Anne , John, a Family Affair Ch. 01

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(John finds himself in an exciting situation as he unintentionally stumbles upon his sister-in-law, Anne, in the beginning stages of self-gratification. Will he be able to control his thoughts and feelings or succumb to the overwhelming sensations that they produce?)

It is the end of June, which brings comfortable temperatures in Upstate New York, where Anne lives. A quaint, rural neighborhood, houses set far enough apart to allow for large yards and occasional farms, but not so rural that one would have to travel far to find entertainment or necessities. She had lived there nearly her entire 40 year life, only moving a short distance down the road to where she and her husband had built their dream home in the earliest years of their 20 year marriage. It is a nice home; A simple country Cape with a wrap-around deck. Nicely decorated, organized and welcoming, but at the same time lived in and comfortable, reflecting their years of happiness and children. Anne and her husband Matt share three sons, the youngest being 8, the eldest 18 and a new graduate from high school. Today they are preparing a graduation party for family and a few close friends in his honor. It seems that even for a smaller party the list of to-dos is just as long. Anne has been planning on paper for weeks, shopping for the last few days and is now in the final stages of presentation. Busily adding finishing touches to the party d├ęcor, last minute toppings to the fresh salads and making sure the house is freshly cleaned and laundry is complete. Being as organized as she is, she has enlisted the rest of the family’s help as well. The youngest boy at his Grandparents’ home, staying occupied and out of the way, and the older two gone with their father to complete a list of errands and acquire tables and chairs, leaving Anne alone to finish her work.

Knowing that she would be running around cleaning and cooking, Anne slipped on a cotton sundress over her naked body as she got up that morning, figuring she would just jump in the shower and get ready after the work was complete. She loved wearing sundresses. The free, airy feeling they provided, allowing her to move about unrestricted. She especially liked the feeling of going nude underneath. The way her nipples would brush against the fabric and the feel of her bare ass catching an occasional breeze made her feel sexy and even naughty in such simple attire.

It is just after 1:00 and there is a nice summer breeze flowing through the house. Anne is in the kitchen folding the last of the laundry on the table. She’s listening to her IPod as she works. A mix of her favorite sexy songs is playing. As she listens, she recalls a fun date she had gone on with her husband a few weeks earlier. Anne loved to tease her husband. Purposefully forget her panties, rub him or her as he drove, tell him in a public place about naughty thoughts that she was having at the moment. On this particular date she had snuck a favorite vibe toy into the car with them. It was a warm evening so she had chosen a short, clingy sundress to wear. They had dinner and shopped some. Anne smiles to herself as she recalls how she teased him all evening, flaunting her smooth legs, tracing his ear with her fingertips as he drove, and standing close to him when they would pause to look at something in the store. She knew this drove him crazy, because he loved the smell of her perfume. She also knew that it would make him horny. His cock would be twitching in his pants as they shopped. Anne thinks about the ride home that night. How she slipped her right foot out of its strappy hi-heeled shoe and placed it on the dashboard. How she pulled her dress up to her hips and started rubbing her pussy through her lacey thong. They were driving through a busy part of town. The traffic and city lights flashed through the car, providing just enough light for her husband to see exactly what she was doing as she retrieved her toy, slipped her sheer panties to the side and began to vibe right there in the car, in the middle of traffic, as other cars passed by in the fast lane. It turned Anne on even more, the idea that someone in a passing car could possibly have caught a glimpse of her swollen pussy as she worked it out in open view. Anne’s recollection is abruptly interrupted as she reaches her hand down again into the laundry basket, but realizes that it is now empty.

Her thoughts however, do not disappear without leaving evidence of their affect. She can feel the slipperiness from her now tingling pussy spreading to her upper thighs. She suddenly finds herself very aroused and unsatisfied. Her thoughts have stirred desires deep within her. Desires that need and beg to be fulfilled. She knows exactly what she needs, and with her family away for another couple hours, Anne knows that she will have plenty of time to satisfy that need. She picks up an armload of laundry and heads for her bedroom, adoring the feel of her bare, wet pussy squishing between her legs as she walks.

