always been nice to me, stuck up for me and let me tag along with her when I’d been just a lame little brother and she a Senior in High School.

I was sure my sister wasn’t a slut. She had just made some mistakes. And, more than that, she had never been ashamed of her sexual desires. The entire family got a healthy dose of it when she spliced a video of her losing her virginity (to several young men, and one very excited looking young woman) into the “memory reel” they played at her sweet sixteen.

No, Lisa wasn’t a slut. She just loved fucking. And as an eighteen-year-old virgin, I could certainly identify with that. Our family was religious, and I went to a school where sex was so taboo that I hardly even knew what it was. This all made Lisa’s daring acts even more daring, of course. She had been lucky our parents hadn’t disowned her.

So when she’d come back from college for summer break in tears, and told us about the baby, and the abortion, and said she’d needed to be with us for a while at home, I’d certainly understood. Hell, I’m the one who suggested we go out to Borrego, where she and I had spent so many nostalgic weekends hiking up the chalk hill and racing each other down it again, or flying kites, or skinny dipping in the “secret” hot springs.

In spite of all this–that I knew my sister Lisa loved to have sex, and that she was blunt as hell about it when she wanted it—I hope you’ll believe me when I say I was still rather surprised when, well after midnight, I was woken out of a deep sleep by the sound of my pup tent’s zipper opening, a person scurrying closer towards me, and my sister’s voice whispering, “You up, Matt? I got a nasty case of the Fucking Hornies.”

I tried to say “what?” I tried to coherently explain that I had no idea what she meant, and that she shouldn’t be sneaking around in the middle of the night when Mom and Dad were asleep in the next tent over. All that made it through the haze of just-woken-up delerium was “wuzzuh?”

“The Fucking Hornies,” she repeated, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “Wetslit? Clitoritis? Yannic Withdrawals? The Gotta Humps?”

Somewhere in all of this, I gathered that something odd was transpiring, something having to do with sex. I propped myself up on my elbows and my sleeping bag fell down my front, exposing my not-quite-yet-developed chest to the chilly air. My nipples, totally devoid of even a single chest hair (despite what they’d promised us in Sex Ed) perked up immediately. I tried to make Lisa out in the darkness, failed, and reached up to open the tent’s moon roof.

“Are you okay?” I asked. It was all I could think of. Lisa had been through a lot, I knew. Our parents were none too happy with her behavior, and it had taken some cajoling for them to even see her again.

The tent flap fell away, and the full moon bathed my sister and I in clean silver light.

“What do you think?” she said.

She looked okay. Better than okay, in fact. She was squatting at the foot of my sleeping bag on powerful and bare legs that seemed carved of milk-white alabaster in the moonlight. The smirk peeking through her plump, full mouth looked like that of a kid stealing cookies. Wide green eyes, a crinkled button nose, and a scattering of freckles all framed by a slightly kinked mane of tousled red hair completed the child-like face.

Only the face belonged to a body certainly not that of a child. I had of course notice Lisa developing…I wasn’t blind for God’s sake. And now, as I hugged myself trying to warm up, those developments looked just as perky as my own. Two uncomfortably clear points jabbed at her gray Eeyore t-shirt. The oversized nightshirt hid her down to her waist, where large shapely hips and her bent legs hiked it up tantalizingly high. In the darkness, what lay in those depths was still obscured.

I had seen all of this in an instant, and tried to ignore it. Lisa had seen me peeking though, and her big lips split in a wide grin.

“You casino şirketleri awake little brother?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “Is everything all right?”

I guess that sounded like an invitation to come sit, because Lisa scooted forward on her haunches. As she did, I was treated to the sight of Eeyore and Piglet trying to help Winnie the Pooh get his head out of a honey pot which almost too conveniently hung just between her thighs. She turned around and plopped down beside me. I pulled the sleeping bag up, suddenly embarrassed that she might see my boxers. She stretched her legs out in front of her and wiggled her feet in and out of the patch of moonlight.

“Everything’s not all right,” she sighed. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long without a cock in me…a cock, a finger, a tongue…something! I’m going nuts. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I had to come bug you. Hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind,” I stammered. I was used to Lisa’s sex talk, but this was another level entirely.

