Annie’s Addiction

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Big Tits

*** This is a new character for me. Her name is Annie, and she was raised in a very strict home, which prevented her from experiencing sex until much later than most of her peers. Fortunately for many guys, she is very motivated to make up for lost time, after she discovers that she is addicted to cock. I hope you enjoy and will provide your thoughts on this character and her story. ***

Oh my GOD… it feels so hot in my hand… and how can it be this hard and this soft feeling at the same time??? These are the thoughts racing through my mind, as I feel a real live cock in my hands for the first time. I know what you are thinking, “You are 19 years old Annie, and you are pretty hot looking… so how can this be the first time you have had a cock in your hands?”

First, thank you for saying I’m hot. As a petite red head with a larger than normal pair of tits, I think I’m pretty hot also, but it is always nice to hear it. Second, I was raised in a very religious home, and sex was absolutely forbidden. In fact, my mother even made a habit of checking my panties and bedsheets to make sure that I wasn’t masturbating. Yes, I realize now how twisted that sounds. But it was how I was raised, to think that self-pleasure and sex were mortal sins. Hell, even now I feel guilty every time I touch myself. Not to mention that right now, I am feeling pretty wrong emotionally, about this cock in my hands.

Although I am feeling the guilt from years of conditioning, I can’t help feeling a rush of excitement all through my body, as I squeeze and rub this thick cock. I am assuming it is thick. I have no basis for this judgement because, as I said several times already, this is my first cock. All I know is that I can’t get my small hand around it and when I stack both of my hands, there is still all of the big swollen head left sticking out. My GOD that head looks big. I catch myself thinking that it looks like the helmet of one of those stormtrooper guys from Star Wars. I have to swallow the laugh that is threatening to burst out of me.

I trace my fingers around that big helmet, and I am surprised at how smooth the skin is. I trace my finger along the groove in the front and the whole cock JUMPS in my hands. I look up at the guy’s face, wondering if I did something wrong or hurt him or something. I see that he has his eyes squeezed shut tightly and his mouth is open in an audible moan. I make a mental note that this is a good thing. At this same time, I feel and see liquid leak out of the cock’s slit. I touch it and I like how slick it feels on my fingers. I rub it between my thumb and finger and relish the slick feeling. Then I run my slick fingers around the smooth cock head. I love how slippery it feels on the smooth skin of the head. I trace my slick fingers all around the edges of the cock’s helmet. It is like I am trying to memorize every detail of my fascinating new plaything.

I run my other hand down to the bottom of his shaft and discover his balls. I cup them and feel them move around in their soft wrinkled sack. I roll them around in my fingers, enjoying how they move so fluidly. I sort of ring my fingers around behind them and pull them down, enjoying how the sack stretches tight and I can feel the balls hard in my hand. I squeeze, just to see what this will feel like. The guy almost screams out, “Oh my GOD, YESSSS,” when I do that. I make another mental note, that this is a good thing. Then I wonder, what will happen if I squeeze his balls at the same time as I rub my finger along his tender groove? “FUCKKKKK YESSSSSS.” he screams out, as I try this experiment.

Well, that confirms my thesis, I smile to myself and continue to gently pulse his big full balls in one hand, while teasing his sensitive head with my other. I think to myself, I am so glad that he likes this because I really love how this feels for me when I am doing it. I start to wonder, “How the HELL, have I never heard about how amazing cocks and balls feel????” I have talked with quite a few other girls about their sexual experiences, and I can’t remember a single one telling me how amazing cocks felt in their hands. “I fucking LOVE this,” I think to myself as I really concentrate on the feeling of this cock and those full balls in my hands.

Then the thought enters my head, “If it feels this good in my hands, how will it feel in my mouth?” I immediately hear my mother’s voice in my head chastising me, “You should be ashamed of yourself Annabeth, for even thinking such a thing.”

Then I tell the guilt wielding mother in my head, “Shut the fuck up Mother… and it is Annie… Nobody calls me Annabeth anymore.” Then I show her that she is no longer the boss of me, as I take this big cock into my mouth. Well, to be honest, I take the head and maybe another inch or so in my mouth. “My GOD, this thing is big. Are they all THIS big???” I wonder to myself as I feel that swollen thick head push into the soft spot at the roof of my mouth.

