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Another Chance for Sara

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My name is Sara I’m 42 years old, I’ve been working as a carer for a disabled girl called Sharon for ten years.

During those ten years I’ve become best friends with her parents Anna aged 40 and Jon age 49 and even shared many holidays with them as my role of carer.

My home life is awful, I am in a loveless marriage and married to a selfish lazy arsehole of a man whose first thought was beer. We sleep in separate bedrooms because I hate him so much so there is no sex, not that he is interested or capable of it anyway.

I actually look forward to going to work every day and being with people that care about me, and being out of the hell hole I share with him.

I suppose I am envious of Anna in a way as Jon is a kind generous loving man, opposite of what I have at home. But I am also happy for her as he makes her happy. I flirt with him at times but know I would be in big trouble if it ever went further…or would it!

Anna and Jon moved to the area a few years before I started to work for them as Jon got a new job. Anna’s family live over 300 miles away but she visits them regularly.

I’m a curvy busty lady but regularly told I’m very pretty, men would often chat me up but I’d rebuff them as I felt a loyalty to my marriage, but I’ve decided enough is enough, after years of no love, passion or sex I want that to change.

I went into work one Monday morning a few weeks ago and Anna could sense I was upset, she asked what was wrong and I told her my husband had been contacting a woman on social media and had arranged to meet up for sex with her, he couldn’t manage it with me but was willing to fuck some whore. I’d discovered the messages they were sending when I needed to use his computer, and told Anna I’d decided that at the next chance I got I’d have an affair.

I told Anna all about my shit life, she already knew it was bad but she never knew just how bad it was and how desperate I am to find love, she comforted me and helped me through the next few days.

She became noticeably closer to me, she would hug me much more often than she used to and even told me I was beautiful.

I knew Anna was bisexual, and throughout her marriage she had quite a few threesomes with Jon and other women, and sometimes she’d sleep with women alone with Jon’s blessing.

It crossed my mind to ask her if her and Jon would be interested in letting me join them but if she took it badly I may lose my job. Anna told me a lot about her sex life with Jon too, she always said he was a very considerate and unselfish lover always making sure she was fully satisfied, I would often masturbate in bed thinking of Jon, they had recently bought a professional massage table and would give each other a full body massage that always lead to sex, I was really jealous and wished I had someone like him.

That night I went to my bed and fantasised how good it would be to have a threesome with Jon and Anna, I had never had sex with another woman before, but I certainly fancied Anna and would happily have sex with her, my mind was going crazy with lust as I rubbed my neglected pussy. The only person that had contact with my pussy for the last few years was me. I masturbated often and had acquired quite a collection of sex toys. But, I needed cock, I needed to feel a man want me, love me and feel him inside me.

I told Anna the next day that I was desperate to have sex to see if she would invite me to their bed, but she didn’t, but she did say that I’m looking very stressed and would benefit from one of Jon’s massages. I thought right, as you’ve mentioned it I’ll see how serious you are. I said “I’d love it but wouldn’t it make things awkward between us all,”

Anna explained that I wouldn’t be the first woman Jon has massaged and fucked as when they have threesomes he often does it before they all have sex.

Then she said something that changed everything for me. “Jon really fancies you, he’s told me many times he’d like to get his hands on you.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach and a tingling in my pussy, my voice started to stutter as I realised this may actually happen.

I said “are you serious?”

She said “I’m going away to see family next Monday, what happens when I’m gone is between you two.”

She then told me that she’d speak to Jon when he gets home from work and see what he thought. I was stunned totally speechless until she went on to explain that as she goes away regularly she’d rather Jon was with me than not knowing what he was up to, and Jon had never stopped her hooking up with other women, so it’s ok with her if Jon wants to fuck me, at least she knows I’ll look after him.

I couldn’t wait to get to work the next day to find out what happened, as I arrived I hurried in and Anna was preparing a drink as she does every day.

We sat at the table and spoke about Jon, apparently it went simple, Anna told him what we’d said and Jon just said he’d love to help out. That was it, I’d go to work next week and instead of doing my usual work Kayseri Escort Jon and I would be having some fun, as Sharon was going away for the week with Anna. The next few days at work were a haze as I couldn’t think of anything else but Jon.

