Any Hotel, Anywhere Hot Ch. 03

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Not a gun in sight as the lift doors opened on the floor below even though not a soul appeared as we moved along a corridor that could allow two Mack trucks to pass one another with ease. I was admitted to a lobby anti-room with a gold framed, ornate mirror and two hall chairs.

“Please wait here!” The man with the headdress went through to a further space, presumably the penthouse suite, from which I could hear a muffled conversation. Four or five minutes passed before he emerged, smiled slightly and said “Mr. Abdullah will escort you back to your room Mr. Beresford.” Then with a furrowed brow, “I hope we have not alarmed you too much, our employers must be very careful regarding security.” With that he handed my room key back to Mr.Abdullah who made a silent, broad gesture that I should follow him. He led me back to the lift and we descended to my lowly level. I had expected the return of my key and to be left to find my own door but no. The guard walked me right to my door, swiped the lock opened the door, gestured for me to enter and stepped in allowing the door to close behind him. A shiver ran up my back, imagining I was about to be the victim of a professional killing, bullet to the back of the skull. I turned to face this hulking, fearsome, silent man.

He reached up to his thick neck and unfastened a clip tie before unbuttoning his collar, turning his head from side to side in obvious relief. I was spellbound. He hung his jacket on the rail just inside the door and the almost impossible musculature of his torso became apparent underneath the formality of his white shirt. He shucked his holster with a nonchalance of a real pro and set to unbuttoning. He was stripping for me!

Under the white shirt he wore a fine silk undershirt which prevented the dense, black hair that covered his body ‘spoiling’ his official appearance. It swirled around his gargantuan pecs, delineating his magnificent, ripped abdominals and frothed over his shoulders to be cut precisely at the neck and impeccably shaved above. the contrast was startling.

Bending with surprising flexibility he untied his shoes, carefully setting them on the rack provided, unfastened his belt, as I continued to stare in amazement and unbuttoned his pants stepping out carefully, folding them formally and hanging them along with the jacket, next to my own suit. The loose fit of clothing he wore disguised the colossal power of the man. His enormously powerful legs as forested in dark hair as his torso, massive by any standard at the very least. I have a 48″ chest and at 205lbs for a man of 5′ 10′, I carry a lot of muscle but Mr. Abdullah made two of me in almost every respect. I look skinny by comparison. The front of his shorts gave evidence that what was still concealed was in some way proportionate to the rest of this extraordinary bayburt escort superman.

He moved towards me, then paused with an anxious look. He gestured towards his body and put his head on one side as if asking for approval I smiled broadly and opened my arms as if in welcome and he swept forward to embrace me or to crush me. In return, I did my best to wrap my arms around his magnificent body. I tried to place my lips on his, he turned his face away and I landed a smacker on his bearded jaw. He was nervous.

I could feel the coarse hair rustling against my T and struggle free to lift my shirt off and make chest to chest contact more erotic. I rubbed back and forth which seemed to please him and his breathing became more excited. I shucked down my shorts and my 9×5 sprang up between us and brushed his swollen groin. He reached for it and encircled it enthusiastically with his huge fist, making it look like a little wiener. His hand was gentle and he gave a little groan of contentment, deep in his throat.

With featherlike touch I brushed the sensitive tips of his nipples, just showing pink under the fur and at the very first, he shook from head to foot like a man in an earthquake. His eyes widened and locked instinctively with mine, while we played, he quivered and tingled to my touch and after long moments of erogenous stimulation, I tried once again for a kiss.

He didn’t turn away but closed his black eyes and reached out with dry lips and a tentative tongue which I greeted tenderly but securely and locked on. He soon got the hang of this and we were duelling tongues nibbling lips and exploring deeply in next to no time. It was powerfully erotic in a way that only two men can feel.

After an age in which so much unbelievable tenderness passed between us, I drew away. His mouth still parted dumbly, almost drugged, slowly opening his eyes and regaining consciousness he smiled a big, innocent, toothy white smile put his left mitt behind my head and pulled me back into our kissing marathon. His right once again at my genitals cupping my balls and yanking on my rock hard dick.

Finding the band of his underpants then tracing the bulge to locate the fly front opening. Slipping two fingers in, I found the heat of his sex and the tense coiled spring of his waiting organ, which I could not wait to release. I broke off our kiss to reach with both hands and pull down his shorts, marvelling once again at his magnificent, tree trunk-like legs, caressing them, kissing them asI descended. Into view bounced a weapon of mass destruction if ever there was one. Equal to mine in length, greater, far greater in girth, with a steep upward curl and such thickly ridged shaft. We’ve all seen a jaw breaker but this was in another league. I’ve met some great suckers escort bayburt and a guy that can throat me all the way down has to have a considerable technique. No-one I know could even get the head of this beast into their mouth.

