Anna from Ukraine Ch. 04

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With her towel over her shoulder and walking in a deliberately slow pace, Anna came out of the locker-room showers. She stopped and pretended to be looking for something, bending over to dig inside her bag.

Anna couldn’t help it. The exhibitionist streak that had always been there had finally found a victim. Marianne had been the first to point it out. “Anita must have a crush on you or something. The way she’s looking at you in the locker room! Whenever you can’t see her, she’s like basically eating you with her eyes.”

Anita was a brunette from Anna’s Economics classes. Her beautiful dark hair — untypical for a Norwegian — and warm green eyes made her easily one of the hottest girls at school. Unsurprisingly, she was dating one of the most popular guys — a promising soccer player who also had it going for him financially, as his parents were loaded and flooded their off-spring with money. There was no secret that Anita was the envy of many girls. “She’s got it all, it’s so unfair,” Anna would hear her classmates complain.

And yet, Marianne had been right. Soon, Mona had made the same observation. “Poor girl. Everybody thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world, but the way she looks at you, I mean, she must be suffering!”

“She IS pretty lucky,” Marianne argued. “I mean, she gets to see the object of her fantasies naked in the locker-room once a week. That’s more than most people do I guess.”

“You can say that,” Mona replied, “but doesn’t that just make it more unbearable? Having Anna’s perfect body so close she can almost, like, reach out and touch it. So close, and yet so far.”

“You’re right, cuz. It must be excruciating. She gets to see her, all-right, but… You and I know there’s more to Anna’s body than just the visual bit, don’t we, Mona?”

“You mean, like her taste?” Mona was licking her lips.

“Yes, exactly. And her smell!”

Marianne put her hand on Anna’s shoulder and looked her in the eyes.

“You know that you are officially the nicest smelling girl in the world, right? Your natural smell is so unique, it’s like the most effective aphrodisiac ever.” Suddenly, there was a hint of sadness on the blonde teenager’s face. “It’s super cool to be with Kathrine, but I guess sometimes I miss your intimacy.”

“Ok, stop it, girls, really! I’m full enough of myself as it is already. I’m pretty sure Anita can do without my… smell or whatever attractions my body has to offer. Her boyfriend is dripping money, he can probably take her to Las Vegas!”

“Why would she go to Las Vegas?” Mona inquired. “You think Anita has a gambling addiction?”

“I don’t know,” Anna replied, annoyed. “It was just an example of a place rich people go to.”

“Maybe she could do well at the poker table,” Marianne continued. “But her poker face is of little use to her if it’s buried in Anna’s pussy!” Evidently pleased with her remark, the blonde girl high-fived her cousin.

“I give up,” Anna sighed. Secretly, though, she had to admit it was intriguing to have the admiration of yet another one of the most attractive girls at school. Could it be that it was simply impossible for a Norwegian girl to resist her?


Anna and Anita were the only girls left in the locker-room. It was Friday afternoon. Mona had gone directly to the gym; she was a talented runner and needed her daily session on the thread-mill. Marianne had to catch a bus to Kathrine’s place for the weekend. All the other girls had left too. Anna though was taking her time. Really taking her time. She wondered if Anita would somehow get tired and just leave, but the Norwegian held out, pretending to be tapping on her mobile. Anything, it seemed, to be able to enjoy the sight of Anna’s body. Anna’s still naked body. The Ukrainian felt so evil, but she just couldn’t help herself. She had been drying and combing her hair for an eternity now, but the whole situation was so cool she just couldn’t put an end to it. What was Anita thinking right now? Was she fantasizing about going down on her? Or tasting her mouth? Or — who knew? — holding hands with her or something romantic like that?

Ok, it was time to get dressed. But not without a little twist. Anna decided for a top-down approach, putting on a bra and T-shirt before putting on her panties. She then deliberately bent over to look for her underwear — she wanted the Norwegian brunette to catch a more detailed glimpse of her body. The way Anna was standing, Anita could probably even catch a tiny glimpse of her little brown anus. The thought was infinitely intriguing to the Ukrainian. Had Anita been fantasizing about that part of her anatomy too?

“Enough, Anya,” she thought to herself, “you have to get dressed now. Really dressed. Show is over.” She crawled into her panties. Anita — who had been sitting there fully dressed for who knows how long — stood up and was about to leave. If she’d stayed any longer her crush would have been too obvious. On the other hand, the fact that she was leaving at exactly the same moment when kocaeli escort Anna wasn’t naked anymore probably also told you something.