On Friday I finished work and Anna said bye and hugged me as usual, but this time she said “have loads of fun next week as Jon’s taken all week off. Do anything you want with him, live out all your fantasies with him.” Then she gently held my face and kissed me on the lips, it sent a pulse of electricity straight to my pussy. I wanted Anna, I wanted Jon and I wanted it now. I left and went straight to the shopping centre and bought some new sexy underwear to wear next week. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen.

The weekend seemed to last forever but eventually Monday arrived, I spent ages in the shower getting clean and shaved my pussy until it was perfectly smooth, I always shave my pussy as it gets very hairy if I leave it but I wanted it extra special for Jon. I put on my new bra and panties, I chose a dark purple trimmed with black lace set they even felt sexy as I slipped into them.

I arrived at Anna and Jon’s house and hopefully I was about to have sex, it was a strange feeling, nervous but oh so exciting. Thankfully Jon opened the door before I’d got out of my car, this pleased me as I wasn’t sure whether to knock or just walk in as usual.

I walked in and Jon closed the door behind me, his first words were “are you sure about this Sara?” I didn’t hesitate and replied “yes, 100%”

Jon took my handbag and put it on the floor then he held my face and kissed me with a passion that I never knew existed. I put my arms around him and kissed him back as I never wanted it to end. It was the right thing to do as it broke the ice between us and relaxed me. I was dressed in a skirt and blouse, Jon told me I look lovely as he usually only sees me in my work clothes. Just a simple compliment like that showed me the difference between a real man and the idiot I’d married.

Jon took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom. The curtains were closed there was an album of love songs on the stereo and the light was on but dimmed. It looked dreamy, I still couldn’t believe what was happening to me, but here I was and I intended to savour every second.

I sat on the edge of the bed not really knowing what to do, Jon must have sensed my nervousness and told me to stand, the top 3 buttons of my blouse were already undone revealing my cleavage, Jon slowly undone the rest of the buttons then pulled the blouse from the waistband of my skirt and took it off for me, he hung it over the back of a chair and said “mmm your bra is very pretty and sexy too.” As he was doing that I unbuttoned then unzipped my skirt and it dropped to the floor. I picked it up folded it and put it on the chair.

“Ooh matching knickers, wow you look so fucking sexy Sara, I can’t wait to kiss you all over.”

Jon then told me to lay down on the massage table face down, he then unclipped my bra and removed it. I thought I would be shy but I wasn’t, he had seen me topless on holiday but obviously never naked. “Would you like me to use massage oil Sara?”

“Ooh yes please Jon.”

I’d never felt more relaxed which surprised me considering the situation.

Jon removed his shirt but left his jeans on as I got comfortable on the table and awaited the massage. Jon said “what are the boundaries? Is there anywhere I can’t touch.”

I replied “I’m all yours help yourself.”

He parted the hair covering the back of my neck and lightly kissed my neck, immediately I felt my pussy pulsate as if it had been electrically charged after years of being neglected. He continued kissing me down my spine as his hand caressed my ass through my new panties. He suggested we removed them before using the oil as it might spoil them, I arched my hips up and allowed him to slide them off. Jon poured some oil into his hand then rubbed his hands together then using both hands gently rubbed the oil all over my back, from my neck all the way down to just above my arse. The feeling of a man’s hands on me again was amazing, I was in heaven. Using more oil he then moved down and massaged my arse cheeks, I could feel him parting them probably getting a look at my pussy at the same time, I slightly opened my legs so he could get a better look, by now I was horny as hell and felt my pussy dripping in anticipation of what was going to happen to me.

I heard Jon oiling his hands again and next he massaged my feet, lower legs then my thighs, he was teasing me by moving his hands up my thighs until less than an inch from my soaking pussy then down again. I opened my legs even more as an invitation to help himself to my pussy. He didn’t need a second invite and using two fingers started to rub either side of my pussy lips. Then he put his fingers just inside my lips and felt my wetness. Using the wetness he moved up to my clit and using slow circular motions he traced Kayseri Escort Bayan around my clit speeding up every few seconds, I could hear how wet I was and Jon said “mmmmmm that sounds nice.”