Anne sets her basket down on the casino ┼čirketleri floor. Another sexy favorite starts playing on her IPod and she begins to playfully dance, watching herself in the mirror. She releases her hair from the clip holding her messy bun. Running her fingers through her loose curls from the base of her neck, she fluffs it out and it falls down over her shoulders. Her nipples reveal her heightened state of arousal, pressing against the fabric of her dress. Anne cups and squeezes her breasts as she continues her slow, sexy dance unaccompanied, as if daydreaming that she is an erotic dancer. She admires herself in the mirror and then closes her eyes and tips her head back, as she takes in the sensual words filling her ears. Her fingertips begin tracing her nipples, then squeezing and pinching them hard. This sends another quiver deep through Anne’s now swollen vagina. She needs and aches for her release. Opening the drawer in front of her she reaches in, retrieving her favorite toy, a large vibrator with a thick, bulbous tip. She flops down backward on the bed behind her, propping her feet on the edge. Drawing her dress up above her waist, Anne finds her way to the wet, sensitive folds of flesh between her legs with one hand and continues twisting an erect nipple with the other.

What Anne doesn’t realize though, is that she’s no longer alone. For the last ten minutes she’s been being watched by an unexpected visitor.

Anne’s brother in law, John, had arrived with an extra grill that he thought might come in handy for the party later that day. She wasn’t expecting him as it was his own last minute thought to bring it over.

Anne has always liked John. He is her favorite brother-in-law and a good friend. She can always count on him to help out and to listen when she needs an ear to vent to. He collects in return, venting to Anne on occasion too, as well as laughing and sharing inside jokes together at family occasions. John is a bit older than Anne, but looks a decade younger than he is, keeping his dark hair nicely trimmed and in keeping with the current styles. He has a relaxed, laid back style, usually wearing blue jeans and casual shirts.

“Are you here Anne?” John calls into the house as he holds the kitchen door partway open.

“Hey, I brought my grill!” he adds, but still with no response.

“Anne?” he calls again as he walks through the kitchen toward the hallway.

He hears her voice coming from her bedroom. Not being able to decipher what she’s saying to him, he heads down the hallway so that he can hear her. As he approaches the bedroom, he can see her through the slightly opened door, and realizes that she is not talking to him but she is singing… herself. He places his hand on the door to open it, but then hesitates, as he notices her dancing in the mirror.

‘What is she doing?’ he smiles and thinks to himself. He is about to push the door open just as she releases her hair from its clip. John has always loved Anne’s long, red hair. He pauses, removing his hand from the door to admire the beautiful waves gracing her shoulders. He watches her fluff it out with her fingers and then bring her hands to her breasts.

‘Wow!’ he smiles, feeling his cock twitch in his pants. ‘I have to see where this is going.’

He continues to watch quietly as Anne cups and squeezes her breasts, then begins to pinch her protruding nipples.

‘Holy….Moly!’ he slowly whispers to himself, his cock quickly growing into an awkward positioned bulge in his blue jeans. ‘I should not be here……wow…..God, this is my sister-in-law.’ Confusing thoughts race through John’s head as he struggles with a decision to stay or quietly leave. ‘What if she spots me? What would I do…..or say?’ ‘I have to get out of here!’ John takes a small step back, his head whirls, his now, rock hard member beginning to ache as it presses hard against his jeans. Just then, Anne opens the drawer in front of her. This draws John’s interest even more, his feet feeling heavier. ‘What is she doing now? OH…..MY…..GOD!’ He cannot believe what he is seeing as Anne removes the extra large toy from the drawer. As if being drawn and held in place by an incredible magnet, John finds that he cannot move his feet to leave even if he tried. One small voice in his head is telling him he should leave….now!! But a much stronger force, the one now huge in his boxers, is holding him firmly in place. The thrill of this naughty secret voyeurism is now taking over him. ‘Holy shit!’ He whispers under his breath. John has always had a secret, sexual attraction to Anne. He has fantasized about an encounter like this on numerous occasions while pleasuring himself. This is like a dream come true.

