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Angel’s Stepfather

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Twelve years ago my mom remarried and things have been wonderful with Steve around the house since then. He is a lot younger than my mom and doesn’t have any kids of his own but raised all of us just like we are his. They are still very happy however Steve is a lot hornier than my mom and always needs sex.

Steve and my mom would attend all of the activities that I was involved with in school and since I was so young when they got married I consider him to be my dad; I even call him daddy. Including myself there are three kids in the family and we all like Steve a lot, he always makes time to talk and play or whatever with each of us and we have become pretty close

Steve is 31, my mom is 40, and I am now 23, my younger brothers are 15 and 18. Steve is 5’10”, 275 pounds with a broad chest and a narrow waist, brown hair, cut high and tight like a Marine and brown eyes so deep that you can get lost in them. He is in really good shape and works out at the gym three days a week. Lately I have begun wondering how large his cock is because he has a real nice bulge when he wears his jeans.

My mom is 5’6”, 135 pounds, 38D tits, brown hair and brown eyes. My name is Angelina but daddy calls me angel, I am 5’4”, 125 pounds, 32B tits, waist length brown hair and brown eyes. My measurements are 32-24-34, with very nicely shaped hips perfect for riding hard. My pussy is cropped close and the only hair is right in the center just like a short Mohawk. As you can see, I am on the petite side.

When I was 21 I had gone through a real bad break up with my boyfriend and mom was working a lot of overtime so I started sharing my problems with Steve. When Steve came home from work he would find me in my room crying because of the old boyfriend and would walk in to see if I was okay. He would sit on the edge on my bed and put his arm around me and I would just bury my head in his shoulder and cry, then I would tell him all about my jerk of a boyfriend that I caught in bed with one of my girlfriends. Steve always held me close and would listen until I had finished crying and then tell me how pretty I was and how stupid my old boyfriend was for not treating me right. I remember him saying one time how I would find a new boyfriend soon and I told him that I didn’t want any stupid boy; all they ever thought about was themselves and I needed a real man in my life.

Dad felt real bad for me during this time and we started spending a lot more time together. We would have daddy/daughter days on some of the weekends or after work at night. We would go to the mall for shopping or go to the local amusement park and take in all of the rides. There were a lot of times when we would go to lunch and then sit in a park and talk about everything and anything. I remember one day in particular, I was still bitching about my cheating boyfriend when dad told me that his sex life with mom is great but he wants more, a lot more and mom always complained that he wanted it too much.

I realized about a year ago that I had fallen in love with him; this was not the daddy/daughter love that you would expect. This love is so powerful that I would do anything for him; I was wishing that I were the one that he had married.

I remember one night after a daddy/daughter outing that I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning in bed and constantly thinking of dad. We had a wonderful time together; we had a candlelight dinner, a long walk in the park and then dancing at my favorite club. This was the best night out that we ever had; we slow danced a lot and I loved the feel of him holding me so tight. I swear there were a few times I could feel his hard cock pressing against me, and in a strange way it felt so good. I was thinking that if I had gone out with a boyfriend I would be in his bed fucking his brains out right now and having all kinds of fun, then it dawned on me; I could seduce my dad.

As soon as that thought entered my mind I felt a tingle in my pussy and it felt hard to breathe. I slid my hand underneath my panties and noticed how wet I was already. I was really getting into the fantasy of fucking my daddy as I slid two fingers into my juicy cunt with my other hand furiously rubbing my clitty.

I heard myself moan, “Oh Daddy, Fuck your little girl. Your hard cock feels so good in my tiny juicy cunt.” I instantly broke into a mind blowing orgasm from this fantasy and once again realized that I needed to fuck my daddy for real. I started feeling a little guilty afterwards that I had masturbated to a fantasy of my dad but I kept telling myself that it felt so good and we are both adults.

I fell into a fitful sleep for the rest of the night; images of my dad and I were always in my mind. I woke up the next morning so horny I felt like screaming. I decided to let the fantasy go a bit further and started playing with my pussy.

I was whispering over and over,

“Fuck me daddy, make your little girl cum on your big cock.”

“Oh daddy, you Hatay Escort are so deep in my cunt, I can feel your cock touch bottom.”


