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Another Night In

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Carrie finished her glass of wine and glanced at the empty bottle on the counter. Who gave a fuck if Ryan blew her off again? She didn’t need him to enjoy herself, nor would she allow his lack of presence to taint her mood any longer. She went to the cupboard above the fridge and decided to mix herself something stronger than wine. She didn’t want to go out tonight; she preferred to stay in and have her own fun alone. Grabbing an assortment of liquor bottles from the cupboard, she walked over to the counter and began mixing several of them together into a glass with ice. She took a slug and it was stronger than she anticipated. Who cares? She thought to herself.

Stumbling over to the entertainment center in the living room, she plugged her iPhone into the Bose system and cranked up some party tunes. She began rocking to the music and dancing around her living room. Her inhibitions and cranky ass mood quickly left her as she started to writhe to the music. As the drink started to hit her, she felt flush with warmth and started removing her clothes. Pretty soon, she was doing a strip tease in front of the hallway mirror for herself. She didn’t know almanbahis giriş she could move like that. It was hot watching herself undress and move her hips in time to the music. She started groping her breasts and pinching her own nipples. It felt so good. She knew what she liked, so there was no guessing and faking it.

She thought she looked really sexy in her reflection. She felt a familiar tingle of desire between her legs as her pussy started to get wet. Was she really turning herself on? Sliding her finger between her pussy lips, she started to press against her clit. She fell to the floor and removed her panties. Watching herself in the mirror, she began to finger her pussy and twist her nipples. She was so wet. She slid three fingers in her soaking wet, hot cunt but desired more girth. Looking around the apartment, she spotted the empty wine bottle on the counter.

Clambering to her feet, she made it to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle. She rinsed it in the sink before taking it to her bedroom. At the foot of her bed was her dresser and mirror. She placed the bottle in the middle of her bed and stood there in the dark almanbahis yeni giriş staring at her naked body in the mirror. She ran her hands all over her body and closed her eyes, imagining they were the hands of some shadowy stranger.

She fell backward onto her bed as her arousal climbed higher and higher. Slithering up to the head of the bed, she grabbed the wine bottle and began to tease the opening of her slit with it. The glass was cold, but the sensation was entirely different than she imagined it to be. She took a deep breath and pushed the neck of the bottle into her warm, wet cunt. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as the intrusion fully took her body. She began slowly fucking herself pushing the bottle deeper with every thrust. She felt a tightening in her stomach that indicated she was close to climax. Pushing the bottle further inside her, she let a few loud groans escaped her lips. The sound of herself only pushed her closer to cumming. The more turned on she got, the faster her hands pumped the bottle into her pussy. A few more thrusts and she felt the rush of orgasm take her over the edge as she squirted almanbahis her juices all over the blanket beneath her.

She removed the bottle and began rubbing her hand all over her pussy with such speed that she squirted again and again, screaming with release each time. She was making so much noise, she didn’t hear the apartment door open and was completely unaware of the figure standing at the foot of her bed.

He watched her as she came over and over again, his cock becoming rock hard and he couldn’t resist stroking himself as she screamed. He wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around his cock. He wanted to be the reason she screamed like that. In a bold, daring move, he approached the head of the bed and clamped his hand over her mouth. Her eyes shot open out of fear and surprise. He climbed on top of her and positioned himself between her legs. He removed his hand so he could hold her legs up.

“Ryan!” She exclaimed. “When did you get here?”

“Shut your whore mouth and take this cock” he answered as he thrust hard and fast into her cunt. She groaned and pushed back onto him as he pumped her sweet pussy full of his cum. Once she came a final time, they collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed.

“I thought you had to work late again, Ryan?”

“I did, but something in your voice on the phone made me want to come home sooner. I’m just glad I wasn’t too late. You put on one hell of a show.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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