John watches Anne closely from his above and side view through her partially opened door. Her dress is drawn up around her waist as she is relaxed back on the bed. With her legs now drawn up and out to the side, he can so perfectly see her glistening, puffy lips. She lowers the delicate casino firmalar─▒ strap from one shoulder and releases a breast from her dress. She then begins twisting and pinching her bare nipple very hard. Anne closes her eyes, becoming lost in her music and the fantasy running though her mind. John wants so badly to just walk in, go over to her and start sucking hard on that nipple. She slowly and gently caresses the outside of her wet pussy with the end of the vibrating toy. The vibration against the slippery wetness and Anne’s soft moans fill the room with an incredible cocktail of sexual sounds. John’s eyes are glued upon Anne, and he catches the scent of her aroused pussy on the warm breeze flowing through the room. This overload to John’s senses sends his hand, almost in an involuntary manor, to the large bulge in his pants. He begins to rub it slowly through the rough fabric….up and down…..up and down, as he imagines himself between Anne’s legs, the tender skin of his cock gliding up and down against the outside of her warm, wet lips. He wants to fuck her so badly.

Anne thoroughly coats the outer lips of her pussy and the end of the toy with her juices. Then she brings her free hand down between her legs. Using the tip of her middle finger, she finds and softly traces her protruding clit. She runs her finger around and around the sensitive nub. She arches her back and her breathing becomes heavier in response to the intense feelings that her touch creates.

John watches closely. His eyes dart from her face with its’ intense looks of pleasure and concentration, as she wrinkles her brow and bites her lower lip. Then lower, to her erect nipple, now left ignored and begging to be sucked. Then down further yet, to the attention she is administering to the fleshy folds of her smooth vagina. He wants so badly to join her, to enter her, but knows that that is not an option. His brow is sweaty and his heart pounds so hard he can almost hear it as the feeling of lust builds in his loins from the excitement of watching her while she is unaware. He knows he should step out quietly and go home, but he just can’t. He knows that her family could return home or that Anne could open her eyes and glance his way, and that he could be caught in a very uncomfortable position, but he has reached the point of no longer being able to make that decision. The overwhelming feelings of lust and desire, and the need for release have completely taken over him as he brings his nervous, trembling hands to his button, slowly releasing it from its hole and slowly lowers his zipper.

John’s cock springs forward, excited and rock hard, his leaking head pressing a spot of wetness into the thin fabric of his boxers, begging for the pleasure that his hand will deliver. Without removing his eyes from Anne, he pushes the waistband of his boxers down under his smooth, engorged balls. He touches his shaft, lightly at first, with his thumb on the topside and his first and middle fingers on the bottom side, gently caressing the soft skin and tracing over the veins that protrude from it.

“Come on Anne.” John whispers softly under his breath. “Rub that pussy for me.”

John brings his fingers to the head of his cock and squeezes it hard. A large glop of clear, slippery pre-cum oozes out of his hole and onto his fingertips. He uses it to lubricate his shaft.

Anne brings her fingertips to her awaiting tongue and tastes her fluids, sucking the fingers clean.

“Oh, fuck Anne.” Jack whispers to himself as if speaking to her. He is so enjoying this incredible show that Anne is giving to him. A real first for him, as his wife, being extremely reserved would never pleasure herself in front of him, or even admit to doing it at all. He continues his own self pleasure, using his now continuous flow of warm pre-cum to lubricate his hard meat under the grip of his fist.

As the flow of sexy music from her IPod continues to pump into Anne’s ears, she brings the large, bulbous end of her vibrating toy back to her wet pussy. Its girth covers the width of her outer lips she rubs it up and down slowly, pausing to hold the vibrating end firmly against her clit, then continuing up and down the length of her folds.

“Oh God” John moans, now gripping his shaft even tighter. He slowly strokes his cock up to the top of the head, retrieving the accumulating pre-cum with a twist of his hand, and then back down in timing with Anne’s caressing of her labia with her toy.

“Oooohhhhhhh,” John moans harder. “Put it in, Anne. Fuck your pussy for me.”

As if she heard, and is obeying his instruction, Anne brings the large head of her toy to her tight opening. She begins to twist it and work it into her love hole, the extra large head dragging the skin of her folds inside with it. Feeling the tightness of its fit, Anne withdraws the toy and rubs it around the outside of her pussy again, spreading her natural lubricant a little more, to aid in the next attempt. With a grimace of pain and pleasure on her face, her g├╝venilir casino next attempt is a success. The large head of the toy enters her as she releases a loud, squeal-like moan. Anne begins to pump the toy in and out slowly at first, her moans becoming louder as her tight canal adjusts to the large size of the toy.