I pull my mouth off of it enough, so that I can suck my lips around the helmet. I run antalya escort my tongue around the smooth head, as I suck my cheeks around it. “Oh my GOD, this feels so exciting and so naughty,” I think to myself as I feel like I will pee myself from the overwhelming exhilaration. I am suddenly yanked from my moment of bliss, when I feel the guy’s hands grab my head almost violently. Again, thinking that I hurt him, I try to pull my mouth off of his cock. He latches on even harder and almost begs, “NOOOOO, PLEASE don’t stop… keep doing THAT…”

Relieved that I am not doing it wrong, I go back to doing what I was just doing. As I run my tongue around his smooth head and down the shaft as far as I can reach my tongue, I moan around the cock, as I recover my overwhelming feeling of exhilaration at the feel of this cock on my lips, and on my tongue, and on the fleshy insides of my cheeks. I slide all of them over and around this cock, as I rediscover the feeling of his big balls in my hand.

Overcome by the sensations of this cock in my mouth, I can’t stop my other hand from sliding under my skirt and into my thong. Mmmmm, I am so fucking wet. I push two fingers into my wet pussy. My pussy feels so wet and squishy and warm around my fingers. I wonder if this is what his cock feels when it is in my mouth. I start to imagine that my fingers and his cock are the same. I start to push my mouth on his cock more and more, as I push my fingers deeper and deeper inside myself. I move up and down on his cock at the same speed as I am pushing my fingers into me. When I begin to gag myself by forcing his cock into my mouth so fast and so deep, I realize how fast and desperately I am finger fucking myself. It is at that exact moment that I push myself over the edge and cum SCREAMING around his cock.

I didn’t realize how close he was, until at that same time, I feel his cock swell even larger and twitch in my mouth as I feel hot surges hitting the back of my throat. Because I am in the middle of an uncontrolled scream, I feel his cum continue to shoot directly down my throat. I can actually feel it coating my throat. Then I start coughing uncontrollably, because, as I was riding my overpowering orgasm, I was also desperately gasping for breath. I hope I didn’t breathe his cum into my lungs. For a fleeting moment, I wonder if it is possible to drown from cum in my lungs?

As I get control of my breathing, I realize that I am not going to drown. I am twice as relieved, knowing that my mother will not have to recover my body from the university, after learning that I died by drowning in cum, as I sucked the cock of a guy I just met. Jeff… or Jake… or is it Jim? I am pretty sure it is a “J” name. I hope it is the overpowering orgasm I just had that is keeping my brain from recalling his name, and not the fact that I am a total slut who sucks the cock of a guy she doesn’t know the name of.

As I contemplate how much of a slut I really am, I start to think, “Well, if I am going to condemn myself for being a slut, I might as well go all the way.” In that moment, I decide that I am getting fucked for the first time. Well, that is if this guy… J.. something, can get his cock hard again. Realizing the decision is in my hands… literally… I am holding his softening cock in my hand… I start to slowly squeeze and stroke it.

Figuring that I should get J… J… J-dog involved in the decision, I say to him, “Mmm, I loved how your cock felt in my mouth… I would love even more to feel what he is like in my pussy… You want to feel your big, thick cock deep inside me?”

“Fuck YEAH,” he enthusiastically agrees. Then in a more subdued way he adds, “But you got to give me a minute… You know… to get ready…”

I do in fact know what he means. I can feel his cock in my hand, clearly not ready to do the pushing that I so desperately need right now. It is not an unpleasant feeling though. I actually really enjoy the soft, flexible feeling of his cock in my hand. It is not fully soft, but just hard enough to weigh heavily in my hand. I squeeze it and I love the way it compresses. It feels like a very warm stress toy. I realize how much I would love to have a cock in this exact state, when I am stressed in class or doing an assignment in my dorm. I shake it and flop it around in my hand and love the way it moves.

I am suddenly jealous, that guys get to have these things with them all the time. Then I wonder if they hold them and squeeze them when they need stress relief?

He taps me on the head and rips me from the labyrinth of my twisted thoughts. It is then that I realize that his cock is VERY much up for the task at hand… again, my hand…

“Don’t you think you should take off your clothes? Or do you just want me to bend you over and flip up your skirt?” he asks me.

“Oh MY,” I think to myself, as I suddenly get the image in my head of him forcing me over the arm of the couch and taking me from behind like an animal. Battling with myself in my mind, antalya escort bayan I think I should lead him to think I am a lady and do this in a dignified manner. However, I realize that I fucking need this BAD and I need it NOW.