“Coming out here’s been great,” she said, “don’t get me wrong. I missed you guys. You most of all, bud.” She draped one slender arm over my shoulders and I suddenly felt much warmer. Why was Lisa putting off so much heat, I wondered?

“I always liked you, Matt,” she finished.

“I like you too,” I said, trying anything to console her, still unsure as to how I could resolve this.

Lisa went on. “Can I talk to you about this stuff, Matt? I mean, does it make you uncomfortable?”

I knew she meant sex, and it did a little, but I didn’t want her to think I was still just her lame little brother. Besides, she felt so warm and good next to me like that. I said, “of course,” and the moon glinted off of her smile. The hand she had around my shoulders pulled me into her body, and I let myself snuggle against her. The hand drifted down, a warm ember stroking my bare ribcage. I felt blood stirring in my penis, but I decided to let myself enjoy it.

“I really like it, Matt,” she said. “Fucking. I love it. I know I need to be more careful but…damn it, should I have to give up all pleasure?”

“No,” I said, feeling nothing but her warm fingertips running, down, down, down my side.

“I just can’t do it…the monogamy thing. I like the excitement of meeting new people, feeling their bodies, the different ways they can connect. You understand?”

“Yes,” I lied. By now my dick was completely stiff under my sleeping bag. The smell of Lisa’s hair drifted down, and sparked memories of what had truly been a wonderful sibling relationship. I suddenly felt sad that I’d not seen my big sister in so long, and I felt bad that she was hurting. Her hand continued to drift down until it slipped past the border of the sleeping bag and began to stroke the top of my left leg, dangerously close to my erection. I wanted to help her. I wanted to make my sister Lisa feel good again.

“Is there anything I can do?” I asked. To this day, I consider it the single greatest question I have ever asked anyone.

Lisa suddenly regained her spark, the wicked smile reappeared on her soft mouth. Her warm hand pulled out of my sleeping bag as she got back on her haunches and whirled on me like a pouncing lion. She was on all fours now, hunched over me as I looked up into her greedy eyes.

“You mean it?” she purred. “You really mean it, Matt?”

“Mean what?”

“You’ll help me? You’ll help cure my Fucking Hornies?”

At that instant, it all sank in: exactly what I was about to do, exactly who I was about to do it with. I was eighteen, hard as a rock while my gorgeous sister practically straddled me in the middle of the Borrego Desert. I became fully aware of what could happen, and an excitement ran through me that I’ve never experienced since. A lightning bolt had struck my heart, electrified my veins. I felt my own lips twitch in an involuntary smirk.

“Of course I want to help,” I said, “what are little brothers for?”

“Oh,” Lisa breathed, “that’s great. I was worried about coming in here, but…I’ve always liked you Matt, always really…liked you.”


Oh yeah,” she said, moving closer to me and pulling the sleeping bag front down. “I thought about you a lot when I fucked other guys. You were so young, I know. I thought I was sick, but…I mean if it doesn’t bother you I don’t see the problem.” She licked her lips and eyed me hungrily. “Fuck, I’ve always wondered…”

The sleeping bag was below my waist now, and the bulge in my boxers poked out. Lisa reached in with one hand and s-l-o-w-l-y pulled the elastic out and over me. My dick sprang free in the cold air, hard and bigger than even I had ever seen it.

“A great fucking cock my little brother’s got,” Lisa said, “I knew it.” Coming from her, this was quite a compliment. I propped up on my elbows again and watched as she stared at my dick—already glistening with pre-cum—in sincere wonder.

“Shit,” she said, “my own baby brother’s fucking hot fucking dick. I want to suck it so bad, baby b. I want to suck it until you casino firmaları come in your big sister’s mouth. You wanna do that with me?”

“Uh-huh,” I said. I was almost hyperventilating, my hands clenching and unclenching the sleeping bag fabric.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you, baby brother. Always you.” She reached under my butt and pulled the shorts down all the way. I was getting really cold now, but I had more important things to worry about. For instance, that my sister was taking her Eeyore shirt off to reveal her beautiful, heavy breasts.

Her nipples were still stiff in the cold air, and bumpy pink aereolas surrounded each exquisite one. Surrounding those were large, soft, and pale white breasts each the size of a grapefruit. Lisa’d always been proud of them, had gotten comments on them all through school. Now, their pure whiteness and the light dusting of freckles spilling down onto them from her face and throat was all for me and me alone.