John grips his rod even tighter now, picturing that it is his large cock filling Anne’s tight hole. He brings his free hand down to cup and massage his balls as he uses his hips to pump his cock into his tightly gripped fist. “Does that feel good Anne? Do you like this big cock?” he whispers in a low, bad boy tone as he continues his fantasy that he is the one assaulting her smooth, tight hole. He is now oblivious to the rest of the world around him. All that exists now in his mind are Anne, her toy, he, and the door that separates him. At this point, John would not even be able to stop himself if he was caught in the act. He was at the point of no turning back, and so was Anne. Anne was going to cum, and so was he!

Anne moans and cries out louder as she increases the speed of her toy fucking. Her eyes still closed, she feels free to do so, as she knows she has the whole house to herself for at least an hour more. Or at least she thinks so. Using both hands to grip the toy, she angles it just right so that the large vibrating head rubs hard against her g-spot body, causing it to swell with ejaculate as she bucks her hips wildly up to greet it with every inward stroke.

Slurp, slurp, slurp….. The sounds of Anne’s toy thrusting in and out of her sopped pussy, combined with her moans and cries of almost painful pleasure, fill John’s ears.

“Oh, fuck me harder!!” Anne screams out. “Ow Ow, More! More!” she yells to the man she is imagining is her toy.

The scent of Anne’s aroused cunt fills John’s nostrils and he sniffs it in deeply. He fists his cock faster and harder, his skin pulling tight around his balls and gathering under his head with every upstroke. As he watches her, he imagines that is holding her thighs tightly in his strong grip. Not letting her back away as he is pounding his thick, meaty cock deep and hard into her tight hole as she moans and squeals and begs for relief. His balls slapping into her taint and getting covered with her warm juices, her tits bouncing forward and backward, he trusts his hips wildly into his hands, almost knocking his knees into Anne’s bedroom door. He grabs and massages his balls more firmly now, feeling them tighten under his grip. He knows that his orgasm is close. He doesn’t want to stop. He wants to fill Anne’s tight little pussy full of his cum. With determination in his eyes, he continues fisting his cock with all his might, the veins in his brow and forearm popping out under the strain.

“Do you like that, my little slut? Do you like my big cock pounding deep inside your hot cunt? Oh? Harder you say? Oh, I’ll give it to you harder!” John continues his fantasy, dirty, whisper talk in secret response to Anne.

Anne continues her fast and wild thrusting and bucking with her toy. Her breathing becoming heavy and rapid with the aerobic workout she is giving her now reddened cunt. Her moans are frequent and loud, her g-spot gland plump and full to brimming with warm, sweet ejaculate ready for an explosive orgasm to release it. She is so ripe with her approaching orgasm that each time she pulls the toy outward to the edge of her sopping wet folds of pink flesh, the large head of the toy drags across her swollen gland, forcing out little dribbles of warm ejaculate. She knows she is ready and she knows just how to bring herself over the edge.

“Cum for me, Anne! Cum hard for me!” John whispers, almost begging her so that he can have his own release. Sweat is dripping down the sides of his brow and his knees are beginning to buckle underneath him. He cannot take much more! He feels as though his cock is going to explode! He wishes it could explode somewhere…..anywhere, in or on Anne. His eyes are glued on her hot cunt as he knows she is also ready.

Anne continues thrusting faster and harder with her toy in one hand as she takes two fingertips from the other and rubs her erect clit, knowing that only a few brief moments of this simultaneous action will bring her release.

Anne’s orgasm begins to crash over her, taking her breath away. “OHHH, OHHHH, OHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh,” she cries out in a high pitched squeal, as the downward force of her contracting cunt expels the large toy. A large jet stream of sweet, warm ejaculate follows it, then another, and yet another smaller one. She rubs the outside of her pussy hard with her fingers as the fluids squirt out, across the carpet and down the side of the bedspread. The wet sounds are amazing in John’s ears.

“OHHHHH, FUUUUUUCK!” John’s orgasm begins simultaneously as he becomes overwhelmed by the incredible sight of Anne’s squirting vulva. Remembering suddenly where he is, he cups his hand over the head of his cock and pulls his shirt up quick, directing his thick streams of hot cum against his bare abdomen, as not to leave a trail of cum down her bedroom door. He fights hard to stifle the sound of his primal grunts as he continues; now more gently stroking his cock.

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