Standing up, I reach under my skirt and almost tear my thong as I pull it off my hips and down my legs. Then I turn toward the arm of the couch and lean over it, as I spread my legs. As I turn to look back at him, the desperate look on my face, is all the answer he needs.

I keep looking back as he aims his cock toward my wet, waiting, and VERY willing pussy. He doesn’t even use his hands as he pushes it against my swollen and VERY sensitive pussy lips. He moves back and forth slightly, making his cock slide along my wet groove. Oh my GOD, the feeling of the big smooth head is even more amazing against the lips of my pussy, than it was against the lips of my mouth. I squeeze my pussy, trying to kiss it… to suck it into me… I feel his cock start to push my lips open. I realize that he is not moving, it is me, who is moving back, desperately trying to fuck myself onto his cock. I feel him slightly pull back with each of my thrust back. I look up to see him grinning at the desperate look on my face. I finally beg out loud, “Please… put it in… PLEASE… fuck me… PLEASE… Fuck me NOW…”

Without a word he pushes his cock right into me. I gasp out loud as I literally feel like all of the air is pushed out of my lungs. I am not sure how deep he went with that first thrust, but I feel like I am impaled on the damn thing. I feel so full that I am afraid I will tear in half, if he pushes any deeper. Surprisingly, it is not painful though. Luckily for both of us, I broke my hymen in a tragic accidental fall on a dildo… OK, I was masturbating. I said my mother made me feel guilty about it. I never said that I didn’t do it. And thank GOD that I did. This may be the first real cock inside me, but it is DEFINITELY not the first time I have had cock like objects inside me. And my GOD, the number of cock like objects I have inside me… Well, let’s just say I have been training VERY hard for this moment.

Yet, for all of the training I have done, NONE of it compares to what this feels like for real. FUCK, the heat and hard flexibility of this cock inside me… It is almost indescribable. I feel like he is entering my soul. I feel like his cock is in control of my body and mind. I want this… I want this a LOT. Then, just when I am deciding that this feeling is better than anything I can imagine, he starts to move slowly out and then back in… and it gets better… MUCH better. I feel like he is turning me inside out, as he slowly pulls his cock out of me. Then he holds it with just the head inside me, keeping me spread so wide. I get desperate for more. Why the FUCK is he holding it there????

I look back pleadingly. I see him smile at me with a devilish grin and then, SLAM, he pushes all the way back inside me. Three things happen at the same time. One, I feel him pound deep inside me. Two, his big heavy balls SLAP against my WAY oversensitive clit. Three, I actually see stars and lose control of my legs as I cum so hard that I am afraid I popped a blood vessel in my head. I am not sure if I lose consciousness, but as I ride the most amazing orgasm of my life, I feel like I am flopping around like my whole body is made of jelly, as he continues to hammer away in and out of me. When I feel fluids gushing out of my pussy, I am mortified, thinking that I must have lost control of myself and peed all over his cock, balls and thighs.

He suddenly stops fucking, with his cock half inside me. I am afraid that he is grossed out by my loss of control. I am sure that I will be humiliated when everyone at the university hears about “Annie the incontinent slut”. Then he surprises me by saying, “Fuck YEAH… You’re a squirter. I never fucked a squirter before. That was fucking amazing. That shit splashed out of you so hard, I felt like someone turned a hose on me.”

With my face so red that I am sure it is glowing, I ask him, “So you are not grossed out by THAT?”

“Fuck NO,” he answers and then starts pushing his cock back in and out of me. I am embarrassed by the loud squishing and squelching sounds his cock is making as he fucks in and out of me. Then I feel a weird new feeling. It is like there is a surge of water into me with each thrust in, and a much stronger suction with each pull out. As I realize that I am building to another orgasm, he warns me, “I got to tell you, after I cum once, I can keep going for a VERY long time after. The thoughts of this amazing cock fucking me for a VERY long time, sends waves of exhilaration through me and I CLENCH around his cock, telling him, “Give me ALL you got… Fuck me hard and long… fuck me until I can’t walk.”

My words have the desired effect, and he SLAMS into me so hard that his hips SLAP on my ass and it stings like he spanked me with his hand. I feel him grab my hips with both escort antalya hands. He grabs so hard that I can feel his fingers dig into the soft flesh in the hollows of my hip bones. Then just as quickly he releases them, and I feel his hands reach up to unbutton my blouse. Feeling him fumbling with them, I reach up and take over. I quickly have the buttons undone and I wildly flap my arms trying to throw the blouse off of me.

