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Anything She Wants

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This is my first submission. Any feedback would be appreciated.

You are sitting in your recliner waiting for me to get home. I’ve spent the afternoon shopping the local sales but have finally arrived home. You can hear me fiddling with the front door so you get up to help me. I walk through the door, my hands full of packages from all over town. I’m anxious to show you my new purchases so I hurry off the bedroom while you sit back down in your recliner with your eyes planed on the bedroom doorway waiting for my appearance. Out I come wearing a new sundress and matching sandals. I do a little turn for you and you whistle at me enjoying what you see. I strut away back to the bedroom for the next part of your show. My return back to the living room reveals a very low cut black top and a tight pair of dark blue jeans with black peep toe heels. You’re getting very turned on as I do my little turn and strut back to the bedroom for the grand finale. I peek my head through the doorway and ask you if you’re ready. You shake your head yes as I slink through the doorway in a see through red nightie. It hardly covers me so you are able to see my hard nipples through the top and my matching red g-string through the skirt. With this presentation you are up Kuşadası Escort out of your chair instantly clapping to show your approval. I walk over and grab your hand and lead you back to the bedroom with me. I have something else to show you….

You see on bag still on the bed and notice it’s from the naughty store, as we like to call it. You look at me and grin. I turn the sack over to empty it’s contents and you see several things fall out. There is a bottle of flavored lubricant, a black satin blindfold, a set of nipple clamps and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. You can tell I’m excited to try out the rest of my new purchases.

I reach over and pick up the blindfold and slip it over my eyes and invite you to do with me as you please. You slip my nightie over my head and your mouth instantly moves to my breasts. I can feel your tongue teasing the tips of my nipples making them stand up tall. You pinch them with your fingers then I feel you clamp down on my right nipple then the left. The sensation is amazing! You start kissing my neck softly as you tug lightly on the clamp stretching my nipple away from my body. I moan softly with pleasure. You turn me around slowly and I feel the side of the bed against the front of my thighs. Kuşadası Escort Bayan Your touch stops for a moment and I hear rustling around. I patiently wait for the next touch from you.

I feel you back behind me, the tip of your hard cock is brushing against my bottom. You take my hand and clasp one side of the handcuffs around my wrist then take my other hand and do the same locking my hands together behind my back. You tell me to bend over and rest my head on the bed. I comply with your direction then feel you pull my g-string to the side. The next feeling is something warm dripping down the crack of my ass down to my glistening wet pussy. I feel you start kissing the small of my back then move your way down my ass to my swollen pussy lips. You take them in your mouth one and at time and nibble lightly on each. I feel your tongue move to my sweet spot where it then penetrates me. You move your mouth away and I feel two fingers penetrate me, plunging in and out very slowly at first. Then your fingers disappear but I feel one finger touch my forbidden hole and slowly push inside. You continue to tease my pussy and ass with your fingers till I’m begging for your cock.

All the touching stops till I feel the head of your Escort Kuşadası hard cock positioned between my pussy lips. You inch your way in slowly. Taking it out then putting it back in just a little deeper each time. Finally I feel you sink it in me all the way to the base. You begin thrusting slowly pulling my hips into you as you thrust. Your speed begins to quicken. I feel you grab my hands in my handcuffs and use them to pull me towards you with each deeper and harder thrust. You hold my handcuffs with one hand and reach around me to pull on my right nipple clamp while you pound yourself into me. The sensation is more than I can take. I start moaning loudly as the familiar warmth starts to rise inside me. Suddenly I cry out with pleasure as you feel my pussy grip your cock like a fist. The sight of me and the feeling on your cock sends you over the edge. You pull back on my handcuffs hard holding me to you as you shoot that warm cum deep inside me. I collapse forward on the bed and you on top of me.

Slowly you lift your body off of mine. I feel you move away from me for a moment then feel a towel touching me lightly, brushing the fresh juices from my still engorged pussy and legs. You then pull me up by my handcuffs and unlock them from my wrists. Next I feel the clamps removed from my nipples. You turn me back around to face you and remove the blindfold from my eyes. You kiss me passionately as you hold me close to you. It’s obvious you enjoyed my purchases. I think to myself, if he only knew what I ordered for next week…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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