A perplexed Anita practically froze in her movements.

“Wait for me. Just a minute.”

The Ukrainian jumped into her clothes, grabbed her bag and signalled for Anita to follow her. She just had an idea.

“You know the bathroom in the C-wing?”

“Yeeeah,” Anita replied with hesitation.

“Come, I have something to show you.”

The school building was always empty this late on a Friday afternoon , so Anna just grabbed Anita’s hand. The Norwegian brunette looked completely confused, but was not putting up any kind of resistance.

Anna remembered thinking, “this is too easy!”

The toilet was clean and nice-smelling — this side of the school building was hardly ever used by anyone after they discontinued the music specialization — but didn’t offer much in the way of space. Not that that was really a problem. On the contrary.

Anna pulled Anita inside and locked the door. The beautiful Norwegian brunette just stared at her, completely at Anna’s mercy. The Ukrainian pushed her gently up against the wall. It was so quiet in this end of the building, she could hear the thumping of Anita’s beating heart. As she sensed the scent of Anita’s warm, nervous breath on her face, Anna realized her own pulse had quickened as well.

“You want me, right?”

Anita nodded faintly, as though she was guilty of a crime and knew it was just a matter of time before somebody found her out.

Anna’s penetrating eyes offered the Norwegian no escape. The Ukrainian couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth.

“I can let you lick me. You want that?”

This time the seemingly paralyzed Norwegian mustered a reply.


Time stood still.

“Please, let me,” Anita pleaded.

Not taking her eyes off Anita’s, Anna started unbuttoning her jeans. Anita exchanged a nervous glance with her her one last time, then sat down on her knees, her face level with what, Anna reckoned, probably had been the object of her dreams for… well, who knew how long?

The Ukrainian felt delicate, tentative kisses on her thighs and a pair of searching hands on her hips. She thought she could sense a small tremble, but wasn’t sure. She loved how Anita was taking her time, like she was postponing the moment all her dreams would come true. Anita’s fumbling hands pulled down her panties, exposing the Ukrainian’s treasure. Anna glanced down to see her crotch area covered by Anita’s head. The Norwegian girl’s beautiful dark hair tickled her pussy, her hot breath caressing it.

“Aaaaahh,” Anna sighed as the first contact was made between her pussy and Anita’s tongue. It felt fantastic just to have this gorgeous Norwegian girl’s head between her legs. Her obvious lack of experience just added to the excitement. Anita didn’t seem to know exactly what to do, her tongue was all over the place. Anna buried her hands in Anita’s soft dark hair, pushing her head against her cunt.

“Yeaah, that’s nice,” she moaned, expressing her delight and at the same time instructing the novice how to lick a pussy. “Yeaah, like that.”

What the Norwegian lacked in experience, she more than made up for in sheer enthusiasm. She was licking Anna’s cunt like her life depended on it. “She seems to like my taste,” Anna thought, before it all became a blur and she screamed out, pushing Anita’s head tightly against her cunt.

“Yeees, Anita. Lick me, you’re so good, lick me, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss…”

When the orgasm finally subsided, she noticed how firmly Anita’s hands were planted on her hips. “She must have held me so I wouldn’t fall,” she thought to herself, somehow finding it an incredibly sweet thing to do.

“Was it your first time?” Anna asked as Anita tried to stand up.

Anita just nodded. The Ukrainian plunged her tongue into the Norwegian teenager’s mouth. She totally loved tasting herself on another girl’s lips, sampling her own juices as they mixed with another girl’s saliva. Anita looked a mess, her face flushed with excitement, her stunning dark hair ruffled. The intrusion of Anna’s tongue into her mouth was met with an immediate counter-attack, as Anita’s wet tongue pushed the Ukrainian’s tongue back and probed deep. “She is desperate to taste as much of me as possible,” Anna thought, which gave her another idea. With some effort, she managed to disentangle her tongue from Anita’s. “I shouldn’t be doing this. I really shouldn’t”, she kept telling herself. But it was pointless. She literally had this absolute stunner of a Norwegian girl on her knees for her, completely adoring her. To waste any opportunity to do something with her would be a crime.

“Listen, you want my ass too?”

Anita’s look was priceless. She’d probably never had this question asked to her before.

“Your ass?”

“Yes, I’ll let you lick my ass if you want. Mona loves it.”