Lisa’s breasts swayed as she struggled with her shirt, and she caught me staring at them as she finally pulled free. Her hair fell down onto her chest, and her eyes were alive with mischief.

“Likey?” she chuckled. “they’re freezing. Come on and touch them baby, help me warm these things up.”

I reached out a trembling hand, looking even smaller in comparison to the gargantuan breast I was about to hold. I pushed my hand against her, felt her hard nipple in my palm. “Mmm,” she said, “better. Do the other.”

I reached out and touched her other breast, and began to rub both of them in an effort to warm them up. Lisa reaching for her panties brought my attention to them. They were grey cotton, with the words “Slippery When Wet” embroidered on them in red. They were wet now, and Lisa pulled them aside with one hand.

“Now let’s get you warmed up,” she said, and moved forward until her gleaming wet pussy was within inches of my straining cock. She lowered herself, her feet planted on either side of my hips and her gaze fixed on the point of entry.

“I’d suck you first,” she said, “but I can’t wait that long to have you in me. Besides, I’ll taste myself this way.” I said nothing, having no complaints. My dick touched the sweet warmth of her pussy and I felt her lips spread to take me. Her red pubic hair, I could see, was shaved into a heart shape, with the point right at the tip of my intruding dick.

Lisa began to sit on my cock, but stopped just as my head slipped in. I could feel the sheath of my uncut dick being pushed back, and the little bit of pain it caused was overwhelmed by waves of pleasure and excitement.

“You’re big, Matt,” Lisa said, “and I haven’t been fucked in a while. That hurt?”

“Don’t stop,” I said, barely audible. Lisa laughed, and the sisterly smile she treated me with filled my whole body with warmth.

“Okay,” she muttered, “here I come baby.” She let herself come down and the resistance of her pussy slowly gave way until I was all the way inside her. “Ohh, that is big,” she said. “let me get used to you.” She let all her weight down and ground her pussy against my hips, burying my dick as deeply within her as she could. I felt my balls tense up as the cold flesh of her ass cheeks made contact with the top of my legs and her pelvis surrounded the very base of my dick.

“Lisa, I…” I wanted to say how good it felt, how much I was grateful to her. I said “don’t stop,” again instead.

“I won’t baby b. I’ll never stop fucking your big fucking cock.” She lifted herself up and let herself down again. One bounce, her hair and breasts lifting and falling with her. She bit her lower lip and her expression became one of concentration. Then, she started lifting and falling rhythmically, her ass slapping lightly against me each time my now bucking pelvis met hers.

“Fuck,” I grunted, a little louder than I intended.

“Shh,” Lisa whispered, “Mom and Dad.” She kept pumping up and down, her hungry pussy pulling up on my dick each time she lifted herself. I watched as the little red heart opened and closed, my big sister’s wet pussy sucking my cock in like a vacuum.

“Fuu-uu-uuuck,” she whispered hoarsely, “fuck me, fuck me Matty, fuck me little Matty, fuck my pussy baby b, fuck your sister’s tight pussy baby brother, fuck it, fuck it…”

She kept speaking, whimpering out her words with each downthrust, keeping her volume low and sweet. I bucked my hips hard in time with her convulsions, and held one of her big tits in each of my hands. She leaned forward, still pushing her ass down hard with each bounce and whispering “fuck me baby boy, fuck your sister, fuck your sweet big sister, cum in your sister baby brother…”

Her breasts hung down within a few inches of my face, and she took one of them in her hand, steadying herself with the other. She brought the now soft nipple to my lips, and I opened my mouth to receive it.

“You hungry baby b?” she said. “You wanna suck your big sister’s titties? Wanna suck my titties while I fuck you baby brother? While your big dick comes in your big güvenilir casino sister?”

I answered by sucking on her nipple and flicking it with my tongue.

“O fuuuuuck,” Lisa said, massaging her breast while I sucked it like a nursing baby, “fucking suck my big tit baby brother, suck your big sister’s titty while she fucks you.”

I kept sucking, switching between each voloptuous breast while Lisa began a slow grinding rhythm on my cock, keeping it buried deep in her warm pussy. Suddenly, she lifted up and my dick fell out with a soft plop.