During this I had two fingers in my wet pussy and I was pushing another into my asshole. I have really wanted to get fucked in the ass but I am afraid to do it with a boyfriend, maybe my dad will be gentle and loosen me up first.

This orgasm was so strong my legs were shaking and twitching afterwards, but I felt so at peace I knew that I was going to imagine being with my daddy again before the day was out. I remained in bed enjoying the post orgasmic glow for a while and then decided to get into the shower; I put on my robe and walked to the upstairs bathroom. The funny part was that I had to pass daddy in the hall way and I stared him straight in the eye, thinking of my wonderful orgasm just a few minutes earlier. I showered, shaved my legs and pussy and put my clothes on and went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. I entered the kitchen and there was daddy sitting at the table having a cup of coffee.

I grabbed something to eat, a cup of coffee and sat down across from dad. He had the strangest look in his eyes while he was staring out through the window and I ask him about it. Dad told me that once again mom said he was too horny and he should control his sexual urges. I started giggling about this and dad said, “Okay you little shit, what’s so funny?”

I said, “Dad, if mom is right, maybe you should get a girlfriend that is a little closer to your own age.”

Dad just gave me one of those looks that mean you are pushing the limit but I knew that I had planted the idea about a girlfriend. If I can’t be married to him then I will be his girlfriend and fuck him better than anyone else ever has. Once I convince him that I am for real he can have my body anytime and anyplace he wants.

I waited for dad and mom to go to work today and started thinking about daddy so much that I had to masturbate again. This time I decided to do something differently; I wanted my pussy stuffed full. I went into the bathroom and filled the sink with scalding hot water and placed my lotion bottle into the water. The bottle of lotion I have has a flip top cap and I cut the flippy part off after it was a little warmer than body temperature. I took the bottle into my room and got undressed and laid on my bed, I knew mom and dad were gone but I locked the door anyway.

I started thinking of dad and rubbing my titties and gently toying with my pussy lips. I slid two fingers into my pussy and I couldn’t believe how wet I was already; I was dripping. The entire scene went like this. I was telling dad how much I loved him and that I would do anything for him, ANYTHING! (In this fantasy I want daddy to be real easy for me)

Daddy couldn’t resist me, what man can resist a willing woman? Whatever hesitation he had is gone as he reaches out to pull me close and kiss me. I imagine my breasts being pressed flat against his broad chest. Dad is so passionate. Our tongues are duel back and forth as we kiss. We separate a bit and look into each other’s eyes and see the passion that we have.

Dad’s starts to trace a small circle around my breast with his finger and then releases the strap on my dress; all of a sudden he had my breast in his hand, gently massaging it. Dad then slid the other strap of my dress off and was soon caressing both breasts. My knees felt like they would buckle when he started to suck and swirl his tongue around one of my nipples.

Daddy said, “Baby girl I can’t believe that we are doing this. I have wanted you for so very long now.” and he continued to lick and suck and caress by tits, my nipples were like tiny little pink erasers sitting atop my aureoles.

Daddy picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bed, saying, “Sweetheart, I think it will be so much more wicked to do this in my bed.” Once we arrived in his room he ever so gently laid me out on mom’s side of the bed and sat next to me. He continued to fondle and suck on my breasts while sliding the zipper down the side of my dress. Daddy then slides my dress down my hips and legs, leaving me in only my black lacy thong.

While he sat there admiring my young body he started to gently run his fingertips around my breasts and down my stomach to tease me through my thong. While I was moaning and writhing on the bed, daddy picks up my leg and starts sucking on my toes one at a time, sliding his tongue between each one and then up my ankle. I never had anyone suck on my toes before and he was sending jolts of electricity right into my pussy, I even had a small orgasm from his manipulations.

Daddy continues to lick and kiss up my calf to the back of my knee and up my thigh until he reaches the crease between my thigh and body. He ran just the tip of his tongue up that crease leaving a wet slippery trail of his saliva. Hatay Escort Bayan He continued kissing all over my lower abdomen and through my thong but never once touching my sopping pussy.