I could only answer with a mmmmmmm as I was so close to cumming. He then put his thumb inside my pussy as far as it would go and continuing with his fingers on my clit I couldn’t hold on any longer, I cum via another person for the first time in years. Oh it felt great and I greedily wanted more.

Jon told me to turn over, I’d by now lost any inhibitions I may have still had and turned over offering my body to him for his use. Jon said “you’re really sexy Sara, your husband must be crazy to treat you so bad.” I replied “you’re pretty sexy too, but let’s not talk about him.” as my hand reached up and stroked his manly hairy chest.

I looked down at his crotch and could see he was hard, his cock was almost busting his zipper on his jeans, I said “ooh Jon, I can see how hard your cock is, get those jeans off and let it have some fun too.” So he did, he took his jeans off and he was naked too, he wasn’t even wearing pants.

I stared for far too long at his cock, it’d been way too long since I had seen one, especially one as nice as his, the first thing I realised was its thickness, it wasn’t extraordinarily long, probably average length but it was really thick and my tight unused pussy was in for a treat. I laid back down on the bed and Jon told me to close my eyes, he then kissed me on the forehead moving down my nose until he reached my mouth, I thought it was strange but it was very erotic. He caressed my left cheek with his hand as he kissed me with such passion and my pussy was tingling again. I reached down his body until I touched his cock, I put my fingers around it and they wouldn’t go all the way around it, I stroked it a couple of times and felt it hardening, it felt so good to have a cock in my hand after a long long time. But Jon said “this is your day, I’m going to spoil you.” and moved my hand onto the bed.

He kissed my neck and I tilted my head back to allow him full access I’ve always loved having my neck kissed and this was pure heaven, it was sending shivers all over my body. He cupped both of my tits in his big hands as he continued kissing my neck, my nipples were already hard and he tweaked them between his fingers. He continued down from my neck towards my tits, and kissed all the way until he reached my nipple, he licked it so lightly then bit it gently before sucking on it like a starving baby. Then he moved onto my other tit doing the same. His hand was travelling down my body towards my hungry pussy, he cupped it into his hand and commented how soft and smooth it was, I’m glad I made the extra effort for him.

He put his first and fourth finger either side of my waiting wet pussy and with his middle finger he stroked up and down the length of it, we could both hear the wetness and smiled at each other, then he took his wet finger and wiped it onto my lips, he whispered to me to close my eyes, then kissed me full on the mouth, the feeling of my slippery pussy juice between our lips was really horny, I’ve never been one to taste my own juices but this tasted great and I’d certainly be doing it in the future. Jon moved his hand back to my pussy and continued fingering me as he kissed me again, he put his thumb on my tender clit and rubbed it in a circular motion making my pussy pulsate as I cum once more. My screams of delight were muffled as his mouth was on mine.

Jon moved me onto his bed now and I laid back as he kneeled between my legs, he took hold of my right leg and started to kiss it at my ankle, he kissed his way up my calf licking and blowing on his saliva and I could feel it going cold, onward he went as I held my breath in anticipation, he kissed my inner thigh and licked my juices that had dripped onto it, then using just his tongue he licked all over the surrounding area of my pussy, teasing me as I wanted that tongue inside me, first he licked my swollen clit and then I felt his tongue part my lips and enter me, I held his head and slowly started to grind my pussy into his face. With his tongue inside me his nose was doing a great job on my clit as I held his head in place. I said “Jon I’m going to cum” he just grabbed me and pulled my cunt tighter to his face. I took this as confirmation that it was ok to cum and I absolutely exploded onto him. I thought I’d never have these emotions again so it was amazing to feel like a woman once again and be treated so nice.

As Jon sat up his face was soaking and shiny with my juices, without a word he picked up his heavy hard cock looked me in the eye and put his cock just inside the entrance to my pussy, once again I held my breath and then felt it push the walls of my vagina open and fill my pussy completely. I’d never felt a cock like it, he asked me if I’m ok, I said “oh my god yes”. Slowly he pushed it in and out of me and I felt every thrust filling and emptying my soaking love Escort Kayseri hole.