The kocaeli escort bayan utter confusion reflected in Anita’s eyes just made the situation even more awesome. The Norwegian for some reason looked around her, as though there was anybody else there to give her advice. “Maybe she actually doesn’t like anal sex,” Anna thought, worried for a second that she had put her new-found friend off. “Not everybody is like me, Mona and Marianne in that department.”

The Ukrainian’s concern proved unfounded.

“Will you let me? Please, yes, please, may I?”

Anna was relieved. “She may indeed,” she thought to herself, turning around so that her ass was level with Anita’s face, who had now resumed her position on her knees. This time there was no messing around, Anita’s tongue went straight for Anna’s asshole. There was evidently no hesitation, no asking herself “isn’t it dirty to lick somebody THERE?” As Anita’s tongue probed hard into Anna’s tight asshole, the Ukrainian could only come to one conclusion: The Norwegian had been fantasizing about doing this too. Had probably done it over and over again in her imagination. She must have. This was complete worship. She even thought she could hear Anita sniffing her.

“Put a finger in my pussy,” Anna moaned. Another orgasm was nearing and she pushed her ass against Anita’s face.

“You’re so good, Anita, you’re so good. Lick me there, lick my ass!”

Anna felt the beginnings of a second orgasm, and she could sense it would be even bigger than the first one.


Again, Anita’s firm hands, this time on her buttocks, was what kept Anna from falling.

“Oh my God,” she just mumbled, struggling to put her clothes back on. “Eh… thanks. That was cool.”

“Thank you, Anna,” came the reply from below, where Anita was half lying on the floor.

“Eh… I have to go.”

“No problem, I’ll be fine.”

Anna took one more look at the Norwegian. What a mess I have made of this beautiful girl, she thought. But she noticed that the confusion in Anita’s eyes had disappeared. She looked peaceful, almost serene. “Her dream just came true, why shouldn’t she be happy?”

“Ok, well, see you on Monday then,” Anna said awkwardly.

“See you on Monday,” Anita replied. “Have a nice weekend.”

Anna closed the door behind her. “Have a nice weekend?” This girl was not for real. As Anna walked down the empty corridor, she noticed how wet her ass was. “She must have left like a gallon of saliva there,” the Ukrainian thought. Almost instinctively, she put her hand down her pants to feel her ass. Anita’s spit was everywhere. Anna rubbed her hand against her buttocks and ass crack and held it up to her face to smell it. It was almost enough to make Anna return to the bathroom for a third orgasm. She suppressed her latest urge, though, and sprinted out of the exit to catch the last bus home just in time.



The text-message sounded quite alarming. But she needed to talk to somebody. What had she just done? She had taken advantage of a poor girl who was obviously head over heels in love with her, had her lick both her holes, and then she’d just… left her there. As the events had sunken in, Anna felt more and more awful about it.

Finally, the phone rang.

“Anna, has something happened? Are you ok?”

Mona’s concern was genuine.

“I have done something terrible. I have… taken advantage of someone’s feelings for me and…”

Mona breathed a sigh of relief.

“Anna, stop scaring me. You really had me worried there.” She laughed. “So, let me guess. Somebody whose name starts with ‘A’ and ends with ‘nita’ finally got lucky?”

“Mona, this is not funny. I feel bad. I made her go down on me and then I just left her there.”

“And what were you supposed to do? Propose to her?” She laughed again. “Listen, Anna, just calm down. Anita is not a stupid girl, I think she got exactly what she wanted… or maybe even more? I’d definitely love to hear the rest of this story, but let me finish running first, ok? I have 20 minutes left of my session. Will take a quick shower and then I’ll be at your place.”

“No, I need you here right –“

“See you in an hour, Anna,” Mona cut her short and hung up.

The Ukrainian put on her favourite Kanye-album — the one with “heartbreak” in the title — and crashed on her bed. Too many thoughts were swirling around in her head. What was she turning into? Some kind of predator? Had she broken Anita’s heart? “But I really want to be a nice person!” she said to herself. “Why am I acting like this?”

The slamming of the door woke her up.

“Listening to that trash again?” Mona asked.

“It’s not trash, it’s a fucking masterpiece.”

It was hard for the two lovers to come to terms musically. Anna was into black and electronic music, while Mona was a classic-rock chick, raised on a diet of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd thanks to her older brother. izmit s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort Anna just turned up the volume.

“So, tell me everything about the latest Anna-shenanigans? The juicier the better.”