There was a rich, warm masculinity to his crotch and I buried my face into his musky pubic hair and felt the heat on my face. I licked and lapped at his cock shaft and his balls he pressed my head and moaned as I explored. I pursed my lips and suckled the end of his cock working my tongue between the lips and wriggling it about in the piss tube to elicit his magic juice. He pulled me up and motioned to the big bed. I took his hand like a gigantic child and we fell with one another into a 69 of chaotic pleasure and when I parted his legs and fingered his arse his efforts to choke himself on my 9×5 redoubled. This was all new to him. I marvelled at this realisation and noted the response for further experiment.

I was working his cockhead but short of dislocating my jaw like a snake, try as I might, I was never getting that down me. A man who had already drawn a gun on me might force his hugely swollen cock into my face and choke me you might think but it was altogether obvious that was not his intention.

With a bit of wriggling I twisted free and squatted over his face with my cock and balls bouncing and teasing his tongue and lips I slid forward fractionally and before he knew what he was doing his lips were clamped round my ring and his tongue was probing into me, my delighted cock bouncing in his swirling, curling chest hair and his mammoth frame stretched out, relaxed and unbelievably potent before me.

And he was good with his tongue! Really good! I could see from the twitching in his cock he was loving it. He held onto my hips and pulled me down heavily onto his face and I was in heaven , so much so that I believe I took leave of my senses and an impulse took over me to ride that great monster of his. An upward curling cock always gets my joy bud singing. In my younger days I’d had some big cock but this was something else.

As I squirmed in pleasure on his face I watched as his cock head leaked more and more pre-cum and I reached for it with a gentle fingertip swirling it round the gigantic glans and under the mushroom shaped head and I thought “It’s now or never.”

Spinning round and clambering over his great chest I straddled his hips, facing him and crouched with his groin beneath my arse I took pre-cum from my own cock to lube and stretch my sphincter as the usual breathing relaxing and blowing out techniques were not going to be enough here on their own. He lifted the tip of his cock from his belly and supported it, hopefully, in position and I lowered myself carefully onto the tip and began to feel the flesh bayburt escort bayan giving way but it was so far beyond anything I’d every tried. Suddenly he thrusts upwards and punches the giant heat through my sphincter. I give a cry of pain but then it’s in and the whole rippling pulsating mass of it is sliding into my chute.

Not only is it no longer painful, beyond a rasping twinge at my rim, it’s beautiful and the sight of his furrowed brow in concentration and intense excitement brings me to my purpose. I’m astride him, he is filling me, I am steadying myself with my palms on his huge pecs, my thumbs are rubbing his nipples and my 9 x 5 is very happy dribbling pre-cum into his navel, his belly hair is tickling my balls.

I lean back to make the most of that tension in his upward curling dong with my hands on his colossal quads and as I buck my hips and work his amazing meat, it’s like the Alien baby inside my guts, consuming me pounding my prostate, trying to break out through my lower abdomen. He begins to trust up into me and back, more and more power in his movements and I’m tossed around like a rag doll. Helpless.

I watch as his rippling muscular belly dances to the rhythm of his fuck machine. He reaches for my bouncing cock and swallows it with his left fist, his right hand grabs my balls and pulls down cruelly on them, just the way I like and I’m utterly lost in pleasure.

I see his huge chest heave and stutter and the jitters in his abs give the signal. His legs tense and my awareness is blasted by my first shot that launches into the air over him and beyond his right shoulder. His yell, is deep and explosive like a mad bull and frantic contortions wrack his massive frame as he loses control and floods my gut. I feel the ripples up through the shaft of his cock as it pumps wad after hot wad into my body and accompanies my second salvo that hits his chin and his lips, tangles in his cropped moustaches and reaches across his broad, flat nose.

Still impaled, balls deep, I fall forward and my heaving chest crashes onto his, united by a mat of our body hair and my river of jizz. Our mouths re-combine into a macerating, bristling machine of passionate lips and tongues passing saliva and cum back and forth as the irresistible produce of this intense moment. Our breath billowing into and out of each other our pounding hearts clamouring to bring oxygen into these over-excited blood vessels.

He rocks, and I realise it’s a sob. Big rolling tears well up in his eyes, spilling down his cheeks, his mouth contorts downwards, agonisingly, he wraps his arms tightly around me and kisses me frantically, violently again and again. In gratitude? In fear that this is over? What? I hold his head tenderly between my hands, and kissed away salty tears. I sensed the breaking through of something massive in this extraordinary example of the super-macho. Something he had no language to express but through his sex, through our kiss. I have felt that upward swell of joy many times but the first time it’s like a bomb going off, an enlightenment, an unleashing of both physical and psychological powers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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