He continued to fuck me and lifted each of my legs up and cradled them in the bent part of his arms, this allowed him to put even more cock inside me and now I had every inch in me, it was the most amazing sexual experience of my life. I hoped he could last and wow he could. He was a stayer, he fucked me for ages and the sweat was pouring from him making his chest glisten in the dim light. I could sense that I was going to cum and told him, he said in that case he’ll cum too, he thrust harder and I knew this was our time, I yelled with pleasure as every pore in my body tingled with orgasm and Jon screamed too as his cock pulsated with every gush of cum deep inside my pussy.

I then remembered that apart from a few quick strokes From my hand Jon’s cock had been neglected, that’s what he meant by ‘this is your day’, he totally spoiled me and I now knew exactly what Anna meant when she said he was so unselfish and considerate in bed.

I was so envious yet so grateful to Anna for allowing this to happen. She had a wonderful man and an amazing lover that she was happy to share.

I decided right then that my marriage was over, I wouldn’t let that idiot at home back into my life, I was happy with seeing Jon whenever I could so long as the arrangement was ok with Anna and Jon. They could use me as their sexual plaything if they wanted.

My sexual desire had just been reignited.

And it was only Monday.


When I arrived home on Monday evening I was in sexual heaven, nothing mattered to me except what an incredible day I’d just experienced and what the rest of the week would bring.

I realised how much I’d been missing a sex life and just what a selfish useless man I’d married.

I went upstairs to get changed and showered, whilst in the shower all I could think about was Jon, I was still horny and rubbed my already wet pussy until I cum as I fantasised about the rest of the week.

I woke early on Tuesday and couldn’t wait to get out of the house, but there was still three hours until I was due to meet Jon again.

I showered and had a quick shave of my pussy again to make sure it was perfectly smooth, I chose an all white bra and panties set and also put on some hold up stockings. I felt like a wanted woman once again after many years, and wanted to look my sexiest for Jon.

On the way to Jon’s house I was feeling incredibly horny, as Jon had spoiled me so much yesterday I thought it’s only fair to return the favour. I hardly touched his cock yesterday but desperately wanted and needed to now. I wanted to devour his cock.

I arrived and parked on the drive, Jon wasn’t at the door to greet me like yesterday but I felt more comfortable with the situation now so I let myself in and closed the door behind me. Jon heard the door and came out of the kitchen, he was making a drink and asked if I’d like one, I said yes and we took the drinks to the living room.

There was a three seater sofa and a two seater sofa, Jon sat on the three and I sat on the two. We talked about the events of yesterday and agreed we both enjoyed it, I suggested that I’d like to return the favour and Jon said “I’ll do whatever makes you happy.”

“I have an idea, when you get home tonight tell your husband you have to stay here all week day and night to look after Sharon as Anna has had to go away unexpectedly.” Said Jon.

“That sounds great, I’ll do it and pack some things and come straight back to you.”

I was now desperate to feel Jon’s cock and could already feel a wetness between my legs, and couldn’t wait any longer, I stood up and removed my clothes except for my underwear, Jon was smiling broadly and said “wow, you look amazing.” I sat back down and with one leg on the floor and one leg on the sofa opened my legs to give him a better view. I slid my hand inside my panties and started to play with my pussy, Jon couldn’t keep his eyes off me and was rubbing his cock through his thin shorts. I could see the outline of his cock pushing at the material of his shorts, I was fingering myself with two fingers and the noise was obvious, I was soaking and removed my hand and put them in my mouth and sucked and licked my cunt juice off. “I’m so jealous, I love the taste of pussy.” Said Jon. He took off his shorts, he had no pants on and his cock stood upright, I took my panties off and threw them to him, I continued to finger fuck myself as Jon put my panties to his face and licked the wetness from the crotch.

“I have a confession Jon, I’ve done this many times in bed at night while thinking of you and Anna, now I want you to watch how horny and sexually excited you make me.”

Using my thumb I encircled my clit as I thrust my fingers in my soaking hole, I was about to cum and pushed hard on my clit and screamed with pleasure as my pussy pulsated on my dripping fingers. I took my fingers from my pussy crawled over to Jon and with my cum soaked hand I grabbed his thick hard cock, I stroked it up and down soaking it in my cum, he closed his eyes and laid his head back on the sofa. I put my mouth around the head of his cock and tasted my lovely juices, licking up and down the length of his shaft and hungrily slurping up every drop of that juice.

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