Fifteen minutes later. Mona was sitting there with an open mouth, just shaking her head.

“I have just been out-perved by the Ukrainian exchange student. Might as well join a monastery or something.”

“Mona, don’t joke. Tell me what you think. I feel bad about it. Anita is a good girl who clearly has a crush on me and then I just… USED her.”

“Sure she wasn’t using you a little bit as well? Did it look like she did something she didn’t feel like?”

“No, no, she was very eager. Her tongue was like everywhere.”

Against her will, she could sense the feeling of guilt mixing with excitement as she started re-living the experience in her head.

“Listen, I know Anita fairly well. Remember, I see her every Wednesday at track-and-field. She knows what she’s doing. I don’t think she expects you to be her girlfriend. Remember, she has a boyfriend who is handsome, is blessed with super-wealthy parents and who genuinely adores her. I mean, they travel everywhere, go to fancy restaurants… This is a comfortable life for her and I don’t think she wants to give that up. I’d even say they look happy together. Now, she’s clearly bisexual of course, probably triggered by, well, you. So she just had a chance to go down on the girl of her dreams, even lick her ass, and now she can go home to her boyfriend and they can go to Oslo to an expensive restaurant and an exclusive night club. She likes a bit of glamour, I noticed.”

“So, you’re saying she’s a slut? Selling her pussy for money?”

“No, no, it’s not as simple as that. He genuinely adores her, I can see that, and he’s good-looking and everything, so it’s not just about the money. He’s ok, actually. She probably loves him too, in one way or another. I think she just wants to have the best of both worlds. Besides, even if she was willing to leave him for you, which is possible of course, then what would she do? She knows you’re taken, right?”

“I am?”

Mona and Anna were still not officially girlfriends.

“Eh… I mean…”

No, Anna was not going to let Mona get away with it this time. When they were drunk — which was quite often — Mona would sometimes tell her how much she loved her. But when she sobered up, the words were never repeated. Anna had to know where they stood. She needed to plan her next year, for a start. Her original idea had been to apply for admission to a good German or British university — she had limited faith in the Norwegian ones. Of course, plans could be changed, if only Mona…

“Am I?” Anna repeated.

What was it with Mona? Why couldn’t she just tell her she loved her? Was it so difficult? Unless, of course, she didn’t actually…


“No, I want an answer.”

“Anna, you know I don’t go around telling people I love them.”

“For a start, I’m not ‘people’. Plus you actually do tell me you love me — when you’re drunk. Like in that Pet Shop Boys-song.”

“It’s because I’m scared, ok? I’m scared!”

Anna had never seen Mona like this.

“I always made fun of people who fell in love. Yes, of course, I love Marianne, but that’s more like sisterly love, even if that might sound weird considering the stuff we’ve been up to. But I’ve never been in love with her… or with anyone, until I met you.”

“So you mean, you do -?”

“Of course I love you! Are you crazy? I love you! I just… I’m just not emotionally equipped to deal with these kinds of emotions. I’m so afraid I’ll end up heartbroken. That one day you’ll just pack your bags and leave this pointless country and move on to greener pastures. You’re so hot you should have supermodels as girlfriends. Or become a supermodel yourself.”

Mona was crying. Was that even possible? Mona? Crying? Anna looked deep into her beautiful friend’s moist grey eyes.

“I don’t want anybody who’s not you to be my girlfriend, ok? Doesn’t matter who they are. Besides, as far as I’m concerned, I’m already dating a supermodel.”

She put her hands on Mona’s shoulders.

“Mona, if you knew how much I loved you, you would never worry I’d ever leave you. Not for a second. I want to plan my future with you, I mean, where to study and stuff.”

“You mean that? You will stay here in Norway? Or, I could go somewhere with you?”

The Ukrainian girl could sense the heat of Mona’s breath as she cried out her last tears. Anna wiped a tear, then another one, off Mona’s beautiful freckled face.

“I love you, Mona!”

“You do?”

Anna nodded intently.

“Thanks.” The redhead grabbed some tissue and blew her nose. “Sorry, I know I’m a mess.”

“Seeing you like this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, Mona.”

“Really?” Mona sniffled. “But you know I’m a loser, right?”

“What do you mean, loser? You’re Mona, everybody knows you’re the best in… like, everything you do.”

“Yeah, in this tiny dump, maybe, I guess, at least until you arrived. But that’s not the point. I know I have some talents, but I just… I have no drive, no self-discipline. Know what my coach told me today?”

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