Daddy hooks his fingers under the edge of my thong and starts to slid them over my hips. As the thong starts down my legs, the crotch of my thong is so wet that it is sticking to my pussy lips as it pulls loose. He slides them all the way off of my legs and lifts them up to his nose and inhales my aroma. Daddy totally shocked me by sucking my juices out of the crotch of my underwear.

He then leans down and gently teases my short Mohawk with the tip of his tongue moving ever so delicately to the edge of my lips. I am arching my back and hips to meet his tongue but he keeps it just out of the way. Finally daddy lifts both of my knees up to my chest and with one smooth movement slides the tip of his hot wet tongue from my asshole up to my clit.

Imagining this fantasy, I am cumming so hard right now I wish that I hard a hard cock to ride and then I remembered the bottle of lotion. The bottle is only about 1.25 inches across and about 6 inches long with rounded edges. I reach over and grab it and start rubbing it up and down my lips wishing it were the head of daddy’s cock right then.

I slide the end of it in about an inch thinking of daddy the entire time and start moaning.

“Oh my god daddy, your cock feels so good inside of my tight little pussy.”

“Come on daddy, fuck me hard, give your little girl all of your big fat cock.”

“ I need to feel your daddy cock cum deep inside of me, Oh daddy make me cum on your cock.”

I slide the bottle completely into my juicy pussy right now and have a mind-blowing orgasm; in my mind this really is daddy’s cock inside of me. I keep stroking the bottle in and out of my pussy faster and faster; I am continuously rolling from one orgasm to another.

I can feel a huge orgasm bearing down on me as I have my legs up to my chest and I am pounding the bottle into me as hard as I can. My body is sweating and my nipples are as hard as rocks and I keep hearing the squishing noise from the bottle and my pussy. As I start to cum I scream. “OH MYYYYYY GOOODDDDDD I AM CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIING DADDYYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! FUCK ME HAAAARRRRRRD. I NEEEEEEEDDD YOUR CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM INSIIIIIIIIDE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (While I am screaming, I squeeze the lotion bottle really hard just like daddy is actually cumming in my tight little pussy.)

I collapse back onto the bed with my breathing coming in ragged gasps and the lotion bottle still hanging out of my well-fucked cunt. I feel some of the hot lotion seeping out around the bottle and down the crack of my ass; it feels so good. I would bet anyone that cum will feel this good running out of my well-fucked pussy after he is done.

The rest of the day was very uneventful, the standard things, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed. I did not have a chance to catch dad by himself all evening so I decided to turn in about 10:30 and heard mom and dad go to their room shortly after that.

I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning thinking about being alone with daddy. About midnight I needed a drink of water and went upstairs to the kitchen and heard noises down the hall. I completely forgot about the water and went to investigate the noise. As I am silently walking down the hall I realize there is noise coming from dad’s room and I stop at the door to listen.

I hear dad moaning and a wet slurping noise while I am standing there. I place my hand on the doorknob and ever so slowly turn and open the door just a crack. A nightstand light is on and mom is up on the bed on her knees taking about half of daddy’s cock into her mouth. I can see mom’s asshole and pussy pointing towards me and it’s glistening from her moisture. I can see that she doesn’t keep her pussy hair trimmed like I do; I wonder if he will like my tightly cropped pussy? Dad is leaning back against the pillows moaning while mom is trying to get his cock into her mouth. All of a sudden mom pulls off of dad and I see his manhood in all of its glory and my mouth instantly waters. Dad’s cock is as thick as my wrist and looks to be 7.5 inches long, perfect for slamming into his little girl’s juicy cunt.

Mom has sucked daddy up to his full hardness and ever so sensuously crawls up his body and places his cock at her wet entrance. Mom rubs his head up and down her slit, covering it with her thick juices and slowly slides just the head inside of her cunt. With a loud moan she impales her cunt right down on daddy’s cock in one swift movement, “GAWD, I wish that was my pussy he just slammed into, I bet he is touching her cervix.” Mom starts to slide up and down his cock faster and faster until she reaches her own orgasm and is pushing back as hard as she can on daddy’s cock, forcing it inside of her as far as it will go. Dad is pulling on mom’s nipples so hard it Escort Hatay looks like he will rip them right off. I continue watching mom, while she is fucking daddy for a few more minutes when all of a sudden daddy glances over towards the door. I had the door open about three inches with two fingers buried into my juicy pussy so I am positive that he saw me standing there.