As my blouse finally flies off my wildly flailing arm, I feel his hands grab my bra clasp and almost violently pull it open. Leaning forward like I am, the bra SNAPS open and falls down my arms. My 36DD tits that were straining hard against my bra, are now free and wildly flapping their wings trying to fly away. Well, more flopping than flapping. With each of his hard thrusts into me, I feel my heavy tits bounce forward and SLAP against my neck and shoulders. Then I feel them recoil and SLAP back against my rib cage and under my arms. Yes, in case you missed it, they are all natural and definitely out of my ability to control them.

He is relentlessly fucking me, and I can already feel my heavy tits start to ache from their wild flopping and bouncing. I am about to reach up to catch them with my hand and arm, to try to stop the bouncing, when I feel him reach around and cup each of my tits in his hands. I feel him hold them just enough, so that that they jiggle and bounce in his hands. The rubbing of my nipples on his palms is driving me fucking insane. He SQUEEZES my tits and weighs them appreciatively, as he tells me, “You’ve got fucking amazing tits. I love these big fucking tits.”

Then for emphasis, he takes my nipples between his fingers and thumbs, and pulls, and rolls, and PINCHES them, which pushes me over a cliff I wasn’t even sure I was standing next to. “FUCKKKKKKKKKK,” I SCREAM out loud, as once again I feel my fluids gush out of me and my arms give out, as I fall on my face, having another overwhelming orgasm. As my pussy squeezes and spasms around his cock inside me, I keep getting electric shocks of overstimulation, which makes my orgasm continue like a series of explosions that won’t end. All I can think about is the overpowering pleasure and the feeling of that cock filling me and touching me so completely. I have never done drugs, but I imagine this feeling of euphoria must be what drug addicts feel. I know right then and there that I will need to feel this all the time, from now on.

I am suddenly pulled from my post orgasm bliss, by a new sensation. As he continues to slowly push in and out of my pussy, he starts to lightly tease my sensitive butt hole with his thumb. It feels like he is thrumming my sensitive ring with his thumb, like it is a guitar string or something. There is something very naughty and very exciting about it. It is also sending electric shocks of excitement through my entire body with each thrum of his thumb. Each thrum seems to short circuit my brain and it also seems to excite every nerve inside my already overstimulated pussy. I feel my excitement being driven higher and higher. I feel like it will become too much for my body and mind to handle, and I will fucking explode.

“FUCKKKKK,” I SCREAM out, as he changes from a thrumming of my butt hole to a thumping of his thumb on it. Oh my GOD… I have NEVER felt anything like this, and it is making my entire body twitch and spasm with each thump. He is doing it at a faster pace now and I can almost feel my pulse beating faster to match his thumping pace. I suddenly realize that I am loudly moaning in a rhythmic pattern, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,” over and over, with each thump of his thumb on my butt hole. I also realize that I am pushing back onto his cock desperately to meet his cock pushing into me, at the same pace. I also feel myself pushing back onto that fucking thumb, that is driving me insane.

Feeling how positively my body is reacting to his teasing, on the next thump, he doesn’t stop. He pushes his thumb right past my tight ring. I loudly GASP, “OH,” as I feel his thumb POP past my tight butt hole. I notice immediately how wet and slippery his thumb is, from all of the fluids I recently squirted all over him. I also notice that his thumb doesn’t feel anything like I thought it would. I had thought about anal sex before, but always dismissed the idea because I imagined that it would hurt quite badly. But this… this feels VERY different than I feared it would. As I start to squeeze my butt around his thumb, sort of getting a better feel of my sudden intruder, I realize that he is slowly pushing and pulling it in and out of me, in time to his cock’s motion in my pussy. I realize that I REALLY like this double stimulation.

I start to grind back again, pushing his cock and thumb into me harder and faster. I suddenly feel a desperate need for more. I want him fucking me deep and hard in both of my holes. An image enters my brain of getting fucked like this by two different men… two cocks… one in my pussy and one in my butt… oh my GOD… do I really want to feel a cock in my butt??? His cock is so much bigger than his thumb, but that damn thumb feels soooooo fucking good right now… These are all the random, wild thoughts racing through my head as I come to the conclusion, “Hell YES, I want to know what his cock will feel like in my butt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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