“Might as well teach you a little something,” she said, pulling her nipple out of my pursed lips.

“Don’t stop,” I said.

“I’m not, baby b,” she laughed, “just readjusting.”

With that, she turned around and stuck her gorgeous ass right into my line of sight. It was a milk-white and shapely thing, rounded in all the right places and spreading softly where the cheeks met to reveal a pink puckered asshole and open, dripping-wet pussy. The heart was upside down-now, as Lisa leaned forward on the balls of her feet and sat back down on my throbbing cock.

She looked back over her shoulder at me, and said, with an air of motherliness, “this is called the Reverse Cowgirl.” She slid down my stiff pole and started pumping again immediately. I heard her whimper each time she reached bottom, and felt my dick hitting the back of her pussy.

“So big,” she was muttering, “so big for so young, so good and big, I knew it, I knew my baby Matt would be big, I love my baby brother, I love my baby Matt, my baby brother Matt fucks his big sister good with his big cock.”

I struggled to keep up, pumping when she did and letting her take the lead. She was the big sister after all. I was sad, however, when she again lifted off of my dick and let it fall out of her. “I was close,” I complained.

“I know,” she said, “I could feel your balls clenching. I want you to be on top when you come in me, though. You’ll like it, Matty. I promise.”

With that, she lay back down on the sleeping bag next to me and took one of her legs in each hand. She spread them far apart above her, so that her ass and pussy where as exposed as possible, straining up in the air towards my waiting dick. I took the hint, rearranged myself, and buried my shaft deep into her pussy, grabbing one of her feet with each hand. I felt her toes flexing and clenching as I fucked her, rocking her ass back and forward to meet the thrusts of my cock.

“Oh fuck,” I said, “I’m going to cum, sis.”

“Do it, baby b. Come in your big sister. Fuck me, Matty.” She bit her lower lip again and looked at me with those big green eyes and I lost it. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her as I thrust harder and faster, the orgasm building like an explosion.

“Fuck, here it comes, I feel it,” she said. “Give me your cum, give it to me, cum in me, please.”

The pleading in her voice was palpable; she was desperate for my cum. My cock began to spasm and my warm cum shot out of my dick like a cannon, firing again and again into her wet, hot cunt.

As the first stream hit the back of her pussy, Lisa grabbed me like a vice with her legs, held me there until she’d milked every drop of cum out of my still rigid dick.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, “Ohhh fuuuck.” She slowly let her legs down and I pulled out, landing on the sleeping bag next to her. Neither of us said anything for a long time. I was in shock, I think, and Lisa was content to rest one delicate hand on my soft stomach, slowly twirling and playing with the sparse pubic hair that dotted the delta above my shaft. After a minute or two, I felt a familiar tingling in my stomach.

“I have to pee,” I whispered. I always have to pee after I come. Lisa just smiled, so I got up and put on my boxers, then went out of the tent and to the bushes a few yards behind the site. When I had finished and come back, I half expected Lisa to be gone, back to the dream world from whence she came. She wasn’t though.

In fact, she was up and wearing her nightshirt, though I could see her soaked panties lying in the corner.

“Come on,” she whispered.

“Come on what?”

“Let’s get out of here. I want to be loud.”

“What?” I stammered. “I thought…is there more?”

Lisa laughed. “No offense little bro, but you went kinda quick. I was hoping you’d be up for another round. I didn’t even come yet.”

“Girls come?” I asked. It was and remains the dumbest thing I’ve ever said, but my big sister took it in stride.

She stifled a laugh and said, “my pussy’s kind of sore, it’s been so long. I hope you don’t mind fucking me in the ass.”

I didn’t know what to say. “Doesn’t that hurt? I mean, if your vagina is sore, why would you want me to go in something even tighter. That’s not logical.”

Lisa smirked. “You’re trying to talk a girl out of letting you fuck her asshole. THAT’S not logical.” Touché. Lisa turned away, still hunched over in the small tent, and lifted her shirt to reveal her ass. She reached back and pulled her cheeks back, so that her little pink asshole showed beautifully. “See that?” she said, “that’s your target. Follow it.” Then she unzipped the back of the tent and was off, with her little brother tagging along as usual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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