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Annie’s Sex Diary 04

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After the hotel incident I dumped Lance. What more can I say. He was a bit weird to be honest and he wanted me to go back to that hotel but I didn’t. The sex became rather boring as well.

However I did give the loner my number and I asked him on a date, and then he asked me on one, all innocent. Now we are on our third. His name is David. He is a generally all round nice person, with a slightly kinky side like myself. He’s a lecturer at the university, but thankfully none of mine.

We were out in the countryside, hidden under a giant weeping willow, its long drooping branches hanging down hiding us from the rest of the world. A blanket was spread out on the ground and there was champagne, strawberries and other finger foods. I had rapidly grown tipsy on the champagne and decided to hug the tree and thank it for making such a romantic tent for us. With a giggle I tried to wrap my arms round the trunk. David joined me with the remark, “maybe I should thank it for letting me be here with a Escort Bayan gorgeous girl like yourself.”

I giggled again and then gasped as he pretended to miss the tree and got my breasts instead. He released one breast and let his hand run down my side and then to the bottom hem of my dress. He gently nudged my legs apart and I could feel myself growing wet at the thought of him taking me roughly up against the tree. Finding I had no knickers on he commented in my ear heavily, “ooh, you are a naughty girl.”

I giggled again and put my hand to the crotch of his jeans and rubbed hard. He moaned, “very naughty.”

“Take me up against this tree. Be the hunter ravishing the girl he found in the woods picking flowers.”

“Very, very naughty.” He nibbled at my ear as he undid his belt and jeans and undid the buttons of my dress so he could get at my breast. I moaned as he tweaked my nipple.

He searched for my sex and dipped his finger in and my moaned as my sex grabbed Escort at his finger as if to pull it deeper inside me. With another moan I released it only to find his cock pressing up against my sex instead. My breathing became heavier at the thought of his cock thrusting in and out of me. He pushed into me and I leant against the tree, arching my bum up so he could get more of his cock in. It didn’t last. He growled in annoyance and then took me by the arm, “come to the blanket.”

I followed obediently, wanting that cock back inside me more than anything else. He lay down and pulled me down with him. I hitched up my dress and then knelt over his cock, I was now in control.

“Are you playing with me now?”

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.” I smiled teasingly at him. I rubbed myself against his upright cock and he moaned. He reached into my dress and grabbed my breasts. I moaned at the feel of his palms rubbing hard against my nipples. I leant forward and gave him a kiss. A rush Bayan Escort of cool air ran pass my sex making me grab a breath.

Taking me by surprise he took hold of my hips and pushed me down on my cock, “no more playing.”

“Who said I was.” I moaned as I began to ride him. I sat up, my breasts falling from the dress. I took one of his hands and slipped it under my dress to my clit. His finger began to rub and I arched my back as I began to feel myself coming.

I didn’t even realise at first but I must have been holding my breath as I gasped as a shuddering orgasm ran through me. I collapsed on to his chest but carried on moving over his cock although now it was only the tip of it in. I felt his moaning breaths in my ear as the intensity of sensitiveness rose in his cock. He lifted his legs pressing his cock further in. I slowly sat up and rode him hard, up and down, he pressing me on to his cock. With a “fuck” he came. Then he pulled me down by my hair and kissed me hard on the lips. Releasing me he muttered, “naughty girl.”

I just smiled at him.

We lay on that blanket most of the afternoon, lazily enticing each other into more sex. But why should I tell you more when there will be more to come, I’m sure…

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