Ann’s Deepest Desire Pt. 02

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The lounge at the hotel was buzzing with chat and laughter when Ann wandered in. There were several couples at tables and a few singles sitting at the bar and at the far end were those two younger guys that had complimented her ass a few hours earlier. That seemed like a good place to start a conversation so she walked over and sat next to the taller of the two.

“Hi guys. Nice seeing you again,” Ann giggled and smiled as she approached then sat on the leatherette stool crossing her legs to expose skin all the way to her ass which immediately attracted both guys’ attention. The guy next to her was Hispanic, quite handsome and muscular while the other to his left was Caucasian, short and a bit on the stocky side but good looking.

“Hola again lady with the nice ass,” the Hispanic guy said in a dirty tone of voice.

“Hi, I’m Ann,” she answered. “And you are?”

“Ricky and that’s Gary.”

“Are you going to buy the lady with the nice ass a drink? A whiskey sour sounds good,” Ann said as she pushed the skirt up a bit more to expose her left ass cheek.

“Fuck yes!” He exclaimed. “For that ass I’d buy you anything! Give the lady a whiskey sour barkeeper.”

“So what brings you two guys to Denver,” Ann asked as she gave her drink a quick stir and a sip.

“We are with a big tech company on the west coast and we’re leading a seminar for the group here in Denver. Tomorrow is our last day here and we decided to see what trouble we could find tonight,” Gary chimed in. “How about you Ann?”

“Business too. Sort of.”

“We noticed you had a visitor earlier. A friend perhaps?”

“How did you know that, Gary?”

“Our room is across from yours and down one,” Ricky added.

“Yes, he’s an old friend I hadn’t seen for a while. You two are pretty nosy, aren’t you?”

Ricky’s right hand fell to his side and reached over to touch Ann’s thigh. “Well a pretty lady like you probably has a lot of man friends that come to see you for a couple hours,” he laughed.

“And what does that mean,” Ann snapped back as she uncrossed her legs and swiveled the stool, her knee touching Ricky’s leg.

“Nothing really. It’s just that you are so hot looking and that dude was quite a hunk and…”

“Okay, yeah, I fucked him,” Ann interrupted. “Is that where you were headed?”

“Oh god! What a lucky dude,” Gary jumped in. “No shit?”

Ricky’s hand now moved over the top of Ann’s leg and between her thighs. Ann let him go until she felt his fingers touch the fabric of her thong covering her damp cunt. “That’s some karaman escort pretty pricey merchandise there Ricky,” she giggled.

Ricky looked into Ann’s eyes in amazement and stuttered, “Are you a prostitute or something?”

“Oh no honey. Not a whore or hooker either. Just a girl who wants to have fun,” she sang sweetly to that old Madonna tune, then pushed Ricky’s hand away and finished off her drink. “I need to get some dinner now. Thanks for the drink.”

As Ann began to walk away she heard Ricky say, “Damn it Gary! I’d fuck her in a heartbeat.” And Gary replied, “I’ll take sloppy seconds, dude!”

Ann stopped and turned her head toward them followed with a wink and smile.

Ann went into the dining area where she enjoyed a salad, garlic bread and two cups of coffee. It was around 8:30 when she stepped back into her room, stripped naked and plopped on the bed to watch some television. With pleasant thoughts about the good fucking Rod had given her earlier she petted her pussy lightly but she soon dozed off until being awakened an hour later by a knock on her door.

At the bathroom Ann grabbed a bath towel to wrap around her naked body then looked out the peephole to see Ricky standing at the door. With the chain still hooked she opened the door. “Yes Ricky. What’s up?

“I was just wondering if you would like a little company for a while. You had me so excited down in the bar, and well….”

“And well what Ricky? You think you might get some pussy?”

“Uh well. You said you just liked to have fun, and well,” Ricky stuttered as he opened the bath robe he wore to expose an erect, uncut cock. “I’m fucking horny!”

“Oh my! I guess you are. And you have a lot of nerve, too,” Ann laughed.

Ann removed the chain and let him in and let the towel drop to the floor. “And how much do you think I’m worth Ricky?” Ann could feel that rush throughout her body. Being such a bad girl, even whorish made a chill run down her spine and a tingle in her cunt. “You have a hundred bucks sweetie?”

“Yeah, no problem,” Ricky stumbled and stuttered. “You do both of us? Gary wants to fuck you too. Is that possible?”

“A hundred each and just an hour unless you’re really good,” Ann laughed as she wrapped her hand around his cock.

“I’ll be right back Ann,” Ricky said as he closed his robe and went out the door.