I left immediately and went back to my room and didn’t even get my drink of water. Of course I brought myself off again with real images of daddy’s cock buried deep inside of his little girls cunt. I fell into a very fitful sleep again and when I awoke it was daylight outside and there were noises coming from the kitchen upstairs.

I put on a pair of sheer panties, my silk robe and silently padded upstairs on bare feet. When I arrived at the kitchen daddy was rummaging around in the fridge looking for something to eat. I was able to sit down at the table without making a noise. He turned around with a plate of leftovers from the fridge and almost dropped it, he hadn’t heard me come into the kitchen and I really startled him.

Daddy sat down opposite from me at the table and just looked at me and then started to eat. I was remembering his beautiful cock last night when he said, “how long had you been standing there watching us?”

“Daddy, I was there long enough to see mom sucking on you and then riding you hard”

“I am sorry baby but you shouldn’t be watching us.”

“Daaaddiiiieee” I whined. “We are all adults here and if I want to watch you I should be able too. And beside I want to do a lot more than just watch you.” (There I had said it and it is now out in the open, he knows what I want.)

“Sweetheart, What will happen if your mom catches you watching? You are supposed to think of me as your dad. The shit will hit the fan big time. We will probably both be kicked out of the house.”

“If mom kicks us out then I will live with you. Daddy, didn’t you tell me a while ago that mom said you were too horny and implied that you should find a girlfriend? Well I am offering to be your girlfriend, Daddy before you say anything else I want you to know that I love you more than any other man I have ever known and I want you to think about this and let me know. I promise you that mom will never know.”

I got up from the table to go to my room with dad still sitting at the table holding his head in his hands.

Today being Friday, mom and dad went to work and I was out with a girlfriend when they got home that evening. I came home about 9:00 and then sat down to watch a little TV with mom and dad. I sat across the room from dad and kept spreading my legs to show him my sexy red thong panties under my short skirt. It was pretty funny watching daddy squirm in his seat to hide his hard on but I knew that things would eventually work out for me. About 10:30 they left the room to go to bed and I stayed up. I was betting that daddy was going to fuck mom good and hard while thinking of me and I wanted to see and hear it.

I removed my panties and shoes and silently moved towards their bedroom. I was right; I could her mom and dad going at it and just had to open the door. When I slightly opened the door, daddy had mom on her back with the top of her head aimed at the door. Daddy had his face buried in mom’s wet cunt and I could hear the slurping noise he was producing. Daddy opened his eyes and looked up towards mom’s tits and saw me in the doorway. I saw a smile come to dad’s eyes and knew this man was now mine.

Dad continued to lick mom’s pussy until she was flopping around on the bed with her orgasm. After mom calmed down from dad’s tonguing he crawled up her body and rubbed the head of his cock at her juicy entrance. It looked like he placed just the head inside of her hot cunt and then he looked me directly in the eye. Once we were making eye contact, dad slammed his cock into mom as hard as he could and almost shoved her off of the end of the bed. I damn near fell to the floor with my own orgasm when daddy looked into my eyes. I silently closed their bedroom door and went to my room to fantasize about daddy sucking and fucking my pussy.

The next day was Saturday and mom received a call early from my aunt Debbie telling her that she was having problems at home. Aunt Debbie asked if mom could come and stay with her until Sunday night. I was on cloud nine when I heard this news, knowing that things had just changed for the better. I asked mom if there was anything that I could do and she said, “help dad around the house because I am taking your two brothers with me. They can keep her kids occupied while we talk.” I helped mom and my brothers load the car and by noon they were on their way to my aunt’s house.

I had the entire seduction of dad planned out in my mind. Dad was in the back yard mowing the grass when I started to get things ready. I took a shower and scrubbed real good and shaved extra close around my asshole and pussy lips; I didn’t want him to feel any stubble. While I was shaving I felt that familiar tingle in my pussy that tells me to bring myself off. GAWD, it was so hard to resist but I forced myself to wait and let daddy give me the orgasms I so desperately desired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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