Annabel’s Walk

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Imagine yourself walking down a street. It’s only six in the evening but the dark makes it feel like midnight. It’s cold and threatens snow so the streets are empty.

I know what it is to carry a desire around in my head. It can be a million miles from my thoughts and yet it appears as if a switch were flicked.

I’ve just arrived: I’m babysitting a friend’s flat and taking in the sea air for a few days. …oh fuck! No milk!

I throw my coat on and dash down the stairs. I burst through the outer door straight onto the street. You’re five yards away and walking towards me, silhouetted against the monochrome night. A warm coat, but a shapely outline of hips, legs and fine tapered stocking-clad calves tap, tapping on high heels. Instead of being startled by my appearance you continue to walk and your bright, sexy eyes meet mine.

I’m still, like a statue, but my eyes follow yours’ as you get nearer. You don’t look away – you’re not demure or shy. As you come within reaching distance my arm moves forward so as to stop you, but it hesitates. You pass but your head turns to maintain your stare and your step slows. You look at me more intensely as if to stare me out, let you go on your way. But, I won’t let you!

The bright arc of the street lighting is filled with white flakes as the snow begins to fall.I walk slowly towards you, never breaking eye contact. I raise my hand and gently brush away the snow that’s fallen on your hair, “have you far to go?” I say, looking up at the sky thick with snow. You nod and smile but before you can say anything I’ve turned you towards me and I’m guiding you, backing up towards the open door behind me.

The time switch runs out as you follow me through the door and we’re left standing face-to-face in the darkness of the hall. For the first time I’m sure of what I’m doing ÔÇô faint heart never won fair lady – but this casino ┼čirketleri is a conspiracy! This is not a fantasy ÔÇô it is something that you’re doing too!

I turn you and close the door. You’re eyes are smiling and bright and you’re enjoying letting this happen. I kiss you and your mouth opens and kisses me back urgently ÔÇô wanting and giving! Our arms fold around each other as our kiss becomes hotter and passionate.

My mind is full of questions ÔÇô who are you? …but before I can ask the door bursts open and hits me in the back! A middle-aged woman bounces off the half-open door and stumbles into the hall, her shopping spilling from her bag! “Jesus Christ, get a room!” she shouts and stomps off up the stairs without noticing two or three items on the floor.

I think of calling after her but then find myself with you in one hand and milk in the other! I smile and shrug at you and make a run for it up the stairs. Looking back I see you’re undoing your jacket and loosening the scarf around your neck.

We burst in through the flat door. Playing out some modern mating dance of circling and leaning forward to continue kissing as we remove our coats. We almost trip going through the bedroom door as I reach down to remove my shoes and socks. As I stand up straight I see you laid flat on your back on the bed. You’re smiling, lifting your hips to pull the blouse from the waistband of your tight skirt. You unbutton your blouse and it falls aside revealing your fine breasts and a cleavage framed with black lace.

I crawl on all fours up the bed until your body lies beneath me. As we kiss your tapered fingers pull at the buttons of my shirt until it’s open. I stop to remove my shirt and I watch you sliding your blouse from your shoulders and undoing your bra to reveal large breasts with delightfully textured nipples. You lay back and my mouth seeks out casino firmalar─▒ each nipple in turn, drawing lazy circles and sucking them deep into my mouth. I lay beside you kissing your lips and breasts and feel you wrapping your thighs around my leg, your skirt riding up the nylon as your legs widen to pull me in closer.

My hands wander along your thighs feeling the silky material and lace tops. My fingers trace a line across your stomach and your legs widen to invite my touch. Sliding my fingers inside your fine lace knickers I rub against a fine tuft of silky hair but then the warmth of soft folds of skin trembling under my touch as you moan encouragement.

You wonder as I remove my fingers. But I bring them to your mouth and invite you to lick and suck them. Returning, my warm, wet fingers slide between your pussy lips and your hips squirm and buck as I gently rub your clit and push a finger inside your velvet cunt.

Do you like my story? Does it make you wet? I hope so! My cock is thick and hard as I think about touching you. I’d love nothing more than to run my tongue along your wet slit, tasting you.

I slide your knickers down your thighs and you kick them off, raising your legs high and wide to be touched more, much more! My wet fingers are touching every silken fold of skin. Pushing two then three fingers inside you, hearing you pant and moan a breathless approval.

Your hand searches out my cock, hard and thick, straining inside my jeans. You struggle to loosen my belt and fly and delve inside, your fingers coiling around my shaft. You turn and slide down my body. Taking a firm grip on the root of my cock, you slide my swollen glans between your lips, licking off the salty pre-cum and sucking me deep into your mouth as I kick my jeans off my legs.

You’re such a fine slut! One hand jammed between your legs teasing your clit g├╝venilir casino as you suck down hard on my stiff dick! I hold your head steady and fuck your mouth but I need to fuck you and fuck you hard. I can’t resist and flip you over onto your knees. I jump up and reach out from the edge of the bed, slapping your ass and grasping at your hips. You move quickly across the bed. Turning your ass towards me, your skirt ridden up to your waist and your sexy fuck-me shoes either side of my knees and hanging off the side of the bed.

I look down to see your shapely ass before me: your stockinged legs wide and your busy fingers working at your clit. I give your ass a firm thwack! Your body shakes and I slide my cock deep inside you! Fuck! I take a firm grip, one hand on your hip the other on your shoulder as I thrust into you! I can hardly believe this is happening! This fine ass is mine! I know I could cum like a virgin but this feels soo fucking good I know I can make it last! I feel your body start to drop as your orgasm hastens.

I let go your shoulder as your arms give way and your head is buried in the mattress, your nipples rubbing against the bed sheet as I thrust and pull your hips onto my cock! Your panting and moaning fall into a steady rhythm matching the thrusts of my thick cock into your juicy cunt!

I shout: “Fuck, you’re such a good, good fuck!” You break your silence: ” Fuck me, fuck me harder! Fuck, I’m coming!”

I redouble my thrusts, my strong legs and arse fucking and filling you with all my strength! Agh, agh, agh! Your voice rising as your orgasm is inevitable! I slap your ass again and again as you shake and squirm, coming under me!

I pull my cock from inside you and push your hips away, turning you over onto your back and ready for my cum. I clamber onto the bed and kneel beside you, wanking. You grasp my cock and suck the cum out of my balls, dripping from your lips onto your breasts as I scream like some fucking demented animal!

I collapse onto the bed beside you and we fall, exhausted into each other’s arms, breathless. Our eyes meet once again. I say, “coffee?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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