Moments later Gary and Ricky returned, each laying down a crisp one hundred dollar bill on the nightstand. Ann didn’t think they were serious about spending that much for karaman escort bayan sex, but they obviously were. Ann’s head was spinning with excitement and dirty lust as she tucked the bills into her clutch purse. Turning around she saw Gary tearing off his tee shirt and shorts.

Ann lay down on the bed and surveyed the cocks she was about to experience. Ricky’s cock was dark, thick, uncut and above average. He was slowly stroking it and Ann figured as horny as he was his performance would be a short one. A drop of precum oozed from the tiny hole which Ann quickly wiped off with a finger and tasted.

Gary’s cock was pink with a nice purplish mushroom head. An average six inches maybe with a bit of an upward curve to it. He was shaved smooth from his chest to his balls which did make his cock look bigger. She liked seeing that on some men and had even suggested to her husband to try that look.

Each of them took a side to her on their knees so she could stroke them. “You fuckin’ whore,” she thought to herself, but that thought soon went a away as both of them proceeded on.

Ricky parted her legs and probed her wet cunt with a finger while Gary moved up to shove his cock in her face. Ann took his shaft entirely into her mouth. His manly smell filled her senses as she sucked wildly at his rock hard cock.

Ann then felt the bed shake as Ricky moved between her parted legs, lowered his body down and with his hand rubbed his shaft up and down her parted labia, two or three times pressing against her already swollen clit. A moment later the head parted her cunt and she moaned as he slid into her slowly. “Uhhh,” Ann grunted as she felt the entire shaft hit her depths and his heavy nut sack rested on her ass. At the same time Ann nearly choked on the cock that was hitting the back of her throat.

Ricky’s pace increased to a steady pleasurable fucking. Ann didn’t want to let on how good it felt but it really did. Her cunt was oozing her own juices as Ricky began to slam harder.

“Let my fuck her,” Gary words rang out. “Ann, you get on top,” he added as he laid down beside her.

Ricky pulled out slowly before Ann had a chance to experience her first orgasm.

She then moved on top of Gary while facing him. His cock slipped in with ease after just being filled with Ricky’s long and thick cock but it still felt good. Ricky moved beside her on his knees. Ann twisted herself around to suck his cock and taste the sweet pussy juice and pre cum left on it.

Ann rocked back and forth slowly escort karaman feeling the head of Gary’s curved cock strike on her tender g-spot. Orgasm was close and she needed it. Then what got her off was when she felt Ricky’s finger probe her ass hole and slip in. The lights nearly went out in her mind and she couldn’t control the cry she let out.

“You like that, you slutty whore,” Ricky said in a filthy tone of voice. “Maybe you want fucked in the ass?”

“Yes, fuck my slutty ass Ricky,” she cried out then spit on his cock. She couldn’t believe she just said that! Ann then laid down on Gary’s chest, his cock still in her cunt.

The bed shook again as Ricky moved behind her. He spit saliva onto her pretty pink rosebud, rubbed it around with a finger and then with a grip on his thick shaft worked the head past the tight ring and eased it in. Ann’s body tightened with the first slow plunge but relaxed as he began the steady rhythm of a good ass fucking.

Ann worked back and forth, feeling Gary’s cock in her dripping cunt and Ricky’s cock fucking her tight ass. The pleasure was so intense she came again in just a couple minutes. “Oh fuck!”

“I want you suck me off when I cum, Ann. I’m so close,” Gary panted then began to wiggled from under her. A flood of pussy juice flowed from her slutty cunt when his cock slipped out of her. Ricky’s cock stayed in her ass but stopped thrusting. Gary sat up with his back to the headboard of the bed so Ann could suck his cock.

Still on her knees Ricky pulled his cock from her ass and plowed hard into her juicy love hole. Ann sucked while Ricky fucked, on and on, harder and deeper.

Ann was nearing her third or maybe fourth orgasm when she heard a groan from Gary and the words, “I’m coming.”

At nearly the same moment Ricky slammed deep into her and let out a long groan. His cock throbbed at least six or seven times, each time gushing thick streams of cum into her already flooded pussy. Simultaneously Gary’s cock erupted tasty semen down her throat which nearly made Ann choke and gag because she again was having an orgasm and couldn’t scream out.

Ann got all of Gary’s cum swallowed and kept on sucking until every drop was extracted. She could still feel Ricky’s heart beating in his cock that was now totally spent but still quite hard. Slowly he pulled it out and Ann spun around to suck it clean, pulling the foreskin back to get every tasty morsel of their sex juices from his awesome cock.

Moments later all three lay naked on the bed and all three were very sexually satisfied. The only thought that went through Ann’s mind just then was, “You are a fucking whore, Ann!” Then she laughed aloud. “But I fucking loved it!”

Ricky and Gary soon left. “Good night guys,” she uttered as the door closed behind them.

And see all of you readers again!!

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